Ammortizzazione e morbidezza, per scatenare la propria potenza.

Sistema in erba artificiale di ultima generazione composto da monofilamenti 4NX a struttura dritta semiconcava con 3 nervature asimmetriche, intaso prestazionale in SBR o SBR nobilitato e sottotappeto elastico e ammortizzante Fine Tuned System®.

Every tackle and every scrum is a reminder that the synthetic turf must prevent abrasions and absorb impact. The MONDO 4NX AS FTS system, with the FTS shock-absorbing underlayment and 4NX polyethylene monofilaments, minimizes the risk of injuries and allows players to compete safely.

Monofibre 4NX: Designed to last.

Maintaining a synthetic turf field’s performance over time means ensuring a consistent interaction between the ball and the surface, and reducing the risk of injuries. That’s why Mondo designed 4NX, a monofilament that combines an exclusive shape with greater thickness for superior elastic memory. The artificial turf tufts quickly return to their original position after impact from an athlete’s foot, and they remain in an upright position when the ball rolls over, maintaining long rolling and rebound times.

FTS elastic underlayment: The perfect shock absorption

The FTS elastic underlayment is a pre-fabricated base layer designed by MONDO to improve the uniformity of a field’s biomechanical response, optimizing the fundamental biomechanical parameters for player safety and performance, which are shock absorption, vertical deformation, and energy return. Installing the elastic FTS underlayment improves a system’s durability and allows the use of turfs with reduced-height fibers, decreasing the amount of infill required. 

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Variantes de produit:

Monofibre 4NX 12 60 AS FTS K43

Information des dimensions

Mondoturf NSF Monofibre 4NX 12 60 AS FTS K43

Hauteur du fil: 60 mm

Ditex: 12000 dtex

Infill: Sand + SBR

Sous couche élastique: FTS K43 - 14.5 mm




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