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11 Oct 2017
Ultradrone X6.0 BALL

Indestructible, lightweight, easy to fly! This is the ULTRADRONE X6.0 BALL, the smallest quadcopter from Ultra Drone. The protective cage allows you to handle it easily and protects it from impact. It round cage allows the more experienced pilot to run the drone along floors, walls or ceilings. Watch the video to see it in action!

10 Oct 2017
FSB 2017
MONDO surfaces: From the tahletes, for the athletes

From November 7th to 10th, the event is in Cologne for the 2017 edition of FSB, the international exhibition dedicated to sport facilities. MONDO will be at Hall 10.2, stand D-E 008, to present its sport surfaces range dedicated to 14 disciplines.

It will be an opportunity to see up close our sport surfaces designed with the athletes for the athletes: from hydraulic tracks to the functional fitness magnetic floor and wall modules, from STX Supercourt system designed for World Padel Tour to the new Mondoturf DUAL PRO carpet.

Come and visit us.

04 Oct 2017
Racing all Around: Mondo Motors’ Double Side Stunt R/C.

A fast 4 wheel drive RC, suited for all terrains and R/C challenges has arrived! Able to race up and down steep tracks due to its 4 wheel drive system, it can change direction very quickly as well as spinning in 360° stunts and being raced upside down! Nothing scares him, including water, which it can cross easily with its amphibious construction. Watch the demo video to see for yourself!

29 Sep 2017
DESPICABLE ME 3 joins the $1bn club!

The Minions are back! In DM3, Gru meets his long-lost charming, cheerful, and more successful twin brother Dru who wants to team up with him for one last criminal heist... The movie has hit the big screen in the summer and despite still being showed in some countries, it has already surpassed its predecessor, Despicable Me 2! Look out for the evergreen range of Mondo Outdoor Toys and Diecast Vehicles!

29 Sep 2017
MMotors 1:10 scale R/C drift range!

A unique range of 1:10 R/C cars devoted to speed and R/C enjoyment. With a max speed of 30km/h (scale speed 300km/h!!), you will likely not find a faster R/C in the toy ranges. Suited for kids 8+, it won’t be rare for adults to enjoy racing them as well. All fitted with 2.4Ghz transmission, up to 10 models can be raced at once against one another. All models are 4-wheel drive, allowing superb drifting evolutions! The models include: McLaren 650S GT3, Mini Countryman JCW WRC, Renault RS01 and Mercedes AMG GT3.

27 Sep 2017
Porsche 918 Hot Wheels R/C!

A match made in car-heaven: one of the fastest cars ever conceived and the fastest brand around! Meet the Porsche 918 Hot Wheels R/C.  This 1:14 scale radio control car displays strong Hot Wheels branding, it has front and rear lights and a top speed of 12km/h! all demonstrated in the test video!

26 Sep 2017
CARS 3 has arrived!

After 6 years Lightning Mc Queen is back on the big screen! And with a new, young rival: Jackson Storm, a front runner in the next generation of racers. Look out for the revamped range of Mondo Outdoor Toys for SS2018!

24 Aug 2017

Prior to the Weltklasse Zürich (IAAF DL Meeting) on August 23, female pole vaulters competed on the main concourse of Zurich Main Station where Mondo installed a state-of-the-art pole vault runway.


16 Aug 2017

The IAAF World Championships is over and as usual we kept the tradition on. Congratulations to all the winners of this amazing championship. MONDO helps you go over your limits.

01 Aug 2017


For the IAAF World Championships, MONDO personalized all the athletic equipment using the London 2017 colours and following competition guidelines for look and feel. Working with the event’s organizers, MONDO fulfilled all their needs for image and performance

31 Jul 2017
Despicable Me 3 - Clip Karaoke

Minions are back! From Thursday, August 24, you will meet them all again with Gru at the Cinema! Sing with them in this fun karaoke clip and play with them in many summer adventures with our toys!


26 Jul 2017
Playing in the open air

Enjoying the sun, the scent of trees, the light breeze: it's time to go out more and to find out how beautiful it is to have fun outside!

21 Jul 2017

It’s the last few adrenaline-rich days of the Bahamas 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games!

Now in its sixth edition, this international sporting event exists to prepare the next generation of athletes for the challenges to come.
Athletics competitions take place at the Thomas A. Robinson Stadium, which proudly features a MONDO Super X 720 track.

We’re 100% sure that the finals this weekend will be extremely interesting!

21 Jul 2017

Congratulations to Julia Hawkins, 101 years old, that ran the 100 meter race in 40”12!

Click here to read more!

20 Jul 2017

Only 14 days to go for the beginning of the IAAF World Championship London 2017 on August 4.

Today we’ll introduce you to Daniele Cavazzani, triple jump athlete.
Daniele believes that athletics are all about fun, passion… and sacrifice. Athletics are the tool through which one can discover oneself, and MONDO provides the solid base necessary for him to go beyond.

Watch here the interview!


19 Jul 2017
Roaring Engines with Fisichella

Disney has developed a series of clips that anticipate the release of the Cars 3 movie, coming to September. Watch the one dedicated to speed!

18 Jul 2017

Over the past weekend during the World Youth Championships in Nairobi, a new record was set on the MONDO track!

Jordan Diaz of Cuba, class of 2001, beat the standing record by jumping 17,30m and becoming the day’s hero!

The previous record held by his countryman Lazaro Martinez had remained unchallenged since 2014. 


17 Jul 2017

During the first two days of the London 2017 World Para Athletics Championship new records were broken on the MONDO track!

Hannah Cockroft set a new world record in the 100m T34 race, while Sophie Hahn e Sammi Kinghorn won gold in the 200m, and also established world record performances in the T38 and T53 categories. 

For men, another record for Petrucio Ferreira dos Santos, Brazil's Paralympic champion. He produced a powerful second half to smash his own world record in the men's 100m T47 final.


14 Jul 2017
PJ Masks are coming!

Three six-year-olds become superheroes at night. The three of them have to deal with the naughty ones of their own age. They are Pj Masks, the animated series that kids love. Shown on Disney Junior!

13 Jul 2017

22 days left to go for the 2017 IAAF World Championship in London, which will take place on August 4.

Today, we’re getting to know Laura Strati of the Italian National long jump team.

Laura believes athletic disciplines are all about freedom, vivacity and liveliness, and we believe MONDO is the solid base on which she can build her dreams!

Watch the complete interview here!


12 Jul 2017
IAAF World Youth Championships in Nairobi

The IAAF World Youth Championships in Nairobi are about to begin. Five days for young athletes from all over the world that will test their sporting skills in an international competition.

As always, MONDO will support them all and wish them the very best now and for the span of their careers!

10 Jul 2017

Yesterday July 9, during the Müller Anniversary Games, Nijel Amos (800m) and Allyson Felix (400m) set new WORLD LEADS on the MONDO Track.

What a wonderful warm-up for The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Stadium ahead of the IAAF World Championships that will take place in London next month.

Congratulations to all the competing athletes!

10 Jul 2017
Spider-Man in cinema since 6 July!

Tom Holland, following on from his Captain America's debut: Civil War, explores his new identity as a superhero in Spider-Man: Homecoming, having to deal with the dilemma: do your homework for the next day or save the world.

10 Jul 2017
Lamborghini Italian Tour 2017

The Lamborghini Tour 2017 has just come to an end. Unique models that pass through the most beautiful Italian landscapes. Replaced perfectly by Mondomotors in radio control and die cast.

08 Jul 2017

Today Antwerp will see, among the other athletes, Nafi Thiam, Rio De Janeiro gold medal, taking part in the long jump competition. She will try to beat her best jumping on a MONDO track. 

This surface is modular and portable, it has already been tested in May and June for the high jump, and this makes it perfect for being used in different kind of events and competitions.

Check out our street events solutions clicking here! 

04 Jul 2017

In 50 days, the 29th edition of the Taipei University Games will take place.
From August 19 to 30, the athletes will take center stage as they compete in the programmed 21 sporting events.

As always MONDO will be there to support them in giving it their all!

03 Jul 2017

On the last weekend we had Chinese athletes competing on our blue colored Sportflex Super X 720 for the 2017 China Athletics Street Tour, in Shanghai.

The competition was for the high jump and the 60 meters sprint.
Between the 13 Chinese contender athletes, we helped Zhang Guowei and Xie Zhenye to reach the top and win the gold medal.
Like always MONDO support athletes, and we help them to give their best also during streets events.

Check out our street events solutions clicking here! 

01 Jul 2017

Only 34 days to go to the 2017 IAAF World Championship in London that will take place on August 4. 

Today we’d like to introduce you to Filippo Randazzo, a young Italian athlete competing in the long jump discipline. 
For him the long jump is “like flying for a split second”, and MONDO supports his dream to fly as far as possible and beyond.

Click here to view his interview


30 Jun 2017

The 36th edition of the women’s FIBA Eurobasket tournament has just come to a close in the Czech Republic.

MONDO is proud to have supported all the competing teams by providing the hard wooden floors of not one but three different courts: the Královka Sport hall with MONDOELASTIC, the Hradec Králové multifuntional arena, and the Multifunktional O2 Aréna with FAST BREAK SYSTEM

Congratulations to the Spanish team for winning and to all the athletes for their achievements and hard work!

29 Jun 2017

Tomorrow the Italian Outdoor Championships “Assoluti”  will take place in Trieste for what is going to be the most important weekend of the year!

The participating athletes will be vying for 40 national titles in a competition that is a key milestone for those looking to qualify for the IAAF World Championships London 2017.

We’ll be providing the very best MONDO track so these athletes can give it their absolute all! 


29 Jun 2017

On June 23rd, Olympic Day inaugurated a week-long celebration of the Olympic spirit to promote active lifestyles, the pleasure of discovering new sports, and the importance of appreciating the inherent values of physical motion and discovery.

MONDO is the official track supplier of the last 11 Olympic editions, and we’re particularly keen on celebrating the Olympic spirit with all the athletes out there!

27 Jun 2017

When Canada’s track and field athletes take their marks during The Harry Jerome International Track Classic June 28 at Percy Perry Stadium, Coquitlam, BC, they’ll do so on a Mondotrack.

Canada''s longest-running track and field event, The Harry Jerome International Track Classic has seen Olympic and world champions, world-record holders, Canadian stars and hopeful young athletes compete in it during its 33 years.

Good luck to all competitors!

26 Jun 2017

The USATF Outdoor Championships at Sacramento State’s Hornet Stadium started with a bang: four new world leads were broken on a MONDO track!

Our warmest congratulations to all the competing athletes, we couldn’t be prouder of their achievements.

23 Jun 2017

When the best track and field athletes in the USA compete to qualify for the IAAF World Championships this weekend, they’ll do so on a Mondo Super X 720 track at Sacramento State’s Hornet Stadium. 
The USATF Outdoor Championships are returning to Sacramento June 23-25, 2017.

Good luck to all the athletes competing on Mondo Track!

22 Jun 2017

Only 3 weeks left until the IAAF World U18 Championships Nairobi 2017. The event will be hosted at the Kasarani Stadium, from July 12th to the 16th. It’s the first global track and field championships to be held in Kenya.

We wish the athletes all the best and that this will be just the beginning of a career full of victories and records, keeping the tradition on MONDO tracks.

20 Jun 2017

The best athletes in the world will face-off at the International Pole Vault Meeting in Wenceslas Square, Prague. The spring in their leaps will be provided by a MONDO track, your best choice for street athletics, and as always we wish all the athletes the best.

May you touch the sky, today!

16 Jun 2017


Only 50 days to go before the IAAF World Championships London 2017! This year, the athletes will be preceeded on the MONDO track by Hero, a new mascot created from the imagination of nine year old Elinor, the english girl who won the Blue Peter competition.

15 Jun 2017

The Individual Italian Championships will start tomorrow in Rieti. Young athletes will compete on Mondotrack at the Raul Guidobaldi stadium: we hope that the time-honoured tradition of crushing previous records will hold true again this year!

10 Jun 2017

The European 10,000 Cup in Minsk is about to take off! 77 athletes will compete to win gold on a 400 - meter Mondo track. We wish the very best to all the runners… may you set records to be remembered!

08 Jun 2017


While Rome is enjoying the Golden Gala, Mondo in the Run Fest environment, has renewed its partnership with FIDAL during the presentation of SMART.TRACK3 - ATHLETICS GROUND project.
The project intends to create meeting points to build wellness for the whole population with a cheap cost and a short distance. This collaboration is the result of a shared core vision: sport is a passion that brings people together and generates positive values, and as such must be supported in every possible way. 

02 Jun 2017

This weekend stay tuned for the Adidas Boost Boston Games! This spectacular street event will feature a 5 lane Mondo Portable  track that will be raised above Charles Street. Once again MONDO demonstrates its ability to support athletes in every possible occasion!

01 Jun 2017
Vaiana in dvd!

Oceania has come to DVD. Enjoy your sea adventures with our range of inflatables and beach games!


26 May 2017

We believe that a soccer player deserves to express all of his potential on the field, without ever having to worry about what is under his feet. This is why we design and develop our products to the highest level of perfection and in complete respect of the FIFA Quality Program standards for safety, performance, durability and, of course, quality.


25 May 2017

Only 50 days to go to the start of the World Para Athletics Championships! The tension rises as the athletes focus on beating their personal records. As we wait for the games to start, MONDO wishes all athletes the very best during their training!


25 May 2017
Lightning McQueen is back!

Lightning McQueen returns to the movies in the third-highly anticipated episode of the Cars franchise. This time he will have to face new competitors that are faster and stronger than him!

22 May 2017

The week begins with new exciting results as the Islamic Solidarity Games at Baku come to an end.  Following his 3000 m hurdles World Record in Paris in 2016, Ruth Jebeth broke his personal best at Baku in the 5000 m event. On this occasion, Ruth remarked  that MONDO tracks are the best ones to run on due to their superior quality and performance.  In the same event, Eda Tugusz achieved a World Lead in the javelin throw.

19 May 2017
Meeting Athlétisme Guadeloupe
More records on Mondo tracks!

Guadalupe's international meeting has just ended. The event  gathered  athletes of different disciplines and very good results have been achieved on the brand new MONDO track. The long list of WLs on MONDO tracks is now even longer. Four new WLs were celebrated during the international event on the island of Antilles. As always congratulations to the winners and a warm thanks to all the athletes for the great performances they have shown us.


18 May 2017
Mickey and the roadster racers coming on Disney Junior!

In this new series, Mickey and his friends find themselves in an exclusive garage where they take care of their racing cars: look at our collection of buckets, balls and paddles!

18 May 2017
Jeep Renegade in r/c version

Watch the video to find out more about Jeep Renegade's inspirational design, and recall what makes Jeep's history and lifestyle so special.

17 May 2017

The World Padel Tour 2017 is the most important competition in this sport. MONDO is the first brand to improve performance by pioneering world-first technology in collaboration with WTP to create dedicated turfs for this discipline: STX and STX Supercourt. These two innovative surfaces support and maximize the speed and power performances of the competition, while providing athletes with excellent stability and safety.

15 May 2017

The Shanghai Diamond League has just ended with a number of stunning successes. The competing athletes - both women and men - have really give it their all across a number of disciplines, including 200m, 400, 5000, and high jump. The event has been a world-wide sporting spectacle, and MONDO was there to celebrate every victory with the athletes that have worked hard during the year. MONDO congratulates all participants and winners at the 2017 Shanghai Diamond League.


12 May 2017

The IAAF Diamond League in Shanghai is the next stop that will see all athletes compete with one goal in mind: victory! The competition’s maximum level is also ensured thanks to the MONDO track, which will offer each athlete the optimal conditions to show off their best performances.

Best of luck to all!

11 May 2017
KARACHI: Pakistan’s young Olympian athlete Mehboob Ali said on Sunday that the authorities should install blue Mondo tracks at different venues throughout the country which would help the athletes prepare for international challenges

Mehboob Ali, a young Olympic athlete that holds a 400m record at the National Championships in Queta has confirmed how important a quality track is to a race: “In the Rio Olympics in Brazil, I ran on a Mondo track which was very good. We will only progress if we are able to meet international standard in infrastructure and equipment…”

Words like these make us proud and push us to always give our best, so athletes competing can give theirs.

11 May 2017
Summer has arrived with the Chicco outdoor collection!

Houses, slides, swings, play tables, desks and blackboards! A super-high-quality, durable collection. Open air playing has never been so much fun!


11 May 2017
Hot wheels radio control!

New graphics, new colours and many new models! A super challenge awaits you with the new Mondomotors Hot Wheels range!

08 May 2017
FIFA QUALITY PRO for Rafael Sanchez' pitch - Cadiz

The brand new  RAFAEL SÁNCHEZ's football pitch located in EL PUERTO DE SANTA MARÍA (CADIZ - SPAIN) installed by Mondo has been certified according to the quality criteria FIFA Quality Pro

The system installed is MONDOTURF NSF MONOFIBRE 4 NX 16 60 AS

05 May 2017

With the blistering-fast indoor track season crossing  its final finish line with athletes setting an abundance of records on Mondo tracks, the outdoor season opens today with the 2017 Diamond League edition. For the eighth year, athletes will compete in 32 event disciplines during14 meetings.

What happened in the last edition of the Diamond League?

  • 4 out of 14 meetings on Mondo surfaces
  • 40 competitions out of 640 on Mondo surfaces


  • 2 WORLD RECORDS out of 2 on Mondo tracks
  • 4 AREA RECORDS out of 8 on Mondo tracks

Kendra Harrison sent the 28-year 100m hurdles record tumbling at Anniversary Muller Games in London at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on the new Mondotrack/WS surface. One month later, after the summer Olympic Games in Rio, Ruth Jebet smashed the 3000m steeplechase world record at Stade de France in Saint-Denis, Paris.

No matter the number of competitions, with its technology, experience and innovation, Mondo helps athletes to perform their best. Always!

Will the 2017 Diamond League be as successful for Mondo as the 2016 edition? Follow us to discover it!

03 May 2017

Last weekend the Final track day of 108th Drake Relays at Des Moines was ran in wet condition.  However apparently it didn’t affect athletes performance since 3 WORLD LEADS were registered.  Maybe it’s also because Our tracks were designed to provide the perfect grip no matter the weather condition.

21 Apr 2017
IAAF/BTC World Relays Athletes to Compete on Mondo Track!

When world athletes take their marks this weekend for the 2017 IAAF/BTC World Relays in Nassau, Bahamas, a Mondo surface will be underfoot, helping them to perform their best!

Based on the preliminary entry figures, this year’s World Relays is set to be the biggest edition of the event so far. More than 500 athletes from 34 nations have expressed an interest in competing at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium for the April 22-23 meet.

This marks the third time the World Relays have been held on the Mondo surface in Nassau, and the entries for this year should surpass the first two. The inaugural World Relays in 2014 welcomed 576 athletes, while 669 athletes competed in 2015. In the previous editions, 3 World Records were broken on our track.

The top eight finishers in the men’s and women’s 4x100m and 4x400m will earn automatic entry for the IAAF World Championships London 2017 to be held in August, on Mondotrack/WS 

Good luck to all the competitors!

21 Apr 2017
Pj Masks - a range in growing!

PJ Masks tell the adventures of 3 children, who live normal lives during the day, but at night they turn into superheroes!

18 Apr 2017
Despicable Me 3 comes in August

The new trailer just released is full of fun! You can have fun playing with the Minions waiting for the movie in theaters!

14 Apr 2017
How to draw Jackson Storm, Lightning McQueen's opponent

Jackson Storm, the new opponent of Lightning McQueen in the highly anticipated movie Cars 3 out in September, is presented in this video from his Pixar artist! Learn how to draw it too! And play with him everytime!

11 Apr 2017
Mickey and the roadster racers, on air on Disney Junior from April!

In this new serie, Mickey and friends find themselves in an exclusive garage where they take care of their racing cars ready to race on Hot Dog Hills or around the world. Who knows if they will compete in sandy races with our buckets, or with balls and paddles?

31 Mar 2017

his indoor season has simply sizzled with athletes competing on Mondo tracks racking up an abundance of world leads and world bests, along with too many personal bests to even count.

  • 30 WORLD LEADS out of 42
  • 5 WORLD BESTS out of 5
  • 9 WORLD U20 RECORDS out of 10

Some special highlights on the most amazing moments of the indoor tracks season.
Genzebe Dibaba ran the fastest ever recorded time indoor for the 2000m which according to the IAAF, “… although the 2000m isn't an official world record event indoors, Dibaba’s performance … can be classed as an outright world record as it is faster than Sonia O’Sullivan’s outdoor mark of 5:25.36”.
The new High School star Armand “Mondo” Duplantis, with his 3 World U20 Records, has driven up the bar of the pole vault of over 12 cm in less than one month.

And while the European Indoor Championship has gone unnoticed, the 2 incredible European Records out of 2 were set on the MONDO Portable Banked Modultrack in Birmingham. Laura Muir, on her debut to remember over 1000m with 2:30.94, moved to second on the world Indoor all-time with 2:30.94. Mo Farah, in his latest Indoor Race over 5000m, broke the European record with an incredible 13:09.16.

Mondo would like to congratulate all athletes on a simply unforgettable indoor track season!


15 Mar 2017

Colorful, fun, and with embossed graphics!! This is the new Pixel Line ball collection!

15 Mar 2017
In July, the highly anticipated Spider-Man movie!

Back in New York after his encounter with the Avengers, Peter Parker tries to find a balance between his school work and the fight against crime in Spider-Man's shoes. Waiting the new movie with exciting races on a scooter or roller skates!

10 Mar 2017
Trolls released in 3d blue-ray!

Trolls, the funniest musical comedy of 2016 is now being released on DVD & 3D Blue-ray! Check out Mondo’s complete outdoor product range!

05 Mar 2017
Tangled - TV series to be released in 2017

Tangled TV series will be launched on Disney Channel and Disney Junior in April 2017, set in the period prior to the marriage between Rapunzel and Eugene. Enjoy the Mondo product range!


MONDO Tracks aren’t just fast, they’re beautiful too!
That’s what Ed Eyestone, head of Track&Field @Brigham Young University, proudly declares when he talks about having the best view in all the United States.

Thank you, sir!

14 Feb 2017
Ferrari California r/c

Ferrari California is the perfect combination: it has elegance, sportiness, is verstile and exclusive; the classic things that have marked the extraordinary cars with this name in the history of Ferrari from the 50s until today.
the actual car is wonderful, but just as stunning is the 1:24 scale model, enjoy great driving challenges!

13 Feb 2017

As expected, athletes competing on Mondo tracks this weekend blazed to glory. Here all the results:

  • 13 World Leads
  •  5 Records (both national and meet records)
  •  1 U20 World Record

Here is a list of some of the records that were set.

TORUN, Poland - Copernicus Cup | Mondo Portable Modultrack

1500m - Genzebe Dibaba:  after breaking the world 2000m record on Tuesday on the Mondo protable Modultrack in Sabadell (Spain) she set a world-leading mark of 3:58.80
60m - Ronnie Baker: world leading mark with 6.46
800m - Joanna Jozwik: new Polish indoor record with1:59.29

NEW YORK, NY - Millrose Games | Mondo Permanent Banked Track

800m – Ajee Wilson: American indoor record, 1:58.27
Mile - Sifan Hassan: world lead and meet record, 4:19.89
1500m - Sifan Hassan: world lead, 4:03.05
2 Miles - Ben True: world lead, 8:11.33
3000m - Ryan Hill: a world lead, 7:40.80
500m - Courtney Okolo: American indoor record, 1:07.34
300m - Shaunae Miller: world lead and national record, 35.71
800m – Samantha Watson: American high school record, 2:01.28
Pole Vault - Ekaterini Stefanidi: world lead, 482
Pole Vault - Armand Duplantis: world junior indoor record, 576

CLEMSON, SC - Tiger Paw Invitational | Mondo Permanent Banked Track

400m - Fred Kerley: world lead, 45.02
200m - Christian Coleman: world lead, 20.46
800m - Jazmine Fray:  college record, 2:00.69
4x400 – Jaevin Reed, Danyel White, Jazmine Fray and Kadecia Baird: season leading, 3:29.74

ALBUQUERQUE, NM -  Dan Kirby Invitational |  Mondo Portable Banked Track

60m - Hannah Cunliffe:  collegiate and world lead, 7.07
200m - Hannah Cunliffe:  facility record, 22.60

FAYETTEVILLE, AK - Tyson Invitational | Mondo Permanent Banked Track

400m – Tyrese Cooper: fastest ever indoor by an U18 athlete, 46.01
Pole Vault – Chris Nilson: US junior indoor record, 5.70

During this past weekend athletes competed on Mondo Tracks as well at the following events: 

  • ATHLONE, Ireland - Irish University Indoor Championships
  • VALENCIA, Spain – National Meet
  • KIRCHBERG, Lux – International meet
  • ISTANBUL, Turkey -   1st Balkan Junior Championships
  • ANCONA, Italy - Italian Junior Championship
  • FAYETTEVILLE, Arkansas, USA -  Tyson Invitational
  • BERLIN, Germany - ISTAF Indoor – where the pole vault runaway was Mondo
  • SEATTLE, Washington, USA - Husky Classic
  • AMES, Iowa, USA - IOWA State Classic


13 Feb 2017
Oceania in a karaoke version!

Oceania, released in theaters at the end of 2016, it was reintroduced in US cinemas in a karaoke edition, with musical subtitles: a funny sing a long in the theatres!

09 Feb 2017

It was a nice evening yesterday dedicated to French athletics at the majestic Arena Accorhotels Bercy.
On this occasion the athletes of the 60m hurdles and the Joint triathlon attracted the attention of all the spectators.

Mondo for the event provided the main 60m straightaway


07 Feb 2017

World 1500m champion Genzebe Dibaba added to her growing list of record-breaking achievements by breaking the world 2000m record at the Miting Internacional de Catalunya in the Spanish city of Sabadell.

The athlete had already predicted her intentions on Monday, February 6th, the day before the race, and so it happened: Dibaba went on to stop the clock at 5:23.75. Although the 2000m isn't an official world record event indoors, Dibaba’s performance can be classed as an outright world record as it is faster than Sonia O’Sullivan’s outdoor mark of 5:25.36.

The track on which the new world record has been set is a Mondo Permanent Modultrack, a perfect example of Mondo’s commitment to research and design in sport. Mondo’s indoor banked tracks can be customized to suit the customer’s building limitations. The result is a configuration that always guarantees the athletes’ smooth passage from the straightaways to the bends, and that effectively counterbalances the centrifugal force on the athletes moving along the bends in any lane and event. This helps athletes achieve their top performances in complete safety and in a fair competitive environment.

In a few days Dibaba will attend the Copernicus Cup in Torun (Poland)being ran on another Permanent Modultrack made by Mondo.  She has already said that on that occasion she will try to break his previous record in 1500m.
We are confident that at this event she will perform at the top!


06 Feb 2017

The 5th Camel City Elite at the JDL Fast Track indoor facility on Saturday saw some outstanding performances led by 2016 Olympic 5000 silver medalist Paul Chelimo’s win and facility record 7:45.49 in the men’s 3000 meters. Chelimo is the world indoor leader at 3000 meters and today’s time was another top 10 world mark. Two-time Canadian Olympian Melissa Bishop defended her women’s 800m title, clocking a world class 2:02.49, currently ranked 10th in the world, and Rachel Schneider won the women’s mile in a personal record 4:28.03, the fastest time of the year on a regulation 200 meter track.

Meet Craig Longhurst, from JDL Fast Track, who explains how MONDO did more than just a track but it helped to create a place where athletes can compete at the highest level.

Click here to whatch Craig's interview!

06 Feb 2017
Finding Dory in 3d blue-ray!

The movie takes place largely at the California Marine Biology Institute, a large complex that deals with the rehabilitation of marine animals, where Dory was born and raised. And there are so many new friends: an octopus, sea lions, a white whale who will accompany you through our wide range of toys!

06 Feb 2017
Hot Wheels r/c racing!

Get behind the wheel of the Hot Wheels cars! extreme fun with the hot 1:28 radio control Mondomotors! The coolest racing cars of our time!

01 Feb 2017

We’re proud to announce MONDO has become “Certified Manufacturer” for FIH, Fédération International de Hockey. 
This means we have reached the higher standard in terms of performance, safety, consistency in design and production of turf systems dedicated to this sport. 

The company has already certified two systems specifically designed for Hockey MONDOHOCKEY ELITE EL and MONDOHOCKEY GOAL EL and continues to work expanding its product range

01 Feb 2017

The quartet of Emma Coburn, Sydney McLaughlin, Brenda Martinez, and Jenny Simpson broke the indoor distance medley relay world best with a time of 10:40.31 at the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix, the track is of course a Mondo Track!


01 Feb 2017 An archive picture from Penn State National

Cas Loxsom and Isaiah Harris broke 600m Best Indoor Record At Penn State National, on a Mondo Track.

Loxsom won the race in 1:14.91, while Harris finished close behind in 1:14.96.

UTEP freshman Emmanuel Korir held the previous record of 1:14.97 for just eight days.



31 Jan 2017

Who better than a coach to explain why and how a MONDO track can make the difference for athletic performances and so much more.

Mike Maynard, Director of Track and Field @UCLA, tells us how MONDO solves a University's brand issue: watch the interview here!

29 Jan 2017 The new variable banking hydraulic Track at the National Indoor Arena, Dublin

The Sport Ireland National Indoor Arena at the Sport Ireland National Sports Campus near Dublin was officially opened by Taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD on January 26.

The 44,500sqm facility includes an  Variable Banking Hydraulic Track certified by IAAF and many other training spaces.

Mondo’s hydraulic tracks can be set at any intermediate position between flat and fully raised, so they can be used for a wide range of training activities and by athletes with different abilities, from younger or slower to world record holders.


24 Jan 2017

UTEP freshman Emmanuel Korir ran 1:14.97 for 600 meters, breaking the Indoor World Best record in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the Cherry and Silver Invitational Friday Night


18 Jan 2017

Commitment is a main value, in sport as in life. And we do commit to sustainability. Thats why Mondoturf Systems have been certified Greenguard and Greenguard Gold.
Now we produce a total of 75 Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified Systems.

16 Jan 2017

Watch Mark Elliot's interview; he is the Director of Track/Field @Clemson University.

On this track last Saturday three facility records were set, including the fastest ever time on the 800m length in the country. #MONDOLove

10 Jan 2017 Clemson's New Banked Indoor Track

Six records were set on the new Mondo indoor banked track at Clemson University during its inaugural meet, the Orange & Purple Classic, this past weekend!

When Clemson selected Mondo, Mark Elliott, head coach for men’s and women’s track & field and cross country, said he wanted a fast track, and “Mondo is generally recognized as the fastest surface for indoor tracks.” After this weekend’s meet, he said, “We are thrilled with the record-breaking performances on our new Mondo track, and we look forward to more records being broken in future meets.”


09 Jan 2017 Mondo Athletic Equipment for the World Indoor Championships in Portland

Mondo has renewed the IAAF certification for all athletic equipment produced at the plant in Zaragozza, in Spain; among the products we can mention the starting blocks, the equipment for high jump, the landing areas, the launch cages and many other items.

The Certification is a symbol of recognition by the International Association of Athletic Federation of fact that these products meet technical and quality requirements to be used in international competitions.

There are many events in which Mondo has provided its Athletics equipment; just as example in 2016:the World Indoor Championships held in Portland and the Rio Olympic Games!

13 Dec 2016
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – theatrical release December 2016

Mondo presents its complete range of outdoor products including scooters, skateboards, inline skates, helmets, and much more!


05 Dec 2016
Vaiana hits the box office!

It is the second highest debut after Frozen in the Thanksgiving weekend!
Great products from Mondo!

04 Dec 2016
Mickey and the Roadster Racers

In this new series, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck and Goofy find themselves in a special garage where they gear up their racing cars to make them ready to race around the world ! Mondo’s range includes balls, kangaroo hoppers, bucket sets, paddle sets and wheeled toys!

04 Dec 2016
Ultradrone X40.0 VR mask

Follow the flight path through the interactive VR mask!

01 Dec 2016

Ready to burn rubber??
The MONDOMOTORS 1:10 scale Mercedes AMG has a top speed of 30 km/h and a super drifting action!

24 Nov 2016

The finalists are (in alphabetical order):

Usain Bolt (JAM)
Mo Farah (GBR)
Wayde van Niekerk (RSA)

Almaz Ayana (ETH)
Elaine Thompson (JAM)
Anita Wlodarczyk (POL)

All 6 finalists won medals or broke records on a Mondo track this year! 

Proud to support athletes everywhere in the world! 

For more info on the event check this website out.

14 Nov 2016

At the end of September, the first Mondo track was installed in Paraguay, in the city of Asuncion, at the National Olympic Center.

This is the first IAAF certified track (Class 2) in Paraguayan territory.

The product is installed Super X 720, in red (P30) and gray (P70)

11 Nov 2016

A few days ago, the contract was signed for a new track in the Guatemalan capital, for the renovation of the track at the Cementos Progreso Stadium, also known as Estadio La Pedrera.

This is the second track for Mondo in Guatemala; the first was installed several years ago in Quetzaltenango, the second largest city in Guatemala.

Work on the installation of the track at the Cementos Progreso Stadium will begin ......; the colors of the track will be green (P10) and gray (P70)

09 Nov 2016

Thanks to the enormous work done by our entire team and despite difficult local conditions, environmental and logistics, we managed to finish within the time specified the Cochabamba track, in the municipality of Shinahota: our first track in Bolivia.

During the inauguration, we had the honor to host the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, who wanted to see the completed facility in person and congratulate us for our work.

The track installed is Super X 720 in light blue (P85) and dark blue (P18).

07 Nov 2016

The City of Bolzano yesterday inaugurated the new athletic track of via Santa Gertrude to Oltrisarco.
The facility will be approved for daytime races in Class B.

The product chosen was a Blue MONDOTRACK, same as the one chosen by the Brazilian Olympic Committee.

The inauguration (pictured) was attended by the Deputy Mayor for Public Works Luis Walcher, Caramaschi the mayor, the former mayor Spagnolli and the Councillor for Sports Angelo Gennaccaro.

03 Nov 2016

Yesterday we stole a peek into our production department to let you preview the Pink track!

But where will it be installed?

Keep checking our News and you will find out!


28 Oct 2016

Basking in the success of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Alberto Guimarães, Director of Sport and Paralympics Integration, and Renato Ciuchini, CCO, commended Mondo for its contribution:

"Thanking and wishing Mondo good luck in the future Games, we congratulate you once more for the outstanding sports equipment and services provided to our Games."

Mondo is honored by this esteemed recognition and looks forward to continuing its support of athletes everywhere.



20 Oct 2016

The city of Albuquerque (New Mexico), in collaboration with Mondo has recently made a number of enhancements to the Mondo banked elevated track installed a few years ago.

Recognized as one of the top five fastest indoor tracks in the world, the red Mondo surface features 6-36" 200-meter lanes on the 60-degree banked oval and 8-42" 60-meter straightaway lanes running the entire length of the infield.

The USATF announced that Albuquerque will host the  2017 Indoor National Championships, at the Albuquerque Convention Center from March 3-5, 2017.

14 Oct 2016
Trolls are coming!
Trolls are coming!

From the creators of Shrek, TROLLS will soon hit the screens. Trolls is a new musical comedy featuring our beloved colorful hairy creatures!
Have fun with our products, balls and scooters!

14 Oct 2016
Jeep Renegade in scale!
Jeep Renegade in scale!

To explore the world, to meet new adventures: living all this,
it takes a different car, ready for anything. Jeep Renegade! Start having fun with the new Mondomotors model in 1:43 scale!

11 Oct 2016

On Saturday, October 15th, the legendary track of the Roi Baudouin Stadium will be full of runners at the Acerta Brussels Ekiden. It is a relay marathon for teams of 6 runners. 

Another moment of joy and celebration for all the athletes and Mondo will be there with them.

30 Sep 2016

The letter received earlier this week from Randy Wilber, Senior Sport Physiologist for the US Olympic Committee, has filled our hearts with joy and pride.

Here is an excerpt from the full text:

"Having exclusive access to a truly world-class training facility installed by MONDO at Escola Naval was a critical factor in the success of USA Track and Field...We believe that this gave Team USA athletes a significant competitive advantage and allowed them to perform optimally, resulting in 13 Gold Medals and 32 Total Medals... Thank you again for your excellent work and attention to detail. It definitely provided a "winning edge".

21 Sep 2016

It was a nice party for athletics in the street on Wednesday, September 21st under the Eiffel Tower.

Fly Europe, an initiative of the Continental G5 which includes the federations of Germany, France, Italy, Britain and Spain, endorsed by the IAAF and EAA, has the embarked upon the ambitious project of increasing awareness of Athletics by attracting new audiences, especially among young people.

Mondo, thanks to our experience, has provided the Sprint Track made with Sportflx Super X

16 Sep 2016
Dory on the Big Screen!
Dory on the Big Screen!

Dory and her friends arrived in cinemas delivering an immediate success! For the kids to continue living the fantastic marine adventure with Dory, Nemo and all the other characters, discover the collection of Outdoor Toys by Mondo!

14 Sep 2016
Super challenges with Ryder and Paw Patrol friends!
Super challenges with Ryder and Paw Patrol friends!

Outdoor toys, balls, kangaroo hoppers!
Fun and challenges are insured with Ryder and the Paw Patrol! Challenge your friends and look out for new episodes, as well as the new products directed at girls featuring Skye and Everest!

14 Sep 2016
Elsa and Anna are waiting for the new Disney princess!
Elsa and Anna are waiting for the new Disney princess!

Even Elsa and Anna are waiting for the new Disney Princess, which will be shown in cinemas from December 2016! In the meantime the Frozen sisters remain the favorite heroines for young girls as well as the Mondo collection, which includes: play balls, wheeled toys, kangaroo hoppers, beach toys and more!

14 Sep 2016
Ultradrone X40.0 VR mask
Ultradrone X40.0 VR mask

Ultradrone presents the new X40 VR MASK! Insert your smartphone in the mask, look and live a unique VR experience! Watch the demo video to see for yourself.
Also available are the tutorial videos that demonstrate how to operate the key models of the range.

13 Sep 2016
Hot Wheels!
Hot Wheels!

What a super car, the new Mondomotors Hot Wheels Quick n 'sik! Breathtaking speed, super drifts for the experienced RC fan! Watch the video now to see for yourself!

12 Sep 2016 The Medellin  arena with Mondoseat 6 seating in the stands, Futsal Goals and 2 Mondo LED Scoreboard System
September 10 - October 1

During the weekend they have opened competitions for the FIFA Futsal World Cup which is taking place in Colombia; three main locations: Medellin, Cali and Bucaramanga.

Mondo has provided the following for the competitions:

  • The equipement for all three locations
  • 2 Mondo LED Scoreboard Systems for the Medellin arena
  • 2 stands equipped with Mondoseat 6 seating in the Medellin arena

12 Sep 2016 Un'immagine delle gare dalla 40a edizione del Memorial Van Damme

E' stata una grande festa per l'atletica quella svoltasi lo scorso weekend presso lo Stadio dedicato al Re Baldovino di Brussel: il Memorial Van Damme, meeting internazionale inserito nel circuito IAAF Diamond League ha compiuto 40 anni e a festeggiarlo insieme ad atleti di alto livello c'erano i Sovrani del Belgio e Re Alberto II di Monaco.

Su pista Mondo due gli avvenimenti degni di nota:

  • Elanie Thompson vince i 100 metri eguagliando il Meeting Record (10.72) stabilito da Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
  • Sandi Morris migliora il suo Personal Best e stabilisce il nuovo World Lead nel salto con l'asta a 5m

12 Sep 2016

Let's celebrate together with Abdellatif Baka (Algeria) and Petrucio Ferreira Dos Santos (Brazil) the two historic World Records set this week: Baka competed in the 1500 m, class T13, and stopped the clock at 3'48 "29. The Brazilian athlete competed in the 100m, class T45 / 46/47 and won gold with a time of 10:57 seconds, beating the previous record set of 10.72 with a considerable dividend.

