Mondo Group

Mondo was founded in Alba in 1948 as a manufacturer of balls for fistball.

Today Mondo is an international group with 9 manufacturing plants in Italy, Spain, Luxembourg and China, and sales subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Asia.

With three divisions - Mondo Sport&Flooring, Artigo and Mondo Toys - the group is a leader in the respective fields of sports flooring and equipment, commercial flooring and balls and toys.

Mondo Toys

Mondo Toys is the Mondo division dedicated to toys. The company is famous above all for Super Santos, the ball par excellence for millions of Italian children.


Artigo is the Mondo branch dedicated to commercial flooring. Its DNA is rich in research inherited from the Pirelli Group, and international expertise acquired from Mondo in the rubber sector.

Mondo Sport&Flooring

Mondo Sport&Flooring is the sports flooring and equipment division, best known for its athletic tracks. The fastest feet in the world have run on these tracks, setting the most significant records in the history of world athletics.

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