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DUAL ANMX EF is a next-generation artificial turf system composed of 4NX monofilaments with a semi-concave upright structure and three asymmetrical ribs, Monofeel fibrillated filaments, Natural Mix® technical infill, and prefabricated elastic underlayment in reticulated polyolefin foam.

The field’s composition is important for both athletes and the environment. Mondo designed and produced a system that combines DUAL turf and the innovative Natural Mix® technical infill to ensure the playing field’s technical capabilities while being eco-friendly. 

DUAL: The combined turf.

Combining 4NX monofilaments and Monofeel pre-fibrillated filaments in a single turf gives DUAL significant technical advantages: resilience and substantially reduced technical infill splash thanks to Monofeel’s precise fibrillation sequence. MONDO’s fiber extrusion process integrates a state-of-the-art UV stabilizer, making the turf resistant to wear from weather conditions and solar radiation. This allows the field to maintain its playing characteristics and aesthetics for a long time.

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Dual 18 45 A NMX EFT10


Product Name: Mondoturf NSF Dual 18 45 A NMX EFT10

Yarn Height: 45 mm

Yarn Ditex: 18.000 dtex

Infill: Natural Mix

Elastic Carpet: Elastic Foam - 10mm


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