The visually impaired Algerian athlete born in 1994 won the gold medal in the distance event with an even better time than ran by the American Matthew Centrowitz, in the same event, of the Olympics games held in August. 
The Centrowitz time was not only beaten only by the gold winner Baka, but also for the first time by all the Paralympic athletes behind him: the Ethiopian Tamiru Demisse (3'48 "49), silver medalist; and the Kenyan Henry Kirwa (3'49 "59), bronze medalist.

Congratulations ! We are honored to support you with our Mondotrack / WS!


07 Sep 2016

Rio Paralympics are about to begin!

As we get ready to cheer for our athletes the Rio 2016 Mondotrack/WS is getting a facelift to sport the 2016 Paralympic Games logo.

Stay tuned for more news and updates.

06 Sep 2016
532nd PALIO DELLA QUERCIA in Roverto

Just one second and 74 hundredths divide Genzebe Dibaba from the world record in the Mile at the 52nd Palio della Quercia in Rovereto: Ethiopian athlete is starring in a solo against the clock that leads to the finish line with 4:14.30; the second best outdoor performance in the world behind only the record of 4:12:56  by Russian Svetlana Masterkova that was set in 1996.

Great sprinting in 100 meters by the Jamaican Christania Williams, Olympic finalist in Rio, which with a 11.2 sets a new meet record by beating record that was held since 1993 (when Irina Privalova ran in 11.13).

Very fast was also the men's 100, won by Jamaican Julian Forte. Seventh blue Eseosa Fausto Desalu with 10:47 (watches his video interview on our channel company! Video Interview Fausto Desalu)

29 Aug 2016 Stade De France, Paris | Mondo's Sportflex Super X surface

The IAAF Diamond League in Paris was a huge success in terms of quality and results; here the highlights:

  • 3000m Steeplechase (W) | World Record for Ruth Jebet. The athlete of Kenyan origin knocked more than six seconds from the previous record of 8:58.81
  • 3000m (M) | U20 World Record for Yomif Kejelcha 
  • 1500m (W) | Laura Muir produced the top performance of the season in the event, breaking the British record and the MEETING de PARIS record –held by Yuliya Chizhenko (RUS) since 2006 – in the process


24 Aug 2016 The Joao Havelange Stadium with Mondotrack/WS
Rio 2016: a shower of records for athletics!

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games are already part of history: more than 11,000 athletes took part in the largest sporting event in the world.

As for the athletic competitions here are a few interesting facts: 2,283  athletes competed from August 12 to 18; 3  World Records were broken during the Games, 8 Olympic Records and 10 Area Records, not to mention the 99 National Records broken during the days dedicated to athletics.

We are happy with hese exceptional athletic performances, but in particular we are proud of the 2 World Records set on our Mondotrack / WS:

  • 10,000 m (W) Almaz Ayana (Ethiopia) | World and Olympic record with 29:17:45
  • 400 meters (M) Wayde van Niekerk (South Africa) | World and Olympic record with 43.03s



23 Aug 2016
Did you know that..
Team USA was training at the Escola Naval in Rio during the Games?

During the Games Team USA elected as its headquarters The Escola Naval in Rio, an high school institute of the Brazilian Navy.

The school has an athletic track Mondotrack on which the athletes have been training before competing at the Joao Havelange Stadium.

Look at the achievements in long distance sof American athletes and read this article: Mondotrack really helped athletes improve their performances!

Runner's World Article | 23.08.2016



04 Aug 2016
The Olympic Torch at the Mondo Sport&Flooring production plant

It’s the eve of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

At Mondo, we’re proud to have been the bearers of the Olympic Torch and wish all the athletes competing the very best!

25 Jul 2016
Müller Anniversary Games: astonishing perfomances on Mondotrack/WS

The Müller Anniversary Games in London definitely set the tone for Rio with 1 World Record, 5 World Leads, 54 Season Bests, 15 Personal Bests, 3 National Records and 6 Meet Records.

Mondotrack/WS helps athletes boost their performance and set new records!

Next stop: Rio 2016

22 Jul 2016
Müller Anniversary Games: a few hours after the start of the races the athletes are preparing to compete on the new Mondotrack/WS, the track Rio 2016

Many of the best athletes in the world compete in a few hours on the new Mondotrack/WS for the event scheduled for this evening at the Olympic stadium in London.

Read this interesting article on the product Mondotrack/WS published on the official IAAF website!

22 Jul 2016
Two exceptional torchbearers!
Marco Mecatti and Cristiana Manildo accompanied the Olympic torch to Rio.

Two exceptional torchbearers accompanied the journey of the Olympic torch, less than 15 days before the Games, which are fast approaching in Rio.

Colleagues Cristiana Manildo and Marco Mecatti accompanied the Olympic torch, a symbol of the Games, respectively in the stages of Osasco and Itapetininga.

Brava Cristiana, bravo Marco!



20 Jul 2016
Mondotrack WS from London to Rio!
Müller Anniversary Games, The Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park | July 22-23, 2016

Everything is ready to kick off the competitions that will be held in two days at the renovated Olympic Stadium in London: everything is ready for Müller Anniversary Games.

For the event, the best athletes in the world are expected: in fact this will be the last chance to fine tune their performance for the biggest stage of world sports: the Olympics.

Montrack / WS, the track iwas recently installed in May at the Olympic Stadium, will guarantee to all the high-level performance athletes and accompany them on their journey from London to Rio

Mondotrack / WS, in addition to being chosen for the Olympic Stadium in London is the track installed at the Joao Havelange Stadium in Rio which will host the athletics competitions starting August 12th.


13 Jul 2016 The light blue olympic rings on the blue running track
The olympic rings painted on the Olympic Track of Rio 2016

In less than one month to the beginning of the Olympic games in Rio 2016, the olympic rings have been painted on the running track of the Olympic stadium.

The famous five rings represent the five continents and the meeting of the athlets from all over the world who will challenge each other to join big records.

The rings have been painted in a lighter shade than the deep blue of the track, in order not to distract the athlets who will compete and try to do their best perfomances on the best ever seen track.

The hard work took more than one week to find the right place of the rings on the track, and then two days to paint the rings.

The olympic track, signed by Mondo, is finally ready for the opening of the olympic games of Rio 2016, which will inaugurate on 5th of August.


13 Jul 2016 A picture of Mondo Team before the running
Mondo Team Run in the Langa hills
Focus on the new colorful T-shirt by Nike

On Friday 8th of July a run/walk took place in Fontanafredda farm in Serralunga d'Alba in the amazing green wineyards.

A big group of Mondo employees took part wearing the new and colorful t-shirts  Mondo Team supplied by Nike.

After a long and exciting rise and fall among the hills, Mondo Team also won a prize as the bigger group.

It has been a wonderful experience of sport, passion and sharing...all together supporting Mondo Team!

27 Jun 2016 The award ceremony at Roberto Duran Arena in Panama City
Mondo protagonist at 2016 FIBA Centrobasket
The famous Central American basketball competition took place in Panama City where Mondo supplied the latest generation of sport flooring and equipment

2016 FIBA Centrobasket  just concluded on Saturday, June 25th.  In the Central American men's basketball tournament in which the 10 best basketball teams of Central America and  the Caribbean participated. The tournament organized by FIBA Americas was held in the Arena Roberto Duran in Panama City and was won by the Puerto Rico team.

Mondo was the great protagonist of the tournament thanks to the supply of sports flooring and the equipment with the latest technology. Mondo supplied four LED screens measuring 12 square meters, which have been supplied with the Mondo software  and MondoPlayer, in additon the MondoAthens basketball hoops and the portable wooden Fast Break System II flooring.

With this internationally renowned event is the theme song yet another beautiful and successful collaboration between the Mondo and FIBA.

FIBA Americas is satisfied with the cutting-edge Mondo products and technical support.


24 Jun 2016
adidas Boost Boston Games the first Street Athletic Event of USA on Mondo Track surface Mondotrack/WS
Last Saturday, June 18th a slice of Olympia came to Boston to take center stage in one of the most popular sections of the city

“The first competitive street track and field meet in American History was a resounding success” according to meet director Mark Wetmore. With an elevated straight track specially constructed between Boston Common and Public Garden some of the Olympic athletes sprinted on a specially installed Mondotrack/WS track underfoot. Mondotrack/WS is the surface for the track and field competition at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

Marvin Bracy beating Yohan Blake (2012 Olympic silver medalist at both 100 meters and 200 meters and owner of two World Records) by 2 thousands of a second in the 100 m. Their exact times were 10.223 and 10.225 (0.0). Tori Bowie achieved the best women result with 11.03 (+0.4) in the 100 m clearly ahead of Kelly-Ann Baptiste 11.30 as in B-race overall second fastest time by Brazilian Rosangela Santos 11.29 (+0.1).

Events which also  included sprints, hurdles, pole vaulting, and the long jump, was the World Premiere of the forthcoming Athletic Olympic Summer signed by Mondo.

23 Jun 2016 An image of Mondo Functional Module installed at Gyms Torino / Clib Trapani
Luciano Gemello interviewed by LaStampa Welness
Luciano Gemello, Doctor in Biomolecular Science and Personal Trainer explains the exercise benefits Functional

Luciano Gemello at Gyms Torino interviewed by LaStampaTV Wellness: click here to see the interview.  Gyms Torino has chosen Mondo as the supplier for the flooring: the shooting were realized on Mondoflex flooring. For more information on the product Mondoflex click here!

Mondo has also recently launched a family of flooring specifications for Functional Training : check the offer product on 

22 Jun 2016
Mondo to the UEFA EURO 2016
UEFA EURO 2016: action , competition, challenge to be enjoyed in comfort and safety on Mondo seatings

Mondo once again the star of a great event! Mondo installed 50,000 G2007 seatings Novanta/ 35 and 1,100 VIP seatings at the Stade Vélodrome in Marseille which will host one of the next semin-finals for the  European Soccer Championship on July 7th. In Saint Etienne at the Stade Geoffroy - Guichard, Mondo installed 20,000 seatings Novanta/5 and G2007 in addition to the players' seatings. The Italian fans supported their Team during their sport preparation at "Le Stade de la Mosson " in Montpellier, renovated with 40,000 seatings Novanta/5 and Novanta/35 . Discover all the Mondo Seatings Systems which provide the highest levels of comfort, design and durability on


13 Jun 2016
The new Fitness Club
Mondo installed 800 sqm of Ramflex in the Weight Room

A few weeks ago the new Fitness Club " Olymp " was opened in Vinogradov in Ukraine.

For the brand new weight room our company has provided about 800 square meters of Ramflex in Black color (790) and Grey (707)

.For more information about the product Ramflex click here.

The installation was completed by the company Contractstroy Ltd.

13 Jun 2016
Mondo runs with the Olympic Torch
It's been quite a month for the Olympic Torch Relay

The olympic flame, ancient symbol of peace, is running from Athems to Rio. The torch, weighing  just 1.38kg, it is 64 centimeters long when closed and 69 centimetres when open, will light the Olympic cauldron in the Maracanã Stadium on August 5th. Others must first run another 20,0000 km throughout Brazil, where 8000 torchbearer will carry the flame before it arrives in Rio. Among these 8000, 4 Mondo representatives will join this epic adventure in the coming days.  Alan already lived this emotional experience in Bocaiuiva. Next, on June 14th, Bruno will repeat the same experience in Imperatriz. Follow Mondo News to discover more about Mondo &  the Torchbearer.

09 Jun 2016
New multipurpose field in Jerusalem
Mondo has completed the installation of a sport field at the Armantan School in Jerusalem

The boys at the Armatan School in Jerusalem will be able to play on a safe and multi-purpose field; Mondo has finished the installation of the synthetic turf system MONDOTURF NSF monofibers 4NX 40 a few weeks ago.

For further details on 4NX fiber click here: Monofibre 4NX

06 Jun 2016
Mini Athletic Facilities
Mondo and Fidal (Italian Athletic Federation) launched the project Mini Athletics Facilities : athletics for everyone at high social impact

Rome, June 2, 2016: During the "Smarttrack 2 - The future is here. Mini Athletic Facilities and beyond" Conference,  Mondo in collaboration with FIDAL, presented the project of Mini Systems. A public investment, which has costs equal to half of a football field, it can be used daily by all citizens; offers an open free space, responds to the new demands for sports and quest for physical well-being; a high-level sports area, safe, and serves as a meeting point among  different generations among different sports, are the objectives of the Mini Athletics Facilities created by Mondo and FIDAL. The conference is also attended by Alfio Giomi, President of FIDAL, Fabio Pagliara, Secretary of FIDAL and Professor. Bruno Ruscello of the University Tor Vergata.

06 Jun 2016
Brazilian Paralympic Center: the track is Mondo!
The Center is opened in February 2016

Mondo, as the next Olympic Games approaches, signed a new contract to supply the track for the Brazilian Paralympic Center.

The center was opened in February and is used for training, competitions and exchanges between the teams and to enable the development of new generations, vocational training and advancement of sports science.

01 Jun 2016
Mondo and Fidal working together on Mini Athletics Facilities
Tomorrow June 2nd Mondo launches the Mini Athletic Facilities the

Creating a space where people can "improve well-being" for all generations to come and reduced cost for facility administration is the basis of the new concept of Mini Athletic Installations. In Rome, tomorrow, Mondo will present the "Smartrack", during the conference.  The future is here. On the eve of this event, for the first time, the UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki-Mon, issues a message reviewing and underlining the Sustainable Development Goals at the base of this project (see link http: //www.fidal .com / content / Ban-Ki-Moon-Thank-Atletica- / 94,944).

31 May 2016
Giuseppe Ottaviani amazes all in Urbino
Two new world records and two European records in the outdoor M100 category

Again a sports festival for Giuseppe Ottaviani: the centennial of athletics has established on the Montefeltro of Urbino stage on Mondo track, two world records and two European records of M100 outdoor category.
For the Sant'Ippolito meet the afternoon began with the world's best performance in the triple jump of 3.54 (+0.3 wind) and then the long jump with 1.33 (+0.8).

Giuseppe in the picture with his colleague Silvio Fabrizi.

30 May 2016

26 May 2016
Lyon and Wolfsburg: Champions League final women in Reggio Emilia
At the "City of the Tricolore" Mondo seats

The Women's Champions League final was held in Reggio Emilia, the "City of the Tricolore" stadium where plays Sassuolo Soccer.
Last year Mondo provided all the seating for the new stadium  in the model Novanta / 3.40. For more information about the product click here: Novanta / 3:40

20 May 2016
Ottaviani Day ad Ancona
For its first 100 years, beginning in 1916, the world master champion, a festival dedicated to athletics on a Mondo track

Athletics is joy! It will be a day of joy, celebration and Sports, Friday, May 20 at Palaindoor of Ancona. For the special occasion: the 100th birthday of Giuseppe Ottaviani, athletics masters world champion, who will race with the goal of establishing records in his new category, the M100, in five races: 60 meters, triple jump, long jump, shot put and 200 meters.
But above all Peppe will celebrate this important milestone in the company of Mondo, which in the Marches capital, installed in 2005, a Mondo hydraulic track and together with many friends of Ottaviani Day of sports.

Happy Birthday Joseph! All of the Mondo staff is cheering for you!

18 May 2016
Mondotrack/WS: the new track at the Olympic Stadium in Rio is installed
Unveiled its color: for the first time will be blue!

Nearly 400 athletes from 24 countries gave the renovated Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro a complete workout from Saturday (14 May) to Monday 16, in the last test event for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The competitors were the first in the world to try out the stadium's brand-new blue Mondotrack WS running track installed by Mondo.

Athletes who participated in the Ibero-American Athletics Championships, which this year served as a test event for Rio 2016, said they had found the track, Mondotrack WS,  fast to run on; their comments echoed those of athletics legend Sebastian Coe, the two-time Olympic 1500m champion and current IAAF President (International Association of Athletics Federations), who said "the track was likely to inspire record-breaking performances"  - Click here to read the complete article.

Even on the official web channel of the International Association of Athletics Federations Coe reiterates its confidence in our company and praised the new Mondotrack/WS: read also this article!

Mondo's race goes on: unstoppable, fast-paced and always in the name of sport!

09 May 2016
Mondotrack/WS at the World Race Walking Team Championships Rome 2016
The track of the upcoming Rio Olympics kicked off the race held in Rome on over the weekend

This past weekend  the World Race Walking Team Championships in Rome took place, a decisive event for many athletes, prior the start of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio which will begin in three months. At the start of each race, the walkers path in their first meters was not on asphalt, but on a stretch of track produced by Mondo: Mondotrack WS.

This prefabricated track, which in the coming months will be used for athletics events of world importance, is the evolution of Mondotrack, inaugurated at the 2008 Olympics and on which many records were set.

Technically, Mondotrack WS has a surface layer which provides excellent elasticity and a constant dynamic uniform response distributed over the entire surface. The new embossing ensures a large contact area and better water flow; therefore, a greater resistance to slipping and better traction. One of the strengths of the new Mondo track is undoubtedly the grip, which allows the shoes spikes to have an excellent grip and ensure a perfect thrust, without having to penetrate the surface. The spike, compressing the track, they deflect the surface and increase the stored energy: when the foot is released, the track acts as a chord of an arc, projecting the athlete away from the surface and significantly increasing the length of the stride.

Mondo tracks allow greater performance in terms of physical mechanics, ensuring the durability of the systems, and in terms biomechanical and functional, to help athletes improve their performance and to train better and longer.

Mondo is not only for professional and major international events, but also for amateurs, to practitioners of running and non-competitive races; for this reason the company offers in its product range MondoRun, a track developed to ensure stability and comfort for the competitive and amateur training, to allow athletes to train in complete safety.

Mondo: let's you train longer

06 May 2016

02 May 2016
2016 CSCCa National Conference

Mondo will showcase its rubber strength and conditioning flooring surfaces at booth 601& 603 at the 2016 CSCCa National Conference will be held on May 4-6, 2016 in Fort Worth, TX. CSCCa is a non profit professional, educational organization for strength and conditioning coaches of collegiate and professional athletic teams.  Over 1300 attendees will see the latest in training equipment, nutritional supplements, flooring, and other strength- and conditioning-related products.

Mondo is a CSCCa Gold Sponsor.

27 Apr 2016
Glasgow has been awarded the 2019 European Indoor Athletics Championships
On Saturday, April 23rd the Scottish city was chosen by the European Athletics at its Council meeting in Amsterdam

The Scottish city was chosen by European Athletics at its Council meeting in Amsterdam ahead of Apeldoorn in The Netherlands, Minsk in Belarus and Torun in Poland.
The event will be held at Glasgow’s Emirates Arena, which earlier this year hosted the prestigious Indoor Grand Prix, the world’s leading indoor athletics event, and the British Athletics International Match from 2013 to 2015.
The Emirates Arena boasts a state-of-the-art variable banking hydraulic track installed in 2012 by Mondo.
This unique system, first installed in 1987 at the National Institute for Fitness and Sport in Indianapolis, Indiana, and in the most prestigious multi-venue training and competition facilities ever since, has evolved substantially over the years.
Nowadays the system is fully controlled by a PLC (Programmable Logic Control) system, which allows for simplicity of operation and guarantees optimum progression of the curve at every incline level.
When required for competition or training, the track bends can be conveniently raised to the required height in a matter of minutes, at the push of a button.
The track can be set at any intermediate position between flat and fully raised, so it can be used for a wide range of training activities and by athletes with different abilities, from younger or slower to world-record holders.
More than 600 athletes from the 50 European Athletics Member Federation countries will participate in the three-day event in Glasgow, making it one of the biggest sporting events ever to be held in this city.

22 Apr 2016
The London 2017 track is ready!
Less than 500 days to go

With less than 500 days to go, London 2017 is ready to welcome not one, but two, World Athletics Championships, and we are gearing up for a fantastic summer of athletics.

In the meantime, in Mondo's production center in Italy, the brand new track for the former Olympic Stadium is under production: check these pictures out!

21 Apr 2016
NSCA 2016 TSAC Annual Training
Mondo partecipa con le proprie superfici in gomma.

I partecipanti all'edizione 2016 di NSCA Tactical Strenght and Conditioning Annual Training, in programma dal 25 al 28 aprile a San Diego, in California, passando dallo stand 32, avranno la possibilità di vedere le superfici sportive prodotte da Mondo. L'evento TSAC ogni anno raggruppa esperti delle forze dell'ordine, militari e professionisti delle operazioni di primo intervento, che vengono formati su temi come l'attenuazione del rischio di infortunio, e ai quali vengono date informazioni utili sull'allenamento della forza muscolare e altri argomenti essenziali come la fisiologia e la nutrizione.

14 Apr 2016
MC LAREN 650S GT3 - 4 wheels drive – 2.4 GHZ
McLaren 650S GT3, ready to race?

McLaren 650S GT3, ready to race? This new Mondo Motors model is 1:10 scale with speed up to 30 km/h, featuring interchangeable tyres and a great drifting action!

14 Apr 2016
Outstanding design and high tech features: this is the Mercedes-AMG GT3...

Outstanding design and high tech features: this is the Mercedes-AMG GT3. Mondo Motors has developed this model in 1:14 and other scales.

13 Apr 2016
Our new Ultradrone Black Series range is arriving!

Our new Ultradrone Black Series range is arriving! High quality, hd camera, super performances! These items complete our Ultradrone range, which includes infrared helicopters, quadcopters and planes.

13 Apr 2016
Are you ready for the most outrageous Hot Wheels car around? Hot Wheels Quick n’Sik!

Are you ready for the most outrageous Hot Wheels car around? Hot Wheels Quick n’Sik! 1:10 scale, speed up to 30 km/h, interchangeable wheels and a great drifting action!

12 Apr 2016
Ultradrone range is growing!

Ultradrone range is growing! the new entry is X31.0: acrobatic flying! And the camera is wi-fi, for live video streaming on your device (not incl.), and photos!

03 Apr 2016

The Lamborghini Huracan shows...

The Lamborghini Huracan shows itself in the 2015 Mondomotors rc collection – 1:24 scale!

01 Apr 2016
NIRSA 2016
Mondo è sponsor dell'evento dal 1998.

Mondo partecipa all'annuale Conferenza e Fiera Espositiva della National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA), dove mostrerà le qualità delle proprie superfici sportive . L'appuntamento è allo stand 1200, presso il Gaylord Palms Convention Center di Kissimmee, in Florida, il 3 e 4 aprile. Con oltre 3000 partecipanti, NIRSA è la manifestazione leader per la promozione dell'educazione e della ricerca, professionale e studentesca, negli sport universitari.

01 Apr 2016
FIBO 2016
In Cologne Mondo will unveil its sports flooring designed for the fitness industry.

Your client deserves to work out on a top level sports floor?

Discover the Mondofunctional at Fibo 2016: Hall 9 / E31
April 7-10, 2016 | Exhibition Centre Cologne, Germany

01 Apr 2016
Fibo 2016
In Cologne, Mondo will unveil its sports flooring designed for the fitness industry.

Do you know how to turn an open space in an area of highly specialized training?

Visit us at FIBO: Hall 9 / E31
April 7-10, 2016 | Exhibition Centre Cologne, Germany.

01 Apr 2016
The new balls and bucket sets dedicated to the female character’s members of the Paw Patrol, Skye and Everest, are coming!

The new balls and bucket sets dedicated to the female character’s members of the Paw Patrol, Skye and Everest, are coming!

31 Mar 2016
Davis Cup with a Mondo Surface
Tbilisi was played on Sportflex M surface.

From March 4th to 6th the Sports Palace in Tbilisi hosted the qualifying round of the Davis Cup that saw the Georgian home team against the Danish team. The matches were played on Sportflex M surface. The Georgian Tennis Federation has expressed its satisfaction with the performance offered by the Mondo surface.

To winner of the next round was Denmark.
Watch the video made by the Danish Tennis Federation

Specifically designed to provide the optimal combination of slip resistance, rotational friction, ball bounce, comfort and safety for all multi-purpose applications and outdoor tennis, Sportflex M is based upon the success of the  Sportflex Embossed surface. Sportflex M is a prefabricated surface synthetic rubber, composed of two layers, each with specific characteristics, vulcanized together to give life to a single product, without joints. Contrary to on site systems, the process used creates a molecular bond that avoids the risk of a subsequent separation between the two layers. The upper rubber-based layer is engineered with a coefficient of friction suitable for sports that require a high level of rotational movements.

The surface is not reflective improves the bounce of the ball and ensures an efficient rainwater runoff. The special formulation enhances the product's ability to withstand high traffic and frequent stress of multi-purpose environments. It is also suitable for light traffic with spikes. The substrate is constituted by a geometric construction, deformable in two dimensions, that provides cushioning and energy return. Example of Mondo's sustainability, Sportflex M includes up to 43% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials, and 6% of rapidly renewable materials.

30 Mar 2016
FIBO 2016
In Cologne Mondo will unveil its sports flooring designed for the fitness industry.

What is the right material to be installed under your feet? Each workout has its own biomechanics.

Mondo has developed the proper Sports Flooring for all different types of fitness activities.

Discover a preview of the offer MondoFunctional on the new website:

Visit us at FIBO: Hall 9 / E31
April 7-10, 2016 | Exhibition Centre Cologne, Germany

28 Mar 2016
NIRSA 2016
This year’s conference theme - Strong Core, A Bright Future

Mondo will display its rubber flooring surfaces at booth 1200 as a returning exhibitor at the NIRSA Annual Conference and Expo, April 3 & 4, 2016 at the Gaylord Palms Convention Center in Kissimmee, Florida.

With more than 3,000 expected to be attendance, the NIRSA Annual Conference and Expo is the premier event for professional and student development, education and research in collegiate recreational sports.

Mondo has been a sponsor of National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association since 1998.

24 Mar 2016
Mondo will unveil its sports flooring designed for the fitness industry at FIBO, Cologne

Ready to train like a Professional Athlete? Mondo is going to unveil the very first Sport Flooring for the Fitness industry at Fibo 2016 Hall 9, booth E31.

Come and visit us at FIBO: 7-10 April 2016 | Exhibition Centre Cologne, Germany

24 Mar 2016
Mondo in Africa
A growing number of African sports facilities have chosen Mondo surfaces for its athletics tracks.

Work has been completed at the Independence Stadium in Banjul, in Gambia, a new track with Super X 720 surface has been installed, which has been certified IAAF Class II. With this new track, there are now five sport facilities with surafces in the African continent: two are certified IAAF Class I (Morocco), four certified Class II (Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia and Gambia). Other works are planned in African peninsula, especially in Cameroon and Ivory Coast.

23 Mar 2016
World indoor
In Portland the 6th edition of the top competition fpr Indoor Athletics has ended.

From March 17th to 20th at Portland Oregon Convention Center, in the United States, the 16th edition of the World Indoor Athletics Championships took place. The event was attended by 547 athletes from 148 nations.

Many athletes who were display, promise to be the protagonists at the next Olympic Games in Rio 2016. Among them included the American Trayvon Bromell, who won the final of the 60 m with 6 "47 time; French Renaud Lavillenie, who won the pole vault competition with 6.02 m; the Italian Gianmarco Tamberi, who won gold in the high jump with 2.36 m; American Ashton Eaton, was the heptathlon winner with 6470 points. In the women's field, between the winners of the gold medal, we remember the American Nia Ali in the 60 m hurdles with 7 "81 time, Jennifer Suhr in the pole vault with 4.90 m, Vashti Cunningham in the high jump with 1.96 m, Brittney Reese in the long jump with 7.22 m.

All equipment of the 16th edition of the World Indoor Athletics Championships have been provided by the Mondo.

22 Mar 2016
The Hot Wheels buggy (1:10 scale) includes a nitro turbo speed...

The Hot Wheels buggy (1:10 scale) includes a nitro turbo speed tank to increase the speed (from 12 to 20 kmh). Extra power!

21 Mar 2016
IHRSA 2016
Mondo participates at IHRSA, an important event that brings together the best of the fitness industry.

Mondo and its dealer CRG will feature its Mondofunctional Fitness Flooring at booth 3625 at the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association’s 35th Annual International Convention & Trade Show (IHRSA). The event is March 21 -24, 2016 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.  IHRSA is the trade association serving the global health club and fitness industry. The mission of IHRSA is to grow, protect and promote the health and fitness industry, and to provide its members with benefits that will help them be more successful.

15 Mar 2016

New rc models will be included in the 2015 Mondomotors...

New rc models will be included in the 2015 Mondomotors catalogue: one among all will be the beautiful Ferrari LaFerrari

14 Mar 2016
IHRSA 2016
IHRSA International Convention & Trade Show is the event that defines the fitness industry.

Mondo along with our dealer CRG will feature its Mondofunctional Fitness Flooring at booth 3625 at the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association’s 35th Annual International Convention & Trade Show. The event is March 21 -24, 2016 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

IHRSA is the trade association serving the global health club and fitness industry. The mission of IHRSA is to grow, protect and promote the health and fitness industry, and to provide its members with benefits that will help them be more successful.

14 Mar 2016
NCAA Athletics takes hits the track
The annual NCAA meets for the best American colleges returns

Sunday, March 12th ended two important events for university athletics in the United States, the collegiate athletes of the NCAA colleges. In Birmingham (AL), March 9-12, the NCAA Division I Indoor Track & Field Championships were held. The event took place on a Mondo hydraulic track at the Birmingham Crossplex.  In Pittsburg (KS), on March 11-12, they ran the NCAA Division II Track & Field Championships. Young athletes competed on the surface Mondo Super X 720 of the indoor track of the Pittsburg State University.

01 Mar 2016
Balkan Indoor Championships
In Istanbul, the best athletes from the Balkans were competing on the Mondo track at the Atakoy Athletics Arena.

For the fifth consecutive time, the Atakoy Athletics Arena in Istanbul hosted the annual Balkan Indoor Championships. The event was held Saturday, February 27th and saw the best athletes from 16 Balkan federations competing, as well as those of the two guests Kosovo and Azerbaijan nations. It was a great test for all athletes in preparation for the World Indoor Championships scheduled for March 17 to 20 in Portland. The Atakoy Athletics Arena, which opened in 2012, houses a track with the Mondotrack surface.

01 Mar 2016
Dive into the magical world of Dory and its marine friends

Dive into the magical world of Dory and its marine friends, with beautiful wheeled toys, balls, inflatables and the whole range of Mondo outdoor products.

01 Mar 2016
We presented the complete range of Hot Wheels...

We presented the complete range of Hot Wheels RC during the Nunrberg Toy Fair.

01 Mar 2016
Mondomotors presents this new rc range – which include helicopters and quadcopter...

Mondomotors presents this new rc range – which include helicopters and quadcopter: lot of models, different shapes and dimensions, full of functions!

26 Feb 2016
Portland 2016
Everything is ready for the opening of the IAAF World Indoor Championships.

From March 17th to 20th, the best of world athletics will meet in Portland (USA) for the IAAF World Indoor Championships. This year has a special meaning, because it will be a very important test for athletes for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. All equipment of the 16th edition of the World Indoor Athletics Championships are being provided by Mondo.

26 Feb 2016
Mondo tracks dominate in American Universities
The intense athletics indoor conference championships continues this weekend at the US universities.

The athletics meet continue unabated within the US universities. From February 25th to 27th, the University of New Mexico is home to the Mountain West Indoor Championships; the event is contested on Mondo Super X Performance track  at the Albuquerque Convention Center. On February 26th and 27th, JDL Fast Track in Salem, North Carolina, on Mondotrack they are running the Atlantic Sun Indoor Championships. On the same days, in Arkansas, the SEC Indoor Track & Field Championships are being ran on the Mondo Super X Performance track at the Randal Tyson Track Center, at University of Arkansas.

24 Feb 2016
Olympic basketball hoops
In Manchester a new facility dedicated to basketball has opened. The three inside game courts are fitted with the Mondo basketball hoops used during London 2012.

Although the official opening will take place Saturday, March 19th, the Basketball England (English Basketball Federation) on Saturday, February 20, 2016 opened the doors of the new National Basketball Performance Centre for an official game of the British women's national basketball team qualifier to Eurobasket 2017. the game, saw the home team win easily against the Albanian women's national team, it was played in the new sports facility, built at Belle Vue Sports Village of Manchester, one of the three courts, all equipped with Mondoathens basketball hoops,  which had been used for the 2012 London Olympic Games the goal of Basketball England, with the new facility, is to instill inspiration in athletes who play and train on the inside, and children, who already have played there.  He expressed his enthusiasm for the possibility to use the same hoops on which Kobe Bryant and Lebron James trained during the Olympics.

23 Feb 2016
CASH 2016 Conference
The modernization of school facilities in California is the center of discussion at the C.A.S.H. annual conference

From February 22nd to 24th, at the Sacramento Convention Center and the Hyatt Regency, will host the 37th edition of C.A.S.H. Conference (Coalition for Adequate School Housing). The conference includes more than 1,500 school districts, architects, consultants, managers in the construction industry, financial institutions, contractors and designers working in the industry of school facilities. The goal is to support the financing for the construction and maintenance of public schools in California. Mondo is exhibiting at the conference, at booth 136.

23 Feb 2016

Mondomotors presents the new Hot Wheels RC range...

Mondomotors presents the new Hot Wheels RC range: models are developed in 4 different scales (1/10, 1/16, 1/24, 1/28) and reproduce in detail Team Hot Wheels cars. Try yourself the thrill of driving an official rc Hot Wheels!

22 Feb 2016
The road to Rio 2016
With the presentation of the first torchbearers and the route of the Olympic torch, a series of events begins that will accompany us until the opening of the Olympic Games.

On Wednesday, February 24th, press, athletes, sponsors and trendsetters will gather in Rio de Janeiro for the announcement of the first torchbearers and the presentation for the complete route that the Olympic torch will travel before arriving in the Brazilian city for the inauguration of the Olympic Games. During this time participants will discover the music and the uniform that will accompany the torch bearers on their journey.

19 Feb 2016
Asian Indoor Athletics Championships 2016
In Qatar the best athletics slight Asian challenge is on Mondo hydraulic Modultrack.

From February 19th to 21st, the Aspire Dome in Doha arena, will stage the seventh edition of the Asian Indoor Athletics Championships. This year over 400 athletes from 36 nations are expected to compete. Great expectations for the home team, are set for the five Qatar athletes and the Asian indoor record holders: Femi Ogunode and Samuel Francis (60 m), Thamer Kamal Ali (1500 m), Said Saaeed Sheheen (3000 m), Mutaz Barshim (high jump). Favored are the Chinese athletes, who in past editions of the event have won 44 gold medals. The races are held on the track Mondo hydraulic Modultrack.

19 Feb 2016
Record evening in Stockholm
During the 27th edition of the XL Galan meeting, the Mondo track of the Ericsson Globe Arena has recorded outstanding performance, with some athletes who have shown a state of exceptional form for the Olympics.

An of evening of stars and records at the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm, during the 27th edition of the annual XL Galan meeting. On the Mondo track, three of the world record, world junior record, five best seasonal performance have been realized. Queen of the evening was Genzebe Dibaba: the 25 year-old Ethiopian distance runner ran the mile with a sensational time of 4'13 "31, improving by almost four seconds the previous record that stood for 26 years. For her, it is the third world record achieved in the last three editions of the meeting: in 2014 the one in the 3000 m, and in 2015 the one in the 5000 m. The second world record of the evening came in the men's 1000 m: the Djiboutian Ayanleh Souleiman clocked the time of 2'14"20, improving the record on the distance that resisted since 2000. But the evening also had other players as the young athlete of Qatar Abdelelah Haroun, who ran the 500 m in 59"83, becoming the first athlete in the world to run the distance covered under one minute. To underline the performance of the Polish Adam Kszczot in the 800 m, courses in 1'45"63 (best world performance of the year), and the Moroccan Abdelaati Iguider in the 3000 m, courses in 7'39"04 (World Best of year). The home crowd then celebrated the exploits of two young Swedish athletes: the 16 year old Lisa Gunnarsson with 4.49 m recorded the best-ever performance in the pole vault category students; Andreas Kramer produced the best European junior performance in the 800 m, with a time of 1'47 "85.

Photo: Fredrik Posse / Stryngford Photo

17 Feb 2016
XL Galan Meeting
The arena in Stockholm since 1990 has been ran on a Mondo track, including world records and memorable performances.

On Wednesday, February 17th at the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm the 27th edition of the annual XL Galan meeting take place. Started in 1990, the event has been held since it first edition on a Mondo track. Over the years, the meeting has recorded a dozen world records, among which the two made the Ethiopian Genzebe Dibaba (5,000 m in 2015, 3000 m in 2014), and that of Yelena Isinbayeva in the pole vault  (5.01 m in 2012).

16 Feb 2016
Spain seven times!
The national Iberian futsal team scored its seventh continental title, the ten disputed European championships. Spectacular and high-performance on the Mondo black surface installed in the Belgrade arena.

It ended with a clear success for the Spanish national team, the tenth edition of the European Futsal Championship. Spain defeated Russia in the final for the first place with the results of 7-3, at the conclusion of a championships. that was never in the balance. For the Iberians this is the seventh continental title, following those won in 1996, 2001, 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2012. In the match for third place, Kazakhstan over their Serbia hosts, with the results of  5-2.

The matches were played at the Beogradska Arena in Belgrade, on Mondo Fast Break System 2 Laminated portable surface.

The event was a great success, with an average of over 7300 spectators per game. The matches were spectacular and showed a high average humber of goals per game: 6.45. The next edition will be held in Slovenia in 2018.

16 Feb 2016
New Porsche 918 Racing...

New Porsche 918 Racing in 1:16 scale will be a must have for the next season!

10 Feb 2016
The indoor season continues for American colleges
A big athletics weekend is scheduled at hosting universities with Mondo track surfaces.

Mid-February 2016 some major indoor athletics meets are planned at hosting colleges with Mondo track surfaces. From February 11th to 13th, at the Prince Georges Sports Complex in Landover (Maryland), is scheduled the MEAC Indoor Track & Field Championships. On the Mondo Super X 12mm track the best male and female teams will be crowned champions of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference.
On February 12th & 13th, the Don Kirby Invitational will be held, one of the major collegiate indoor athletics meets in the United States. The University of New Mexico will host the meet on Mondo Super X Performance track at the Albuquerque Convention Center, where some of the best sprinters and middle-distance runners from 25 colleges will be challenged.
Also on February 12th & 13th, the Lied Recreation Center at Iowa State University (Ames) will host some of the best US team for the Iowa State Classic, an event with over 20 years of tradition, which is held on Mondo Super X Performance track . On the same day, the Tyson Invitational will be held, on Mondo Super X Performance track at the Randal Tyson Track Center at the University of Arkansas.

05 Feb 2016
Texas A&M Charlie Thomas Invitational
The intense activity continues in indoor events on the Mondo track at College Station.

Everthing is ready at the Gilliam Indoor Stadium of College Station for the Texas A & M Charlie Thomas Invitational, scheduled for February 5th & 6th. The meet will take place on a Mondo 200m hydraulic track, with the Mondotrack surface.

04 Feb 2016
Frank Sevigne Husker Invitational
In Nebraska, an important meet for the university indoor athletics.

On February 5th and 6th, 2016, the Bob Devaney Sports Center will host the 41st edition of the Frank Sevigne Husker Invitational. The facility, on the campus of the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, is equipped with a Mondo hydraulic track.

27 Jan 2016
UEFA 2016 Futsal Championship
The tenth edition of the European National Futsal Championship will be played on a Mondo surface.

From February 2nd to 13th, Belgrade will host the tenth edition of the European National Futsal Championship. To contend for the title will be 12 teams, divided into four groups. The favorites for success in the finals are Spain (winner of six European titles), Italy (2 European titles on the bulletin board) and Russia (winner of the first European Championship). The matches will be played at the Beogradska ArenaMondo portable Fast Break System 2 Laminated surface.

27 Jan 2016
Ryder and his friends are the main heroes of a wide range of items

Ryder and his friends are the main heroes of a wide range of items, including balls, inflatables, wheeled toys, buckets!

26 Jan 2016
Italian Indoor Combined Events Championships
On Mondotrack at the Indoor Arena of Padua were awarded the first Italian titles of 2016.

