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Sistema realizzato in fase di installazione, che abbina la pavimentazione in gomma Mondoflex alla lamina stabilizzante e ammortizzante Everlay High Protection. Il sistema garantisce valori di ammortizzazione degli urti compresi tra il 35% e il 44% (Categoria P2 secondo la normativa EN14904), assicurando comfort e sicurezza agli atleti e può essere installato a posa libera.

Handball has a storied history, but every match is an occasion to write a new page. Mondoflex + Everlay High Protection lets athletes train, play and win on a surface that provides maximum comfort. The combination of Mondoflex and Everlay High Protection provides excellent impact absorption and optimal grip for pivoting and sudden changes of direction, making it the perfect solution for handball training and competition. The lack of joints between flooring rolls and the dimensional stability guaranteed by the Everlay sheet ensure uniform energy response. The Mondoflex rubber surface’s smooth, non-slip, anti-reflective finish makes the flooring easy to maintain.

Mondoflex: Perfect for play, made to last

The vulcanization process gives the flooring tensile strength, tear resistance and durability, slowing the curing process that’s typical of other synthetic materials. That’s how the Mondoflex rubber surface layer protects the supporting elastic foam underlayer, ensuring the product’s biomechanical properties won’t change over time. In addition, Mondoflex can be installed without heat welding. This eliminates heat-welded joints, which are typically the first elements damaged by wear.

Commitment to the environment

Sports flooring with low VOC emissions actively contributes to the air quality of the facility it’s in — and MONDO is committed to developing products that contribute to better air quality, protect athletes’ health and safety, and improve athletic performance during both training and competition. Mondoflex II passed the UL Environment Tests for more than 10,000 volatile chemical agents, attaining GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold certifications. In addition, tests conducted in 2013 for Environmental Product Declaration shows that Mondoflex creates 19% less impact on the environment than PVC flooring. By conforming to regulations ISO 14040 and ISO 14044, Mondoflex is considered solid urban waste, meaning it can be easily disposed in normal landfills.

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Variantes de produit:

Mondoflex 2.5 mm + Everlay High Protection 7.5 mm

Gamme de couleurs

  • MF61 MAPLE
  • MF21
  • MF25
  • MF40
  • MF10
  • MF18
  • MF33
  • MF30
  • MF62
  • MF90
  • MF70

Information des dimensions


Épaisseur: 2,5 mm

Longueur: 18 m

Hauteur: 190 cm

Poids: 3,75 kg/m²


Épaisseur: Everlay High Protection 7,5 mm

Longueur: 20 m

Hauteur: 200 cm

Poids: 2,6 kg/m²


  • FIBA Certificate of Approval 2017-2018 for Synthetic Flooring Category, Level 2 and 3
  • IHF 2017 Certificate of Approval for Synthetic Floorings


Brochure 2017 view online

MONDOFLEX I-CSI Format R053013 (FR)

MONDO MAINTENANCE_Mondoflex I (R060613) (FR)

Mondo Limited Warranty_MONDOFLEX (1 MANU-5 WEAR) (R062716) (en)



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