The Italian IndoorCombined Events Championships  were held at the Indoor Arena of Padua, on January 23rd and 24th. On the Mondo banked portable track, with the Mondotrack surface, have followed the five rounds of the women's pentathlon (60 meter hurdles, high jump, shot put, long jump and 800 meters) and the seven men's heptathlon (60 meter, long jump, shot put, high jump, 60 meter hurdles, pole vault, 1000 meters). Among men the Absolute title, and the promises, was won by Vincenzo Vigliotti Student Cariri with 5,225 points, his best result ever. Shotgun, Absolute title and title promises, even in the women for Octavia Cestonaro. The athlete of the Forestale took second Italian Absolute title of his career receiving 3,792 points.

25 Jan 2016
CHSCA Track Coaches Clinic
In Denver discussing athletics at the high school level.

On January 29th and 30th, Denver will host the working group of the Colorado High School Coaches Association. The track and field coaches of high schools in the state of Colorado will compete for two days, exchanging opinions and suggestions.  Mondo is a sponsor of the event.  

19 Jan 2016
Everyone wants a dinosaur as a best friend!

Everyone wants a dinosaur as a best friend! You can play everyday with Arlo and Spot using the amazing Mondo toys!

15 Jan 2016
Aggie Team Invitational
Another important athletics event is being ran on Mondotrack.

Friday, January 15th, College Station, is hosting the Aggie Team Invitational. Collegiate athletes from Texas A&M University, one of the teams in the prestigious Southeastern Conference, will compete on the 200m hydraulic track at Gilliam Indoor Track Stadium, with the Mondotrack surface.

14 Jan 2016
North Carolina is running on Mondotrack
The indoor season continues unabated at the JDL Fast Track.

January will be a month full of events at the JDL Fast Track, in Salem in the state of North Carolina. On Mondotrack at the sports facility, will be held many athletics events, among which include on January 16th the Wake Forest Invitational,  and on January 29th & 30th the Camel City Invitational.

10 Jan 2016
Minions are for everyone and every age!

Small, yellow, despicable…plushes, action figures, role play… Minions are for everyone and every age!

09 Jan 2016
Running fast at the Randal Tyson Track Center
The University of Arkansas is home to a Mondo Super X Performance track.

Beginning of the year at the Randal Tyson Track Center at the University of Arkansas, whose indoor track has the Mondo Super X Performance surface has been named the world's fastest indoor facilities, for the 2015/2016 season, by the Open Athletics Circuit. Starting in January with the Arkansas Invitational, scheduled for the 15th, and the Razorback Invitational, on the 29th and 30th; continues in February with the Tyson Invitational, on the 12th and 13th of the month, and the expected SEC Indoor Track & Field Championships, to be held February 26th and 27th.

08 Jan 2016
DFW Track Coaches Clinic
In texas, track and field coaches meet to enhance their coaching knowledge.

From January 8th to 11th, Arlington, Texas will be the stage for the 2016 edition of DFW Track Coaches Clinic, one of the most important events of its kind in the United States. For three days, some of the top coaches in the states will hold presentations and speak to the audience, composed of their colleagues. An event not to be missed for all coaches who want to take a step further their coaching knowledge. Mondo is a sponsor of the event.

01 Jan 2016

New rc models are arriving to enrich the collection Mondomotors...

New rc models are arriving to enrich the collection Mondomotors: Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse and BMW I8, both reproduced in 1/14 and 1/24 scale, and Ferrari La Ferrari in 1.24 scale.

21 Dec 2015
Princess Elsa and Anna decorate a wide range of Mondo products!

Princess Elsa and Anna decorate a wide range of products, from ball to wheeled toys and inflatables!

11 Dec 2015
Mondo excellence awarded by ASBA
Two facilities with Mondo track have won the prestigious awards ASBA.

Like every year, the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) announced the names of the sports facilities that in 2015 were highlighted to be examples of excellence in sports facility construction.

Carl Maddox Field House at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge,  with a Mondotrack surface, was named Outstanding Indoor Track Facility of the Year, and Kezar Stadium in San Francisco, featuring Mondo’s Super X 720 surface, was given the Silver Award in the Track Division.

ASBA, of which Mondo is a member, is the national organization for builders, designers and suppliers of materials for athletic facilities. Annual awards are presented to facilities built by ASBA members that best exemplify construction excellence.


10 Dec 2015  From the left: Aguiberto Guimares - Sport Director of the Rio 2016 Committee, Maurizio Stroppiana - General Manager Mondo S&F, Carlos Arthur Nuzman President of the Rio 2016 Committee, Andrea Vallauri Mondo S&F International Relationships Manager
RIO 2016, the Organising Committee welcomes Mondo as an official supplier
Mondo signs the agreement and becomes the Official Supplier for athletics tracks and equipment for Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Rio de Janeiro. It is official: Mondo will be the Supplier for Athletic Tracks and Equipment for the 2016 Olympic Games. The agreement signed today between the Rio 2016 Organising Committee and Mondo S.p.A. is the latest testimony of the high regard that the world of athletics has for the Italian company.

"We could not have made a better choice" stated Agberto Guimarães, Sports Executive Director of the Rio 2016 Organising Committee. "We put our full trust in Mondo to guarantee great performances, safety for athletes and a memorable event for spectators"

Mondo's history says it all: the strength of 65 years' experience, 30 years as Official Track Surfacing Supplier for IAAF and, since 2004, also as  Official Athletic Equipment Supplier.

To this you should add 10 editions of the Olympics as a key player, thanks to its tracks, sports equipment and the experience gained in the sector.

Mondo's adventure at the Olympics began in 1976 with the Games in Montreal. Starting from Barcelona 1992, the company became the Official Supplier for athletics tracks and, in London 2012 it supplied equipment and surfaces for over 16 sports disciplines.

Rio 2016 will be Mondo's eleventh Olympics and follows the natural path of a steady, ongoing commitment. "This is a great show of faith in our company", commented Maurizio Stroppiana, General Manager of Mondo's Sport&Flooring Division. "It recognises our long-term commitment, which is something that is particularly appreciated in Brazil.”

"Mondo has been operating in Brazil since 1987: thanks to its engagement in the country alongside the local distributor Playpiso Pisos Esportivos LTDA, it gained the respect of the local federations of government bodies.

In almost thirty years' activity in the South American country, the Alba-headquartered company and Playpiso have installed over 70 athletics tracks, equal to almost 80% of the total market. Noteworthy Brazilian references include the Pan Am Games in Rio 2007, the 5Th World Military games in Rio 2011 and important national projects such as the Vale Oro program, the Universidade Federal Program and the Forza Armada Program.

Mondo's commitment to sport carries on: in its laboratories, the company finished a wide-ranging R&D project: with the occasion of the World Championships in Beijing 2015 to the company has showcased a new athletics track, Mondotrack WS, , which will be installed precisely for RIO 2016.

In the meantime, the company played a key role in the World Championships in Beijing 2015, with the full renovation of the Bird's Nest legendary track.

Mondo also featured at Baku 2015, in the Republic of Azerbaijan, where the first European Games took place from 12 to 28 June this year.

Mondo was also at Toronto, where the sixteenth edition of the Pan Am Games took place from 10 to 26 July 2015, as well as in the Bahamas, for the Relay World Championship from 2 to 3 May.

Mondo's race goes on: unstoppable, fast-paced and always in the name of sport!

02 Dec 2015
WPT 2015 concludes
In Madrid Master Finale will be played

From December 16th to 20th, in Hall 9 at Feria de Madrid (IFEMA), the appointment is with the Masters Final of the World Padel Tour, the most important tournament in the professional padel circuit players. It is the last act of the 2015 WPT, an event that promises spectacle and great plays in the challenges of the best players on the professional circuit. As has already occurred in the past it is expected to be a sold out event.

01 Dec 2015
The best coaches in the United States gather
Mondo is among the supporters of the USTFCCCA annual meeting.

The 2015 edition of the annual conference of the US Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association, will be held in San Antonio, Texas.

The USTFCCCA is a professional non-profit organization representing track and cross country coaches in the United States. More than 1,400 coaches from across the United States are expected to attend.  The conference will be held at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa, from December 15th to 18th.

Mondo participates as a supporter of the USTFCCCA, confirming its leading role in American athletics.

30 Nov 2015
A new challenge for the IAAF
The objective is to restore confidence and show the true valor of athletics.

During IAAF Council Meeting, held in Monte Carlo, it was confirmed the decision to suspend the ARAF (All-Russia Athletic Federation) from any competition and form an Integrity Unit. The meeting was chaired by the IAAF President Sebastian Coe.

"We have to work hard to restore confidence and show the true values and the potential of athletics. We have a unique opportunity now to face the future with optimism. We make sure to have the right people in the right place and the right structure to improve the sport, "said Sebastian Coe in his opening speech.

30 Nov 2015
The 2015 best athletes of the year
Two stars of Beijing 2015 are awarded the title of IAAF World Athletes of the Year.

The American Ashton Eaton and Ethiopian Genzebe Dibaba were named IAAF athletes of the year. Both, in the course of 2015, have set a world record and won a gold medal at the IAAF World Championships Beijing 2015 respectively in the decathlon and 1500 m. Ashton Eaton, first decathlete to win the title of Athlete of the Year, with when he set a world record of 9045 points and improved his own record by nine points; his memorable performance in the 400 meters, finishing with a time of 45.00. Genzebe Dibaba, after setting the indoor world record in the 5,000 meters with a time of 14: 18.86, won the five races in the 1500 m in which she participated during the summer, setting a new world record with a time of 3: 50.07; the previous record held since 1993. In Beijing, in addition to gold in the 1500m, Genzebe Dibaba won the bronze medal in the 5000m.

Photo Giancarlo Colombo  / IAAF

19 Nov 2015
Ocean Breeze T&F Field Athletic Complex
New York City Department of Parks and Recreation inaugurated a new track and field complex dedicated to athletics. It features a state-of-the-art Mondo hydraulic banked track

Thursday, November 19th, at a ribbon cutting ceremony, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation unveiled a new venue that is expected to quickly become a highly sought-after destination for top track and field athletes. Staten Island’s new Ocean Breeze Park Track & Field Athletic Complex is home to a state-of-the-art indoor track designed to help runners achieve their best times: a Mondo hydraulic banked track with a Super X Performance track surface.  Produced by Mondo, a global leader in sports flooring, the track at Ocean Breeze is one of the few examples in the world of the elevated structure with a hydraulic system.

The 200-meter oval track can be set up as an eight-lane flat track, or thanks to the Mondo hydraulic system that raises and lowers the curved track sections—it can be figured as a six-lane track with banked curves at both ends.  In addition, the track layout includes several long straightaways for sprints or warmups. When the oval track is flat, the lanes on the straight sides of the track are part of extended eight-lane straightaways (85 meters on one side; 89 meters on the other). The track infield also sports a 65-meter eight-lane straightaway.


19 Nov 2015
Athletic Business Conference
In New Orleans, take a look at the present and future of athletics, fitness and leisure.

From November 19th to 21st, the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans will host the 2015 Athletic Business Conference and Expo,  for professionals athletics, fitness and recreation. The Mondo booth 526, will show the unique features of its solutions for sports flooring, athletics tracks and tennis courts.

15 Nov 2015
Monte Carlo Gala Cancelled
The announcement of the names of the athletes of the year has been postponed.

The International Athletics Foundation has given notice of the cancellation of the 2015 World Athletics Gala, which was to be held in Monaco on November 28th. Mondo, a sponsor of the event for several years,  agrees with the thoughts of the newly elected president of the IAAF Sebastian Coe: "Given the cloud that overhangs our association, this is clearly not the time for the family of world athletics to come together and celebrate our sport, "said Coe.

03 Nov 2015
A shower of records at the World Games Stadium
In Taiwan, during the National Games, athletes have made the most of the the quality of the Mondo track.

From October 17th to 22nd, the 2015 National Games were held on Mondo track of the World Games Stadium in Kaoshiung (Taiwan). During this year's event as many as 21 new national records were recorded, many of which were set on Mondo Super X Performance track, Class 1 certified : 4x400m relay (men and women), 100m (men and women), 200m (men), 400m hurdles (men), 800m (women), 400m (women), 100m hurdles (men and women). Positive comments on the track were expressed not only by many of the athletes in the race, by employees of the Federation of Athletics, but also by some members of the Government,  all who are excited by the performances they have witnessed.  A source of pride for the local Mondo dealer, David Leading, who has achieved great visibility and publicity in the local media.

The World Games Stadium, built entirely with recyclable materials, surprising the viewers with its open structure and the cover in a spiral shape lined with solar panels. It is the only stadium in the world to be powered entirely by solar energy.

>> Learn more about the World Games Stadium

27 Oct 2015
Growing expectations for the 2015 World Athletics Gala
During the event, sponsored Mondo, the names of the best athletes of the year will be revealed.

Only one month to the International Athletics Foundation World Athletics Gala, an event sponsored by Mondo scheduled on November 28th at the Salle des Etoiles of the Sporting Club d'Eté in Monaco. The elite of athletics will attend the event, during which the names of the best athletes of the year will be revealed. During the evening, ten athletes of the past (this year there will be at least 12) will have the honor of joining the IAAF Hall of Fame.

Voting to elect the best athletes of 2015 ended on October 25th and nine men and nine women were included, the best in the individual categories of athletics. An international jury of experts will select the 10 finalists (three men and three women) whose names will be made public on November 17th and 18th. From the names of the finalists, the Council of the International Athletics Foundation will choose the two athletes of the year. The announcement of the winners will be done live during a special ceremony to be held in Monte Carlo at the IAAF Gala Saturday, November 28th.

24 Oct 2015
A pink field to fight cancer
The challenge against cancer plays also in terms of sport.

Mondo Ibérica has joined an initiative by the City of Guadalajara and will provide the artificial turf of two fields for the padel of the Ciudad Deportiva de la Raqueta, fields of pink. The goal is to rent as many hours as possible for both fields during 2016, donating the proceeds received during the year to the Spanish Association against breast cancer. In addition to Mondo Ibérica, who will provide the artificial turf, the initiative has won the support of CaixaBank, which will donate the same amount raised by the City, and the Tenis Club Nuevo Guadalajara. The new fields will be ushered in by during the pink Christmas Padel Tournament.

23 Oct 2015
FSB 2015
The Mondo track surface for the 2016 Olympic Games and other new solutions on showcase in Cologne.

From October 27th to 30th, the event is in Cologne for the Mondo 2015 edition of FSB,  the international exhibition dedicated to sport. It will be an opportunity to see up close the new Mondotrack WS, the same surface that will be installed for the next Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, and a new turf fiber, 4NX hydro, the first component of the innovative FTS3 system which they are working on in laboratories of the Gallo d'Alba company. It will be presented as part turf infill MDNK, thermoplastic granules made with Nike Grind. In the Mondo booth (Hall 10.2, Stand D010, D012, E011) you will also see the Mondo functional flooring dedicated to fitness centers, compact and technically advanced on which activities to 360 °. Mondo, an expert in the field of sports flooring, approaches the fitness market to finally provide these athletes the opportunity to train on flooring surfaces that are certified and safe.

21 Oct 2015
European Athletics Golden Tracks
In Lausanne, they were awarded the titles of best athlete of the year.

The ceremony for the awards for 2015 European Athletics Golden Tracks took place in Lausanne. The winners of the title of European Athlete of the year were Dafne Schippers and Greg Rutherford. The 23 year old Dutch sprinter, voted best European athlete for the second year in a row, having won gold in the 60m at the European Indoor Athletics Championships in Prague, was the star of exciting performances at the World Championships in Athletics in Beijing, before winning silver 100m (running a 10.81, a national record) and then overtaking in the final of the 200m, triumphing with a time of 21.63, the third fastest time ever and European record. The 28 year old British long jumper, achieved the Grand Slam titles outdoor and most importantly, winning the gold medal at the World Championships in Beijing in August. Rutherford received his award from the newly elected IAAF President Sebastian Coe.

Konrad Bukowiecki and Noemi Zbären have been awarded the title of 2015 Rising Stars. The 18 year-old Polish athlete, who won the gold medal at the European Athletics Junior Championships in Eskilstuna, which was icing on the cake of a season in which he first broke the European junior record, he broke the world junior all-time best with  20.78m using the 7.26kg shot.  The young Swiss sprinter was put on display at the European U23 Championships in Tallinn, winning the 100m hurdles with a time of 12.71, her personal best time.

All four winners were decided by the votes from fans, media, European Athletics Member Federations as well as an expert European Athletics panel. Over 80,000 fans cast their votes on social media. 

01 Oct 2015
2015 is the year of Star Wars

2015 is the year of Star Wars. Mondo shows a wide range of products, including balls, wheeled toys, in line skates, helmets and much more.

25 Sep 2015
The new Mondo Spazio
The Mondo universe is even easier to visit.

With the aim of being more user friendly, the website of Mondo Spazio has renewed its graphics and reorganized its content. The new design makes it easier for the users to navigate the website, from any connected device. We recommend a visit to see for yourself what's new:

14 Sep 2015
IAAF Diamond League final in Brussels
The Athletics Championships ended a great summer on a Mondo track.

This year's the final of the Diamond League was held in Brussels. The 39th edition of the Memorial Van Damme was of the highest level, and gave the audience a series of great performances on the Mondotrack at the King Baudouin Stadium. One of the highlights of the evening was the challenge between the Dutch Dafne Schippers (200m world champion in Beijing) and the American Allison Felix (400m world champion in Beijing) in the 200m. In the end the victory went to Schippers, who recovered in the final straightaway finishing with a time of 22"12. In the final of the men's 100m, Justin Gatlin has struggled to win with a time of 9"98. Behind him placed the Qatari Ogonude, which then dominated the 200 meter race, recording a new Asian record with a time of 19"97. The primacy of Africa was established, by the Kenyan Faith Kipyegon in the mile, running in 4'16 "71, just 4 seconds from the world record. The second African primacy of the evening, best world performance of the season, was made by the Tunisian Hariba Ghribi 3000m steeplechase, with a time of 9'05"36. Best world performance of the year for the Ethiopian Yomif Kejelcha, which in 5000 m stopped the clock at 12'53"98.

Watch the highlights of the evening

01 Sep 2015
Beijing 2015: an amazing world championships
Athletes in top form and a phenomenal track: the World Championships in Athletics in Beijing were a success!

It was an amazing World Championships in Beijing. From the track to the athletes who did their best in the event of the year. In the 47 races scheduled they was one world record set, 12 continental records and 91 national records. The most world seasonal bests were achieved with a total of 17.  The numbers demonstrate the success, also further substantiated by the magnitude of some characters.

The firm's review? The world record of American Ashton Eaton in the decathlon. The athlete beat his own world record by scoring 9,045 points over the 10-discipline event.   His phenomenal time in the 400: 45"00, something never seen before in a competition of the decathlon.

In middle-distance the British star Mo Farah continued to shine, once again winning the 5,000 and 10,000m. Exceptional performance also by the Kenyan Asbel Kiprop, the third gold in a row in 1500, more important because it has allowed Kenya to win for the first time in the history of World Championship gold medals. The country of the highlands did not shine only in the middle distance, but took gold in the 400 hurdles by with Nicholas Bett and in the javelin with Julius Yego.

In the World Championships the Italians were severly rejected  (zero medals) and the United States third in the medals table (6 golds, 6 silvers and 6 bronzes) continued the great duels in competitions, much of which was resolved in last race.  To report American Christian Taylor 18:21 in the triple jump, was only 8 centimeters from the leader Jonathan Edwards.

The most spectacular  final was that of men's 400m, with three men under 44 seconds: results like this never seen before.  The Mondotrack took off at the foot of the South African Wayde Van Niekerk, the first in 43.48 (fourth ever in the world), but has also pushed by American LaShawn Merritt (silver in 43.65) and the Grenadian Kirani James, bronze with 43.78.

In the women a star arose: Dutch Dafne Schippers won the 200m with the new European record in 21.63 (third woman ever) and silver in the 100m behind the Jamaican Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce. Next year in Rio -  on a new generation of fast Mondotrack - there will be a great duel between Schippers and Felix, which Beijing has raced only 400m, dominating them in 49.26.

The Nest closes its doors, but the echo of world champions will remain longer. At least until August 2017, when the next edition of the World Championships will be staged in London.

26 Aug 2015
A new Mondo track for Rio 2016
Presented the newest evolution of Mondotrack, which will be used for the first time at the Olympics.

While competitions were underway at the World Championships in Athletics in Beijing, Mondo and IAAF are looking toward the future, the Olympic Games in Rio 2016, which will still be under the banner of the Cuneo company. The agreement was signed between Mondo and the Augusto Velloso, the Brazilian company that in charge of the construction of the Olympic stadium in Rio de Janeiro, the Engenhão Stadium. Mondo will install 16,000 m2 of Mondotrack WS, the entire surface of the main track and the warm-up tracks, in collaboration with its traditional partners Brazilian Playpiso.

Mondo and IAAF also announced the renewal of their partnership until 2024. "The agency is proud to honor the World Athletics with Mondo as official supplier of the IAAF, and the renewal of this historical partnership," commented IAAF President Lamine Diack.

“The IAAF World Athletics Series of events continues to benefit from the quality and technical expertise of Mondo. Its sports surfaces are globally recognized as being at the cutting edge having been the stage for some memorable Athletics performances, none more so than Usain Bolt’s Olympic victories here in Beijing in 2008.”

The Rio games will be the 11th Olympic Games for Mondo. From the Montreal Olympics in 1976 to London 2012, through European and World outdoor and indoor championships, Pan American Games and hundreds of international meetings, are many athletics events over the years have had the Mondo brand for the past 60 years. Over 250 records were broken running, jumping and throwing on the Mondo tracks. The company has been a partner of the International Athletics Federation (IAAF) since 1987, when it began a technical partnership for the improvement of facilities and equipment dedicated to the sport. In 1999, Mondo was among the first companies to obtain a certified IAAF Certified Athletic Track Products Certificate,  which including today Mondo Super X and, of course, Mondotrack.

24 Aug 2015
Colorful Opening for the World Championships in Beijing
Just like during the Olympics, Mondotrack returns as the star at the Bird's Nest stadium.

Seven years after the 2008 Olympic Games, the international track and field spotlight again turned to the Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest) at Beijing’s Olympic Park for the 15th IAAF World Championships. This is the biggest event to be held at the stadium since the 2008 Olympics where five world records were broken on the Mondotrack surface. A new Mondotrack surface was recently installed in the main stadium and structures adjacent to the stadium.

On a smaller scale than the 2008 Olympic Games, but no less colorful, Beijing opened the Bird's Nest Saturday to 50,000 spectators with an opening ceremony that featured a theme of “Flying with Dreams” and was packed with music, dancers and flags of all the competing nations representing the 2,000 or so participating athletes.

In addition to the opening ceremony, the stadium hosted the first races Saturday, and the first medals have been awarded, including a gold media to Jamaica’s Usain Bolt, who won his third World Championships 100m title with a time of 9.79, edging out the United State’s Justin Gatlin by .01 seconds. Britain’s Mo Farah won the 10,000m race winning his third world title with a time of 27:01.13

The IAAF World Championships run through Aug. 30.

01 Aug 2015
U.S. Paralympic team trials
Once again, a track and field facilty with a Mondo surface has been chosen for an important competition

Less than a year until the Paralympics 2016, scheduled for September 7-18, 2016, but the wait is already big for what is going to be an issue impressive, with the participation of over 4,500 athletes with physical disabilities, from from more than 165 nations around the world. In view of this great event, the United States has chosen the venue that will host the biggest Paralympic trials in the history of American sports: from June 30 to July 2, 2016, in fact, more than 400 athletes will compete to become part of one of the team that will participate in Rio 2016. The event will be held at Irwin Belk Complex at Johnson C. Smith University of Charlotte (North Carolina), plant equipped with track with Mondotrack surface.

01 Aug 2015
The new flash ball range is arrived!

The new flash ball range is arrived! These balls are 10 cm wide, and they light up as they bounce on the floor! They are decorated with the coolest characters of the moment!

28 Jul 2015
Record and great performance at the Pan Am Games
The seventeenth edition of the Pan American Games in Toronto has ended.

After more than two weeks of sporting events, which have seen the most committed 6100 athletes, the Pan American Games have ended. In athletics, the Canadian hosts  have stood up to United States favorites, ranking second in the medal could, just two gold from the Americans. In particular, on the Mondotrack surface the Pan Am and Parapan Am Athletics Stadium, revamped version of the "old" York Stadium, within the York University, the Canadian Andre De Grasse was the star, winning both the 100 m that 200 m, with the times of  5.10 and 19.88 (personal best performance). Among sprinters, great run for the Dominican Luguelin Santos, who won the 400m with a time of 44.56 (best performance of the season). In the hurdles, the fastest time of the Games went to the American David Oliver, who won the 110m hurdles in running 13.07; Jeffery Gibson Bahamian national record for the 400 m hurdles, with a time of 48.51. In relay events, big test of the quartet of Trinidad and Tobago, who raced in the 4x400 m in 2:59.60, the best time of the season.

Among women, a stand out performance of the Jamaican Sherone Simpson, winner of the 100 meters with a time of 10.95 (best performance of the season); the Colombian Muriel Coneo, national record in the 1500 m, courses in 4:09:05; Brazil's Juliana dos Santos in the 5000 m, won with a time of 15:45.97, best personal performance; the Mexican Brenda Flores, who set a new Games record of running the 10,000 in 32: 41.33; the American Queen Harrison and Ashley Higginson which recorded the best performance of the Pan American Games, respectively in the 100m hurdles (12:52) and 3000 m steeplechase (9: 48.12). Great race for the American 4x100 m relay team, which won the gold with a time of 42.58, a record of the Games.

25 Jul 2015
World Youth Championships
In Colombia, running on a Mondotrack an edition full of records.

From July 15th to 19th in Cali, Colombia, the ninth edition of the World Youth Championships in Athletics took place. The Pascual Guerrero stadium, equipped with a Mondotrack, has been setting high-performance and various youth records. Among the men, a stand out performance by the Japanese Abdul Hakim Sani Brown, who won both the 100 m (10.28) and 200 m (20:34), achieving in both cases the new championship record. Among the sprinters they have also highlighted the Jamaican Christopher Taylor with the world record seasonal students in 400 m (45.27); Kenyan Kumari Taki with the championship record in the 1500 m (3:36.38). In races over hurdles personal record (13.53) for the Frenchman Matteo Ngo, who won the 110 hurdles; world record seasonal students (49.11) for the American Norman Grimes in the 400 m hurdles. In the decathlon, championship record for the German Niklas Kaul with 8002 points. Among women, strong performance of the US Candace Hill which registered a new record of the championships (11.08) in the 100 m. Personal records for the US Samantha Watson in the 800 m (2:03.54), the Ecuadorian Maribel Caicedo in the 100 m hurdles (13.04) and the Kenyan Celliphine Chespol in 2000 m steeplechase (6:17.15). The medal has seen the United States place themselves on the top step of the podium with 9 medals, followed by Kenya with six medals and Cuba with 3 medals.

24 Jul 2015
A welcome visit
The day before the absolute tricolor, the Sports Facilities Commission FIDAL visited the headquarters of Mondo.

On the occasion of the Absolute Championships, to be held in Turin on Mondotrack surface Primo Nebiolo July 24th to 26th, Mondo hosted at its headquarters in Gallo d'Alba two important members of the National Commission Sports Facilities FIDAL. The architect Stefano Longhi, President of the Commission, and the surveyor Gianfranco Renzulli, Head of Sports Facilities FIDAL, visited the production facility and met the Commercial Directors of the company.

21 Jul 2015
Bravo Pietro!
Mondo and the whole city of Alba celebrates the success of the European Junior Champion Pietro Riva.

With a time of 30'20 "45 the eighteen year old Pietro Riva graduated junior European champion in the 10,000 meters at Eskiltuna, Sweden. The Alba athlete crossed the finish line first at the end of a thrilling race,  won in a sprint finish after running the last lap in less than 57 seconds. This success is a source of pride for the Mondo: the young, in fact, he trains on the Mondo  Athletics San Cassiano.
(Photo Giancarlo Colombo / FIDAL)

14 Jul 2015
A Mondo track for the World Youth Championships
The Pascual Guerrero Stadium ready for the ultimate youth competition.

The installation work has ended in Cali, Colombia of the track with a Mondo surface that will host the next World Youth Championships (July 15-19) . This year is the youth world championships where the competitions will be held on Mondotrack.

10 Jul 2015
Pan American Games 2015
In Toronto competition will be held on Mondo, already thinking ahead to Rio in 2016.

Toronto begins the XVI Pan American Games, in multi-sport event from July 10 to 26, 2015 in Toronto, Canada. The event has attracted 6,000 athletes from 41 countries, competing in 36 different sports. It is the largest multi-sport event hosted by Canada with the presence of athletes, twice as many as for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

The track and field events will be held at York Stadium, on Mondo track surface , already supplier of the surface to the athletics track in seven other editions of the Pan American Games. Athletes can warm up and compete on Mondotrack surfaces. "It was important from our point of view to have a track of this level, to be made available to athletes who are preparing to compete in future events such as the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016," said Allen Vansen, executive vice president organizing Committee of Toronto in 2015.

09 Jul 2015
In Toronto an Olympic surface
The Pan Am Games and the Parapan Am Games will run on a Mondo Class 1 certified track.

Another track and field facility with a track by Mondo, has received Class 1 certification by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).  York Stadium on the campus of York University in Toronto will host the 2015 Pan Am Games (July 10–26) and the Parapan Am Games (August 7–15). The venue met the precise quality and performance requirements by the IAAF to receive this prestigious certification. 

The surface of the track at the York Stadium is Mondotrack, as well as in the two other Canadian facilities that have been certified Class 1: Stadium Moncton and Université de Sherbrooke Stadium.

Before the races the athletes can warm up in the near Toronto Track and Field Center, which is also equipped with Mondotrack, with IAAF Class 2 certification.



09 Jul 2015
Meet in Lignano
Awaiting for the World Championships in Beijing, a great evening of athletics on the Mondo track of the Teghil Stadium.

The XXVI edition of the International Meeting of Athletics Sport Solidarity of Lignano, took place in Lignano Sabbiadoro, on the Mondo track of the Teghil Stadium.  Organized by the Amateur Sports New Athletic from Friuli in Udine, the meeting is considered one of the greatest events of Athletics taking place in Italy. It is no coincidence, in fact, that this year the great athletes from thirty countries are participating, which were able to test their preparation for the upcoming World Championships in Beijing. As is the case since the first edition, held July 21, 1990, were included in the program also competitions for athletes with disabilities, some of whom have competed alongside great champions.

Coming to the races in the 100m men, success of Jamaican Julian Forte who ran in 10.18; behind him he was placed compatriot Andrew Fisher (10.21). In the 100m women, victory for the American Elaine Thompson, who equaled the meet record with a time of 11.11. Excellent performance by Italian director Matteo Galvan in the 400m: the athlete from Vicenza finished third with a time of 46.15, behind the Jamaican Rusheen McDonald, winner in 45.61, and the US Manteo Mitchell (45.82). In 1500m women, success for the US Kerry Gallagher, who set the record of the meet with a time of 4:03.56. In the men's race, winning the New Zealander Nick Willis, with a time of 3:39.31, the best time of the season for him. In the 800 m men, four athletes ran under 1:46, with Jeffrey Riseley winner with a time of 1:44.99, his best time of the season. In the women's race, success for the Australian Brittany McGowan in 2:03.03. In the 3000m men, victory for the American Eric Jenkins, who with a time of 7:41.79 he recorded his best time in distance. Great expectations for the 400m hurdles, with Ottavio Missoni Trophy which was won by the American Jeshua Anderson, who ran in 49.14; on the podium the Cuban Omar Cisneros (49.60) and the turkish Yasmani Copelloesco Bar (49.73), both with their best seasonal performance. In the 100 hurdles, winning perl'italiana Giulia Tessaro, with a time of 13.48.

04 Jul 2015
Presenting the 2016 FIDAL calendar
The Mondo surfaces are the protagonists in the major events of the Federal Championship.

The Federal Council of the FIDAL was held in Rome, during which the dates and locations of the main events were approved  for the Federal Championship for the season 2016. Of the nine high-level events in the program, six will be played in systems with surfaces Mondo. Among the events Indoor, Italian Championships Combined Events (Padua, 23 and 24 January 2016), the Italian Junior Championships and Promises (Ancona, 6 and 7 February 2016) and the Italian Championships Juniors (Ancona, 13 and 14 February 2016). Both appointments with companies Track Championships: Championship Final A company Absolute Oro (Milan, 24 and 25 September 2016) and now Absolute Championship Final A Silver (Orvieto, 24 and 25 September 2016). Finally, the appointment with the Italian Championships, scheduled for June 24 to 26 in Rieti.

03 Jul 2015
2015 European Games
Slovakia won the gold medal in athletics.

The first edition of the European Games has ended, hosted by the city of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan.  More than 6,000 athletes from 49 countries participated in over 220 events spread over 19 sports. Among them Athletics had a prominent role, whose competitions were held on Mondotrack at Baku National Stadium.

After a thrilling head to head with the Austrian team, Slovakia won the gold medal in track and field with 458.5 points, only half a point higher than in Austria. Third place for Israel, which won the bronze with 439 points. Slovak contributed to the success of the victories by Tomas Benko in the 100 m (10.60), Jan Volko in the 200 m (21.08), Martin Kucera in the 400 m hurdles (50.70), Iveta Putalova in the 400 m (53.07), the 4x100m relay, 4x400m relay women.

02 Jul 2015
Cheboksary 2015
Russia wins its fourth European title on a Mondo track.

In front of their home crowd, the Russian national athletics did not disappoint and took fourth continental title in six editions of the European Championships in Athletics for nations. Russia (368.5 points), preceded by Germany (346.5 points) and France (319.5 points). Among the twelve participating nations, strong performance also by Italy, who equaled its best result ever in the event, finishing in sixth place.

On the Mondo Sportflex track in Olimpiyskiy Stadium in the city of Cheboksary, many athletes have shown good form for the upcoming World Championships in Beijing. These include Russian Denis Kudryavtsev with the championship record in the 400m hurdles, and the Italian Giordano Benedetti with the championship record in the 800m (1:45.11). Championship record also in the relay 4x100m: in the men the UK won with a time of 38.21, among women success for Ukraine who ran in 42.50. Success and event record for France in the men's 4x400m, with a time of 3: 00:47.

Other record of the event were made by Russian Ekaterina Koneva in the triple jump (14.87m), the German Christina Schwanitz in the shot put (19.82m), Poland's Anita Wlodarczyk in hammer (78.28), the Russian Darya Klishina in long jump (6.95).

20 Jun 2015
The outdoor season continues in the United States
Mondo Super X Performance stars in the weekend of track and field stars and stripes.

Two important athletics meeting are scheduled in the US this weekend, both on the track surface with Mondo Super X Performance. The first is the 2015 edition of the US Paralympics Track & Field National Championships, June 19 to 21 at the Robert and Alexandra Klas Center, on the campus of Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. Two hundred of the signposting US athletes are expected for this event, and among them Tatyana McFadden, 11 times Paralympic medalist, who in 2014 has improved the world record in the 1,500 and 5,000 meters T54 category. This meeting will serve to select the American athletes participating in the Parapan American Games (in August 2015) and the IPC Athletics World Championships (October 2015).

The second event of the Mondo Super X Performance surface, always scheduled June 19-21, is the National Scholastic Athletics Foundation New Balance Nationals Outdoor track and field championship, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary on the track of the Irwin Belk Track Aggie Stadium, on the campus of North Carolina A & T State University in Greensboro.

16 Jun 2015
Four records in New York
Four new records set on the Mondo track at the adidas Grand Prix.

The many champions who participated in the adidas Grand Prix 2015 did not disappoint. In front of the crowded grandstands at Icahn Stadium, athletes have outdone themselves with superior performances, among which four records set during the meet in the women (400m, 1000m, high jump and long jump). Mondo Super X Performance track on the plant in New York the most anticipated match was the race in the 200m, won with a time of 20:29. The same wind also affected the women's race of 200m, with the American Tori Bowie has managed to win the same - and convincing - with a time of 22:23 (third best performance of the year). Entertainment in the male 400m:  the South African Wayde van Niekerk showed the new national record and the second best performance in the world for 2015; among women, Francena McCorory ran in 49.86, the best performance of the year and record of the meeting. Record of the meeting for the American Erin Donohue, who ran the 1000m in 2:37.42 achieved his best time ever. Among the athletes expected was David Rudisha, who returned to his level by touching the best performance of the season in the 800m of only 0.02 with a time of 1:43:58. In the same race he has impressed the 22 year old American Boris Berian, who with a time of 1:43.84 has improved its staff of less than 5 seconds. Another important result, winning the Puerto Rican Javier Culson in the 400m hurdles with a seasonal best time (48.48).

13 Jun 2015
adidas Grand Prix
Parade of superstars on the Mondo track at Icahn Stadium.

Entertainment assured Adidas Grand Prix in New York, on Saturday June 13th. Mondo Super X Performance track on dell'Icahn Stadium, Randall's Island, are expected some of the best performers in the world of athletics. This year will be the eleventh edition of adidas Grand Prix, the seventh leg of the IAAF Diamond League 2015. The track at Icahn Stadium over the years has witnessed extraordinary performance, including two world records and 22 national records. In New York for the meeting of this year they are expected superstars of athletics, as David Rudisha, Blanka Vlasic, Ajee Wilson, Jenn Suhr and Sally Person; bringing more than 35 Olympic or world champions at the event, and more than 70 medalists.

The Icahn Stadium has a track 400m eight-lane, with a living Mondo Super X Performance, Class 1 certified by the IAAF. It was the first facility for athletics in the United States to receive this prestigious certification. Only four plants in the US and 80 worldwide have been certified by the IAAF Class 1.

Mondo’s Super X Performance track is recognized as one of the fastest, most durable and environmentally safest tracks available. Perfect for both training and high-performance competition, the track is known for its shock absorption and optimal energy return, and its ideal blend of speed and comfort for the athletes.


09 Jun 2015
Which team will raise the trophy?
Twelve national athletics from the old continent will compete on Mondo track for the European title.

On une 20 and 21, 2015, the Russian city of Cheboksary will host the sixth edition of the European Athletics Championships for nations (European Athletics Team Championships). The most important races will be held at the Olimpiyskiy stadium, featuring its eight-lane track with a Mondo Super X surface.

08 Jun 2015
Getting ready for the European Games
The first European Games will be held on Mondo track.

Expectations mount for the opening of the first edition of the European Games, to be held in Baku June 18 to 28. In the capital of Azerbaijan expects more than 6,000 athletes from 49 nations. The European Games provide competition for more than 220 events in 19 sports; among the most anticipated races there will be those for Athletics, to be held at the Baku National Stadium, a facility which can accommodate up to 68,000 spectators, with an athletics track with the Mondotrack surface.

15 May 2015
Star fields
A growing number of Mondo soccer fields are FIFA certified.

FIFA certifications continue of soccer fields with Mondo systems. Agostino di Bartolomei field of AS Roma, thanks to Mondoturf NSF Monofibre 3NX 12 60 AV EL has been certified FIFA I STAR. Field of Centro Deportivo Hytasa of Seville has been certified FIFA STAR II with the system Mondoturf NSF Monofibre 4NX 12 60 AS.

07 May 2015
Installation in record time
Completed ahead of schedule the installation of the Mondo track for the World Championships in Athletics.

Despite the adverse weather conditions, the Mondo team has finished installing the new track inside the Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing, which will host the World Outdoor Championships in Athletics in August. Three teams of technicians and installers involved in the installation completed the facility prior to the May 11th deadline for the closure of the session. It is currently being tested and certified IAAF Class 1 with the new Mondotrack, the old Olympic track removed will be installed in municipal facilities and structures adjacent to the Stadium, while a small part will be housed in the Museum of the Olympic Games, which will be inaugurated within the Bird's Nest.

06 May 2015
New world record at the World Relays
Second edition of the IAAF World Relays: the Mondo track in Nassau does not disappoint.

Great excitement at the Thomas A. Robinson Stadium in Nassau, Bahamas, during the second edition of the IAAF World Relays. One of the most exciting races was the women's medley relay, who made his debut in the event posting the new world record: the American team (Treniere Moser, Sanya Richards-Ross, Ajee 'Wilson, Shannon Rowbury) won with the time of 10: 36.50.

There was also great show  in the final of the men's 4x100m. The title was won by the USA team, who with a time of 37.38 set the championship record. The American quartet composed of Mike Rodgers, Justin Gatlin, Tyson Gay and Ryan Bailey preceded the one led by Jamaican Usain Bolt (37.68, personal best seasonal) and Japanese (38.20, personal best seasonal). In the other races stand out success by the Jamaica in men's 4x200m (1: 20.97), the US in the men's 4x400 m (2: 58.43, world record seasonal) and the men's 4x800 meters (7: 04.84, championship record). Among women, great performance of Jamaica in the 4x100 m (42.14, world record seasonal), and Nigeria in the 4x200m (1: 30.52, world record seasonal). Following the event,  the United States  has seen place themselves on the top step of the medals podium, with 7 gold medals and one silver.

The competitions were held at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium, in the Queen Elizabeth Sports Center in Nassau, the Bahamas. Athletes ran track Mondo Super X 720, which provides a significant increase in comfort without compromising athletic performance through the application of technology exclusively developed for Mondotrack.

01 May 2015
In 2015 will arrive a huge quantity of new Hot Wheels rc models

In 2015 will arrive a huge quantity of new Hot Wheels rc models! New scales, new graphics; the range will be even more thrilling and winning!

28 Apr 2015
A record edition!
Record attendance and goals for the UEFA Futsal Cup in Lisbon.

It ended with the victory of Kairat Almaty the fourteenth edition of the Final Four of the UEFA Futsal Cup. At the conclusion of a balanced match, samples Kazakhs were imposed on FC Barcelona - holder of the trophy - 3-2. For Kairat Almaty is the second title won in the last 3 years. The third place went to the hosts Sporting Club of Portugal and in the match for third place have clearly defeated the Russians 8-3 of Dina Moskva.

That Lisbon was an issue there has recorded many records, including the one for the number of spectators for a single game (12,076 for Barcelona - Sporting), of a total (29,207), of goals scored in a final four (35).

All matches were played on the field of Meo Arena, Mondo FBS2 Laminated surface.

23 Apr 2015
Drake University and Hillsdale College
Two American Collge meets taking place on Mondo tracks

Two popular track and field meets taking place this week are being held on Mondo Super X Performance tracks. The first competition, the 2015 Drake Relays presented by Hy-Vee, runs now through April 26th at Drake Stadium on the campus of Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. The 106th annual contest brings some of the world’s top athletes together for this much-anticipated event.  The second meet, the 9th Annual Hillsdale College Gina Relays, is April 23-25. More than 1,000 athletes will descend upon the Ken Herrick Outdoor Track on the college’s campus in Hillsdale, Michigan, for one of the great annual events on the college’s athletic calendar.

23 Apr 2015
You just have to play!
The court is installed in Lisbon and all set for the finals of the UEFA Futsal Cup.

Expectations are growing in Lisbon for the finals of the UEFA Futsal Cup, which will be played at the Meo Arena where the playing field is  installed with the Mondo FBS2 surface in "Sporting" style. To contend for the title of European Champion will be Sporting CP, FC Barcelona, Kairat Almaty and ISK Dina Moskva.

22 Apr 2015
Playing on the beach is even more fun with the new Minions bucket range!

Playing on the beach is even more fun with the new Minions bucket range! These funny yellow characters decorate a wide range of products, including inflatables, bodyboard, paddles set, and balls!

17 Apr 2015
Campuses like the Olympics
The outdoor season at American universities continues on Mondotrack.

This weekend (April 17-18) two track and field championships in North Carolina will be held on the Mondotrack surface. The first competition, the South Atlantic Conference (SAC) Track and Field Championships, will take place in Hickory at the Irwin Belk Track at the Moretz Sports - Athletic Complex on the campus of Lenoir-Rhyne University.  The second meet, the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) Outdoor Track and Field Championships, will be contested in Charlotte at the Irwin Belk Complex at Johnson C. Smith University.   Both Division II schools have Mondotrack surfaces. The competition track of the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympic Games, Mondotrack and is made by Mondo, the global leader in the track and field, indoor sport and contract flooring markets.   

15 Apr 2015
UEFA Futsal Cup Final Tournament
The best teams in European futsal will compete on the Mondo surface.

From April 24th to 26th,  Lisbon will host the finals of the UEFA Futsal Cup. On the surface of the Mondo FBS2 Laminated at the Meo Arena.  For the title of the strongest clubs in Europe will be ISK Dina Moskva, Kairat Almaty, FC Barcelona and Sporting CP. The final for the title is scheduled for Sunday, April 26th at 17:30 (18:30 CET).

10 Apr 2015
Mondo and American universities
Important university track and field events to be ran on Mondo surfaces.

On April 10th & 11th, the John McDonnell Invitational at the University of Arkansas, will take place at the Division I school’s John McDonnell Field on Mondo’s newest track surface, the Super X 720. John McDonnell Field is one of only five in the U.S. and the first one on a college campus to receive the prestigious International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Class I certification.   “The Mondo Super X 720 track has literally been a game changer for us,” said Chris Bucknam, head coach, Track and Field, University of Arkansas. “This surface, which combines the necessary properties for great performances during competition with a forgiving feel during training sessions, is unmatched in the industry today.

The second meet, the Johnson C. Smith Invitational,  at Johnson C. Smith University. The Irwin Belk Complex (Division II) features a Mondotrack,  the same track surface of the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympic Games. 

04 Apr 2015
The World Championships in Athletics will be ran on a Mondo track
Tthe renovation of the Olympic track in Beijing has started.

The opening of the IAAF World Championships is approaching ,which will be held in Beijing from August 22nd to 30th, 2015, and the Bird's Nest stadium has undergone a makeover.  In view of the most important Athletics event this year, the complete renovation began with the renewal of the track, again with the Mondotrack surface.

01 Apr 2015
Minions will decorate our new inflatables range!
Playing on the beach is even more fun with the new Minions inflatables range!

Playing on the beach is even more fun with the new Minions inflatables range! These funny yellow characters decorate a wide range of products, including buckets, bodyboard, paddles set, and balls!

23 Mar 2015
Start of the 2015 World Padel Tour
This edition takes place on the Mondoturf surface.

Everything is ready for the start of the 2015 World Tour Padel. It starts from the Real Club de Polo of Barcelona, March 24 to 29 will host the Estrella Damm Barcelona Master. The system in synthetic grass official tour will Mondoturf NSF Monofibre 3NX 80 10 A in black, installed over Everlay B 4mm.  In past years the system has been used Mondoturf NSF Monofibre 3NX 80 12 A in blue. Positive comments on the field was expressed by the organizers and all the players of the WPT.

13 Mar 2015
The NCAA runs on Mondo tracks
Super X Performance and Mondotrack surfaces are the protagonists of the weekend of athletics.

Friday, March 13th and Saturday, March 14th the NCAA Division I, Division II and Division III national indoor track and field championships will take place on Mondo tracks, already the surface of 19 Championships regional conferences held this year.

Mondo’s tracks are used at so many championships because the company is committed to developing fast tracks that are ideal for both training and high-performance competition and that let athletes do their very best. That’s why world records are routinely set on Mondo tracks—more than 250 overall.”  said Michael Tovar, director, track & field, North America, Central America and Caribbean (NACAC) for Mondo.

The Division I Championships will take place at the Randal Tyson Track Center on the campus of University of Arkansas on a Mondo Super X Performance surface.

The Division II Championships will be held at the Birmingham (Alabama) CrossPlex while the Division III Championships will be contested at JDL Fast Track in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Both of those venues have the Mondotrack surface.

The Mondotrack at the Birmingham CrossPlex has a hydraulic banked track. Two curved sections are banked for high-speed running events, allowing athletes to safely maximize their speed and performance on the curves instead of decelerating, which they must do on flat surfaces. A hydraulic system raises and lowers the curved sections, and when lowered, the track is flush with the surrounding surfaces for other sports or activity use. 

06 Mar 2015
Important recognition for Mondoturf 4NX
Another Mondoturf field has been certified FIFA 2 Star.

The soccer field Vicente del Bosque, La Nucia, near Alicante in Spain, has been certified FIFA 2 Star. The installed system is Mondoturf NSF Monofibre 4NX 16 60 AS.

The pitch has successfully passed the tests carried out by FIFA, satisfying the requirements of the FIFA Quality Programme. This program provides an industry standard internationally recognized for quality and reliability in the areas that most affect a player: the equipment, the surface, the technology and services used for the game. The goal of the program is to improve the game and protect the players, clubs and associations endorsing only products that meet the highest standards of safety and quality. If a product is tested and the test results are consistent with all standards, the product can be certified and receive one of the FIFA quality marks.

There are two levels of  FIFA certification for artificial soccer fields.  The first level, FIFA 1 Star, is intended primarily for recreational use, community and municipal fields. However, before getting even only the first degree of certification, it is necessary that the field exceeds a series of tests imposed by FIFA. FIFA 2 Star certification is to ensure that an artificial field fully reflects the standards of playability of a professional soccer. FIFA and UEFA finals can only be played on FIFA 2 Star fields. The development of this second standard is therefore intended to meet the most stringent requirements of professional football and to ensure the highest levels of play and safety for athletes that use the field.

04 Mar 2015
Master championship record in Ancona
Several athletes showed their best performance on the master hydraulic Modultrack in the city of Marche.

Italian Indoor Master Championships were held at the Banca Marche Palas of Ancona, which reported record performance: a world record, one European and twenty-five national performance. The new world record came in the long jump M50 thanks to Gianni Becatti (Olimpia Amateurs Rimini) who jumped 6.75. The new European record was recorded by Mario Longo (Atl. Posillipo) in 60 M50 with a time of 7.29. Among the national records, stand those obtained on the Mondo hydraulic Modultrack in Marche: in the 800m, national record for Luciano Acquarone (Olimpia Amateurs Rimini / SM85) with 3:35.19 and Waltraud Egger (Sportclub Meran / SF65) with 3:08:51; best national benefit for the 4x200 relay SF65 Sef Macerata, who raced in 2:44.20; best national benefit for the 4x200 SM75 SportClub of Meran, with a time of 2:22:56 and the 4x200 SF55 of Trieste Atleticam who raced in 2:04:38; best performance for Italian Thomas Oberhofer (Sudtirol Team Club) in 60hs SM50 with a time of 8.73; Luciano Acquarone (Olimpia Amateurs Rimini) in 1500 SM85 and 3000 SM85; Maria Ruggeri (Atl. Villafranca) in 60 SF45 courses in 8:07; Barbara Martinelli (US San Vittore Olona 1906)in the 400 SF50 with a time of 1:00.70; Daniela Fassi (Atl. Varazze) in 60 SF55 courses in 9:06; Umbertina Contini (Atl. City of Padua) in 60 SF65 with a time of 9:57; Waltraud Egger (Sportclub Meran) in the 1500 SF65 and 3000 SF65 respectively with a time of 6:5:39 and 12:48.70; Jole Sellan (Atl. Aviano) in 1500 SF75, courses in 8:29.73; Nives Fozzer (New Track from Friuli) in 60 SF85 courses in 13.99. That just ended was the tenth consecutive year of Master hosted by Ancona, who will return in 2016 to organize the European Masters indoor. (Photo by FIDAL Marche).

To see a video about the Italian master Indoor Championships click here

28 Feb 2015
Another weekend of indoor championships on Mondo surfaces
Mondo tracks continue to be the surface of choice for indoor track and field championships

Six more upcoming indoor track and field championships, including four for NCAA Division I regional conferences, will take place on Mondo track surfaces.

“Venues with Mondo tracks have been the choice of many indoor championship meets this season because we are committed to developing tracks that are ideal for both training and high-performance competition and that let athletes do their very best,” said Michael Tovar, director, track & field, North America, Central America and Caribbean (NACAC) for Mondo.

One of the championships, the USATF Indoor Track & Field Championships, is being contested on Mondo’s newest track surface, the Super X 720. This Div. I championship will take place Feb. 27-March 1 at the Reggie Lewis Center on the campus of Roxbury (Massachusetts) Community College.

Upcoming championships taking place on Mondo’s Super X Performance surface are:

Big 12 Conference (Div. I), Feb. 27-28, Lied Recreation-Athletic Center, Iowa State University,  (Ames); Big East Conference (Div. I), Feb. 28-March 1, New Balance Track & Field Center, 168th Street Armory Youth Center,(New York City); Old Dominion Athletic Conference (Div. III), March 1, Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex, (Landover, Maryland)

Two championships are being held on Mondo’s  Mondotrack surface include: Atlantic Sun Conference (Div. I), Feb. 28-March 1, JDL Fast Track in Winston-Salem, (North Carolina); Landmark Conference (D. III), Feb. 28, James W. Garrett Sports Complex Field House, Susquehanna University of Selinsgrove, (Pennsylvania).

25 Feb 2015
The indoor season continues in the United States
Mondo tracks are the protagonists of the NCAA Championships in Athletics

 From Rhode Island to Alabama, eight upcoming indoor track and field championships, including six for NCAA Division I regional conferences, will take place on Mondo track surfaces. 

“Mondo’s tracks let athletes perform their best, so it’s no wonder that facilities with our world-class surfaces are chosen to host so many track and field championships,” said Michael Tovar, director, track & field, North America, Central America and Caribbean (NACAC) for Mondo.

It is of course Super X Performance surface the American East Conference (Div. 1) at the New Balance Track & Field Center (168th Street Armory Youth Center, New York City), the Capital Athletic Conference at the Freeman Center of Christopher Newport University (Newport News, Virginia), the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (Div 1) the New Balance Track & Field Center (168th Street Armory Youth Center, New York), the Northeast Conference (Div. 1) at the Prince George's Sports and Learning Complex (Landover, Maryland), the Patriot League (Div. 1) at the Wesley A. Brown Fieldhouse of the US Naval Academy (Annapolis, Maryland).

Three other events were held on tracks with Mondotrack surface: the Atlantic 10 Conference (Div. 1) to Mackal Fieldhouse at the University of Rhode Island (Kingston), the Conference Carolinas to JDL Fast Track (Winston-Salem, North Carolina) The Sun Belt Conference (Div. 1) to CrossPlex Birmingham (Alabama).

The Wesley A. Brown Fieldhouse and the Birmingham CrossPlex feature Mondo hydraulic banked tracks.  Two curved sections are banked for high-speed running events, allowing athletes to safely maximize their speed and performance on the curves instead of decelerating, which they must do on flat surfaces.  A hydraulic system raises and lowers the curved sections, and when lowered, the track is flush with the surrounding surfaces for other sports or activity use.

24 Feb 2015
The first time by Mo
On the Mondo track in Birmingham, Mo Farah made his first world record.

Extraordinary season debut for the Briton Mo Farah at Sainsbury Grand Prix, IAAF indoor meeting in Birmingham. On the Mondo removable Modultrack at the NIA Arena, the Olympic champion ran the two miles in 8'03 "40, new world record on the distance, improving by almost a second one obtained the Ethiopian Kenenisa Bekele. For the 31 year old athlete, world champion, European and Olympic, this is the first world record of his career. At the same meeting were recorded two more seasonal best in the world: the Briton Greg Rutherford jumped 8:17 long; the US Sharika Nelvis raced the 60 obstacles in 7 "87.

23 Feb 2015
Harmoni flooring for the US Marines

Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital is a new four story medical treatment facility located in California. It was
completed in October 2013 and opened to patients in December 2013.
It’s a $394 million replacement project, that provides emergency, primary, intensive and specialty care.
The hospital was designed and constructed to comply with California’s seismic safety standards and it showcases numerous innovative sustainable features in order to achieve LEED Gold certification (earned during 2014).   Click here to read more.

21 Feb 2015
World record on track Modultrack
In Stockholm was the best time in the women's 5000m indoor.

A great show in Stockholm during of the 26th edition of the XL Galan Meeting, Event IAAF Indoor Permit Meeting. The Ethiopian Genzebe Dibaba, in fact, set a new indoor world record in the 5000 m, running a time of  14'18 "86. On the Swedish Modultrack, on the same day there were also five best performances of the year and four Arena records.

Click here to watch the video of the race of Genzebe Dibaba.

14 Feb 2015
NYRR Millrose Games
The spotlight is on the Mondo track at the Armory Youth Center.

Saturday, February 14th will be held NYRR Millrose Games, the New Balance Track & Field Center of the famous 168th Street Armory Youth Center in New York. The facility is equipped with an indoor banked track with the Mondo Super X Performance surface.

13 Feb 2015
Mondo tracks protagonists in the US
The indoor athletics season continues for the stars and stripes.

Among the athletic events in the United States in mid-February three stand out on the Mondo track surfaces. The first is the Tyson Invitational, on February 13th and 14th, at the Randal Tyson Track Center on the campus of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. The second, also on February 13th and 14th, is the Don Kirby Elite Invitational at the Albuquerque Convention Center of the University of New Mexico. Both meets will be held on the Mondo Super X Performance surface.  The Southland Conference Indoor Track and Field Championships, instead will be ran on the Mondotrack surface, scheduled for February 16th and 17th, at Birmingham CrossPlex (awarded in 2013 by the American Sports Builders Association), in Alabama. The three competitions are held on tracks with six lanes of 200m, with a hydraulic system that allows you to tilt the two curved sections of the track at events that feature the sprinters: the system, in fact, allows athletes to maximize in securely its speed and performance on the curves, without having to decelerate as it happens on the flat surfaces.

05 Feb 2015
Two new records set at Camel City Elite
The Mondotrack at the JDL Fast Track does not disappoint.

Great excitement at JDL Fast Track during the Camel City Elite meet. On Mondotrack, two athletes in particular, are unveiled: Cory Leslie and two-time Olympian Shannon Rowbury have recorded a new state record in North Carolina in the mile distance, respectively, with a time of 3:56.99 and 4:22.66.  That of Rowbury, in particular, was the fastest indoor mile set by a woman since 2000, best performance of 2015.  By this time, Shannon Rowbury is now the fifth fastest woman of all time indoors and third in the United States.

05 Feb 2015
New World Record set at Armory Track
Team USA improved by six seconds in the Distance Medley Relay record.

The 2015 indoor athletics season began with a bang at the Armory Track Individual, thanks to a stunning performance of Team USA in the Distance Medley Relay, the relay consists of four fractions with different distances: 1200, 400, 800 and 1600 meters. The American team, composed of Matt Centrowitz, Mike Berry, Erik Sowinski and Pat Casey, took full advantage of the potential of the Mondo Super X improving the previous record by six seconds with a time of 9:19.93. Another star of the meet was Ajee 'Wilson, who won the 800m in 2:01.63.

29 Jan 2015
Arkansas Razorback Team Invitational
The start an eventful season for the Mondo track at the University of Arkansas.

Everything is ready at the Randal Tyson Track Center of the University of Arkansas for the 2015 edition of Arkansas Razorback Team Invitational, an event that brings together athletes from fourteen universities in the Midwest and Southern United States. The athletics meeting, scheduled for January 30th and 31st, will take place on the surface Mondo Super X Performance. The university, which is part of the NCAA Division I, this season will host nine indoor events, including the SEC Championship in February and NCAA Division I Indoor Track and Field Championships in March. Since 2000, the University of Arkansas has hosted the NCAA Indoor Championships eleven times.

29 Jan 2015
Camel City Elite
JDL Fast track will be ran on the Olympic surface Mondotrack

On Friday, January 30th at JDL Fast Track, one of the premier indoor track and field facilities in the Southeast, will host the Camel City Elite.   The facility features a Mondotrack, the track of the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympic Games. A set of elite races held within the larger collegiate Hilton Garden Invitational, Camel City Elite is a competition for professional athletes who will be vying for $40,000 in prize money and bonuses. JDL Fast Track will host multiple NCAA Division I and Division II conference meets in 2015 as well as serve as the venue for the NCAA Division III Indoor Track and Field Championships and USA Track & Field Masters Indoor Track &Field Championships, both taking place in March.

23 Jan 2015
Greenguard certification for Mondo sports flooring
Recognition of the company's commitment in creating sustainable products.

A great accomplishment for Mondo for renewing and enlarging Greenguard ceritifcation for their sports flooring: Advance, Mondoflex, Mondoflex II, Mondotrack, Ramflex, Ramflex Interlock, Sport Impact, Sportflex, Sportflex M, Super X, Super X 720.

The certification was performed by UL, a global leader in testing, inspection, certification, review and validate products and materials. UL is the exclusive supplier of the Greenguard certified for products that meet stringent requirements of chemical emissions. Greenguard certification helps manufacturers create - and buyers to identify - products and materials that have low chemical emissions, improving air quality in the places in which they are used. The goal is to promote global sustainability, environmental health and safety.

21 Jan 2015
Final Four Cup Italy Serie A2
The events of Volleyball League will be played on the tricolor court.

After the Super Cup and the Italian Super Cup League Final Four, including the Del Monte Final Four Cup Italy A2 Serie male will take place on the tricolor Mondo court, Official Supplier of Events Volleyball League Serie A.

The Final Four, organized by the Volleyball League and the Independent Impavida Ortona in collaboration with the Regional Committee FIPAV Abruzzo and the Provincial Committee FIPAV Chieti, will take place on Saturday, February 7th and Sunday, February 8th at the Palatricalle "Sandro Lombroni" of Chieti. The winners of the semifinals, Sieco Service Ortona - Vibo Valentia and Coffee Aiello Corigliano - B. Chem Power Picena, will face off Sunday in the final which will award the title.

The court flag is Mondoflex Performance, is a symbol of the biggest events of the Italian volleyball, confirming the strong partnership that exists between 15 years and the World Volleyball League Serie A. The flooring developed in the Alba laboratories of Mondo provides athletes with performance at the highest level and the ultimate in physical protection for players, thanks to its special technical features that can facilitate the detachment in elevation and the damping of the relapse. Feature particularly appreciated flooring Mondoflex performance is a portable product that can be removed and easily managed, thanks to the simplicity of installation and storage.

13 Jan 2015
Triumph of Modena tricolor court
Back to the success of the teams that have made the history of Italian volleyball.

It ended with the triumph of Modena in the Final Four that awarded the Italian Cup for men's volleyball. After 17 years of waiting, the team Emilian raised his 11th Italian Cup in front of 5900 spectators (sold out) PalaDozza of Bologna. Modena Volleyball defeated in the final Energy T.I. Diatec Trentino with these partial 3-1: 25-19, 25-19, 23-25, 25-12.

Modena in the semifinals was set to Macerata 3-2, while Trent had defeated Perugia 3-2. Both the semi final and the final were played on the tricolor Mondo court.

10 Jan 2015
A new Mondotrack for the Beijing National Stadium
The biggest sporting event of 2015 will take place on the Mondo surface..

The official agreement was made between Mondo and the Organizing Committee of the 2015 World Championships in Athletics for the supply of the track inside the Beijing National Stadium. The new track will be the flagship of the complete makeover of the Beijing Bird Nest - Olympic Complex Stadium, used for the 2008 Olympics, the first was held on a Mondotrack surface and on which Usain Bolt recorded three world records: 100m, 200m and 4x100 relay. Installed were approximately 21,000 square meters of Mondotrack 13,5mm, red material, on the main track, as well as on the warm-up track and the connection area between the two tracks. The work is scheduled to begin on March 15, 2015, in time for the test event in late May. The World Championships in Athletics will be held August 22nd to 30th, 2015. "The IAAF World Championships will be the biggest sporting event of 2015. Two thousand athletes from more than 200 nations, will find themselves in Beijing for nine days of competition that will be seen by an audience of 6 billion people around the world, "said Lamine Diack, IAAF President.

08 Jan 2015
Mondo at the USTFCCCA Conference
The company is among the supporters of the non-profit organization representing the track and field coaches in the US.

Held in Phoenix, Arizona, the annual conference of the US Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association. The USTFCCCA is a professional non-profit organization that represents coaches cross country and track and field in the United States. A key part of the event is represented by courses for coaches, which this year focused among other topics such as science and psychology applied to sport and injury management.

Mondo participated in the event as a supporter of the USTFCCCA, confirming its commitment to athletics in the United States.

08 Jan 2015
In Bologna is awarded the Italian Cup volleyball
On its tricolor court of PalaDozza is staged the Del Monte Cup Italy Super League Final Four.

Saturday, January 10th and Sunday, January 11th, in Bologna, it will award the 37th Italian Cup. For the second consecutive year the historic facility PalaDozza will host the Final Four, which this year will take place on the tricolor Mondo court. The four teams that will compete for the trophy will Cucine Lube Banca Marche Treia, Volley Modena, Sir Safety Perugia and Energy TI Diatec Trentino.

Mondo for the fourteenth year is the Official Supplier of the paving of the events signed Volleyball League Serie A. His famous tricolor court this season is used in the Championship by Cucine Lube Banca Marche Treia, Italian champions in office.

08 Jan 2015
AFCA National Convention
Mondo will exhibit at 2015 annual conference of the historical association of football coaches.

From January 11th to 14th, the Kentucky International Convention Center will host the 92nd edition of the AFCA National Convention. The event, which annually brings together the American Football Coaches Association members, with the participation of some of the best coaches from high schools and colleges Americans. The AFCA is dedicated to the improvement of the coaches of American football through a continuous training, interaction and networking. The primary objective is to provide resources for all aspects of the profession, encouraging the personal and professional development of each coach.

Mondo will be present at the convention, at booth 152.

19 Dec 2014
Hornet Stadium also wins ASBA Outdoor Track Facility of the Year
Another award won by a sports facility with a Mondo track installed.

The Hornet Stadium at Sacramento State has received from American Sports Builders Association an award in the category of Distinguished Track Facilities; the same facility also won the award for Outdoor Track Facility of the Year. The Hornet Stadium was one of the first to install the new  Mondo Super X 720 surface, which replaced the Mondo Super X Performance installed in 1998. After installing the new track, Sacramento State has won the right to host the  2014 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships, and the 2018 NCAA Division I West Regional Outdoor Championships.

25 Nov 2014
The best athletes of the year
Renaud Lavillenie and Valerie Adams were named

The pole vaulter Renaud Lavillenie and shot putter Valerie Adams were named "athlete of the year." French that ousted Tsar Sergey Bubka and New Zealand undefeated for four years. Lavillenie beat marathoner Dennis Kimetto and altista Mutaz Barshim, while Adams had most of the middle-distance runner Genzebe Dibaba and sprinter Dafne Schippers. For the first time since the award was established (1988), both winners of the runners are not: even throwing and jumping you can leave your mark. Especially if you get results of prestige. The twenty-eight year old Lavillenie has established a new world record by jumping 6.16 in February in Donetsk, an inch better than the previous record of Bubka. During the season the transalpine won 21 of 22 races which he participated, winning the European title in Zurich, the ultimate success in the Diamond Race and the Continental Cup in Marrakech. "2014 could not get better, it was really a dream year. I can only enjoy this recognition and be grateful to the entire family of athletics, "said Renaud, adding:" I think that having set the record has contributed to winning the award, but there was also something else. I was not perfect as the Adams but I lost one game in the season, not bad in a specialty unpredictable as the pole vault. "

The thirty year old shot putter season has caught the world indoor title in Sopot and triumphed in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. She was also the only athlete to win all seven stages of the Diamond League, bringing to 56 the winning streak. "This recognition - said Valerie - is the icing on the cake of my 2014. From the physical point of view it was a difficult year, but I am proud to have achieved these milestones representing New Zealand and Oceania."

In the evening of celebration at the Chapiteau de Fontvieille were also awarded the Lithuanian Virgilijus Alekna (Lifetime Achievement Award), French Wilhem Belocian and British Morgan Lake (rising stars) and the American Tom Tellez (best coach). They have also been included in the Hall of Fame athletes of the past twelve o'clock: Valeriy Brumel, Glenn Davis, Heike Drechsler, Hicham El Guerrouj, Marita Koch, Robert Korzeniowski, Janis Lusis, Bob Mathias, Wilma Rudolph, Shirley Strickland de la Hunty, Lasse Viren and Cornelius Warmerdam.

Finally, to report the decisions of the Council of the IAAF. The biggest was the assignment of Doha World Championships 2019. The capital of Qatar beat Eugene and Barcelona. In 2017 however the World Cup will be held in Nairobi students and those of cross-country race in Kampala. The Continental Cup 2018 will be hosted by Ostrava.

The Board has also determined that the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016 thirteen finals will take place in the morning, eight inside the stadium, at least one in each of the six sessions in the program, more running trials and marathons. Relay at the World Championships of 2015 will be replaced by the 4x1500 "medley relay", test with four fractions of 1200, 400, 800 and 1600 meters.

24 Nov 2014 Markham Stouffville Hospital
Markham Stouffville Hospital - A Leader in Green

Markham Stouffville Hospital has been identified as an outstanding environmental performer for 2013.  Mondo Harmoni was selected as the rubber flooring solution throughout the facility.

To read the full article about MSH's initiatitives, written by Maria Pavone, Director, Facilities and Support Services visit:

22 Nov 2014
Another FIFA 2 Star certification for the system Mondoturf 4NX
The Mondo synthetic turf at Benfica won the prestigious award.

After having successfully passed the tests conducted by FIFA, and having satisfied the requirements of the FIFA Quality Programme, the football field of Sport Lisboa Benfica, better known as Benfica, has been certified FIFA 2 Star. The system Mondoturf 4NX 12 45 AS FTS K43 installed at the sports center of the historic Lisbon side, in order to be approved FIFA 2 Star, had to prove to be an artificial field that fully reflects the canons of playability of a golf professional football.

The program FIFA Quality Programme provides an industry standard internationally recognized for quality and reliability in the areas that most interest player: the equipment, surface, technology and services used for the game. The goal of the program is to improve the game and protect the players, clubs and associations endorsing only products that meet the highest standards of safety and quality. If a product is tested and the test results are compatible with all standards, the product can be certified and get one of the FIFA quality marks.

19 Nov 2014
Who will be the best athletes of the year?
The announcement of the names will be made during the 2014 IAAF World Athletics Gala.

Friday, November 21, 2014 in Monte Carlo will be held the annual World Athletics Gala. As always, the most exciting moment of the evening will be the announcement of the names of the best athletes of 2014. To contend for the title in 2014 World Athletes of the Year will be: among men Mutaz Essa Barshim (Qat), Dennis Kipruto Kimetto (Ken) and Renaud Lavillenie (Fra); among women Valerie Adams (Nzl), Genzebe Dibaba (Eth) and Dafne Schippers (Ned). The finalists were chosen after a two-week survey, which involved members of the IAAF Council and IAF, the national federations members of the IAAF, the members of the Commission and the IAAF, the directors of the meeting IAAF, athletes ambassadors IAAF, the representative of the athletes, the best athletes, members of the international press, the staff members and IAAF official partner of the IAAF.

14 Nov 2014
Mondo exhibits at 2014 Healthcare Design Conference

Mondo exhibits at 2014 Healthcare Design Conference (Booth 1234) showcasing the Artigo Collection for the Mondo Contract Flooring product line. The conference will be held in San Diego, California from November 15th -18th at The San Diego Convention Center.

~~The Healthcare Design Conference is the premier event devoted to how the design of responsibly built environments directly impact the safety, operation, clinical outcomes, and financial success of healthcare facilities now and into the future.

14 Nov 2014
Mondo exhibits at 2014 Healthcare Design Conference

Mondo exhibits at 2014 Healthcare Design Conference (Booth 1234) showcasing the Artigo Collection for the Mondo Contract Flooring product line. The conference will be held in San Diego, California from November 15th -18th at The San Diego Convention Center.

~~The Healthcare Design Conference is the premier event devoted to how the design of responsibly built environments directly impact the safety, operation, clinical outcomes, and financial success of healthcare facilities now and into the future.

12 Nov 2014
The Padel World Tour Continues
Also in Valencia was played on Mondo 3NX.

Great success on the stop in Valencia Padel World Tour. The victory went to the tandem of Paquito Navarro and Maxi Gabriel, who defeated the tandem of Juan Martin Diaz and Fernando Belasteguin with the result 6-2, 3-6, 6-3, 7-5. Estrella Damm Valencia Open was played on the Mondo 3NX 80 10 system. The Mondoturf 3NX is certified by the Spanish Padel Federation, the surface is of the highest standard which is played all over the Padel World Tour.

03 Nov 2014
FIFA 2 Star Certification for Mondoturf 4NX
In Portugal, the first field with the new Mondo fibers receives the prestigious award.

Great satisfaction with the first  Mondo FIFA 2 Star certification obtained for a soccer field installed with the Mondoturf 4NX 12 60 AS system. This is the soccer field in Pedrogão de São Pedro, Portugal.

The field has successfully passed the tests conducted by FIFA, satisfying the requirements of the FIFA Quality Program. This program offers an industry standard internationally recognized for quality and reliability in the areas that are most popular player: equipment, surface technology and services used for the game. The goal of the program is to improve the game and protect the players, clubs and associations by approving only products that meet the highest standards of safety and quality. If a product is tested and the test results are consistent with all standards, the product can be certified and get one of the FIFA quality marks.

There are two levels of FIFA certification for artificial soccer fields. The first level, FIFA 1 Star, is intended primarily for recreational, community and municipal courts. However, before obtaining the first degree of certification, it is necessary that the field exceeds a series of tests imposed by FIFA. FIFA 2 Star certification is to ensure that an artificial field fully reflects the standards of playability of a professional soccer field. The final FIFA and UEFA can be played only on fields FIFA 2 Star, for example. The development of such standards is therefore intended to meet the most stringent requirements of professional soccer and to ensure the highest levels of play and safety for athletes who use the field.

23 Oct 2014
Mondo present at SAIE 2014
The Italian synthetic grass company exhibits at the Sport&Technologies.

From October 22nd to 25th, Bologna hosts the 50th edition of SAIE International Building Exhibition. Among the exhibitors there is Mondo in the area dedicated to synthetic turf surfaces (Hall 21), in SAIE Sport&Technologies. Mondo presents its Mondoturf systems for soccer and for the paddle. This sport, which has a lot of interest in the Latin countries, is becoming more and more popular all over the world. The World Padel Tour takes place on the Mondoturf 3NX 80 12 A system, certificated by the Spanish Padel Federation. The Mondo 3NX is a fiber of very high level that ensures optimal sports performance.

16 Oct 2014
Spectacle tricolor Brindisi
On the Mondo tricolor court, Macerata wins its fourth Super Cup.

Tuesday, October 14th, the Palapentassuglia of Brindisi hosted the Del Monte Super Cup, first round of the Italian men's volleyball season. It was the first time the event was held in Puglia and the heat of the 3500 spectators in the Brindisi facility warmed the players in the field who were not spared. The match was exciting, with Cucine Lube Banca Marche Macerata (Italian champions) that eventually imposed itself on Ardelia Copra Piacenza (Cup winner Italy) 3-2 (25-15, 26-24, 20 -25, 18-25, 15-12) after two and a half hour game. To win the fourth Super Cup in its history, Macerata had to catch a game in which he was playing very well, winning the first 2 September The team Marche has been the reaction of Piacenza, which was set in the third and fourth set, forcing opponents to the tie-break, won by Macerata. The match took place on the Mondo tricolor court. The Gallo d'Alba company, in fact, is the official supplier of the events of the men's Volleyball League for the 14th consecutive year.

25 Sep 2014
Back to the tricolor court
The agreement between Mondo and Men's Serie A Volleyball League renews.

Mondo is the official supplier of the events in Men's Serrie A Volleyball League for the 14th consecutive year. On its tricolor court, that will be installed at the indoor stadium Elio Pentassuglia of Brindisi, on October 14th, Cucine Lube Banca Marche Treia and Ardelia Copra Piacenza will be competing for the award of the Italian Super Cup.

25 Sep 2014
SAIE Sport &Technologies
Mondo artificial turf, ideal for soccer and for padel.

With less than 30 days to the inauguration of the 50th edition of SAIE, International Building Exhibition. From October 22nd to 25th, thousands of workers in the construction sector will meet in Bologna to present and learn about new ideas and solutions.
Participating in the fair exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. Inside, the exhibition is divided into thematic exhibitions; Mondo will be present in Hall 21, the area dedicated to synthetic turf surfaces, inside SAIE Sports&Technologies, a lounge inside the salon. The Gallo d'Alba company will present their systems Mondoturf for soccer and padel, a sport which is becoming increasingly popular.

11 Sep 2014
44th Rieti Meeting
It did not disappoint, the expectations of the 2014 edition of the Rieti meeting, last race of the IAAF World Challenge circuit.

Saturday, September 7th took place one of the classic events with athletics in Italy, the meeting in Rieti. The spectators in the stadium Raul Guidobaldi have witnessed a series of excellent performance on Mondotrack, with many of the athletes are able to improve their personal time. Among these is the new Italian record in the 300m: Matteo Galvan, in fact, beat the previous one, which since 1979 belonged to Pietro Mennea, running in 32"01, in a race won by the Polish Karol Zalewski world with the fastest time of the season, 31 "93. It was confirmed on the highest levels Federica Del Buono, who in 800m made ​​his new staff with a time of 2'00"58; The race was won by Kenyan Agatha Jeruto (1'59 "51). Personal best time for the Moroccan Abdellati Iguider in the 3000m course in 7'34"99; in the same race, new staff for the blue Abdellah Haidane with a time of 7'47"34. Kenyan success in 1500m, thanks to Silas Kiplagat which has prevailed with a time of 3'31"44; while 800m were won by Taoufik Makhloufi, who raced in 1'43"83. The Tunisian Habiba Ghribi won the race the 3000m steeplechase racing in 9'21"73.

In the races for sprinters, stands yet another great seasonal performance by Justin Gatlin,  who in Rieti set the world record in 2007 (9"74). The American sprinter raced in 9"83. In the other series, happened to Asafa Powell with a time of 9"90. In the women's 100m, the Jamaican Carrie Russell to win with a time of 11"10. In the 400m, another success for Jamaican athlete, Stephenie Anna McPherson with a time of 50"38; excellent test of Maria Benedicta Ghigbolu that realizes its staff in 52"39. In the race of the 400m hurdles, victory for Estonia Rasmus Maegi with a time of 49"47, and new staff for Leonardo Capotosti who finished with a time of 50"05.

09 Sep 2014
The fastest 100m of the year!
The last leg of the Diamond League in Brussels was memorable, thanks to an amazing Justin Gatlin on Mondo track.

Concluded in Brussels with the Memorial Van Damme, the 2014 edition of the IAAF Diamond League. The absolute star of the evening was Justin Gatlin:  on Mondotrack at the King Baudouin Stadium, the American sprinter won both the 100m race and the 200m, creating two extraordinary performances. Gatlin ran the 100m in 9"77, best performance of the year and his best time ever; in the 200m, courses only 50 minutes after the conclusion of the race the 100m, won by dominating opponents with a time of 19"71.

In the other matches played on the Mondo track, stand the best performance of the year in the 3000m steeplechase, recorded by Kenyan Jairus Kipchoge Birech with a time of 7'58"41; the excellent performance of Sanya Richards in the 400m (49 "99) and Allison Felix in the 200m (22"02); confirmation of the French Martinot-Lagarde in the 110 hurdles (13"08).

With the Belgian stage were assigned the final edition 2014 Diamond League, 100m, Justin Gatlin (USA); 110 hurdles, Pascal Martinot-Lagarde (Fra); 1500m, Silas Kiplagat (Ken); 3000m steeplechase, Jairus Kipchoge Birech (Ken); high, Mutaz It Barshim (Qat); auction, Renaud Lavillenie (Fra); long jump, Jeff Henderson (USA); discus, Piotr Malachowski (Pol); women's 200m, Allison Felix (USA); women's 400m, Novlene Williams-Mills (Giam); women's 800m, Jepkoech Eunice Sum (Ken);  women's 3000M, Mercy Cherono (Ken); women's 400m hurdles, Kaliese Spencer (Giam);  women's shot put, Valerie Adams (Nz);women's triple women, Caterine Ibarguen (Col); women's javelin, Barbora Spatakova (WCC).

05 Sep 2014
50th Palio of the Quercia
One of the oldest athletics meeting in Italy is of course Mondotrack.

Tuesday, September 2nd  the fiftieth edition of the Palio of Quercia was held in Rovereto. The absolute star of the evening was Federica Del Buono: the 19-year old  Italian athlete, in fact, won the 1500m running race in 4'05 "32, thus improving their own personal time to a second abundant. Two other athletes were the stars of exciting races: Libiana Grenot, won gold in the 400m at the recent European Championships, she had to settle for second place, behind the Jamaican Stephanie McPherson, who raced in 50"69; race in the high jump, Alessia Trost has improved an inch its seasonal staff, jumping 1.91, but could not get past the second place, behind Ukrainian Okuneva, who won with 1.94.

In other matches, the stand out success of Justin Gatlin in the 100m, who ran in 10"07, and that of Olympian and former world record holder in the 110m hurdles Tyron Robles, who dominated the race finishing with a time of 13"29.

04 Sep 2014
Memorial Van Damme
The 2014 edition of the IAAF Diamond League athletics concludes in Belgium

Friday, September 5th, Brussels will host the conclusion of the 2014 edition of the IAAF Diamond League. In the Belgian capital, on the occasion of the 38th edition of the Memorial Van Damme the last 16 winners of the Diamond Race trophy will be crowned, half of which will compete knowing that they had already won the title in the earlier stages of the Diamond League: Pascal Martinot-Lagarde in the 110 hurdles, Novlene Williams-Mills in the 400m, Jairus Birech in the 3000 steeplechase, Eunice Sum in the 800m, Renaud Lavillenie in the pole vault, Kaliese Spencer in the 400m hurdles, Caterine Ibarguen in the triple jump, Valerie Adams in the shot put.  For Lavillenie winning the Diamond Race is a record: the French athlete, in fact, won this trophy without interruption since its creation in 2010, a goal that no one else can match.

With regard to the disciplines in which the title has yet to be assigned, the challenge stands in the race the women's 200m between Allyson Felix and Blessing Okagbare: the two sprinters are separated by just two points in the standings for the Diamond Race Trophy, if successful. The challenge will be held on Mondotrack the King Baudouin Stadium.

27 Aug 2014
Champions of today and tomorrow
At the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing many young athletes have achieved personal best times on a Mondotrack.

Great performance and lots of emotions in the Olympic Sports Center in Nanjing, that August 20 to 26 hosted the athletics events of the second edition of the Summer Youth Olympic Games (Youth Olympic Games).

On Mondotrack many of the sports athletes were able to achieve the best performance of their lives, winning the gold medal racing like never before. Among the sprinters, in particular, on display, the Chinese Xu Zhihang, the favorite in the final of the 400m hurdles, which did not disappoint the home crowd, winning the Youth Olympic title with a time of 50 "61 personal records and the same time the Tunisian Mohamed Jlassi, beaten only photo-finish. In the 110m hurdles, excellent performance by the Jamaican Jaheel Hyde, who won the gold setting a personal best time, 12 "96. In the women's field, outstanding achievements and personal best times in the 400m by Australia's Jessica Thornton (52 "50), the French Laura Valette in the 100m hurdles (12" 34), the South African Gezelle Magerman in the 400m hurdles (57 "91).

Good times even in the middle-distance and distance races. Among men stand out with a personal record of successes Kenyan Gilbert Soet in 1500m (3'41 "99) and the Japanese Minoru Onogawa in the 10000m run (42'03"64). Among women, won gold and made his personal record in the 800m the Ghanaian Martha Bissah (2'04 "90) and the Japanese Nozomi Takamatsu in 3000m (9'01" 58); But while the Chinese Ma Zhenxia won the 5000m run with a time of 22'22 "08, youthful best performance of the season.

In the other matches played on the Mondotrack, one of the favorites that have fulfilled the predictions of the pre-race there are the American Myles Marshall, who won gold in the 800m with a time of 1'49"14; Ethiopian Yomif Kejelcha, who won the 3000m with a time of 7'56"20; American Noah Lyles, who won the final of the men's 200m running in 20"80. Predictions also met in two races of 2000m steeplechase: among women the victory went to the Kenyan Rosefline Chepngetich with a time of 6'22"67; among men gold went Cushite Wogene Sebsibe who raced in 5'38"42.

The other races have seen impose the Ethiopian Tesfaye Kokebe in the 1500m women (4'15 "38), the Jamaican Natalliah Whyte in the final of the 200m (23"55), the Chinese Liang Xiaojing in the final of the 100m (11"06), the Zambian Sydney Siame in the 100m men's (10"56), the Jamaican Martin Manley in the final of the 400m (46"31).

16 Aug 2014
The Juventus at the National Stadium in Singapore
The Italian champions scene in the new stadium which hosts on a Mondo track.

Saturday, August 16th, the day of celebration in the  Singaporean city of Kallang: the new National Stadium, in fact, will host the soccer match between Juventus, the Italian champion, and a selection of the best players in the S League.

The new National Stadium is a modern multifunctional arena equipped with a retractable roof, able to change shape depending on the sport. Inside, in fact, it is possible to organize football matches, rugby, cricket, athletics meeting, concerts and cultural events. To switch from one configuration to another takes about 48 hours, and the capacity can vary from 50,000 to 55,000 spectators.

The surface of the athletics track of the new National Stadium, which is part of the new sports complex Singapore Sports Hub, is the Mondo Super X.

15 Aug 2014
2014 Youth Olympic Games
On the Mondo track of Nanjing the Olympic atmosphere returns.

From August 16th to 28th, the Chinese city of Nanjing will host the second edition of the Summer Youth Olympic Games (Youth Olympic Games). At the event, which takes inspiration from the Olympic Games, taking part will be young athletes between the ages of 14 and 18 years.

The core facilities of the Games will be the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, which will host the athletics events on its Mondotrack.

08 Aug 2014
Ready for Europeans
Blue team complete after the results of the Meeting in City of Pergine.

Sunday, August 3rd there was the seventeenth edition of the Meeting City of Pergine. Mondo Super X track at the Municipal Sports Centre of the town in Valsugana, some of the best Italian athletes were challenged with the aim of winning a place in the Italian team in the coming days will participate in the European Championships in Zurich. The absolute star of the day was the 19 year old Federica Del Buono, who, after having already won a place in the Italian national team with excellent performance over 1500m, showed that pasta is also made in the 800m, winning with the best time of 2'01 "80, his best time ever and the third under 23 ever in Italy. In the other most anticipated races on the program, some confirmations and some disappointment in the final of the 200m, Andrew Howe placed second, behind Enrico Demonte (20 "75); in the women's 100m, the victory went to Martina Giovanetti, with a time of 11 "76; in the men's 100m victory for Fabio Cerutti with a time of 10 "61; in the 400m, the success of Michael Tricca in 46 "31; in the 800m, Lukas Rifesser victory with a time of 1'48 "49.

07 Aug 2014
Closing record
The Commonwealth Games 2014 ended with a great performance by Bolt and the Jamaican relay team.

Sunday, August 3rd  concluded  the 2014 Commonwealth games in Glasgow, the biggest sports event that Scotland has ever hosted, with approximately 4950 athletes from 71 nations. The last day of competition saw on the Mondotrack at Hampden Park Stadium the 4x100 relay team that succeded with the best time of 37 "58, a new record of the Games. Gold medal and a record of the event for the Jamaican female relay team, led by Shelley-Ann Fraser-Pryce, has raced in 41 "83. Two gold medals that have been added to the other conquered by the Jamaican sprinters in Glasgow: Stephanie McPherson won the women's 400m running in 50 "67; Andrew Riley has won the gold medal in the finals of the 110 hurdles with a time of 13 "32; Kaliese Spencer won the final of the 400m hurdles running in 54 "10; Rasheed Dwyer won gold in the 200m with a time of 20 "14; the 22 year old Kemar Bailey-Cole won gold in the 100m in 10 "net. Excellent performance by the Jamaican women's 4x400 relay team, which with a time of 3'23 "82 won gold and made a new record at the Commonwealth Games. In the other races of speed, protagonist the Nigerian Blessing Okagbare, who won gold in both the 100m (10 "85), creating a new record of the Games, which in the 200m (22" 25). To underline the performance of the South African Cornel Fredericks, gold in the 400m hurdles (48 "50), and the success of the British 4x400 relay team, which driven by 19 year old Matthew Hudson Smith raced in 3'00" 46.

In the long-distance events, Kenya great protagonist thanks to the successes in the finals of the 1500m: The 20 year-old Faith Kipygeon won the gold running in 4'08 "94; James Magut won with a time of 3'39 "31. The surprise came from the final of the 800m, where the favorite on the eve of David Rudisha was preceded by the finish Nijel Amos: Botswana won the athlete of the running in 1'45 "18.

In the distance races, which before the Games showed the lump sum of Olympic champion Mo Farah, have once again witnessed Kenyan athletes place themselves on the highest step of the podium: Caleb Ndiku won gold in the 5000m running in 13'12 "07; Joyce Chepkirui won the final of the women's 10000m in 32'09 "35; Mercy Cherono won gold in the women's 5000m with a time of 15'07 "21. Only Moses Kipsiro was able to keep up with the Kenyan athletes winning gold in the 10000m: the athlete Uganda concluded with a time of 27'56 "11.

After ten days of competition,  he medal stand saw in the first position England with 58 gold medals, followed by Australia with 49 golds and Canada with 32 gold medals.

03 Aug 2014
XVII Meeting in City of Pergine
For one day, Valsugana is back to being the center of athletics nationally and internationally.

After a year off, the Meeting in the City of Pergine returns, an Athletics event that pits athletes from many national and international levels. The event is Sunday, August 3rd at the Centro Sportivo Comunale di Pergine (TN). The program includes these disciplines: 100m, high jump (men), long, 400m, hammer (women), 100m hurdles, 200m, 1000m, 800m, 3000m. For some athletes, including names such as Andrew Howe, Gloria Hooper and Marta Milani, this is the last opportunity to become a part of the blue team that will participate in the European Championships in Zurich. The Municipal Sports Centre of Pergine hosts with athletics track installed with Mondo Super X.

24 Jul 2014
Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow
In the spotlight is the Mondotrack at Hampden Park, where the the most anticipated competitions of all games will be held.

With a spectacular opening ceremony on July 23rd, the twentieth edition of the Commonwealth Games officially opened in Glasgow.  The third largest multi-sport event in the world, after the Olympics and the Asian Games, held every four years where the best athletes from countries owned by the Commonwealth are engaged. This year the participating countries and 71 sports that assign 17 medals.

One of the most anticipated sports is undoubtedly the Athletics, whose competitions are held in Hampden Park, the legendary football stadium that, for this occasion, has been transformed into a modern arena for athletics. A project that Mondo was directly involved in, as the official supplier of the athletic track and sports equipment inside the stadium.

To transform the temple of Scottish football, the stadium surface was raised by almost two meters, in order to earn the length and width needed to accommodate the track, which was installed section by section, 250 square meters at a time. About eight rows of seats were removed to allow for the installation of the track, positioned very close to the public so that they feel part in every way the performance of the athletes in the competitions. Around the oval, inside the field has been installed lots of grass, laid on a temporary platform made ​​up of 1,000 panels supported by more than 6,000 steel poles. A solution that has never been done before on this scale. In total there was installed approximately 14,000 sqm of prefabricated and pre-tested by Mondo, on which will be held 48 events over the course of seven days. Additional 6000 square meters have been installed at Lesser Hampden, the main heating area for the athletes before the race.

Thrilled about the track and equipment David Grevemberg, Managing Director of Glasgow 2014: "It's great to have the quality of the materials supplied by Mondo so as to provide a first-class platform to shine the best athletes of the Commonwealth." These are the words of Maurizio Stroppiana, Managing Director of Mondo Sport Flooring: "Glasgow has created a system that is not only a feat of engineering, but also an example in the world of environmental and social responsibility. Mondo is proud to be part of it. "

The athletics events will last seven days and many Olympic and world champions will be engaged. Predictions are modeled on those made before each edition of the Olympic Games, with Jamaica, along with England and Australia, safe protagonsita in speed events and African countries favored in the bottom half and bottom. Among the most highly anticipated athletes stand out the names of the Jamaican sprinters and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. Starring sure about Mondotrack Hampden Park will also be Mo Farah and David Rudisha: The British athlete, Olympic and world champion, will race the 5,000 and the 10,000 meters; Kenyan athlete, Olympic champion, will race with the underdogs of the 800 meters race.

23 Jul 2014
Italian track titles awarded
A better European seasonal times and many excellent performances on the Mondo track at Quercia Stadium.

Have been held in Rovereto the Italian Track Championships Individual Absolutes. The Quercia Stadium of the city hosted the thirty best Italian athletes who, on Mondotrack, competed for the title and a place in the Italian squad that blue, August 12 to 17, will participate in the European Championships in Zurich. Many athletes who have shown excellent form, beginning with Libania Grenot: The Cuban-born athlete won the 400m with a time of 50"55 best European performance of the year, only 25/100 from their national record. Over the same distance, between men stood out a great Matteo Galvan, who raced in 45"58. Great excitement even in races with obstacles: in the 110 hurdles, successful Hassane Fofana in 13"60; in the 100 hurdles, won by Marzia Caravelli in 13"07; in the 400 hurdles, best time of the season for Leonaro Capotosti, with a time of 50"17. In the long-distance events, excellent performance of Giordano Benedetti, who dominated the closing 800m with a time of 1'49 "09, and nineteen Federica Del Buono, who won the 1500m with a time of 4'10" 26; in the 3000 steeplechase success for Valeria Roffino in 9'53 "82, the fourth Italian performance ever. Coming to the races for sprinters in the finals of the 100m, successes Obou Delmas (10"33) and Irena Siragusa (11" 53), who also won the title in the 200m with a time of 23"27. The 200m men went to Diego Marani, who raced in 20"47, the ninth time Italian of all time. 

21 Jul 2014
The hope of a better future
Mondo and the IAAF have financed the athletics track of the new Sports for Hope Center in Haiti

Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has launched the Sport for Hope Center in Port-au-Prince, in the presence of Haitian President Michel Martelly and the Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki-moon. After the terrible earthquake that struck the country four years ago, the Olympic Movement, through the National Olympic Committee of Haiti, has pledged to help the reconstruction of sports facilities as part of the process of reconstruction of the entire nation. The center, which cost $18 million, is the result of a joint initiative between the IOC and the Haitian government. Inside there are modern sports facilities and offer a wide range of educational programs and activities for the community, with the aim of providing the citizens of Haiti a better future. Thanks to perfect training conditions, the center will provide high-level athletes in Haiti and throughout the region, and national sports federations will benefit from modern offices and equipment to improve the professional level of the sport in the country. Among the highlights of the facility, the athletics track financed by the IAAF and Mondo. The center will be open to all Haitians, among the main beneficiaries there will be young people, families and schools.

18 Jul 2014
Italian Track Individual Absolultes Championships
In Rovereto, on a Mondo track, the best Italian athletes will compete.

From Friday, July 18th to Sunday, July 20th, the event is in Rovereto for the Italian Tracks Individual Absolutes Championships. The maximum event will take place on the track for the first time in Trentino, at the Quercia Stadium, where they expected about 900 of the best Italian athletes who will compete for the national title to obtain a place in the Italian team that will participate in the European Championships in Zurich, scheduled in mid-August.

The three days of competition include: Friday, July 18th, the performance of multiple tests (decathlon and heptathlon), some qualifying rounds, the march for women and men; Saturday, July 19th, a full day of racing, with sessions in the morning and late afternoon-evening; Sunday, July 20th, the final day with the finals in the late afternoon-evening sun.

The Quercia Stadium in Rovereto has a Mondotrack.

16 Jul 2014
A great return
World's best performance of the season for David Rudisha on Mondotrack in Glasgow.

The two days of great international athletic inside Hampden Park, Glasgow, during the Sainsbury's Glasgow Grand Prix, the Scottish leg of the IAAF Diamond League 2014 saw the return of a great hero David Rudisha. The Kenyan athlete, Olympic champion, won the 800m with a time of 1'43 "34 drawing the world seasonal best performance set by Asbel Kiprop a week before in Paris. A great result for Rudisha, who due to an accident, he lost months of preparation, being able to resume training until the end of March 2014. Among the women, excellent performance by the Dutchman's Dafne Schippers. The 22 year old, world bronze dell'eptathlon in Moscow, has improved two national records: 100m running in 11 "03; in the 200m with a time of 22 "34. Great performance even by Ethiopian Hiwot Ayalew, who in 3000m women's steeplechase recorded the world's best performance of the season with a time of 9'10 "64. Among other results stand out Panamanian Alonso Edward's victory in the 200m, with a time of 20 "25, and the success of the Puerto Rican Javier Culson in the 400m hurdles, with a time of 48" 35.

16 Jul 2014
30 days to Nanjing in 2014
Approaching the start of the most anticipated sporting event by young athletes from around the world.

Only one month remains at the beginning of the second edition of the Youth Olympic Games, Youth Olympic Games inspired by the Olympics as protagonists boys between 14 and 18 years old. The appointment is in Nanjing, August 16 to 28.

Many of the most important races of the event will be held in the Nanjing Olympic Centre, Sports complex built in 2005 which covers an area of 896,000 square meters. Of the center include a hall for gym, a pool, a facility for the modern pentathlon and a stadium for athletics, with Mondotrack. The stadium, in addition to the races, will also host the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games.

13 Jul 2014
Fourth City Trophy Pescara
In the city of Abruzzo high-level athletics returns

Sunday, July 13th in Pescara the fourth edition of the International Meet Giovanni Cornacchia is scheduled. On Mondotrack, in the Adriatico Stadium "Giovanni Cornacchia" will showcase the stars of the Youth Meeting (60m, 80m, 300m, 1000m, up, down), followed by the athletes registered for the Absolute Meet (men's 100m, 400m, 800m, 110 hurdles, top, rod, long, hard, hammer, 200 female).

11 Jul 2014
Scotland first for the IAAF Diamond League
The final events at Hampden Park before the Commonwealth Games.

On July 11th and 12th, Hampden Park is the scene for Sainsbury's Glasgow Grand Prix athletics, Scotland leg of the 2014 IAAF Diamond League. Competitions will be held at the stadium considered the temple of Scottish football, which has been transformed into a magnificent arena for athletics. On Mondotrack provided by Mondo, some of the best athletes at the international level will be put to the test in view of the Commonwealth Games, which will take place in the same sports facility from July 23rd to August 3rd, 2014.  Among these are the names of David Rudisha, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Carmelita Jeter and Ashton Eaton.  In total 22 world champions and 25 Olympic and Paralympic champions take to the track.

To transform the facility from Hampden Park football to an arena for world athletics, the surface of the stadium has been increased by almost two meters, in order to gain the length and width needed to accommodate the track, which has been installed, in sections of 250 sqm at a time. Inside the Hampden Stadium  approximately 14,000 sqm of prefabricated and pre-tested track surface by the Mondo has been installed.  In additional 6,000 sqm have been installed at Lesser Hampden, the warm-up area used by athletes before the race.

08 Jul 2014
Hurdlers and middle-distance runners on stage in France
The Areva Meet has recorded 5 seasonal best performance on Mondotrack.

Saturday, July 5th, in front of over 42,000 spectators, was held the stage of the Paris Diamond League. The focus was mainly on the hurdles races for the presence of the best performers of the discplines that have not lived up to expectations. In the 110 hurdles, in fact, the Jamaican Hänsle Parchment won with the amazing time of 12"94, the best time of the year and new Jamaican record; in the 100m hurdles, was not less the American Dawn Harper-Nelson, who ran in 12 "44 showed the world's best performance of the year. Great show have also offered long-distance events: 800m, a large Asbel Kiprop finished victorious with the best time of the year, 1'43 "34; Dutch Sifan Hassan won the women's 1500m running in 3'57 "00, the best performance of the season; the Kenyan Ewin Soi ran the 5000m in 12'59 "82, another world's best performance of the year.

08 Jul 2014
XXV International Meet of Sport & Solidarity
In Lignano Sabbiadoro numerous international stars of athletics take to the track.

Back to the annual meeting of the International Meet "Sport Solidarity", now in its 25th edition. The event is set for Tuesday, July 8th at the 20th hour at Stadium "G. Teghil "Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD). Organized by the Amateur Sports New Athletics of Friuli in Udine, the year's meet celebrates Ottavio Missoni, well-known designer and great sports champion who died last year, dedicating the race of the 400m hurdles. Among the athletes who will compete on the Mondo Super X Performance stand out the names of the athletes Kemarley Brown, Julian Forte and Andrew Fisher, Carrie Russell, Natasha Morrison, Elaine Thompson, Irene Siragusa, Mark Inglese, Martha Almanza, Marta Milani, Patrick Casey, Mohad Abdikadar, Jeffrey Riseley, Federica Del Buono, Andrés Silva, Sebastian Bayer, Rynardt Van Rrensburg and Henry Frayne.  Each year, the program will host various competitions for the disabled: the manifestation, in fact, has been recognized as one of the first in Europe to have made ​​the Olympic level athletes compete alongside young people with intellectual disabilities.

05 Jul 2014
2014 Areva Meet
Great returns and great challenges on the Mondo track on Stade of France.

We celebrate this year the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Meeting Paris Saint-Denis, known today as the Areva Meet. The event, which takes place within 15 years of the Stade of France, is one of the most prestigious events of the IAAF Diamond League, will be held Saturday, July 5th and will be attended by some of the best sprinters in circulation, which can make the best features of Mondotrack surface. In particular, the attention of the media around the world has focused on the return to racing of Asafa Powell. The Jamaican athlete, suspended for 18 months after a doping control, he could not run until next December, but his request for an appeal with the CAS has allowed him to be able to get on track before the court will meet again, on July 7th and 8th, to review his case. A wonderful opportunity for the organizers of the meeting in Paris, two days before the review will host the first international release by a year in this part of one of the greatest sprinters of all time. In the 100m race will run even Richard Thompson (Trinidad & Tobago sprinter who raced this year in 9 "82 best performance of the season), the Jamaican Nesta Carter, Frenchman Christophe Lemaitre, the American Michael Rodgers and the 38 year-old Kim Collins.

Great expectations for the women's 200m, which will see the expected battle between the American Allyson Felix (three times world champion and Olympic champion in London 2012) and Tori Bowie, known for his skills as a long jumper in that decided this season to devote himself to 200m with exceptional results: raced in 22 "18, world best performance of the year. In addition to the couple on the U.S., the spotlight will be focused also on the Jamaican Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and the Nigerian Blessing Okagbare, which this year has improved his personal record running in 22 "23.

Entertainment also secured in races with obstacles. In the 110 hurdles much is expected from the battle between the French Pascal Martinot-Lagarde, who this year has raced in 13 "12 (personal record and the best performance of the year), and the reigning world champion, the American David Oliver, who right on track at the Stade of France was established in 2010 the record staff (12 "89). There will also be the Olympic champion in Beijing 2008, the Cuban Dayron Robles, who holds the record of the meeting (12 "88). In the men's 400m hurdles, there will be the two best performers of the season: the Puerto Rican Javier Culson (48 "03) and the American Michel Tinsley, vice Olympic champion and world-wide (48" 56). The 100m hurdles will have the flavor of an Olympic final, with the starting blocks of the seven best performers of the season: the American Brianna Rollins (12'' 53), Dawn Harper Nelson (12'' 54), Queen Harrison (12'' 56), Kristi Castlin (12'' 58) and Kellie Wells (12'' 68), the Australian Sally Pearson (12'' 59), and the French Cindy Billaud (12'' 69).

04 Jul 2014
Objective Eugene 2014
A few days before the World Juniors, young athletes are training on a Mondo track.

From Saturday, July 5th to Thursday, July 10th a group of Italian youth national team athletes will meet in Castelnuovo ne 'Monti (RE).  This meeting was organized for the forthcoming World Championships in the category, held in Eugene (Oregon) July 22nd to 27th, 2014. Athletes in the group of 29 students names such as Alice Mangione (400m), Octavia Cestonaro (triple jump and long) and Erika Furlani (high jump). The system of Castelnuovo ne 'Monti was chosen as the venue for this gathering of national thanks to the strength of its track, which since 2007 has been the Mondotrack surface.

26 Jun 2014
USATF Outdoor Championships
The new Mondo Super X surface 720 to the test the best U.S. athletes.

From June 26th to 29th, the Hornet Stadium at Sacramento State University will host the USATF Outdoor Championships. The best athletes in the United States will gather for this event, the last leg of the 2014 USATF Outdoor Championship Series.

Home of the Olympic Trials in 2000 and 2004, Sacramento in recent years has hosted many important events, including the 2011 World Masters Championships, the 2010 U.S. Masters Championships, the 2010 U.S. Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships and the NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships in 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2007.

The Hornet Stadium has undergone, in recent years, a number of renovations, including the athletics track, which is now installed with a new surface: Mondo Super X 720 for the new 400m, eight-lane track, is one of the first to receive the new Mondo surface.
Mondo Super X 720 prefabricated is built in a controlled environment is not compromised by environmental conditions: this ensures uniform thickness and specifications over the entire surface, which translate into a dynamic response in the absence of constant and variable points on the track that which could negatively affect the pace of the race, protecting the athlete from the risk of strain or injury. The track gives you full control over the length of the stride, the race rhythm and balance, so that the athletes get the most out of their training sessions, with the security of being able to replicate the same results during the competition.

24 Jun 2014
Positive test at Hampden Park
Enthusiasm for youth athletics in Scotland.

Friday and Saturday, June 20th & 21st, Hampden Park in Glasgow hosted the Scottish Schools' Track & Field Championships. For all the young athletes who have participated in the event, the first race at the venue of the next Commonwealth Games in 2014, it was an exhilarating experience. The beautiful setting of the stadium and the heat that characterized the two days of sport have allowed the organizers to test the new structure under the best conditions, which from July 23 to August 3, 2014 will host the best athletes of the Commonwealth. Excellent performance obtained on the new Mondotrack supplied by Mondo.  In particular, have impressed in the women's Mhairi Hendry, who won the Frances Barker Shield for best female performance after the success in the 400m and 800m, and Alisha Rees, who won gold in the 100m and 200m U17 with two excellent Times: 12:05 and 24.54 respectively. In the men, spotlight on Ciaran Wright, who won the award Eric Liddell Memorial Trophy for the best male performance by establishing the primacy of the U20 event in the hammer throw, winning gold and silver in the disc in the shot put. Excellent performance by Andrew McFarlane, who improved their record in the pole vault U15, jumping 3.70 m.

23 Jun 2014
30 days to the Commonwealth Games
Everything is ready in Glasgow for one of the most anticipated athletic events of the year.

Only one month until the opening of the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and everything is ready at Hampden Park, the Scottish National Stadium which will be the focus of the event with about 48 scheduled events over seven days, and more than 1,000 athletes competing in the conquest for the highest podium step.

After months of work, the legendary football stadium has been transformed into a magnificent arena for athletics. The transformation has focused mainly on the pitch, which has been raised by almost two meters to the right length and width to accommodate an athletics track conforming to the rules of the IAAF. About eight rows of seats were removed to allow the installation of the track, positioned very close to the public so you feel part of the performance of the athletes in the race. Along with the track inside the field lots of grass has been installed laid on a temporary platform made up of 1,000 panels supported by more than 6,000 steel poles. A solution that has never been seen before on this scale. What has been called the "Glasgow solution" is now a model that can be recreated in other stages to make them suitable to host athletics events of the world.

Excited about the end result, the organizers of the Commonwealth Games. "The spectacular transformation from legendary Hampden Park football stadium at site of athletics events at the highest level is an achievement of which Glasgow and Scotland can rightly be proud of. This is a solution to the world in a fantastic facility and we look forward to the best athletes of the Commonwealth are to experience the thrill of competing at this stage, "said David Grevemberg, Chief Executive of Glasgow 2014.

Enthusiastic Mondo, the official supplier of the Mondotrack surface and sports equipment inside Hampden Park. Maurizio Stroppiana, CEO of Mondo Sports & Flooring, said: "Glasgow has created a system that is not only a feat of engineering, but also an example in the world of environmental and social responsibility. Mondo is proud to be part of it. " Inside the Hampden Stadium were installed approximately 14,000 sqm of prefabricated and pre-tested by Mondo. Additional 6,000 square meters have been installed at Lesser Hampden, the heating area used by athletes before the race.

20 Jun 2014
Against all barrier
Return to the annual Rainbow Meet

Thursday, June 26th, Stadio Comunale Giuseppe Olmo di Celle Ligure will host the 26th edition of the Rainbow Meet Atletica Europa. The Rainbow Meet is an international athletics event which is part of the circuit Europe Athlétisme Promotion (EAP). This edition will host the race for disabled athletes 1500m/carrozzella XIV Trofeo Together in Sport, as well as in competitions for athletes with disabilities, organized together with the ADSO (Association of Down Savona non-profit organization). Athletes will compete on a Mondo Sportflex track.

20 Jun 2014
Scottish Schools' Track & Field Championships 2014
Glasgow tests its next track for the Commonwealth Games.

On June 20th and 21st, Hampden Park in Glasgow will host the Scottish Schools' Track & Field Championships, an event which this year becomes more important, because students who participate in the competition will be the first athletes to test the stadium track, of the Scottish football stadium which has been transformed into a modern facility for athletics. The stadium, which will host the next Commonwealth Games, has a Mondotrack supplied by Mondo.

17 Jun 2014
Jump to record
The tenth edition of adidas Grand Prix lived up to expectations.

Saturday, June 14th, IAAF Diamond League has stopped at Icahn Stadium in New York, the facility has a Mondo Super X Performance track installed. The queens of the speed disciplines have seen the triumph of Jamaican athletes: in the 100m was imposed Nesta Carter, with a time of 10 "09; in the 200m, Warren Weir was the star of a great race, running with a slight headwind, finished with a time of 19 "82. In the long-distance events, success for David Rudisha in the 800m, with the best time of 1'44 "; excellent result in the women's field by Aregawi Ababa, who ran the 1500m in 4'00 "13. Victory by prediction LaShawn Merritt in the 400m for courses in 44 "19, and for the Puerto Rican Javier Culson, that by the time of 48" 03 showed the best performance of the season. To warm up the audience in New York we saw then Bohdan Bondarenko and Mutaz Barshim race in the high jump. Surpassing both the 2.42 m, in fact, both have achieved a great feat in the high jump. The Ukrainian failed to match the primacy of European Patrik Sjoberg, which dates back to 1987: the athlete of Qatar, on the other hand, has improved the record that already belonged to him by a centimeter for Asia.

14 Jun 2014
The Diamond League makes a stop in New York
The adidas Grand Prix celebrates its first decade in the presence of Olympic and world champions.

LaShawn Merritt (2 Olympic gold medals and seven world titles in the 400m and 4x400m), Aregawi Ababa (gold in the 1500m world indoor and outdoor), Kerron Stewart (2 Olympic silver in 100m and 4x100m), Lolo Jones (2 world titles in 60m hurdles), Tori Bowie (NCAA champion in the long jump this year has achieved great results in the 100m and 200m), Bohdan Bondarenko (reigning world champion in the high jump) are just some of the athletes who will compete on Saturday, June 14th at Adidas Grand Prix, New York leg of the IAAF Diamond League. Among the most anticipated races that will be raced on the track Mondo Super X Performance at Icahn Stadium on Randall's Island, is one of the 400m hurdles, which will challenge the athletes medal in London 2012 (Felix Sanchez, Michael Tinsley, Javier Culson) and the reigning world champion (Jehue Gordon).

11 Jun 2014
A sports festival
Over 80 thousand athletes celebrated the anniversary of the CIS in St. Peter's Square in the presence of the Pope

Saturday, June 7th in St. Peter's Square in Rome, there was a meeting between Pope Francis and young people and representatives of sports clubs throughout Italy, who gathered to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Italian Sports Center (CIS). Bergoglio took the opportunity to emphasize the importance of sport as a game: "Only if the game is good for the body and the spirit," he said. The pope called on sports in the streets to get involved in life as in sport: "Put you in the game in pursuit of the good in the Church and in society, without fear, with courage and enthusiasm." The pontiff also stressed the importance of sports clubs: "In the clubs you learn to accept. It welcomes any athlete who would like to join us and we welcome each other, with simplicity and sympathy. " Duro was the intervention against individualism: "Belonging to a sports club - said Bergoglio - means reject all forms of selfishness and isolation, is an opportunity to meet and be with others, to help each other, to compete in mutual esteem and grow in brotherhood. " Papa Francesco then wanted to remember the life and work of pioneering father Lorenzo Massa, founder in 1908 of a club that would become the St. Lawrence, the soccer team in Buenos Aires in which the pope is a fan. The pontiff said the bond that exists between many parishes and many sports clubs: "Many of your clubs are born and live in the shadow of a steeple; it's nice when there is a sporting group in the parish, but must be set right in a manner consistent with the Christian community, if not, it is best that there is. "

The event was also attended by the Mondo, providing and posing in collaboration with its partners Bi Sport, the "runner" that was placed directly in the churchyard of St. Peter's Basilica and was covered by the Pope accompanied by a delegation of children. The course was in Mondotrack, the same surface used for the athletics track of the Olympic Stadium in London 2012.

In addition, at the Village of Sports in way of conciliation, as was done October 20, 2013, during the "Running of 100 meters and Faith," Mondo and Bi Sport organized space Kids World, dedicated to preteens. Mondo has also provided professional event balloons, designed by the Mondo Toys division; one of them has been used by athletes present during the events of the day; while the others were delivered in a symbolic way to the Pope for an initiative to support the needy dioceses around the world.

06 Jun 2014
Italian Individual Championships Juniors and Promises
The most important national event of youth athletics level will be ran on a Mondo track.

From June 6th to 8th, the Primo Nebiolo Stadium in Turin will host the 2014 Italian Junior Championships and Promises, an event organized by CUS Torino. Inside the Park Ruffini of Turin, which in 2015 will be European Capital of Sport,  80 titles will be awarded  (divided equally between men and women). There will be 1430 athletes, representatives of 248 companies from all over Italy. The event will be an opportunity to celebrate the centenary of the National Olympic Committee. The stadium Primo Nebiolo has an athletics track with Mondotrack surface.

04 Jun 2014
Good times at the Luke Coscioni Memorial
Italian athletes in great form on the Mondotrack at Luigi Muzi Stadium in Orvieto.

Great excitement and great performances at the Luigi Muzi Stadium in Orvieto, which hosted the fifth edition of the Memorial Luke Coscioni. Among the athletes who competed on Mondotrack, stands out the name of Diego Marani, sprinter of the Guardia di Finanza, who ran the 200 meters in 20.65 has improved by 12 seconds his  personal time. Good times were also recorded in other disciplines, in particular: the final of the 110 hurdles was won by Marzia Caravelli with a time of 13.07; in the 400 m, winning with 47.17 Luca Galletti; in the men's 1500 m, success of Fabio Carroza who raced in 3:41.84.

02 Jun 2014
The USATF Outdoor Championships on a Mondo track.
In Sacramento outstanding performance for the new Mondo Super X surface 720.

Despite the absence of some of the biggest names in athletics for the Stars and Stripes, the U.S. Trials offered a great show to the many spectators who filled the stands of Hornet Stadium at Sacramento State University. The new track Mondo Super X 720 did not disappoint the expectations of the athletes, who were able to give the best of themselves. Among the most interesting events time recorded in Sacramento, it should be remembered that Ronnie Ash in the semi-finals of the 100m hurdles, which enabled him to become the first athlete since 2012 to finish the race under 13. "Ash fell in the final and the victory went to Devon Allen, with a time of 13 "16. In the men's 200m, success for Curtis Mitchell: the bronze medal in Moscow in 2013 he won running in 20 "13 (in the semi-finals he raced in 19" 99). In the women's 200m victory for Jeneba Tarmoh, Olympic gold medal with the 4x100 relay team, who finished with a time of 22 "06. Other interesting results came from the final of the 400m hurdles, won by Johnny Dutch (48 "93), the 800m, won by Duane Solomon (1'44" 33), and the women's 1500m, with Jenny Simpson who raced in 4'04 "96. The final of the women's 400m was won by Sanya Richard-Ross, who has raced in 49 "66, his best time of the season. In the finals of the 100m, successes for Mike Rodgers (10 "09) and Tianna Bartoletta (11" 15).

01 Jun 2014
V Memorial Luke Coscioni
Running onMondotrack, the Athletics meet named after the Italian Radicals president, who died in 2006.

Sunday, June 1st, on Mondotrack, the Luigi Muzi Orvieto Stadium, will host the fifth edition of the Memorial Luke Coscioni, national Men's and Women's track and field  meet. The event, organized by Libertas Orvieto, Luca Coscioni Association and the Coscioni family, will celebrate the role of the President of the Italian Radicals, who died in 2006 at only 38 years old, he was known for his fights for civil rights and his passion for running, before he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). It is an event that each year grows in the number and quality of participants.

29 May 2014
Mondo official supplier of Glasgow 2014
The Commonwealth Games will be ran on Mondotrack.

The next Commonwealth Games, to be held in Glasgow from July 23rd to August 3rd, 2014, will be ran a Mondo running track. The Italian company will not only be the official supplier of the track surface, and will also provide sports equipment that athletes use inside the stadium Hampden Park. The temple of Scottish football, for the occasion, has been transformed into an arena for athletics of the world. To do this, the surface of the stadium has been raised by almost two meters, in order to earn the length and width needed to accommodate the track, which has been installed, section by section, 250 square meters at a time. Inside the Hampden Stadium is made ​​for the installation of approximately 14,000 sqm of prefabricated and pre-tested by Mondo, on which will be held 48 events over the course of seven days. Additional 6,000 square meters have been installed at Lesser Hampden, the warm-up area used by athletes before the race.

Enthusiastic about the project and the solutions provided by Mondo, David Grevemberg, Chief Executive of Glasgow 2014 said: "The solution we are implementing, to transform the National Stadium in Scotland, is a world first on this scale. It's great to have the quality of the materials supplied by Mondo to offer a first-class platform that will shine the best athletes of the Commonwealth . " Maurizio Stroppiana , CEO of Mondo Sports & Flooring, said: "Glasgow has created a system that is not only a feat of engineering, but also an example in the world of environmental and social responsibility . Mondo is proud to be part of it ."

26 May 2014
Relays record
The IAAF World Relay Championships on the new Mondo Super X 720 track has been the stage of three world records and a set of seasonal best performances.

Difficult to imagine a more exciting debut of for the World Championships relay (IAAF World Relays), which in the first edition to have recorded three world records and seasonal best performances in all ten disciplines that are racing. After two days of competition, the medals saw the United States team move to the first position  (5 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze), which was awarded as the first golden baton, signed by Mondo, from the hands of Lamine Diack, president of the IAAF.

The races were held at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium, inside the Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre in Nassau, the Bahamas. The athletes have raced on the new track Mondo Super X 720, which provides a significant increase in comfort without compromising athletic performance through the application of tecnoclogia exclusively developed for Mondotrack. The same facility will also host the 2015 edition.

The first world record of the championships came in from 4x1500 m women's relay, by the Kenyan team ( Cherono, Kipyegon, Jelagat, Obiri ), which was set with a time of 16:33:58. The second world record 4x200m male relay team is the work of Jamaican men (Ashmeade, Weir, Brown, Blake), who ran in 1:18.63 broke the previous record that had stood for 20 years. The third world record came from 4x1500m male, again thanks to Kenya, running the amazing time of 14:22:22, has shattered the previous record ever recorded by Kenyans in 2009.  Excellent results also by Ethiopia, now third with their own national record: 14:41:22.

Great times were also made in other disciplines. The men 's 4x100 was won by Jamaica (Carter - Ashmeade - Strong - Blake) , and qualifying clocked the fastest time of the year with 37.71. Great Britain, who won the bronze in the qualifying set the fastest European time with 37.93.  The men's 4x400 saw the success of the United States ( Merritt, Verburg, McQuay, Taylor) who ran in 2:57:25, the best time of the year. Second and third in the relay of the Bahamas to Trinidad & Tobago, who has created a national record 2:58:34 . European best result of the season for Great Britain, came fourth in 3:00:32. The U.S. women's 4x200 m (Solomon, Meadows, Knight, Duncan ) has established itself with a time of 1:29:45. Surprising second place for the United Kingdom, which saw the national record with a time of 1:29.61 . The USA 4x400 m ( Trotter, Sanya, Hastings, Atkins ) ran the fastest time in 3:21.73 season . Second and third Jamaica Nigeria. Excellent performance of the French relay, with a time of 3:25.84 that he set the fastest time seasonal Europe. Even the women's 4x800 m was won by the American team (Price, Lara Wilson, Martinez) with a time of 8:01:58, ahead of Kenya, African record with 8:04:28 , and Russia.

At the conclusion of the first edition of the IAAF World Realys, an enthusiastic Lamine Diack, the IAAF president, said: " In the paradise of sun, sea and sand, as you define the Bahamas, we have experienced a true sportsman's paradise that has excelled beyond expectation . People have embraced the IAAF World Relays and their noise and support will continue to play in our memories for many years to come. "

26 May 2014
World Padel Tour
Mondo 3NX is the perfect solution for the WPT, the professional paddle circuit the most important in the world.

From May 19th to 25th the Barcelona Club Real of Polo has hosted a round of the World Padel Tour (WPT), the most important professional circuit of the sport. Estrella Damm Barcelona Open was played on artificial grass cloak Mondo 3NX blue. An important competition like the WPT, in fact, requires an area of ​​very high level, and the turf latest generation of Mondo 3NX, approved by the Spanish Federation of Padel, thanks to its filament ensures optimum sports performance, high resistance to heat and weather changes, even extreme ones. What in the Catalan capital is the 329 ° field with this mantle that was installed this year.

24 May 2014
Italian Masters Combined Events Championships
In Desenzano del Garda a weekend of athletics.

On May 24th and 25th, in Desenzano del Garda the Italian Championships Individual and Society Multiple Trials will be held. On the Mondo track of Sports City "F. Ghizzi" will also be held the absolute provincial championships on the outdoor track.

24 May 2014
Challenge among relays
It runs on a Mondo track, the first edition of the IAAF World Relays.

The Bahamas on May 24th and 25th are hosting the first edition of the IAAF World Championships relay. The Thomas A. Robinson Stadium, with a capacity of 15,000 spectators, will host the best athletes in the world, many of them veterans from the success of London 2012 and Moscow 2013, will battle it out on a track with Mondo Super X surface 720.  Nassau is the first stadium in Latin America and the Caribbean region, and among the first in the world to be installed with this innovative surface. The Caribbean island is expected to attract over 500 athletes from more than 40 nations. The races are scheduled: 4x100m, 4x200m, 4x400m, 4x800m and 4x1.500m (male and female).

22 May 2014

16 May 2014
Athletics welcome back
Five years after the earthquake, L'Aquila will host the athletics competitions of the highest level.

On Wednesday, May 14th the new Stadium Foundation Carispaq Isaiah Caesar Aquila has been inaugurated with its new athletics track.  The stadium of the capital of Abruzzo, one of the landmarks that remained after the earthquake that struck the city in 2009, now houses an Olympic level track: Mondotrack 13.5 mm. Mondo, in addition to the new 8-lane track, also provided the equipment. The inauguration was attended by the leaders of the National Olympic Committee, led by President John Malagò, and Fidal. The renovation of the stadium was completed under the direction of the architect Vincent Perinelli.

10 May 2014
An Olympic track Reunification
The new stadium track of the Abruzzo capital is the same in London 2012.

On May 14th, there will be the inauguration of the new Aquila running track that stars Mondo with its Mondotrack 13.5mm surface and the supply of equipment. The track has been installed in the stadium of the capital of Abruzzo, one of the landmarks that remained after the earthquake that struck the city in 2009. The facility, now completely restored, replacing the old one that immediately after the earthquake, it housed the city's largest tent city, the Piazza d'Armi. The new 8-lane athletics track will be opened in the presence of senior leaders of the National Olympic Committee, led by President John Malagò, and Fidal. The Olympic Committee has followed closely in the footsteps of redevelopment of the stadium, whose works have been performed under the direction of Vincent Perinelli. CONI has paid homage to the town of L'Aquila with sports equipment.

The track, which will be approved by the national and international competitions, has been produced and installed in about three months from July to September 2013. It is a typical eight-lane oval with two runways for jumps: a runway area platforms with footrests for the pole vault and javelin throwing and a bezel on the opposite side where the are the platforms launch (launch weight and disc / hammer ), javelin throw and high jump area. In the field there is a zone for triple jump composed of two footboards bidirectional. The track is installed on a base of bituminous conglomerate similar to the one for normal roads, but with a flatness tolerance much more demanding. The surface area is 4,879 square meters. With the lunettes and ancillary areas reaches a total of 7,423 square meters. Around 92 tons of rubber have been used to realize the track. The provision has been made to the company Walter Martinelli, contractor of all the works related to the new stadium for athletics Aquila, the material was installed by Company Madi Sports. The grandstand, all laminated wood, entirely covered with large changing rooms and toilets below, was produced by Rubner Holzbau S.p.a. Bressanone. The Mondo Iberica subsidiary has developed equipment for athletics fixed and mobile.

02 May 2014
A weekend of Athletics
Four events on Mondo tracks mark the beginning of the outdoor season in Italy.

Athletics is the star in Italy during the first weekend of May. Event starts on Friday, May 2nd, with the first of two days of competition for the Multistars event - Trophy Zemeri Steels, Stadium Ridolfi of Florence.  In the Tuscan capital competitions will be held on Mondo Super X Performance track for this highly anticipated international athletics meet. Saturday, May 3rd, in Codroipo, province of Udine, will be staged the Town Meet of Codroipo.  The eighth edition of this important event will take place on the Mondo Super X track.  Sunday, May 4th, at the Stadium of Pavia Olympic Committee will host the twelfth edition of the International Meeting "Graziano Valley", which this year will host the Festival of Miles for categories for kids, junior high male and female, high school male and female. Also on Sunday, May 4th in Rovereto, in the province of Trento, will be staged the forty-sixth edition of the Golden Oak. This event, which for many is the start of the season on the track in Italy, will be attended by all the major national athletics clubs, who will compete on Mondotrack.

29 Apr 2014
A spot for futsal!
The Final Four in Baku continues to be the football 5 deserve a place among today's most spectacular sport, thanks to the Mondo playing field.

Winning by 5-2, after over time, the Russian FC Dynamo, the Spanish FC Barcelona won their fourth title as European champions, the second win in the last three years. The final of the UEFA Futsal Cup 2014 was hard fought and saw the Russians conclude advantage in the first half, with a goal by Romulo.  In the second half the Catalan team overturned the results with goals from Gabriel and Dyego, but in the end was reached by the Muscovites who went on to sign with Tatu.  In additional, a large test by Fernanda, resulted in the advantage for Barcelona, which in the last minutes of the game rounded the result, with the goals of Sergio Lozano and Paco Sedano who scored into an empty net from a distance, taking advantage of the attempt Dynamo to reach the break-even entering the keeper of movement. In the match for third place, success for the hosts dell'Araz Naxçivan. After losing the semi-final against Barcelona on penalties, Azerbaijanis were imposed on Kazakhstan Kairat Almaty with the result of 6-4at the end of an exciting competition to the end. The Final Four of the UEFA Futsal Cup 2014 was held in the Olympic Sports Complex Sarhadchi of Baku, on a playing field installed with black Mondo Fast Break System 2 Laminated flooring.

24 Apr 2014
UEFA Futsal Cup 2014
In Azerbaijan, the Final Four, one of the most important club competition in Europe will be played.

The Olympic Sports Complex Sarhadchi in Baku, will be embellished for the occasion by a playing field with Fast Break System 2 Laminated flooring in black. This is the same surface used at the recent European Championship in Antwerp. They hosted the finals of the UEFA Futsal Cup.  The Final Four will compete against one of the semi-finals hosts dell'Araz Naxçivan and Barcelona; while in the other semifinal the finalists of the previous edition will meet: Kairat Almaty, Kazakhs and Russians FC Dynamo. The finals for the first and third place will be played on April 26.

23 Apr 2014
The Jamaican athletes run fast
The 2014 CARIFTA Games concluded dominated by young Jamaican athletes.

From April 18th - 21st, on the island Martinique the CARIFTA Games were held on the Mondo Super X track at Pierre Aliker Stadium of Fort-de -France, the athletes in the categories under 18 and under 20 from twenty-seven Caribbean countries have given rise to three days of exciting races. In the end, the medal were won by Jamaica with 88 medals, including 42 gold; second place went to Trinidad & Tobago with 25 medals, including 6 gold; in third place, Barbados with 16 medals, including five gold.  The young Jamaican athletes have been imposed in almost all disciplines of speed: 4x400m relay team U-20 women's, won with a time of 3'38 " 20; 4x400m relay team U-18 male, won with a time of 3'12 " 63; U-18 women's 4x400 relay, which was won with a time of 3'37 " 65; U-18 women's 200m, with Natalliah White, who has raced in 23 " 36; U-18 men's 200m, with Chad Walker that course in 20 "99 ; U-20 men's 200m, with Michael O'Hara who raced in 20 " 50; 100m hurdles U-18 women , with Janeek Brown who won in 13 " 48; 110 m and 400m hurdles men's U-18, with Jaheel Hyde who won the first with a time of 13" 10 seconds with a time of 51" 21; 400m hurdles U-18 women, with Shenice Cohen who won with a time of 59 " 72; 400m hurdles men's U-20, won by Williams Okeen in 50 "99; U-20 400m hurdles women, thanks to Kimone Green who raced in 58 " 47; U-18 men's 100m, with Raheem Chambers who won with a time of 10 "27.

21 Apr 2014
Carifta Games
The Caribbean Junior Athletics Championships will held on Mondo track.

The CARIFTA Games is an athletics competition which each year has countries  competing that are part of the Caribbean Free Trade Association (CARIFTA). The first edition was held in 1972. Categories admitted to the competition are under 17 and under 20. This year's 43rd edition will be hosted by Pierre Aliker Stadium in Fort-de-France, Martinique island. Over the years, the CARIFTA Games have posted victories of young athletes who are then confirmed at the highest levels, including Usain Bolt in the 2004 ran the 200 meters in 19.93, the world junior record still remainds unbeaten. Pierre Aliker Stadium, the largest of the French Antilles, has a running track that has been recently renovated with Mondo Super X surface.

29 Mar 2014
IAAF World Relays
Nassau will host the first edition of the World Championships for relays.

On May 24th and 25th, Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, will host the first edition of the IAAF World Relays. About 800 athletes from 48 countries, divided into 90 male and 64 female teams will compete in five events: 4x100m, 4x200m, 4x400m, 4x800m and 4x1500m. The top eight teams ranked in the 4x100m and 4x400m races, male and female, will automatically qualify for the 2015 IAAF World Championships in Beijing. In addition, the top eight teams in each event will receive a cash prize to the gold medal winners of no less than $ 50,000. For every team that achieves a world record there is a bonus of $ 50,000.

28 Mar 2014
The factory of self-improvement
Mondo Iberica is celebrating its 25th anniversary dedicated to innovation in order to offer the best sporting equipment

 “Faster, taller, stronger”. The slogan that Baron Pierre de Coubertin announced at the opening ceremony of the first Olympic Games of the Modern Era is an inspiration for Mondo’s work. The company, founded in 1948, is unavoidably tied to the Olympic Games as it has been selected as the official supplier on consecutive occasions, from Montreal 1976 to London 2012.  25 years ago, when the Olympic Games were held in Barcelona in 1992, the company created its headquarters in Spain: Mondo Iberica. In Zaragoza, an ideal location due to its geographical location, it produces equipment for both the most important sporting competitions in the world and for millions of grassroots athletes.

Mondo Iberica is currently the design, research and production centre for sporting equipment, wooden flooring, seats, grandstands, sporting electronics and LED screens for the entire Mondo group. Its LED screen range is worthy of a special mention, as it is the last product line developed Mondo Iberica. Production of these screens started in 2008 and the company is able to carry out totally bespoke projects. LED technology is not only used in sport, as it has an increasingly important presence in urban environments, where Mondo Iberica also provides its experience. 

The Spanish subsidiary has more than one thousand references for sports such as athletics, football, 5-a-side football (futsal), basketball, volleyball or padel, among many others. It currently has seven  branches and the commercial regions of the Mondo Group in Spain. Portugal and Africa are also managed from Zaragoza. A quarter of a century later, Mondo Iberica continues to innovate and to work tirelessly so that athletes can improve day after day: Citius, Altius, Fortius.


25 Mar 2014
The Toy Fair was a success

The Toy Fair was a success, also the Minions visited us!

11 Mar 2014
Record attendance at Sopot 2014
Whoever considered indoor athletics indoor less spectacular than outdoor has been contradicted by World Indoor Championships.

The athletes do not suffer from the rain and the wind, the audience is attached to their heroes, the program runs faster with five races at the same time on the ring and on the four platforms. It is over, jumped and launched to great to Ergo Arena, where the banked track removable Modultrack, Mondo Super X blue surface, athletes have achieved excellent performance. Among the men,  the star performer was the American Ashton Eaton, who won the heptathlon with 6632 points, only 13 points from setting a new world record.  After six tests the twenty-six Oregon were 9 points ahead, but in the 1000 final fatigue was felt during the last round, so the record is blurred for a little over a second.  Among women, the queen of the festival was the Polish Jamaican Shelly Ann Fraser, who dominated the 60 6 " 98, the seventh fastest woman of all time, only 6 inches from the world record of Irina Privalova . The hairdresser Kingston - the first world indoor - beat the Ivorian Murielle Ahourè (7 " 01) and the American Tianna Madison (7" 06) , now become the lady Bartoletta . Fraser is the undisputed empress of speed, even holding world outdoor titles for the 100 and 200 as well as the Olympic 100 . The United States were the star performers of the weekend, collecting 8 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals . On the last day  the only world record was set, thanks to the Americans Clemons, Verburg, Butler and Smith, who won the 4x400 in 3'02 " 13 , seven-tenths better than the time of the quartet stars and stripes at the World Championships in Maebashi 1999. At 39, Bernard Lagat failed to win gold,  contenting himself with silver behind the Kenyan Ndiku in 3000: The U.S. is still the most senior on the podium in the history of the event.

04 Mar 2014
Like real grass!
The new Monofibre 4NX AS 45 system has the appearance and characteristics of a natural turf field.

The field of artificial grass sports center in the town of Salvador Allende Combs la Ville, common in the south-eastern outskirts of Paris, in the department of Seine- et- Marne in the Île -de-France , it's a special field, in as it hosts the first installation of a new system with a new fiber created by Mondo : The system Monofibre 4NX 45 aS. The new filament 4NX revival of the structure semiconcave three asymmetric spines, whose conception continues to receive excellent feedback , perfecting those characteristics that enable substantial improvement in function sport and technical systems in synthetic grass Mondoturf . The mantle , with monofilament backing on 4NX fabrics with double layer of polypropylene and polyurethane coating provides greater tear resistance of the tufts of grass. The new thickness of 400μm increases the elastic memory and the ability to recover. The radial profile improves the wear resistance and the behavior of the wire during the game . The extrusion process of the new filaments integrates a new type of low density polyethylene , along with a new polymerization method and an innovative procedure catalysis designed specifically for 4NX . The molecular alignment and orientation have been refined over time to ensure the excellent mechanical properties of the filament. The new latest generation UV additive protector offers optimal defense against the action of the weather, considerably improving the wear resistance. Two new shades of color, more rea , giving the tufts of grass a natural appearance, the most brilliant, intense and nuanced able to simulate the effect of natural grass , fresh and luxuriant . The new shades scatter light to minimize glare thanks to the synergy between morphology , thickness, and color again . The extreme resilience of the wire and the fiber structure thicker facilitate the operations of clogging of the field and make maintenance more rapid and effective . Laid on an area of ​​1,456 square meters , the new Mondo fiber wowed not only those who have tested, but also those who have installed : " The system installed is nice, you can be proud of, I think it's perfect, the customer is happy, that's all ! "said the company Gazon Express, Sports & Parcs group , which was responsible for the work.

01 Mar 2014
2014 is the year of the World Cup in Brazil!

2014 is the year of the World Cup in Brazil! Mondo presents a complete range of balls, stitched and pvc decorated, available in different sizes.

25 Feb 2014
The 2014 Absolute Indoor Championships
Two new national records were set in Ancona.

Saturday February 22nd and Sunday February 23rd, Banca Marche Ancona Palas hosted the Absolute Indoor Championships in Athletics. The Mondo Modultrack system with the Super X surface witnessed some great results by the Italian athletes, which bode well for the IAAF World Indoor Championships, which will be held in Sopot March 7 to 9, 2014.  The stand out on all the national indoor record  and outdoor high jump, was won by 24 year old Mark Fassinotti with the measurement of 2.34m, and the national record in the women's 3000m race,  was set by Anna Eleonora Giorgi with a time of 11'50 "08. Athletes and event organizers have expressed very positive feedback on the performance of the Mondo track.

22 Feb 2014
The world's oldest Indoor Championships returns to Albuquerque
USA Indoor Athletics Championships will be ran on a Mondo track.

From February 21st to 23rd, Albuquerque will host the USA Track & Field Indoor Championships. This is the fourth time that the city of New Mexico will host the Indoor Athletics championships, the oldest in the world.  The best U.S. athletes will compete for a chance to earn championships titles, as well as a chance to represent Team USA at the IAAF World Indoor Championships to be held in Sopot, Poland on March 7-9, 2014.  The American National Indoor Championships in Athletics will take place on a will be competing on a Mondo Banked Portable Track with Super X Performance surfacing.

20 Feb 2014
Mondo track for Sopot 2014
The Italian company has provided the track that in which IAAF World Indoor Championships will be held.

Now that the signatures have been finalized, the track of the Ergo Arena in Sopot is ready to welcome the stars of the upcoming IAAF World Indoor Championships, to be held in the Polish city March 7 to 9, 2014. The commitment of Mondo for this important event has involved both the main track (elevated removable Modultrack with Mondo Super X surface, 13.5 mm thick), and the warm-up track (Mondotrack) and equipment for competitions athletics, such as hurdles, landing areas for high jump and pole vault, etc..

19 Feb 2014
The IAAF a guest of Mondo
the annual meeting of the IAAF Technical Committee was held in Alba, at the Mondo headquarters.

On February 8th and 9th, the venue, Mondo in Alba hosted the IAAF Technical Committee, which was able to see firsthand the production of various Mondo synthetic surfaces, the official partner of the IAAF. During the meeting, a detailed analysis was made of the rules and regulations of the IAAF, with a focus on equipment, stadiums and facilities for athletics. It is the responsibility of the Technical Committee to analyze the existing rules and regulations, and then make the correct recommendations. This practice ensures that the IAAF is in line with the trends of the moment, andl ensure the safety of the athletes, sports and aid to progress. New proposals to amend the current rules were discussed and it is expected that proposals will be submitted to the IAAF Council, and then the next IAAF Congress in 2015. The IAAF thanked Mondo for being an excellent host and for providing the Committee with a beautiful setting for their annual meeting.

19 Feb 2014
No one ever so high
In the pole vault, a new world record set in athletics.

Saturday, February 15, 2014 will be remembered as a historical date for Athletics. After 21 years, in Donetsk, during the Pole Vault Stars competition, the world record for indoor pole vault was beaten,  which had been held by Sergei Bubka in the Ukrainian city. The reigning Olympic champion, Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie,achieved this feat was  in the first attempt when he jumped 6.16 meters, one centimeter more than the old record. An outstanding result, which was also attended by the Mondo.  Lavillenie he ran on a  Modultrack covered with Mondo Super X.

14 Feb 2014
2014 Millrose Games
In New York City, on stage will be one of the most prestigious athletics events of the Stars and Stripes.

Saturday, February 15th, at the New Balance Track & Field Center will host the 107th edition of the Millrose Games. For the third consecutive year the event will be hosted by the the Armory Foundation facility, the athletes will run on Mondo Super X Performance. The Millrose Games over the years have already seen young athletes prevail at the international level, from college and high school, which later became champions of the highest level. There are over 200 athletes who have won both the Millrose Games and the Olympic Games. One of the most anticipated races within the event has always been the distance mile, which this year will include, among others, Matthew Centrowitz, silver medal at the recent Athletics World Championships, and Mary Cain, a promising young athletics of the Stars and Stripes, and winner of the national indoor championships.

11 Feb 2014
Everything is ready for Sopot 2014
Just a few days to the opening of the World Indoor Championships in Athletics, to be held in Poland and will be held on Mondo track.

Less than a month to the opening of the IAAF World Indoor Championships, scheduled for March 7 to 9 in Sopot, Poland. The competitions will be held inside the Ergo Arena, one of the most modern multi-purpose facilities in Europe, opened in 2010. For the occasion, The facility will enriched by the presence of a portable Mondo banked track, with Mondo Super X surface, 13.5 mm thick. The track Modultrack, a temporary structure built on 3 m high, so as to ensure better visibility to the 15,000 spectators the arena, after the Championships will be permanently installed in the Polish city of Torun. Still inside the Ergo Arena, Mondo has provided the surface for the warm-up track, Mondotrack. In addition, Mondo has provided equipment for track and field competitions, such as equipment for  high jump and pole vault landing areas, etc..

10 Feb 2014
Italy on top for Europe
Second success for the national team in the most important competition of continental futsal.

It ended with the success of Italy the ninth edition of the UEFA European Futsal Championship. The Azzurri imposed themselves on Russia in the final 3-1, thus winning their second continental title, after having won at home in 2003. Italy, after having won their group by defeating three teams in the quarterfinals of the Croatia 2-1 in the semifinals and 4-3 to Portugal. The match for third place was won by Spain, who beat the team Lusitanian 8-4. Mondo has participated as a sponsor at the event, and provided the game goals and Fast Break System 2 Laminated flooring for Antwerp's Sportpaleis. Antwerp sports hall has hosted matches in the quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final.

10 Feb 2014
Handball League Cup
Success of Montpellier on Mondo flooring.

The 1st and 2nd of February, the multi-purpose indoor Le Phare Chambery  hosted the Final Four of the French Handball League Cup. The first semi-final saw the team of Saint-Raphael defeat the favorite Paris by a one point difference, 47-46. In the second semi-final success to Montpellier, which is 26-24 sets of Dunkirk. Less balanced in the final, with Montpellier which won the League Cup sconfeiggendo 34-21 Saint-Raphael. The three matches in the two days of Chambéry were played on  Mondoflex 7.5 mm surface over Everlay 1.2 mm, removable version.

01 Feb 2014

Dusty and El Chupacabra compete in a breathtaking race on the Mondomotors track!

Dusty and El Chupacabra compete in a breathtaking race on the Mondomotors track! The special circuit is developed on 2 different lanes with climbs, overpasses, descents! Retrace Dusty’s journey around the world using the track Planes! Waiting for the new track Planes Fire & Rescue!

29 Jan 2014
UEFA Futsal EURO 2014
The most important event of continental futsal nations takes place this year in Belgium on Mondo flooring.

It opened with two clear victories by Russia and Romania, respectively, of the Netherlands and Belgium, the UEFA Futsal EURO 2014 hosted by the Belgian city of Antwerp. From January 28 to February 8, 2014, twelve teams divided into groups of three will compete for the title of European Champion. Now in its ninth edition, the tournament was won by Spain six times, and once to Italy and Russia. The Spanish champions, are the favorites for this edition. Mondo is a sponsor of the event and provided the game ports and Fast Break System 2 Laminated flooring.

22 Jan 2014
Athletics returns to Genova
The indoor athletic stadium of the Fiera is reopening its doors, thanks to a structure with portable track with the Mondotrack surface.

After Palaindoor of Padua, opened December 21, 201, another indoor track and field facility is about to be completed: the Indoor Stadium of the Fiera, Genova. In fact, in this case it is a re-opening, as the palace of Genoa occupies a respected role in the history of Italian athletics.  It has hosted 22 editions of the Absolutes, from 1970-2008. The activities related to athletics inside the indoor stadium broke down when the structure was brought to Turin and Genoa subject to a complete makeover for the 2009 European Championship event . After the continental event, the property came into the warehouse, where it remained until a few weeks ago. Thanks to the efforts of Fidal, Ente Fiera di Genova , Liguria regional and municipal administrations, the track today, with portable Mondotrack surface, returns available to accommodate training and competition . "I must just say that is returned to athletics Italian a valuable asset, which remained unused for too long, and sadly closed in a warehouse. After the northeast, Padua, and the center - north, Ancona, also northwest, in Genoa, will have a high-quality indoor facility allowing the development of a strategic activity for our movement, both for the base to the summit, "said Alfio Giomi, President of Fidal .

16 Jan 2014
First races at the Indoor Arena of Padua
Padua Veneto Regional Championships Combined Events were held in the new facility.

Opened on December 21, 2013, the new Indoor Arena of Padua is already in full swing, thanks to a series of events planned for the beginning of 2014, among which the Italian Championships absolute multiple tests ( 25 and 26 January). Pending the most anticipated event, the athletes are testing the new Mondotrack, the platforms and the equipment that was installed in the new world system by participating in a series of competitions , including the Veneto Regional Championship to open multiple tests, that were played at the indoor arena on January 11th and 12th. Between the timing and the measures obtained in the two days of racing, stands the 1, 96m Alessia Trost in the high jump.  Athlete of the Guardia di Finanza , European Champion Under 23 high jump, recorded the fourth measure Italian ever and third indoors , winning the race in the pentathlon with 4,035 points. "I found a very flexible platform , the feelings have been very good ," said Alessia Trost at the end of the race.

01 Jan 2014
The movie was a success...

The movie was a success, and the products dedicated to Minions, Gru and the girls are nice!

12 Dec 2013
Birmingham CrossPlex wins Indoor Track Facility of the Year
Mondo was honored for excellence in sports construction by the ASBA

The Birmingham CrossPlex facility was honored by the American Sports Builders Association, at the annual ASBA Technical Meeting, which was held this year in San Antonio . ASBA is an American organization for builders, designers and suppliers of materials for athletic facilities, which each year awards the structures built by its members who represent excellence in the industry. The Birmingham CrossPlex, located in Alabama, has been awarded Indoor Track Facility of the Year, which features a Mondo hydraulic banked track with a state-of-the art Mondotrack surface. The six-lane, 200-meter track system has two curved track sections that can be banked for high-speed running events.  It can be set at any intermediate position between flat and fully raised, so it can be used for a wide range of events and by athletes with different skill levels. When the curved sections are lowered, the synthetic surface of the track is flush with the surrounding surfaces, so those surfaces can be used for other sports or activities. Mondo makes the world’s only hydraulic banked 200-meter indoor competition track system. The Mondo hydraulic track at the CrossPlex is one of only six in the United States and 13 in the world.

As mentioned, Mondotrack was the competition track on which they ran the 2012 London Olympics, where three world records, four Olympic records, 64 national records, and a multitude of personal and season bests were set on the track.

12 Dec 2013
Icahn Stadium wins Outdoor Track Facility of the Year
The New York stadium features Mondo Super X Performance.

ASBA has awarded Icahn Stadium with the title of Outdoor Track Facility of the Year. Icahn Stadium at Randall’s Island in New York is home to a blue, eight-lane, 400-meter Mondo Super X Performance track. The Stadium was the first athletic facility in the United States to receive the prestigious Class 1 certification by the International Association of Athletics Federations, so it meets the precise quality and performance requirements laid down by the IAAF, including those for synthetic track surfaces. Only four venues in the U.S. and 103 internationally are IAAF Class 1 certified. The world’s top track for more than 30 years, the renowned Super X Performance track is recognized around the world as one of the fastest, most durable and environmentally safest tracks available. It is installed at more than 1,100 venues globally and was the track of eight Olympic Games through 2004.


20 Nov 2013
Mondo and athletics in Alba
The collaboration of Mondo continues with the City of Alba and the sports club of Alba.

Between July and September, the straightaway outside the athletics track of San Cassiano (Alba) was the scene of a series of tests by Mondo . In agreement with the City of Alba (architect Daniela Albano ) and the ASD Athletic Alba, with the involvement of the coaches and Stephen Irwin Decastello, starting from the first of July, some rolls were arranged in loose laid system were affected by an intense, constant and enthusiastic sports activity , which has played a key role for some young and skilled athletes : Chiara Genero (hurdler, a finalist in the Italian Championships), Margaret Cauda (sprinter, a finalist in the Italian Championships), Federica Voghera (sprinter, a finalist in the Italian Championships), Gloria Isnardi ( sprinter, a finalist in the Italian Championships), Chiara Oliveri (sprinter), Simone Tumiati (sprinter), Nicholas Bull (sprinter), Paolo Asteggiano (hurdler, a finalist in the Italian Championships ), Alice Moraglio ( sprinter), Matteo Bordino (sprinter), Matilde Bordino (discus, a finalist in the Italian Championships), Claudia Salerno (long jump, a finalist in the Italian Championships). The athletes were asked to operate starts, acceleration , deadlifts, static and dynamic movements , obviously with hobnailed boots . The results obtained were then compared with those obtained in the laboratory. In agreement with the municipal administration of Alba, at the end of the test was guaranteed a lane in support (applied on Everlay ) in order to optimize the competitive training of athletes.

18 Nov 2013
Jamaican Festival in Monte Carlo
The king and queen 2013 world athletics owe their throne to the Caribbean, whizzing around on the straight and challenge to the rhythm of reggae blue mantle under their feet.

Jamaicans Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser- Pryce were crowned athlete of the year in Monte Carlo, during the IAAF gala at the Sporting Club of Monaco, the traditional year-end event has once again seen Mondo as the main sponsor. The partnership between the Italian company and leader in the production of sports flooring and the World Federation of athletics has continued for the past 21 years and in 2013 was enriched by new successes  thanks to the excellent times recorded on Mondotrack the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, world championships. The two athletes have swept the award-winning success on Russian soil, winning three gold medals each: 100, 200 and 4x100 . Bolt and Fraser- Pryce have tamed the blue track Muscovite, splattering the fastest of all in the individual events and leading to the finish line victoriously the baton relay. For Bolt is the fifth athlete of the year award in the last six seasons since he exploded in 2008, only the Kenyan David Rudisha failed to unseat from the throne in 2010. For the Fraser- Pryce is instead the first trophy . "My goal - Usain noted before the ceremony - is to give the maximum, pushing harder and harder with every race . Next year if health assists me want to improve my world record in the 200 meters (19 " 19 , made at the World Championships in Berlin 2009). Now I will go from season to season.  I would like to compete at the World Championships in Beijing 2015 Olympics Rio 2016, and then maybe even the World Championships in London in 2017. " Fraser also enthusiastic said:  "This year I worked so hard and the results have come . In the future I will try to train harder. " In the final classification Bolt beat altista Ukrainian Bohdan Bondarenko and Britain's Mo Farah, while Fraser-Pryce preceded the weightlifter New Zealander Valerie Adams and hurdler in the Czech Republic Zuzana Hejnova . During the gala were also awarded as the best coach Alberto Salazar, the seventeen year old Yankee Mary Cain as a rising star, Christa Bortignon the Canadian and the American Charles Allie best as "master" . Lifetime Achievement Award for lunghista American Dwight Phillips and the astista Russian Yelena Isinbayeva .
Finally, included in the Hall of Fame of the IAAF, were some old glories of the past, recent and remote. They included the Harrison Dillard, the Olympic 100 meters in London 1948 and the 110 hurdles in Helsinki 1952 : "Who is the strongest of all time? It is not easy to answer. Obviously Bolt is the stronger athlete today, but times and conditions change. I have never ran on synthetic. Who can say what would have been able to do the athletes of 75 or 100 years ago on the existing tracks, which are getting faster , "he told a news conference the ninety United States. Words that demonstrate how the track is key to achieving great performance. Change training methods, he devoted more attention to nutrition, but without having an explosive mantle beneath your feet you can hardly beat the record. Mondotrack is therefore one of the main ingredients of great performance timekeeping . Year-on- year change colors , from red to blue through the blue , but the tracks of Mondo badged become more comfortable and guarantee excellent results. The curtain fell on the 2013 racing, the attention has already moved on to 2014. In March, the Polish city of Sopot will host the World Indoor Championships. The Baltic athletes will run on a brand new Mondotrack, ready to give another exciting finals. It will be even more reggae dance ballad? We'll find out at the end of winter.

16 Nov 2013
World Athletics Gala 2013
Mondo is a sponsor of the event that celebrates the best athletes of athletics.

It will take place this evening in Monte Carlo the annual World Athletics Gala organized by the International Athletics Foundation, an event in which the Mondo has been a sponsor since 1992. An event for the Italian company leader in the manufacturing of sports flooring that was used at the World Championships in Athletics in Moscow, he met with approval by all athletes who have raced on Mondotrack and used sports equipment installed within the Mondo Luzhniki Stadium. The event will be held at the Salle des Etoiles of the Sporting Club d'Eté, where to do the honors of the house will be the Honorary President of the IAF , the Prince Albert II of Monaco and IAF and the President of the IAAF Lamine Diack . At the Gala attended by over 600 guests , among whom will be attending many of the best athletes of the past and present. The highlight of the evening will be the announcement of the two athletes of the year, World Athletes of the Year. According to a survey last month , which involved great personalities of world athletics, the World Council of athletics athletes chose three men and three women athletes . The names of the three finalists are men : Usain Bolt, winner in Moscow of the 100 and 200 m, as well as the 4x100m relay ; Bohdan Bondarenko, world champion in high jump; Mohamed Farah, who won gold in Moscow and in the 5000 that in the 10,000 m, as well as it did in London 2012. The names of the three finalists are: Valerie Adams, who won gold in the shot put at the World Championships in Moscow , Shelly- Ann Fraser -Price, who won gold in Moscow in the 100 and 200 m , as well as the 4x100m relay ; Zuzana Hejnova, who won the final of the 400 m hurdles in Moscow 2013.

15 Nov 2013
Mondo’s Kayar rubber flooring receives a Silver Award in the 2013 Nightingale Awards

Kayar rubber flooring has received the Silver Award in the Flooring for Hard Surface & Resilient category in the 2013 Nightingale Awards.

A smooth surface inspired by the beauty of nature through the use of natural coconut husk fibers, Kayar is part of the new Artigo Collection for Mondo Contract Flooring product line. Sponsored by Contract magazine in conjunction with Healthcare Design Conference, The Center for Health Design, and Vendome Group, The Nightingale Awards recognize contribution to the healthcare built environment through product design and innovation that contributes to healing.

14 Nov 2013

11 Nov 2013
Healthcare Design Conference 2013
Mondo introduces new Artigo Collection

Mondo at Healthcare Design Conference 2013 (Booth 501) will introduce its new Artigo Collection for Mondo Contract Flooring product line. The conference will be held in Orlando Florida on November 16th -19th at The Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center.

The Artigo Collection includes four new products:  Kayar, Uni, Granito and Zeus.  In addition, Mondo has revitalized its Harmoni and Natura rubber flooring lines with vibrant, new colors.  The new portfolio combines innovation, technology and maximum functional performance, while offering unprecedented material combinations.

The Healthcare Design Conference is the premier event devoted to how the design of responsibly built environments directly impact the safety, operation, clinical outcomes, and financial success of healthcare facilities now and into the future. 

07 Nov 2013
An example to imitate
The indoor track Mondotrack of Padua has attracted the attention of many experts.

The installation of the new indoor track in Athletics continues in Padua:  an elevated track and removable in Mondotrack 13.5 mm, light blue and beige, as well as two platforms for the long jump and triple, and a platform for pole vault. The track, which will be completed later this month, work  has been done in a timely exemplary fashion, has attracted the attention from many industry experts. Particularly on October 31st, the site was visited by two important delegations: one representing the FIDAL of Friuli Venezia Giulia, composed of Mr. Demori (Gen.le Secretary of the Regional Committee), Arch. Roberto ( Homologator FIDAL and Pres Comm Reg.le ) , Arch. Lutman (Part Comm Reg.le ) and Ing. Fabris (Component Comm Reg.le ), a delegation from the Trentino region, composed by Geom . Since Ri ( Resp Imp Sport Municipality of Rovereto ) , Mr. Giordani (President Soc Quercia Rovereto ) and Geom. Baldessarini ( Homologator FIDAL ) . In addition, this was the Arch. Buccione of Rome, professional specializing in sports facilities and designers of various facilities related to athletics. To do the honors of the house, was Robert Franz ( Mondo track sector manager ) were Prof. Valente (President Fidal Veneto ), Arch. Bassi (Designer) and Mr. Sartori, representing the company awarded the work and business partner of the Mondo. During the visit, the guests showed great interest and appreciation for the track that Mondo is building in Padua , both in terms of quality of work of design skills.

31 Oct 2013
New look for the Palaitis
Mondo has provided the new floors of the Mondovi arena.

Saturday, October 26, a few hours after the onset of the first team of the LPM volleyball in the B1, the new Palaitis of Mondovi was inaugurated, after renovation work was performed during the summer. The new look of the historic gym of this town is enhanced by the presence of the new parquet Mondoelastic (400 sqm), which replaced the old and worn out rubber bottom. The facility will not only be used  for volleyball, for which the Mondo has also provided part of the equipment, and during the course of the year will host students, various   Monregalese sports clubs and many spectators.

25 Oct 2013
100 meter Race of Faith
It was held in Rome the event "100-meter race and faith."

Sunday, October 20th , on a Mondotrack that spanned across conciliation to Piazza San Pietro, was a morning celebration of faith and sport. On the occasion of the Year of Faith , the "100 meter race and faith" event was organized, which included , in a relay purely symbolic, speakers, families, seminarians, pontifical colleges , Vatican bodyguards and many pilgrims. With them, athletes took turns  and witnesses of faith in the world of sports: tennis player Mara Santangelo , the runner Ulderico Lambertucci , the Olympian Jason Gardener, the athletes of Special Olympics and Clericus Cup, samples Paralympic Brent Lakatos and Stefanie Reid along with the number one Italian Paralympic,  the Councillor for Sports of Rome, Luca Pancalli.  From 9 am to 12 am, more than a thousand participants in the relay ran the 100m track supplied by Mondo. Francis Pope greeted the participants and organizers of the event with these words: "Thank you for reminding us that the believer is an athlete of the spirit ! Thank you so much . "

25 Oct 2013
Extremely fast its Mondo track
A project to promote athletics among the students of the elementary and middle schools.

Were held in the cities of Todi, Terni and Arezzo technical tests for an interesting initiative that has as its objective the promotion of athletics , particularly among the young. The projec Extremely fast, organized by the Sports Real Life, represented among others by former Italian hurdler  Alessandro Bracciali, member of FIDAL, aims to organize a series of meetings with the Athletics in towns of artistic landscape, thanks to the participation of the society of the host cities of athletics, civil institutions (municipality, province , region) sports institutions (CONI , FIDAL ), educational institutions. The event takes place on the track Mondocourt of the Mondo, bgreen in color, for a total of 722 sqm. The calendar of 2014 currently includes the reaffirmation of the stages of Todi and Arezzo, and an appointment in the city of Florence are in the preparatory phase the city of Livorno, Pisa, Lecce, Perugia, Terni, Savigliano, Città di Castello, Pistoia, Siena, Grosseto and Orvieto.

22 Oct 2013
The Mondo news at FSB
In Cologne new products for both track & field and turf will be presented.

The 2013 edition of FSB in Cologne opens today, the International Exhibition of amenity areas, sports facilities and swimming pools. A must see for operators in the industry, attendees from all over the world come to find the most innovative solutions in the field of sports, recreation and relaxation, fitness and wellness.  Mondo will be present at Cologne, where a series of new products will presented. In the sector of track & field two new solutions will be presented: the new track Mondo Super X 720 and the new Sportflex M.

Mondo Super X 720 is improved, due to innovative research developed for Mondotrack, the official surface of the world championships in Daegu 2011 and eight editions of the Olympic Games until 2004. The new surface has been redesigned with the specific objective of significantly increasing comfort without compromising athletic performance: Mondo Super X 720 provides the best combination of energy return, comfort, safety, durability, both for the competition and for training.

Sportflex M has been specifically designed to provide the best combination of slip resistance, rotational friction for ball bounce, comfort and safety for all applications and multi-purpose outdoor courts. The top rubber layer is engineered with a coefficient of friction suitable for sports that require a high degree of rotational movement. The texture is enhances the bounce of the ball and ensures an efficient flow of rainwater.

During the four days of the FSB, Mondo will also present two new products in the field of turf: the new fiber and single-fiber 4NX Saturn 9000. The innovative line of new generation 4NX is a filament with exceptional features which ensure maximum resilience, elasticity and great performance. The Saturn 9000 single-fiber, fiber-extruded polyethylene anti abrasive, is  designed to be competitive and give the player maximum comfort and playability on the field.

17 Oct 2013
Work in progress
In Padua working on a new Mondo track to bring the large indoor athletics to the Venetian city.

Work has begun installation of the new indoor track athletics of Padau. The work started with the assembly of the structure of the outer ring. The framework should be finished within two weeks, after which it will move to the installation of the track over the frame and the straight aways. The track, elevated and dismantled, is a Mondotrack 13.5 mm, light blue and beige. Athletes will have six lanes with a central parterre, two platforms for the long jump and triple, and a platform for the pole vault. The design of the track was done by Mondo, on basic scheme devised by the technical department of the Municipality of Padua, in the persons of the engineer and the engineer Benementi Rossi. The instatlltion company is Posalba. The completion of the work, the work of Sartori Company, is scheduled for December 1,  2013.

17 Oct 2013
Tolmezzo host the South African athletes
The capital carnico is considered as a benchmark for sporting events.

For the next three years, a representative of the South African national athletes will train at the Tolmezzo Athletics Stadium. In preparation for major sporting events, the Carnico capital will host the South African athletes, where the new athletic field was renovated a year ago, whose flagship is a blue Mondotrack.

15 Oct 2013
Italian Championship of Volleyball
In Rome was presented the 2013/2014 season of the Seria A male volleyball.

Today at the Hall of Honor of CONI, the 69th Italian Championship Volleyball Serie A 2013/2014 will be presented. The 2012/2013 season saw the triumph of the Trentino, fresh from winning the Super Cup, and in the final defeated Copra Elior Piacenza. The roll of honor of the Italian Championship in the front position Modena with 22 league titles, with 9 titles in front of Treviso and Parma, with 8. Mondo is a Gold Sponsor for the 2013/2014 season.

15 Oct 2013
100 meter Race of Faith
In St. Peter's Square, an event to remember shows how sports culture is based upon the primacy of the human being.

Today at the Pontifical Council for Culture, in the presence of Cardinal Ravasi , the event "100 meter race of Faith" will be presented.  On October 20th, in the setting of St. Peter's Square from 8:30 until the Angelus with the Holy Father , on a track specially created by Mondo, children and young people from the parishes and schools of Rome will take turns children, young people of the parishes and schools of Rome , characters and testimonials from the sports, entertainment, music , journalism , culture , institutions and the different religions in a relay race that features the passage of the "witness" : faith. At the end of the track, in the arrival area, will set up a stage on which turns the testimonies of the participants and distinguished guests led by Lorena Bianchetti . In the construction of the track, which will be Mondotrack , Mondo had to take into account the particular environmental conditions in which the event was to be held : " Taking into account that there will not be allowed the construction of temporary works of preparation of the foundation , I believe that to ensure an optimal result sports flooring on the FTS 17 or 23 mm . This will allow us to mitigate the imperfections in the substrate , while ensuring a certain level of horizontal drainage , "said Luca Reinaudo, Mondo Product Manager.  The event will be covered live, starting at 11 am, the CTV will broadcast the images to all TVs in the world who want to follow the event.

09 Oct 2013
Trentino Super Cup challenge in Macerata
Today they will assign the first trophy of the Italian volleyball season.

This evening,  at 8:30 p.m., the PalaTrento hosts the Del Monte Super Cup , which sees in front Diatec Trentino and Cucine Lube Banca Marche Macerata. The team of the Marches has won both previous Super Cup played against the team thirty (2008 and 2012) , winning this trophy three times in its history . Trent, however, is in search of the second statement . The game is played on the tricolor court of the Mondo . The field flag, a symbol of the biggest events of the Italian volleyball, is made in Mondoflex, sports flooring that provides the highest performance and the ultimate in terms of physical protection of the players, its technical characteristics , favor shock absorption and energy return. In addition to Italy ( Rai Sport 1 ), the game will be broadcast in more than 52 countries around the world.

30 Sep 2013
Spanish triumph
The Iberian team won its sixteenth world title in roller hockey.

The 41st edition of the World Championship in men's roller hockey took place in Angola. The tournament, which for the first time it was held in Africa, was won again in Spain, which won for the sixteenth time, the fifth consecutive world title. In the final, played at the Arena de Luanda, sports hall with a capacity of 12,720 spectators, the Spaniards defeated Argentina 4-3. Third place went to Portugal, which in the final for the bronze medal he beat Chile 10-3. Viewers of the Arena de Luanda were able to follow in detail the actions of the game, without losing sight of playing time and score, thanks to a four-sided video screens with LED technology and a full-color graphical user interface of nearly 60 square meters, provided and installed by Mondo. In the other two halls that hosted the event, in the town of Namibe and Malanje, Mondo has installed two scoreboards Pegasus Level 1. In addition, distributed among the three locations the world championship were played 8,000 Mondoseat were installed.

11 Sep 2013
RietiMeeting 2013
Two new records are set at the meet along with ​​many personal records on the new Mondotrack.

Sunday, September 8th, the 43rd edition of the RietiMeeting was held, an event that has effectively marked the end of the 2013 international athletics season. Viewers at Raul Guidobaldi Stadium, home to the Mondotrack 13.5 mm, have witnessed excellent performances by athletes, with four new meet records and a series of personal records. The first of the new records of the event was set by Rusheen McDonald's in the 300 m: with a time of 31.97, the Jamaican athlete has improved the previous record, which for 34 years belonged to the late Pietro Mennea. The other new track record was set by Australia's Sally Pearson, Olympic champion and world silver medalist, who won the race running the 100 hurdles in 12.64. The other two new records were made in the discus throw from the Croatian Sandra Pektovic, Olympic and World Champion, with 66.12 m, and the Polish Anita Wlodarczyk, in the hammer throw, with the extent of 76.57 m. Other important results were obtained on Mondotrack: the American Walter Dix, bronze at Beijing 2008 in the 100 and 200 m, won the 100 m in 9.99, his seasonal best time; the 200 meters was won by Jamaican Rasheed Dwyer in 20.30. An excellent performance was made by Italian Matteo Galvan, who with 20:50 clocked his fastest time. In the 800 m national record of Qatar for Musaeb Balla, who won in 1:43.93, and for the Hungarian Tamas Kazi, now the fifth; in the 3,000 m, winning the Kenyan Edwin Cheruiyot with a time of 7:36:53, and personal best for Americans Ben True and Cyrus Burp, second and third place.

09 Sep 2013
The Diamond League has concluded
Bolt closes the season with an excellent 9.80.

The 37th edition of the Memorial Van Damme qas held in Brussels, the 2013 edition of the ultimate test Diamond League.  Usain Bolt gave to the 50,000 spectators at the stadium Baldwin yet another great show, ending their season running the 100m in 9.80, at the end of a race that saw five athletes finish below 10 ". In official races, however, great performance for the Jamaican Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, fresh world champion, who clocked the new meeting record in the 100m, with a time of 10.72. Two other records of the meeting were made: French Renaud Lavilleine in the triple jump with the measurement of 5.96 m, the Kenyan Milcah Chemosh in the 3000 steeplechase ran in 9:15:06. One of the most exciting races had as its star the nineteen year old Mohammed Aman: the Ethiopian distance runner ran the 800m in 1:42:37, seasonal best time, the best performance personal and national record. In the other races on the program, to emphasize the success of the Jamaican Warren Weir, silver at the World Championships in Moscow, with a time of 19.87; Ethiopian Yenew Alamirew in the 5000m with a time of 12:58.75, the American Dawn Harper in the 100 obstacles, with a time of 12:48. Excellent performance by Italian director Matteo Galvan, who finished third in the 400m realizing a personal record of 45.35. Brussels celebrated with sixteen winners of the Diamond League: Ryan Whiting (shot put), Renaud Lavillenie (pole vault), Teddy Tamgho (triple jump), Vitezslav Vesely (javelin), Javier Culson (400m hurdles), Warren Weir (200m), Mohammed Aman (800m), Yenew Alamirew (5000m); Caterine Ibarguen (triple jump), Sandra Perkovic (discus), Svetlana Shkolina (high jump), Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (100m), Milcah Chemosh (3000m steeplechase), Amantle Motsho (400m), Dawn Harper-Nelson (100 hurdles), Aregawi Ababa (1500m).

05 Sep 2013

03 Sep 2013
AfroBasket 2013
Mondo flooring, seating, scoreboards and baskets for Basketball’s most important event of Africa.

From August 20th to 31st, the 27th edition of Afrobasket, men's basketball FIBA Africa Championship, was held in Abidjan (Ivory Coast). The event, which takes place every two years, is the most important basketball competition of the African continent. This year, the participating teams were sixteen. The final for the first place was won by Angola, who defeated Egypt 57-40, winning his eleventh continental title. In third place is classified as Senegal, who defeated the hosts of the Ivory Coast by one point (57-56), thus earning a spot in the next World Championships in basketball, scheduled in 2014. The tournament was held in the Palais des Sports de Treichville hall that can accommodate up to 7,000 spectators. The plant has a main playing field and two annexes, one used for racing and one for training. For Afrobasket 2013 Mondo in 2012 has supplied and installed flooring and equipment. Installed installed on the main courts were Mondo Athens baskets, the same model used in the last three editions of the Olympic Games and in many international championships, and the Fast Break System 2 surface, the same used for the basketball tournament of the 2012 London Olympics. In addition, Pegasus y 1,100 scoreboard was installed and in the stands, Mondoseat 6 in green, orange, blue, yellow and red. In the outbuildings other Mondo solutions have been installed by such as Zeta System FTS competition flooring, a board Mondo Antares and Athens baskets, and for training, Mondosport flooring, wall baskets and a Libra marker. 

20 Aug 2013
In the name of Jamaica
Moscow World Championships in Athletics have concluded.

After nine days of intense competitions  World Championships in Athletics have concluded, hosted by the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. It was an event that has confirmed Jamaican athletes as the best sprinters in the world, thanks to the three gold medals won by Usain Bolt and Shelly- Ann Fraser- Pryce and excellent performance of the other Carribbean team's members.  With the three in Moscow, Bolt has reached eight gold medals and is the world's first athlete to have won both the 100 that the 200m in two editions of the World Championships . Bolt easily won the final of the 100m in the rain, recording his seasonal best time seasonal, of 9.77. In the 200m final he ran a 19.66, giving the impression of having dropped slightly in the final race . The third gold came in the 4x100 relay, which was won with a time of 37.36 , best time of the season, crossing the line ahead of the United States. Only Shelly- Ann Fraser- Pryce was able to match the success of his compatriot : The Jamaican athlete dominated the final of the 100m with a time of 10.71 and won the 200m  by running a 22:17.  Even his third gold came from the 4x100 relay team , in which he won the gold medal with the extraordinary time of 41.29 . To understand the Jamaican dominance in the disciplines of speed, considering that four of the top five athletes in the final of the 100m men and three of the first four in that of 200m coming from the Caribbean island . In other speed events, predictions respected for the American LaShawan Merrit in the 400m (43.74, best time seasonal) and the Czech Zucana Hejnova in the 400 hurdles (52.83, best time seasonal) in the 110 hurdles, success for the American David Oliver, who raced in 13 " net, best time of year for this specialty, while in the 400m women, the British Christine Ohuruogu won finishing with a time of 49.41 (new national record) , a whisker ahead of the favorite Amantle Montsho. Pretty amazing the gold won by Jehue Gorno in the 400 hurdles , the athlete of Trinidad and Tobago ran in 47.6, setting the national record and the best performance of the season . Spectacular finals of the 4x400 relay: in the male , the United States won with the best time of the year ( 2'58 .71), while in the female the Russian team was able to get the best of the American only in the final, closing with the best seasonal time  3'20 .19 . The specialty of the bottom and middle distance , the great star was Mo Farah , who has not lived up to expectations . The British won the gold medal in both the 10,000m , running 27:21.71 ( his best time seasonal), both in the 5000m with a time of 13:26.98 . Among other successes in Moscow , 2013, the outstanding home athlete Yelena Isinbayeva, who won his third world title jumping with the rod 4.89 m, the return to the success of the French Teddy Tamgho in the triple jump , with 18,04m , the great test of Ukrainian Bohdan Bondarenko, who won gold in the high jump setting a championship record ( 2.41 m). A quote is also worth Caterine Ibarguen, who in the triple jump won the first gold medal of the World Championships in Athletics for Colombia . At the conclusion of Moscow 2013, it can be said that the new Mondotrack , softer and fast, did not disappoint the expectations of the vigil.  Mondo has also provided all the equipment, for competition and for training, including barriers, cages for the disciplines of launch and gear needed in the high jump and pole vault .

13 Aug 2013
World Masters Games
The Olympics for athletes over 35 was held in Italy.

From August 2 to 11, Turin hosted the eighth edition of the World Master Games, the biggest sporting event dedicated to athletes older than 35 years of age. In Turin, home of the 2006 Winter Olympics, more than 18 thousand athletes from 60 nations have competed. The athletics events were held at the Stadio Primo Nebiolo. The Mondotrack showed excellent performance by athletes Italians, who won 75 gold medals, as many as Russia, who won 77 silvers and 74 bronzes. The main star was Dario Rappo, who won four gold medals: 800m, 1500m, 5000m steeplechase, and 2000m. 

08 Aug 2013
All set for Moscow 2013
Only a few hours to the start of the sporting event of the year.

 Only two days to the start of the World Championships in Athletics, being held in Moscow August from 10 to 18. The IAAF Championships will be the largest ever, with as many as 206 countries that are members of the Federation who have confirmed their participation. Even the record of participating athletes has been surpassed in Moscow, there will be 1974 engaged in various disciplines. The fourteenth edition of the World Championships in Athletics will be the sports event with the largest audience globally, in total, with more than five billion people, from over 200 nations around the world will watch the event on TV. Among the most anticipated stars is, of course, Usain Bolt, who on the eve of the event said he aims not only to regain the world title in the 100m, which in 2011 he could not defend and was eliminated in the finals for a false start, but also to receive gold in the 200m and the 4x100m relay. Usain Bolt and other athletes will compete on the new Mondotrack, that after the success of the Olympic Games in London in 2012, he returned to be the surface, softer and faster, and ready to conquer the athletes and spectators at the Luzhniki stadium. It is a blue eight-lane 400m Mondotrack, and is not the only one that the Italian company has provided for the event, outside of the stadium, it has installed two other 400m tracks, also Mondotrack, for training and warming up of the athletes. Lastly, underneath one of the main grandstands, installed is an 80m runway for the Call area, the area where the sprinters perform the last sprints before being called for the race. Mondo has also provided all the equipment, for competition and for training, including hurdles, cages for the disciplines of shot put and gear needed in the high jump and pole vault.

30 Jul 2013
Anniversary Games
A year after the opening of London 2012, the Olympic track has once again saw the champions of athletics compete.

From July 26 to 28, London hosted the annual meeting with the London Athletics Grand Prix that this year a year to celebrate the inauguration of London 2012 took place at the Olympic Stadium on Mondotrack, inside the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. For this reason, the event, which is now part of the IAAF Diamond League, chose the name of Anniverary Games. On the first day of competition, absolute star was Usain Bolt, who before 80,000 enthusiastic spectators won the 100 m with a best seasonal time, 9.85. In the 200 m, success for the Jamaican Warren Weir, who won bronze in London 2012, ran a 19.89. In the women, great performance for the Czech Zuzana Hejnova, who won the 400m hurdles with a personal best time (53.07), and the American Shannon Rowbury, who won the 3000m running in 8:41:46, seasonal best time. In the second day of competition, once again the star Usain Bolt, this time with teammates 4x100 relay: Mario Forsythe, Kema Bailey-Cole and Warren Weir. The Jamaican team won with a great time, 37.74. Great enthusiasm for the two-time Olympic champion in London in 2012, Britain's Mo Farah, won the race in 3000 m, surpassing the British national record in the distance, which had remained since 1972. In 3000 hedges, the Kenyan Brimin-Kiprop Kipruto clocked the record of the meeting, with a time of 8:06.86. In the women's excellent performance of the Nigerian Blessing Okagbare, who won the final of the 100 m women in developing its new African record with a time of 10.79. Only the fourth Olympic YC-Shelley Fraser-Price, but in battery has run in 10.77, best world performance of the season. The third day of competition, he saw track Paralympic athletes, in front of 65,000 spectators have created close racing and exciting. On the distance of a mile T54, Britain's David Weir (coach: Jenny Archer) not only won, but set the world record with a time of 3:16:40. Two other important records came from the 100m finals combined T43/44: the Brazilian Alan Oliveira in the category T43 raced a 10:57, Richard Browne in the category T44 in 10.75. Great time for the British Jonnie Peacock, finished third with a national record of 10.84, who stated "There were fantastic conditions today: a wind of 1.9 m / s and a Mondo track like this, the ideal conditions for be fast. " 

30 Jul 2013
Absolute Championships 2013
Many confirmations and some surprises from the Mondo track at the Milan Civic Arena.

In Milan from July 26 to 28, the Italian Championships in Athletics were held. From July 26 to 28 were held in Milan, the Italian Championships in Athletics. The competitions took place inside the Civic Arena, the same facility which housed the first edition in 1906. Among the most interesting competitions of the three days in Milan, was that of sprinters who ran on blanket of Mondo Sportflex SX Classic 12mm. One of the most balanced final was the men’s 100 m, who saw Delmas Obou cross the finish line in 10:37, only one second less than Fabio Cerutti and Simone Colio. In the women’s 100m, success for the favorite Gloria Hooper, who ran an 11:54. The athlete of Forestry also attempted to repeat the success in the 200 m, but however had to settle for second place behind the Marzia Caravelli, which won the national title with a time of 23:16. Marzia Caravelli then confirmed her qualities as a good hurdler, winning the fourth consecutive title in the 100m hurdles, with a time of 13:01. In the 110 hurdles, success for Hassane Fofana, who ran in 13.93. Surprises in the final of the men’s 200m, with Diego Marani who won by running a 20.77, crossing the line ahead the two favorites Davide Manenti and Enrico Demonte. No surprises in the women’s 400m final, with the favorite Chiara Bazzoni who ran in 52.57. In the men’s 400m, great time for Matteo Galvan, who won the national title with a time of 45.71. In the 400m hurdles, success and personal best performance for Eusebio Haliti, who for the first time has run under 50 seconds 49.85. In the final of the women’s 400 m hurdles, no problem for the Italian record Yadisleidy Pedroso, who won the title with a time of 55.26. Surprises and confirmations in the challenges between brackets. The men's 4x100 final was surprisingly won by Riccardi Athletics, with the quartet Dental, Squillace, Tortu and Galbieri. The Milan team has raced in 40.50, compared to 40.70 of the favorites Guardia di Finanza, who finished second.In the women's 4x100 final, again Gloria Hooper star in the quartet of Forestry, with the Latins, and Arcioni Giovanetti, who won with a time of 45.43. The men’s 4x400 final saw the success of yellow flame: the quartet of Tricca, Valentini, Barberi Lorenzi and stopped the clock at 3:10:55. The title of the women's 4x400 was won by the quartet Army: Baldessarri, Milani, Chigbolu Bazzoni and who have in 3:39:33. In the middle distance and distance races, to record two goals from Julia Viola, who won both 5000 m (16:05:39) and 1500 m (4:14:26). Predictions met in the final of the 5,000 m men, with the fifth consecutive title won by Stefano La Rosa (14:11:34), and in the final of the 800 m women, with the success of Marta Milani (2:04:08). Surprising victory in the 800 meters men Michele Oberti, who raced in 1:51:41, while no longer a surprise the young Nicholas Svetlana Reina (not yet 16 years of age), who won the title in the women's 3000m steeplechase with the best performance Italian under 18, 10:13.89. Based on the results obtained by their competitors (absolute won 7 titles), the men and women of yellow flame of the Army won for the fourth consecutive time the Italian Cup.

23 Jul 2013
Rieti 2013
There were more than 300 personal best performance achieved on Mondotrack at Raul Guidobaldi Stadium.

From July 18th to 21st, the XXII edition of the European Junior Championships in Athletics was held in Rieti. The small town in central Italy has hosted more than 1,000 young athletes from 46 nations. On Mondotrack at Raul Guidobaldi Stadium, sprinters and distance runners have created interesting challenges, despite the unfavorable weather, had on more than one occasion record time. One of the closest races and fastest was the 110 hurdles finals, with French Wilhem Berlocian that, won the gold, and established a new record in the event category, running in 13:18. Behind him placed the Italian Lorenzo Perini, who created the new Italian record (13:30) and the Swiss Brahian Pena, with another national record (13.31). In the 10,000 m, success for the Turkish Ali Kaya, who with a time of 28:31.11 set a record for the event and the national junior championships. Behind him finished the Italian Lorenzo Dini, with a personal best time of 29:31.11. In addition there was a new championship record set in the Mens 400 m hurdles, by Russian Timofey Chalyy, who ran a 49.23, winning the gold and setting a national junior record. In the 400 m women, excellent performance for the Polish Patrycja Wyciszkiewicz, who set the national junior record by running a 51.56. Behind her the Romanian Bianca Razor, ran a personal best time of 51.82. The very fast 400m men’s final: Russian Pavel Ivashko, who won the gold by running a 45.81, a new junior national record. The silver was won by Polish Patryk Dobek, with a personal best time (46.15), bronze was won for French Thomas Jordier, with the national junior record (46.21). The Women’s 3000m steeplechase was a spectacular race by the Finnish Oona Kettunen, who won and set a new national junior record, with a time of 9:45:51. The silver went to Slovenian Marusa Mismas, with a 9:51:15 setting the national record in the distance. The finals in the 100 and 200m were among those most influenced by wind. In the women’s 100m, the gold went to French star Stella Akakpo, with a time of 11:52. In the men's 100m final, British, Chijindu Ujah had success by running a 10:40. The British ruled in the men’s 200m finals: three British athletes have won all the medals and all the steps of the podium, and the winner Nethanel Mitchell-Blake has established a personal best running a 20.62, the female was won by Dina Asher-Smith, with a time of 23:29. The British were also the winner of the 400m hurdles final: Hayley McLean triumphed setting a personal best of 57.26. The French Joan Medjid, also achieved her personal best time of 57.34. A series of national junior records were made by the couriers: British women won the women's 4x100 with the national junior record of 43.81, and the men's 4x100 saw the success of Poland, who ran a 39.80. Poland also set a women's 4x400 relay, with a time of 3:32.63 and a new national junior record, and in the final men's 4x400, where he finished second behind Russia, setting a new national junior record. The Russian team won the gold with a time of 3:04.87, and a new national junior record. The event concluded with one of the most exciting races seen in Rieti, in the women's triple jump. The Italian, Ottavia Cestonaro, in fact, was able to deceive the opponents with a final jump of 13.41m which led from the sixth place in the standings to the top step of the podium.

18 Jul 2013
XXIV Meeting Sport Solidarity
In Lignano, an evening of athletics and charity.

After an eventful eve, Lignano was able to celebrate the annual event with the Meeting Sports & Solidarity, now the XXIV edition. It was the opportunity to see some young sprinters on the track Mondo Super X Performance at Teghil stadium which resulted in hard-fought competition. The challenge in the men’s 100m was won by Jamaican Jacques Harvey (born 1989), who ran in 10.11 ahead of compatriot Sheldon Mitchell (born 1990), who stopped the clock at 10.35. In the men’s 400 m, another success for a young Jamaican, the 21 year old Rusheen McDonald, who ran in 45.28. In the 110 hurdles, however, the victory went to 25-year old American Omoghan Osaghae, that with a time of 13:47 preceded by only 0:03 compatriot Tyron Akins. Among women, the American Shalonda Solomon, who won gold at the World Championships Daegu 2011 with the 4x100m relay, won the 100 m ahead of her teammate LaShauntea Moore,with a time of 11.15. In the women’s 400m, there was success success for the Italian, of Cuban origin, Libiana Grenot, who ran a 51.53. The final of the 100 m hurdles, saw the success of the American Kellie Wells, who won a bronze medal at London 2012, ahead of compatriot Loreal Smith, running a 12.85. Most interesting performances were in the long-distance events: the men’s 800 m, success for the 23 year old American Elijah Greer, with a time of 1:46:38, in the men’s 1500 m final sprint was won by American Ben Blankenship, with a time of 3:37:03, ahead of his compatriot Jordan McNamara ,by only 0:21. In the women’s 800m final, American Heather Kampf won with a time of 2:00:04, and in the women’s 1500m, another success for the United States, by Kate Grace, who has won with a 4:07:40. Like last year, this year the two-time Olympic 100m, Shelly-Ann Fraser, ran the 50m together with disabled athletes. The International Meeting of Athletics' Sports Solidarity" is organized since the first edition of the New Athletic New Athletic Amateur Sport Association of Friuli in Udine.

15 Jul 2013
Meeting Madrid 2013
Mondo is the official supplier to the classic Spanish athletics meet.

The XXXI edition of the Athletics Meeting was held in Madrid and that takes place every year in the Spanish capital. On the Sportrack at the Municpal Sports Center Moratalaz eleven athletes have achieved their personal best performance, among them include the American Brandon Johnson, who ran the final of the 800m in 1:43.84. Very fast were also the finals of the 100m, in which the American Barbara Pierre and Jamaican Nesta Carter won in 10.92 and 9.87 respectively, setting new records for the event. 

10 Jul 2013
In Lignano the Caribbean team warms up prior to the World Championships in Moscow.

 Expectations mount for the meet of Sports and Solidarity in Lignano, at the Teghil Municipal Stadium on July 16th. The track Mondo Super X Performance, meanwhile, is hosting Jamaican athletes MVP Track and Field Athletics Jamaican society which this year has chosen Lignano as the venue for training. The goal is to get in top form for the World Championships of Athletics, to be held in Moscow August 10-18. It is precisely the meeting in Lignano could provide an opportunity for the athletes that make up the Jamaican team, to put to the test just a few days before the start of the World Championships competition. Part of the Jamaican team, amongst others includes: the Olympian Asafa Powell, who won gold in the 100m both in Beijing and London, Shelly-Ann Fraser, the world champion in charge of the 100m hurdles; Brigitte Foster-Hilton, the Olympic gold in London and Beijing with the 4x100 relay Nesta Carter; Shereone Simpson, silver in the 100m in Beijing; Kaliase Spencer, winner of the Diamond League 400m hurdles in 2010 and 2011, the multi-medalist Shericka Williams.

10 Jul 2013
Only one month remains to Moscow 2013
After London 2012, get ready for another summer of great athletics.

With only a month, to the beginning of the IAAF World Championships, being held at Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, August 10-18. This is the fourteenth edition of this event, which in terms of participation and audience from around the world is second only to the Olympic Games and the World Cup of soccer. Many of the stars who shone at the 2012 London will have the chance of recurrence; while for others this will be an opportunity to rebuild. Everyone can take advantage of the characteristics of the main track of the Luzhniki Stadium: Mondotrack 13 mm. Mondo has also provided all the athletics equipment and the two training tracks in Mondo Super X Performance 13 mm, with the respective equipment.

06 Jul 2013
New track at Matera Field School
The sports facility of the city changes its look with Mondotrack.

Mondo is once again proud to offer their products and expertise in the construction of the track at Field School Raffaele Duni, the historical sports facility of Matera, and one of the most frequented and used for training and practice of athletics. Currently Mondo is completing the installation of the new blue Mondotrack, chosen by the Municipality of Matera in Basilicata in agreement with FIDAL. The six-lane track has been completely redone even its substrate to ensure the flatness required for the approval FIDAL. Since 1996, Mondo has passionately followed the events hosted at the Field School by providing its products to train and compete against athletes from all over Italy in the city of Lucania.

26 Jun 2013
Italian Junior Time Trial Championships in Chiari
Great results for Giulia Sportoletti and Andrea Carioti

They have rewritten the best performance category of national Italian Junior Time Trial Championships  of Chiari, which took place last weekend.

The gender-organized the two-day event in Chiari Libertas from athletics in 1964 indeed ended with a record: Giulia Sportoletti of the Cinque Cerchi Seregno took home the title with 5,465 points, while Andrea Carioti of Athletics Piedmont reaps 5,691 points.

Congratulations to these young athletes who competed on a Mondo track!

21 Jun 2013
Junior tricolor
In Rieti, three days of records and great performance.

 For the fourth time in ten years, the stadium has hosted the fifty-sixth edition Guidobaldi of Rieti Tricolor Juniors. On Mondotrack, the same surface as that of the European Junior Championships in Athletics to be held July 18 - 21, the best young Italian athletics have been involved in a great spectacle of sports. In particular, on display are the sprinters, recording excellent times: in the 110 hurdles, success with Italian juniors record and European best performance of the season for Lorenzo Perini, with a time of 13:39. In the men’s 100m finals of promising young men there was a great performance by Delmas Obou, who finished fourth with 27.10 U23 sprinter best of all time Italy. In the women's 100 m was the best performance of the season for Gloria Hooper (11.45), and who also won the 200m with a time of 23:36. In the 200 m juniors, great results for Fausto Desalu, who has become the eighth with 20.94 ever to go below 21 "distance. Other great results registered on the track were the successes in the 100 meters junior Luca Cassano (10.63) and Silvia Corbucci (11.66), the victory of Eusebio Haliti (51.06) in the 400 m hurdles promises great performance in the finals by Irene Morelli in the 400 m hurdles, with a time of 59.77. In addition to the sprinters, other athletes have shown very good results. Overall, on display was Sonia Malavisi, who jumped 4.41 m in the event (new Italian junior record and best European performance of the year); Cestonaro Octavia, who made the junior record in the triple jump with the measurement of 13.69 m, and the neo-blue Dariya Derkach, which in the long broke a record that lasted for 25 years, jumping 6.67 m, and then triumphed in the triple jump, with the new record of 13,92 m.

21 Jun 2013
Selection event for Team USA
Competition on Mondo surface for participation in IAAF World Championships in Moscow

From June 19th - 23rd, the USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships return to Drake University. The 2013 Championships serves as the selection event for the coveted spots to represent Team USA at the IAAF World Championships August 10th - 18th in Moscow, Russia. This is the final stop of the 2013 Outdoor USATF Championship Series. As they strive for top times, competitors will have the distinct advantage at Drake University of a Mondo Super X Performance track underfoot. The university also has hosted the USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships (2010) and the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships. (2008, 2011, 2012)

12 Jun 2013
XIV Memorial Primo Nebiolo
Italian and American Athletes compete at Ruffini Park of Turin.

Saturday, June 8th, at the Nebiolo stadium in Turin was held the fourteenth edition of the Memorial Primo Nebiolo (XIX International Meeting of Athletics for City of Turin). In front of over 5,000 spectators, sprinters from around the world battled it out on Mondotrack, giving rise to a series of exciting races, which saw the home athletes achieve good results. In particular, we have to mention the successes of Chiara Bazzoni (52.64) and Matteo Galvan (46.40) in the 400 m, and Davide Manenti (20.79) in the 200 m, in addition to second place in the 100 m Michael Tumi, who arrived in only a second to the winner, Jamaican Jacques Harvey (10.26). It was a big night for U.S. athletes: Delilah Muhammad won the women's 400 m hurdles with a time of 54.66; Chauntae Bayne the women's 100 m with 31.11; Omoghan Osaghae won the 110m hurdles with a time of 13:49, in a race which saw the return to competiton of Cuban Dayron Robles, Olympic champion in Beijing 2008, after ten months of inactivity in the 100 m hurdles women, Queen Harrison has passed compatriot Lolo Jones, at 12.74, in the long jump, Funmi Jimoh beat Russian Darya Klishina, European champion, jumping 6.63 m. In the middle distance and distance races, successes for Kenyans Nelly Kepkosgei (2:00:32) and Eric Tirop (13:32:09), respectively in the women's 800 m and 5,000 m, while in the men's 800 m, the race was won by the French Paul Renaudie in 1:47:41.

05 Jun 2013
Another record on Mondotrack
The new Italian record in the 100 m hurdles was set at Orvieto.

Sunday, June 2nd, on Mondotrack at the Stadium Luigi Muzi Orvieto (TR), Veronica Borsi has become the star of a very fast final in the 100m hurdles, by setting a new Italian record overall with a time of 12.76. The previous record (12.85) belonged to Marzia Caravelli, who finished second in the finals of Orvieto. The year of 2013 continues to be a year of great satisfaction for Veronica Borsi, who in March set the national record of 60m hurdles with a 7.94, winning the bronze medal at the European Indoor Championships in Gothenburg.

30 May 2013
A new track in New York
The third leg of the IAAF Diamond League 2013 took place at Icahn Stadium.

Despite the wind, the cold and the rain, the New York Adidas Grand Prix was the scene of excellent performances by some of the best performers of athletics. Many seasonal best records were made at the meet, thanks to the new track Mondo Super X Performance, which, even when wet and windy, it proved to be very fast. Among the champions were the most anticipated David Rudisha and Tyson Gay: the first was set in the 800m with a time of 1:45:14, while the second was won the 100m stopping the clock at 10.02. The races of 200m were dominated by the Olympic Jamaican Veronica Campbell-Brown showed the best performance of the season, running a 22:53 with a headwind of 1.3m / s. Warren Weir was not to be outdone, with 20.11, the best time of year. Best times of the season for Michael Tinsley in the 400m hurdles (48.23), Ryan Brathwaite in the 110m hurdles (13.19), while the Ethiopian Hagos Gebrhiwe, winning the 5000m with a time of 13:10:03, led to both his successes in this edition of the IAAF Diamond League. In the women's field, to emphasize success, with the record of the meet by Amantle Montsho in the 400m (49.91). Outside the track, two Croatian athletes were the absolute stars of the event: Sandra Perkovic, who won gold at London 2012, launched the disc to 68.48m (record of the event), while Blanka Vlasic, returning to competition after 20 months of inactivity, jumped 1.94m, equaling the record of the meeting.

24 May 2013
New Armory Youth Center
This fall the athletics track will be renovated at the famous sports center in New York.

This fall, the New Balance Track & Field Center at the famous 168th Street Armory Youth Center is getting a new Mondo Super X Performance surface on its Mondo portable banked track.

A 60,000 square-foot arena with an Olympic-caliber track, the New Balance Track & Field Center boasts of one of the world's fastest—and busiest—tracks with more than 125 track meets held yearly.
Located in the heart of bustling Washington Heights, the Armory has become a mecca for track and field athletes from around the world while serving the students from all five boroughs of New York City. More than 400,000 athletes of all ages participate and visit the facility each year.
Mondo tracks have been part of the Armory since the mid-1990s, and the Mondo 200-meter, portable banked track was installed a few years later. In addition to the Armory track, the Mondo Super X Performance surface covers the venue’s infield, a separate jogging track, floors outside of the track perimeter and the entire expanse of the National Track & Field Hall of Fame. The track resurfacing is scheduled to begin in September and be completed by October.
“Without Mondo we wouldn't be where we are”, said Norbert Sander, president of the Armory Foundation. “Mondo has played a very important role as a professional, understanding company in this achievement. We look forward to working with them again.”

13 May 2013
Trento makes three
Third title, and third season title for the Itas Diatec.

The tie was ended in the fifth and deciding playoff game of the Italian Men's Volleyball Championship. After the fourth set the winner was Itas Diatec Trento, who in front of the home crowd passed the Copra Elior Piacenza with these scores: 25-23, 21-25, 25-22, 19-25, 15-12. For Trento this is the third championship, and third season title after those in the Italian Cup and the Club World Cup. All the matches of the playoff games were played on the Mondoflex Performance court.

10 May 2013
Countdown to Moscow 2013
The best of world athletics returns to the track.

Approaching the starting date of the fourteenth edition of the World Championships in Athletics, which will be held in Moscow from Saturday, August 10th to Sunday, August 18th, 2013. The biennial IAAF World Championships is the largest sporting event after the Olympic Games and the World Cup of soccer, as evidenced by the number of participating athletes and the number of viewers who follow the event all over the world. The 2011 edition in Daegu recorded an audience of more than five billion people. The Luzhniki Stadium will host many of the stars of London 2012: Usain Bolt, Allyson Felix, David Rudisha, Jessica Ennis to name a few. As in London, Mondo will once again be a great star, having provided the main track in Mondotrack 13 mm, all the equipment for athletics and the two training tracks in Mondo Super X Performance 13 mm, with the respective equipment. 

06 May 2013
Piacenza not spring
Piacenza not spring The finals for the title of Italian champions will decide the fifth and final game of the series.

The great performance of Copra Elior Piacenza  continues in the home games during the playoffs of the Italian Men's Volleyball Championship. The team of Emilia, dominated Game 4 of the championship final, defeating Itas Diatec Trento 3-0, with these partial: 25-22, 25-19 and 25-20. Determining the effectiveness of Piacenza and the outstanding performance against Hristo Zlatanov. The fifth and decisive match for the award of the title will be held in Trento Sunday, May 12th. All final games will be played on the Mondoflex Performance court.

02 May 2013
Dominating the home court
Trento wins again at home and are on the verge of title.

It was played in Trento, an indoor stadium completely exhausted, Game 3 of the final for the title of Champions of Italy in the 2013 men's volleyball, game dominated by Itas Diatec Trento, which has prevailed 3-0 on Copra Elior Piacenza with these partial: 25-12, 25-18, 25-19. The success of Trento was clear, immediately putting Piacenza in crisis, which, unlike Game 2, has failed to make the most of their rosters. Only in the first part of the third set was there balance on the court. The main star of the game was Osmany Juantorena, spiker of Trento. Game 4 Piacenza and Trento will be played on Sunday, May 5th, in case of victory, could be the day of the third title. All final games will be played on the Mondoflex Performance court.

29 Apr 2013
First success of Kazakh
They played in the UEFA Futsal Cup Finals in Tbilisi.

Overcoming the semi-finals of the champions FC Barcelona in the final and the favorites the Russian MFK Dinamo, Kairat Almaty triumphed in the most important European event of futsal. In the final, after the first half ended at 1-1, the Kazakhs took off in the second half of the game, to make it 4-1. Needless has been the comeback of the Russian team with two goals in the final, has only managed to touch the tie make the score 4-3. It is a historic sporting achievement, as no training Kazakh had never managed to win a UEFA competition. The match for third place was won by FC Barcelona, who has passed for the hosts 4-1 of Iberia Star Tbilisi. The UEFA Futsal Cup Finals were played on portable Mondo flooring for futsal.

29 Apr 2013
Piacenza leveled the series
Balance in the final of the Italian men's volleyball.

The second game of the series was held in Piacenza where the title of Champions of Italy, 2013 will be awarded, and Copra Elior Piacenza relied on the home factor, defeating the Itas Diatec Trento 3-1, with these scores: 17-25, 25-22, 25-16, 32-30. After a first set dominated by Trento, with percentages of attack and positive receptions close to 60%, Piacenza managed to overturn the results in the second set, winning by 25-22, after being down 15-18. In the third set, the home team has dominated, thanks to the effectiveness of their play. In the fourth and final set, the service is still to be the leader of Piacenza, Emilia allowed the team to recover from the initial disadvantage, winning the set 32-30, leading the series 1-1. The third game of the final will be played in Trento Wednesday, May 1st. All final games will be played on the Mondoflex Performance court

26 Apr 2013
The first round in Trento
Predictions observed in Game 1 of the Italian men's volleyball finals.

 It was played in Trento before the finals for the award of the title of Italian champion in men's volleyball, which saw the world champions ITAS Diatec Trento exceed Copra Elior Piacenza 3-1, with these partial: 20 -25, 25-11, 25-19 and 25-20. The first set, was won by Piacenza due to the excellent service and attack by Alessandro Fei, the home team, which has not lost the Emilian for four years, he began to exploit its strengths (wall and power of attack) deservedly winning three sets in a row. The best player of the match Stokr, striker of Trento, was chosen. All final matches are played on the Mondoflex Performance court. The next meeting is scheduled to end in Piacenza Sunday, April 28th.

29 Dec 2012
Italian Final Four Cup men's volleyball
The best teams of the Italian volleyball will be challenged on the Mondo tricolor court

A few months after the big Final which awarded the 2011/2012 Champion in Italian volleyball, the Forum of Assago was back for a green, white and challenge. Therefore, they will again welcome on the Mondo tricolor Mondoflex court the players of the four finalist teams of the Del Monte Italian Cup Serie A1 Final Four, and the two A2 teams that will compete in the Del Monte Italian Cup Serie A2. Saturday, December 29, the semi-finals will be played between the A1 teams, while on December 30th, the finals will be played and the titles will be awarded. In addition to the court, Mondo will provide its expertise and technical support for the entire duration of the competition. Mondo technicians will take care of the logistics, installation, and the perfect positioning, and provide assistance for any need that may occur during the competition. They will also do the dismantling of the court at the end of the event.

26 Dec 2012
Quarter Finals of the Del Monte Italian Cup
Today we know the names of the finalists of the Final Four Italian Cup for volleyball.

Today the Quarter Finals of the Del Monte Cup Italy Serie A1 matches are held. The rules state that the first eight teams qualified at the end of the first round of the regular season will participate in the Quarter Finals, that will be played at the home of the team with the better ranking.  The four winning teams will play the Del Monte Italian Cup Final Four 2012/2013, to be held at the Assago Forum Saturday, December 29th (semi-finals) and Sunday, December 30th (finale).
Today the semi-finals of the Italian Cup A2 will also be held. Only the first four teams of Serie A2 at the end of the first round will play . Sunday, December 30th, at the Assago Forum, the final of the Del Monte Cup Italy A2 will also be held. The matches will be played at the Assago Forum on the Mondo tricolor court made in the Mondoflex Performance surface.

13 Dec 2012
2012 ASBA Awards
Three facilities with Mondo surfaces honored by ASBA for excellence in sports facility construction.

American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), of which Mondo is a member, is the national organization for builders, designers and suppliers of materials for athletic facilities. Awards are presented each year to facilities built by ASBA members that best exemplify construction excellence. The facilities are Louisiana State University’s(LSU) Bernie Moore Track Stadium, JDL Fast Track and the Virginia G. Piper Sports and Fitness Center for Persons with Disabilities.
 Louisiana State University’s (LSU)  Bernie Moore Track Stadium and JDL Fast Track were named Outdoor Track Facility of the Year and Indoor Track Facility of the Year, respectively—the highest honors in their award categories.
In addition, the LSU venue, located on the university’s Baton Rouge campus, received the award for Outdoor Running Surface in the Distinguished Track Facilities category. JDL Fast Track, Winston-Salem, N.C., was named the winner for Indoor Track Facility in the same category. In both stadiums the Mondotrack surface was installed, the same surface used for 2012 London Olympic Games.
Virginia G. Piper Sports and Fitness Center for Persons with Disabilities, Phoenix, was honored in the Distinguished Indoor Multi-Purpose Field House category. Mondo rubber flooring is used throughout the facility: Advance in the gymnasium; Bollo Extra on wheelchair ramps and stairs; Mondotrack for the 1/10 mile track;  Natura in the foyer, common areas and trainers' area; Sportflex in the exercise equipment area; and Sport Impact in the weight room.

27 Nov 2012
Five times champions!
Brazil remains the strongest nation in the world in futsal.

 As per the predictions, the seventh edition of the FIFA Futsal World Cup ended with the final played between the two best teams in the world, Brazil and Spain. At Bangkok Futsal Arena, where the Mondo Fast Break System 2 surface is installed, the two teams met in a game very spectacular and balanced, that only in overtime saw the South Americans prevail with the result of 3-2. The fifth world title in Brazil was thanks to a network of Neto (voted best player of the tournament), a few seconds after the end of the match. Spain, which in 2008 had lost the final on penalties always against Brazil, has proven to be the only team to be able to counter the domino of South America, which this year won all seven matches. A very good result for Italy, which once again was able to get on the podium (after the second in 2004 and third in 2008) defeated in the match for third place by Colombia. Particularly pleased with the player Stefano Mammarella, who was awarded the prize for best goalkeeper of the tournament. The big surprise was Colombia, which debut in the competition came in fourth.

27 Nov 2012
The best athletes of 2012
The two star sprinters of London 2012 elected

 Usain Bolt and Allyson Felix were awarded athletes of the year at the annual World Athletics Gala organized by the IAAF. For the Jamaican sprinter it was the fourth success in this important competition outside of the track, while for the American athlete was the first time. Both received a trophy and a $ 100,000 prize during the ceremony that was held at the MNAC Museum of Barcelona. Atop the balance on their side, were the phenomenal achievements of the athletes at the London Olympics: Usain Bolt defended the titles won in the 100m and 200m in Beijing in 2008, creating the best times of the year in both disciplines, and led the Jamaican 4x100m relay team to win Olympic gold with the incredible time, world record of 36.84, Allyson Felix won the gold medal in the 200m and has contributed to the success of the 4x100m relay and 4x400m American, becoming the first woman since 1988 to win three gold medals in a single Olympics.

23 Nov 2012
World Athletics Gala
The great of athletics meet in Barcelona.

 This year, the annual World Athletics Gala of the International Athletics Foundation, which is usually held in Monaco, will be held in Barcelona, as the final act of the celebration for the 100 years of the IAAF. On Friday, November 23rd, a Centenary Banquet will be hosted by Drassanes Museum, while the Centenary Gala Show will be held Saturday, November 24 in the magnificent National Museum of Catalan Art (MNAC), where a tribute will be made to the history of athletics. More than 120 star athletes will participate in the event, including Olympic champions from London and some true legends of the sport: Said Aouita, Dick Fosbury, Edwin Moses, Oscar Pistorius, Mike Powell, Paula Radcliffe, Javier Sotomayor and many others. Together with the athletes will be more than 600 members of the IAAF and other major international sports federations. During the same time, Barcelona will host the 2012 Athletes of the Year Award Ceremony, an event that honors the best athletes of the year. The names in the running for the prestigious award among the men include: Usain Bolt, Aris Merritt and David Rudisha; Valerie Adams, Jessica Ennis and Allyson Felix among the women. The ceremonies will conclude with a welcome to the first 24 members of the new IAAF Hall of Fame.

13 Nov 2012
Greenbuild 2012
San Francisco will be the host of the best sustainable construction trade show

From November 14 to 15, Mondo will participate at Greenbuild (booth #829S), the world's largest conference and expo dedicated to green building. During this trade show, exhibitors will present the most innovative products and services in the industry, and visitors will have the opportunity to listen to experts and professionals in sustainable construction, and to visit the "green" buildings of the host city. Launched in 2002, Greenbuild brings together every year more than 1,000 exhibitors and over 30,000 visitors.

07 Nov 2012
Healthcare Design Conference 2012
In Phoenix (USA) on display are the best ideas for the construction of health care settings.

The three-day event which allows you to obtain authoritative advice from experts in design, architecture and construction of healthcare settings. The 2012 event promises to be even bigger than before, with over 4,100 industry professionals ready to present new products and services.

01 Nov 2012
2012 FIFA Futsal World Cup
Thailand is home to the seventh edition of the Soccer 5 World Cup.

From November 1st to 18th, the seventh edition of the FIFA Futsal World Cup will take place in Thailand. There are twenty-four participating teams from all over the world, divided into six groups of four teams. The favorites for the ultimate success are the two teams that have won in the past editions: Brazil (4-time champion) and Spain (2-time champion). Mondo will be present at the event, having provided Fast Break 2 System, the same flooring used in London during the Olympics, for the Bangkok Futsal Arena that will host the final competition of the tournament. The excellent relationship between Mondo and the World Cup continues. For years now they have been giving the Italian company the opportunity to supply the surfaces for Futsal Championships. They like Mondo for both the quality of its materials and its ability to handle major international events.

27 Oct 2012
2012 SBS Alumni Event
In Venice, we discuss the present and future of sport.

Saturday, October 27th, in Venice, the SBS Alumni Event, titled "Conversations on Tomorrow." is scheduled on board the ship MSC Divina. It is a talk about the current and future scenarios of sport where were invited Andrea Benetton (Executive VP of Green Sport) and Gianni Petrucci (President of CONI) and, as speakers, Mario De Vivo (Commercial Director of Inter Milan), Cristiano Habetswallner (Head of Sponsorship of Telecom Italy), Leonardo Massa (Italy Country Manager market of MSC) and Luca Valotta (Chairman of Virgin Active Italy). The moderator of the debate will be the journalist Lorenzo Dallari. This year is a special edition, as it is the first to be held after getting his SBS (Sport Business Strategies) Master obtained in May 2012, recognition he got after post-graduate product training at Ca 'Foscari Challenge School. Mondo is a partner of the event since they collaborated with Verde Sport on some projects within their sports park division, The Ghirada, which is home of the Master. In addition, he worked on the project of reporting interesting case studies to be provided in the classrooms.

16 Oct 2012
Inauguration of Tolmezzo New Track and Field Stadium
Saturday, October 13th, Mondo still on track!

With the installation of the track surface and the construction of the locker rooms, the athletics center can be considered successfully completed.

In the new facility, the opening day, the 23rd Memorial Todaro will be held along with the fifth round of the Trophy "Luigi Modena", organized by the Libertas Tolmezzo from athletics and Udinese Malignani with the support dell'assessorato Sport of Friuli Venezia Giulia and the City of Tolmezzo.

It also held out an invitational competition for the five thousand meters where some athletes from Kenya, Tunisia and Morrocco have participated. The committee that will handle the event consists of Venanzio Ortis, European champion in the 500m in Prague, Francesco Martini, Councillor for Sports of the town of Tolmezzo, Stefano Secco Vice-President of the Provincial Center Libertas Udine, Manlio Savorgnan, Athletic Malignani’s President, Franco Cimenti and Angela Longo of Libertas Tolmezzo.

This event was enhanced by the reconstruction works on the track and sport platforms of the facility, completed this summer with truly innovative materials and funded by a € 650,000 grant given to the City by the Mountain Community of Carnia. The city councilor for sport, Francesco Martini is considered very pleased to have brought Tolmezzo two events of particular depth and interest.

Mondo has been once again the protagonist with Mondotrack, the official track surface of London 2012, an innovative material which last year attracted numerous accolades from athletes and coaches for its performance and comfort. This year in London many new and numerous world records were set.

12 Oct 2012
The history of athletics
Barcelona hosts the exhibition of the IAAF centennial.

From Saturday, October 13 to Sunday, November 25, 2012, the Olympic Sport Museum Joan Antoni Samaranch Barcelona hosts the Historical Exposition for the centenary of the IAAF. Installed on a track specially made by Mondo for the occasion, there are eight displays called "lanes" tracing the history of the IAAF and athletics, with text, photos and video: lane 1 is devoted to the history of the Association and of its founders, lane 2 recalls the greatest athletes in the Olympic Games and the World Athletics Series, lane 3 is the development of the IAAF competition program, lane 4 recalls the most important results obtained in athletics in every continent; lane 5 recounts the struggle for parity in female and male athletics; lane 6 describes the progress made over the years on tracks, clothing and sports equipment; lane 7 is dedicated to the greatest moments and the greatest track and field athletes of the last 100 years; and lane 8 is meant to be a glimpse into the future, the development of athletics in the next 100 years. The exhibition displays are connected by numerous glass cases containing more than 300 souvenirs provided by athletes, museums and private collections around the world. They range from coins and vases dating from 256 BC up to race numbers and clothing of gold medal athletes at London 2012. There are also examples of equipment for athletics, old and new, most important are those provided by Mondo which is a Sponsor Partner of the IAAF.


10 Sep 2012
Unprecedented Edition
The Paralympic Athletics has performed spectacularly in London 2012.

The Athletics program of the London 2012 Paralympic Games ended with the last major achievements in the Olympic Stadium, a worthy conclusion to an edition of the Games full of emotions and records. The last days of competition have given exciting moments, like the first individual gold medal for Oscar Pistorius, in the 400m T44 final dominated by the South African athlete, which has set a new Paralympic record running in 46 "68. The Cuban Yunidis Castillo, winning the 400m T46, with the new world record of 55 "72, led to three gold medals won in London 2012. Amazing achievements also reached in the last days of the Paralympics by American Tatyana McFadden, gold in the 1,500 m T54, Chinese Zhiming Wang, gold in the javelin throw F40, and Russia's Elena Ivanova, with the victory in the 100m T36. The last race was the athletics marathon in category T54 that saw Britain's David Weir achieved the extraordinary goal he had set for himself before the Games of winning four gold medals. The 33 year-old Weir, had won before the marathon the Paralympic title in the 800m, 5000m and 1500m. An excellent result equaled by the American Raymond Martin, 18-year-old, winner of the 200m, 100m, 400m and 800m T52 in the London Paralympic Games.

10 Sep 2012
Three nations in celebration
Canada and Germany have won the gold medal in wheelchair basketball. In boccia, the grand Paralympic finale for the Brazilian players.

The finals of the wheelchair basketball team has seen a return on the highest step of the podium and another win his first title Paralympics. In the men's tournament, Canada, driven by Patrick Anderson, author of 34 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists, passed 64-58 for Australia, after a hard fought game. The Canadian players, who won in Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004, had the revenge of the defeat of the Australians in Beijing 2008. The bronze medal went to the United States, which in the final for third place to beat Great Britain 61-46. In the women's tournament, as Germany won his first Paralympic title, defeating Australia in 58-44. In front of 13,000 spectators at the North Greenwich Arena, the German players were dragged by the great performance of Mareike Adermann, author of 19 points. The bronze went to the Netherlands, who defeated the United States 71-47, winners in Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008. In boccia, the medal has seen impose Brazil, thanks to the two gold medals won at the last day of racing. In the category Individual BC4, the gold went to Dirceu Jose Pinto, and in the final defeated Chinese  Yuansen Zheng. In the category Mixed Individual BC2, Maciel Sousa Santos won the second gold of the day for Brazil, defeating in the final the Chinese Zhiqiang Yan. In the category Mixed Individual BC1, Thai Pattaya Tadtong won gold defeating in the final British David Smith. In the end, if was an all Korean final for the Mixed Individual BC3 category, with the victory for Ye-Jin Choi  and the silver for Ho-Won Jeong.

07 Sep 2012
An unprecedented final
Battle of the last two Paralympic edition silver medalists in the women's wheelchair basketball tournament

The battle is on between Australia and Germany in the women's wheelchair basketball final. The Australians beat the United States, defending Paralympic champions, 40-39, at the end of a hard-fought battle, where the Australians got ahead in the third period of the game and the American players attempted a sensational comeback, which failed by one point only. Battling it out against Australia for the gold will be Germany, silver medalists at Beijing 2008, who defeated Holland, following a very tight game, 49-46. The final is scheduled today at the North Greenwich Arena. In boccia, surprise victory from Norway's Roger Aandalen, who defeated the defending champion in the BC1 category, Portugal's Joao Fernandes and will now take on Britain's David Smith in the semifinal. The Thai derby went to Pattaya Tadtong, who beat Witsanu Huadpradit 7-0 and will compete against Brazil's Jose Chagas de Oliveira in the semifinal. In the BC4 category, Dirceu Jose Pinto sealed a tie-break victory against Britain's Peter McGuire, and will play against Eliseu dos Santos in an all-Brazilian semifinal. Stephen McGuire won against Czech Republic's Radek Prochazka, and will now take on China's Yuansen Zheng. Brazil also played a starring role in the BC2 category, thanks to Maciel Sousa Santos, who will challenge China's Kai Zhong in the semifinal. The other semifinal will be between Korea's Jeong So-Yeong and China's Zhiqiang Yan. In the BC3 category, it's a Korean domination with three players going into the semifinals.

07 Sep 2012
A star is born!
The young British athlete Jonnie Peacock won the most eagerly awaited final, the 100m T44

Egged on by the 80,000 spectators at the London Olympic Stadium, the 19-year Jonnie Peacock won the gold in the 100m T44 setting a new Paralympic record of  10”90. Fourth place for Oscar Pistorius who, at the end of the race, gave a hug to the new Paralympic track and field star. Before Peacock's feat, other two British victories had thrown the home crowds into raptures: in the 800m T54, David Weir won his third gold medal at London 2012, after the ones in the 1500m and 5000m; in the 200m T34, Hannah Cockroft repeated the success achieved in the 100m, with the Paralympic record of 31”90. Much like David Weir, Russia's Evgenii Shvetcov also won his third gold yesterday at London 2012: after his triumphs in the 400m and 100m, he sealed another victory in the 800m T36. Five athletes won their second gold in these Paralympics: France's Assia El Hannouni, after the 400m, had a repeat performance in the 200m T12, setting, together with her guide Gautier Simounet, the new world record at 24”46; Germany's Birgit Kober, after her success in the javelin, also won the title in the Shot Put F32/33/34 setting the new world record at 10.25m; China's Zhiming Wang, repeated the success achieved in the discus throw by sealing another victory in the Shot Put F40, setting a new world record with a throw of 14.46m; Cuba's Omara Durand won the gold in the 100m T13, after a victory in the 400m; Ukraine's Iurii Tsaruk won the gold in the 200m T35 with a new world record, after his winning performance in the 100m.

06 Sep 2012
Will it be Australia vs Canada again?
The two Beijing's men's wheelchair basketball tournament finalists are one step away from the London 2012 final

The men's wheelchair basketball tournament quarter finals were held at the North Greenwich Arena. At the top of the standings, the United States beat Germany 57-46, at the end of a hard-fought battle that saw the Americans take over in the last quarter of play with an outstanding performance of 20 points scored. In the semifinals, the American players will take on the defending Paralympic champions, Australia, who defeated Poland, 76-53. At the bottom of the standings, excellent performance by Great Britain, who beat Turkey 75-70. Among the host country team members, Terry Bywater's performance stood out in particular, as he scored 23 points, 5 assists and 13 rebounds. In the semifinals, the Brits will be battling it out with one of the tournament's favorites, Canada, who beat Spain 77-51. In boccia, the individual competitions have started. In the Mixed Individual BC2 category, it was a big day for Portugal, with three of their players qualifying for the next round: Cristina Goncalves, Fernando Ferreira and Abilio Valente. Portugal also played a leading role in the Mixed Individual BC1 category, with its victory in the starting game sealed by Joao Fernandes, defending Paralympic champion. Among the Portuguese's fiercest competitors, there are Thailand's Pattaya Tadtong and Witsanu Huadpradit, as well as Brazil's Jose Carlos Chagas de Oliveira. In the Mixed Individual BC3 category, excellent performance by the Brits Jacob Thomas and Scott McCowan, who will now be facing the world's number one, Korea's Jeong Ho-Won.

06 Sep 2012
Golden South Africa
First gold medal at London 2012 for Oscar Pistorius, thanks to the 4x100m relay

One of the most eagerly awaited competitions yesterday evening at the Olympic Stadium was the 4x100m relay T42/46, with the come-back of Oscar Pistorius together with his team mates: Samkelo Radebe, Zivan Smith and Arnu Fourie. The race certainly lived up to expectations, with the South African team not only winning the gold, but also setting a new world record with a time of 41”78. In the other finals of the sprint events, two athletes excelled themselves: Italy's Martina Caironi won the gold in the 100m T42 setting a new world record, 15”87; in the 100m T11, Brazil's Terezinha Guilhermina won her second gold medal at London 2012, after the one in the 200m, also setting a new world record with a time of 12"01. Still yesterday, five athletes set the world record in the finals of the throw disciplines: Italy's Assunta Legnante in the Shot Put F11/12, with a 16.74m throw; Cuba's Leonardo Diaz in the discus throw F54/55/56, with a 44.63m throw; China's Dong Xia in the Shot Put F37/38, with 17.52m; China's Liwan Yang who, after winning in the Shot Put, sealed yet another victory in the javelin F54/55/56 with a 17.89m throw; China's Pengkai Zhu in the javelin F12/12, with a 64.38m throw. Gold and world record also for Russia's Gocha Khugaev in the long jump F37/38, with a 6.31m jump.

05 Sep 2012
A repeat Beijing performance in London
In the women's wheelchair basketball, the three winning teams of Beijing 2008 will be battling it out in the semifinals

The women's wheelchair basketball quarter finals saw the success of the favorite teams at the outset. At the top of the standings, the United States, defending Paralympic champions, defeated Canada 67-55, after bouncing back from being the weaker team in the first two quarters of the game. In the semifinals, the American players will take on Australia, bronze at Beijing 2008, who sailed through victory against Mexico, 62-37. At the bottom of the standings, Germany, silver at Beijing 2008, defeated Great Britain 55-44 at the end of a very well-balanced game until the last quarter of play. In the semifinals, the Germans will be battling it out against Holland, who secured a victory against China, 59-37. The first medals were awarded in boccia. In the Mixed Pairs BC4, Brazil won the gold, defeating the Czech Republic in the final, 5-3. The bronze medal went to Canada, who triumphed over Great Britain, 8-2. In the final for the gold medal in the Mixed Pairs BC3 category, Greece won against Portugal, defeated 4-1. The bronze went to Belgium, who secured a victory against South Korea, 4-3. In the Mixed team BC1-2 category, the gold medal was won by the favorite, Thailand, who defeated China, 10-5. Bronze medal for Great Britain, who beat Portugal, 7-5.

05 Sep 2012
Multiple medal winners
At London 2012, many athletes are successfully defending the titles won at Beijing 2008

The competitions held yesterday at the Olympic Stadium saw some athletes win their second gold medal at London 2012 and others successfully defend the titles won at Beijing 2008. In the Shot Put F57/58, the gold was won by Alexey Ashapatov, a few days after his victory in the discus throw as well. The Russian athlete thus succeeded in defending both the titles won at Beijing 2008. After winning the 5000m T54, David Weir confirmed his Paralympic champion title in the 1500m T54 as well. The British athlete is aiming to win four golds at London 2012, after the two won at Beijing 2008. In the 1500m T46, the victory, along with a new world record, went to Abraham Tarbei, with a time of 3:50.15. This is the third Paralympic gold in the Kenyan's athlete career, after the two won at Beijing 2008. In the 400m T12 final, France's Assia El Hannouni secured her seventh gold medal, after the four won at Athens 2004 and the two at Beijing 2008. In the 400m T36 final, the gold went to Russia's Evgenii Shvetcov who set a world record with the time of 53”51. This is the athlete's second victory at London 2012, after the success in the 100m T36. To top off the day at the Olympic Stadium was the women's 4x100 relay T35/T38, won by the Russian team made up of Anastasiya Ovsyannikova, Svetlana Sergeeva, Elena Ivanova and Margarita Goncharova. It was the third gold won at these Paralympics for Goncharova.

04 Sep 2012
First boccia medals
The pairs and team finals will be held today. The quarter finals get underway in wheelchair basketball

The first medals will be awarded today in the boccia tournament. In the Mixed Pairs BC4 category, Brazil and the Czech Republic will be battling it out for gold, while Great Britain and Canada will play the final for the bronze. In the Mixed Pairs BC3 category, Portugal will take on Greece for the gold medal, and South Korea will play against Belgium for the bronze. In the Mixed Team BC1-2 category, Thailand will take on China for the gold, while Portugal will challenge Great Britain for the bronze. The last games of the qualifying rounds of the wheelchair basketball tournaments were held yesterday. In the men's tournament, all predictions made turned out as expected with the two favorite teams, Australia and Canada, who completed their rounds without a single defeat. In the Group A standings, the Australians are followed by Turkey, United States and Spain. In Group B, the Canadians are ahead of Germany, Great Britain and Poland. The pairings for the quarter finals, scheduled for Wednesday, September 5 are: Australia-Poland, Germany-USA, Canada-Spain, Turkey-Great Britain. In the women's tournament, Group A was won by Australia, thanks to their success in the last game of the round against Holland, now  in second place; third place for Canada and fourth place for Great Britain. In Group B, excellent performance by Germany, who completed the round with full marks ahead of the United States, China and Mexico. The standings have resulted in the following pairings for the quarter finals scheduled today: Australia-Mexico, USA-Canada, Holland-China, Germany-Great Britain.

04 Sep 2012
Young champions
Many of the London 2012 Paralympic stars are very young athletes

Yesterday evening, two young athletes won their second gold medal at London 2012. The first is the 22-year-old Irish Michael McKillop, who confirmed his title as the world's best Paralympic middle distance runner: two days after winning gold in the 800m T37 final, he had a repeat performance and secured himself the Paralympic title in the 1500m T37, setting the new Paralympic record with a time of 4:08.11. Second gold medal as well for the young American Raymond Martin who, at just eighteen years of age, managed to win two gold medals in two days, one in the 100m T52 and the other in the 400m T52. Yesterday, other five World records were set in the finals held at the Olympic Stadium: in the javelin F33/34/52/53, German Birgit Kober had a 27.03m throw; in the 5000m T12, Moroccan El Amin Chentouf ran in 13:53.76; in the 1500m T11, Kenyan Samwel Mushai Kimani and his guide James Boit ran in 3:58.37; in the Shot Put F42/44, Chinese Juan Yao had a 13.05m throw; in the long jump F20, Polish Karolina Kucharczyk had a 6m jump. A great deal of enthusiasm also for Britain's Mickey Bushell, who won the 100m T53 final setting a new Paralympic record with a 14”75 time.

03 Sep 2012
Historical victories
In wheelchair basketball, Turkey and Germany achieved two sporting feats

The last day of the preliminary rounds of the wheelchair basketball tournament will be held today. Group A of the men's tournament is dominated by Australia, at the top of the current standings with full marks, followed by Spain. The United States, currently in third place, suffered a historical defeat against Turkey in the starting game. For Turkey, currently lying in fourth place, it was its first-ever victory against the Americans. In Group B, Canada, according to plan, is still unbeaten and leads the pack, followed by Germany, Great Britain and Poland. All went according to plan in Group A of the women's tournament as well, with Australia who, despite their defeat against Canada, is still at the top of the standings. Behind, with one less game under their belt, there is Holland, Canada and Great Britain. On the other hand, there was a surprise victory in Group B, with Germany's success against the favorites, the United States. The German players are leading the standings with full marks, ahead of the USA, China and Mexico.
Sunday also marked the start of the boccia tournament, with the Mixed Pairs and Mixed Team categories. In the Mixed Pairs BC3 category, South Korea, who won gold at Beijing 2008, lost their first game but then bounced back to claim a victory against the host country Great Britain. Excellent performances by Portugal, Belgium and Greece, winners of  their first two games. In the Mixed Team BC1-2 category, Thailand took center stage, undefeated after two matches, as did Great Britain and South Korea. In the Mixed Pairs BC4 category, great start for Czech Republic, Brazil and Canada, still unbeaten after two games.

03 Sep 2012
It's raining records on the Mondotrack!
The first track and field days have recorded some extraordinary performances

The Paralympic Games track and field program has got off to a great start, with a string of World and Paralympic records. One of the new World records was set by Oscar Pistorius in the preliminary rounds of the 200m T44, with a 21”30 run. However, the South African athlete had to make do with a silver in the final, which was won by Brazilian Alan Oliveira. Another great star of these first Paralympic days was Irish Jason Smyth who, by winning the 100m T13 final and setting a new World record at 10”46, confirmed his title as the fastest Paralympic athlete in the world. The results achieved by British athletes Hannah Cockroft and Richard Whitehead were saluted with roaring enthusiasm: the former ran the 100m T34 final in 18'06, while the latter the 200m T42 final in 24”38. In the women's compartment, Russian Margarita Goncharova took center stage as she managed to snap up two gold medals: in the long jump F37/38 and in the 100m T38. In the throw disciplines, other World records were set by Serbian Zeljko Dimitrijevic in the club throw F31/32/51 (26.88m), by Russian Alexey Ashapatov in the discus throw F57/58 (60.72m) and by Polish Katarzyna Piekart in the javelin F46 (41.15m). Excellent performance by Australian Kelly Cartwright as well, who won gold and set a World record in the long jump F42/44, with a 4.38m jump.

31 Aug 2012
A sport going back a thousand years
The origin of boccia allegedly dates back to ancient Greece

On Sunday, September 2, with the first matches involving pairs and mixed teams, boccia will make its debut at the London 2012 Games. It is a sport with similar rules to bocce and requires great muscular control and extreme concentration by competing athletes. Boccia, introduced into the Paralympic program at the 1984 New York Games, is now practiced in over 50 countries worldwide. London 2012 will see a line-up of 104 athletes, men and women, competing individually, in pairs or in teams. Boccia players are athletes in a wheelchair with cerebral palsy or with a series of motor disabilities; a rating system ensures that athletes competing against one another have similar disabilities. The nation that achieved the best results in the last editions of the Paralympic Games and looking to be the favorite at the start of London 2012 as well is Portugal which, between Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008, won 3 gold medals, 6 silver medals and 2 bronze medals; their leading player is Joao Paulo Fernandes, winner of two golds at Athens 2004 and one gold and one silver at Beijing 2008. The home crowds are expecting great things from Nigel Murray, considered by many as the best boccia player in the world.

31 Aug 2012
Back on the track!
The excitement is rising for the races of Oscar Pistorius and the other sprinters on the Olympic Stadium Mondotrack

he track and field competitions at the London Olympic Stadium which, until September 9, will see a line-up of 1,100 athletes and 170 gold medals. The athletes, competing in a wheelchair, with prostheses or led by a seeing partner, are grouped into classes depending on the impact of their disability on performance. The classes are numbered with two digits: the first specifies the nature of the athlete's disability; the second indicates the extent of the athlete's functional abilities; the lower the second digit, the greater the impact on the ability to compete. Part of the Paralympic Games since Rome 1960, track and field has given rise to some of the icons of the Paralympic movement, legendary figures such as Louise Sauvage and Tanni Grey-Thompson. Today all eyes will be on Oscar Pistorius, first sprinter to participate in the Olympic Games, who will be defending the Paralympic titles won in Beijing 2008: 100m, 200m and 400m in the T44 category. The 100m T44 final, scheduled on Thursday, September 6, is one of the most eagerly awaited events of the whole Paralympic Games. Everybody is expecting a challenge between the South African champion and the nineteen year-old British athlete Jonnie Peacock, who set a new world record in June of this year, running in 10”85.

30 Aug 2012
The wheelchair basketball tournaments get underway
The Basketball Arena and the North Greenwich Arena host one of the most popular Paralympic sports

When the Second World War American veterans started playing wheelchair basketball as part of their rehabilitation, nobody would have imagined that, in a short period of time, the sport would have gained so much popularity worldwide. Wheelchair basketball, which is now practiced in over 80 countries, became part of the Paralympic program as from the 1960 Rome Games (the women's tournament made its debut in Tel Aviv 1968). The rules are very similar to those applied to traditional basketball, with players being required to pass the ball or dribble every two pushes of the wheelchair. To guarantee a certain degree of balance in the court, each player is assigned a value ranging from 1.0 to 4.5 depending on the severity of their disability; the sum of the values of the five players in the court must never exceed 14. London 2012 will have a line-up of 12 men's teams and 10 women's teams, divided into two preliminary groups; the teams in the top four places of each group will qualify for the knock-out quarter final rounds. The nations who are looking to be the favorites for winning the title are those who dominated the scene over the last few years, both in the men's and women's teams: Australia, Canada, USA and Great Britain.

30 Aug 2012
Games without boundaries
The Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony: a tribute to the accomplishments of the human spirit

The Opening Ceremony, held at the London Olympic Stadium, marked the official start of the XIV summer Paralympic. The ceremony, co-directed by Jenny Sealey and Bradley Hemmings, revolved around a journey through time and the great discoveries that changed our perception as to the possibilities of the mind and the human spirit. The show, which opened with an invitation by Stephen Hawking to “look up at the stars” and never lose your curiosity, continued with Sir Ian McKellen who led the way to the character of Miranda, drawn by Shakespeare's “The Tempest”, through a path that also saw the celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Newton's theory and Higgs particle. Key elements of the ceremony were also the athletes' parade, the raising of the British and Olympic flag, the lighting of the Paralympic cauldron by Margaret Maughan, first-ever British athlete to win a Paralympic gold. “Tonight is about welcoming the world to a global Games, an event where we will experience every single emotion, including ones we never thought possible", said Sir Philip Craven, Chairman of the International Paralympic Committee.

29 Aug 2012
The symbol of the Paralympic Games
A source of inspiration for athletes and populations worldwide

In the days preceding the start of the Paralympic Games, five giant reproductions of the Paralympic Movement took pride of place in some cities of the United Kingdom. The first reproduction (13 meters long and 8 meters high) was installed in Cardiff, outside the town hall; the second (14 meters long and 9 meters high) was inaugurated in Edinburgh with a spectacular operation by some Royal Air Force members; the last three giant sets of the Paralympic symbol were placed in three historical landmarks in London: Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge and Kew Gardens. The Paralympic logo, created by the agency Scholz & Friends and in force since 2003, represents three Agitos (from the Latin meaning "I move") with the three colors that are most widely represented in national flags around the world: blue, red and green. The three Agitos encircle a central point, which represents the focal role of the International Paralympic Committee in bringing athletes together from all corners of the world to compete. "The Paralympic Agitos is an inspiring symbol, uniting athletes and people around the world. To athletes they represent the culmination of thousands of hours of training and reaching the highest level in sport", said Seb Coe, Chairman of the London 2012 Organizing Committee.

29 Aug 2012
The London Paralympic Games are underway!
Mondo is an official supplier of the greatest multinational sporting event in the world for disabled athletes

After the spectacular Olympic Games which were held in early August, more than 4,000 of the finest disabled athletes have gathered in London to take part in the 2012 Paralympic Games, scheduled from August 29 to September 9. Those taking part to the athletics events will benefit from the Mondotrack in the Olympic Stadium in London, the same one used during the Olympics, to achieve their best performance. Three world records, four Olympic records, 64 national records and a multitude of personal and seasonal bests were set on the Mondotrack during the Olympics. Overall, Mondo has supplied the flooring and equipment for a total of 18 Olympic and Paralympic events, ranging from table tennis to wheelchair rugby, and from wheelchair basketball to judo.


29 Aug 2012
The journey of the Paralympic flame
From the highest peaks in the United Kingdom to the Olympic Stadium of London

The same enthusiasm that had accompanied the journey of the Olympic flame across the streets of the United Kingdom was renewed with the London 2012 Paralympic torch. Its journey started on August 22, when, from the highest peaks in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, four national flames were lit, then transferred inside mining lanterns in the capitals of the four nations. From August 24 to 27, with the lighting of the ceremonial cauldrons in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast, and the opening of the Flame Festivals, the general public was invited to support the Paralympic torch relay and the Paralympic Games. Following the celebrations, the four national flames reached Stoke Mandeville, the home of the Paralympic Movement, where they were united to form one single Paralympic flame. After the ceremony, the torch embarked on its 24-hour journey towards the London Olympic Stadium where, after travelling 92 miles and being carried by 580 torchbearers, it will light the Paralympic cauldron during the Opening Ceremony which, today August 29, will mark the start of the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

29 Aug 2012
USA Women's Team wins in Amsterdam

The Basketball Finals held in Amsterdam on August 26th, saw the USA team competing against Spain.

13 Aug 2012
The largest nightclub in the world
Music was the star of the London 2012 Closing Ceremony.

The closing ceremony for the XXX Olympic Games was a huge outdoor festival, a tribute to music, fashion and English culture. Kevin Gavin, artistic director of the ceremony, put together a show with big stars and new talents of the British music, and well-known characters. On stage performed among others: The Who, The Spice Girls, Take That, Tinie Tempah, George Michael, Fatboy Slim, Madness, Jessie J, Annie Lennox, Kaiser Chiefs, Taio Cruz, Liam Gallagher, Brian May and Roger Taylor , Pet Shop Boys, Muse, Emeli Sande, Eric Idle, Julian Lloyd Webber, Ed Sheeran, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. "That of Kim Gavin was a celebration of athletes, volunteers, of London and the whole nation, who helped to organize the great Olympic Games. We have shown the best of us with these Games and have allowed the world's greatest athletes to shine. I would like to pay tribute to the volunteers, participants and the country that have made it possible for the Games to be memorable for the athletes and sports fans around the world, "said Seb Coe, Chairman of the London 2012 Organizing Committee. After the ceremony, the Olympic brazier was opened and 204 individual bronze petals, representing each participating nations of the London 2012 Games, have been extinguished. The evening ended with the handover between the City of London and Rio de Janeiro, which will be hosting the Games in 2016.

13 Aug 2012
A final worthy of the Olympics
The last act of the men's basketball tournament has been balanced and fought.

The U.S. men's basketball team has won the Olympic title in London, the fourteenth title of its history, and the fifth since, in 1992, when the Dream Team began the era of the national American team "made in the NBA." They had a victory after a final and tight battle with Spain that was defeated 107-100. There was an even closer score in the final in Monaco in 1972, when the Soviet Union defeated the U.S. 51-50. Among outstanding Americans, the beautiful game of Kevin Durant, with 30 points and 9 rebounds, LeBron James, with crucial baskets in the most important moments of the game, and Chris Paul, who was able to intelligently manage the end of the race. Spain has resisted for most of the game, scoring more points than the opponents in the second quarter of the game and drawing the third, but eventually the power and the physical play of some of the champion U.S. team prevailed. Among the Spanish yet another great performance by Pau Gasol, with 24 points, 7 assists and 8 rebounds. The bronze medal went to Russia, who defeated Argentina 81-77. Decisive in the Russian victory, there was Alexey Shved and Andrei Kirilenko, respectively with 25 and 20 points. This is the first Olympic medal won by Russia since the former Soviet Union.

12 Aug 2012
The women’s American basketball team wins their fifth consecutive Olympic title.

No surprises at the North Greenwich Arena in the women's basketball finals. The United States have won easily, beating France 86-50. The American team has won seventh Olympic title in nine competitions, the fifth in a row. The absolute star of the game was Candace Parker, with 21 points and 11 rebounds, but the audience ovation was all for Tamika Catchings, Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird, that reached their third Olympic gold. France, which has lost only to the U.S. throughout the tournament, has ended with a deserved second place. The bronze went to Australia that, in the final for third place, defeated Russia 83-74, with a great performance by Lauren Jackson, with 25 points and 11 rebounds. For the Australian team it was the fifth consecutive Olympic medal, with two bronze and three silver. Today, the next awaited event is at 3 PM with the men's tournament final between U.S. and Spain, a replay of Beijing 2008.

12 Aug 2012
A jump that is worth gold
By winning in London 2012, Anna Chicherova confirms status of high jump queen

With just a single mistake throughout the race, Anna Chicherova has dominated the high jump final. The Russian athlete, bronze medalist in Beijing 2008 and gold at the 2011 World Championships in Athletics in Daegu, won by jumping 2.05 meters on his second attempt, the second and third places went to the American Brigetta Barrett and the Russian Svetlana Shkolina, both with their own personal record at 2.03 m. Russia was also the protagonist in the 800m final, with world champion Mariya Savinova who won with a time of 1:56:19. The silver medal went to the South African Caster Semenya, and the bronze to another Russian athlete, Ekaterina Poistogova. The big surprise of the evening came in the javelin throw, with the success of Keshorn Walcott, Trinidad & Tobago athlete, winner of the Junior World Championships in Barcelona 2012, with a throw at 84.58 m. Also climbed the podium the Ukrainian Oleksandr Pyatnytsya, with silver medal, and Antti Ruuskanen from Finlande, with bronze medal.

12 Aug 2012
Ends with a bang!
The Olympic track competitions end with another world record at London 2012

The Olympic athletics competitions at the Olympic Stadium ended with the extraordinary world record achieved by the Jamaican 4x100m relay team. Nesta Carter, Michael Frater, Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake ran in 36.84 sec., an outstanding time! The silver medal went to the USA team, who achieved a national record by running in 37.04 sec., and the bronze medal to Trinidad & Tobago, after the disqualification of the Canadian team. With this success, Usain Bolt brings the number of consecutive Olympic gold medals to six and the world records he has beaten in his career to eight: three in the 100m, two in the 200m and three in the 4x100m relay. A few minutes before the 4x100m relay, the audience was ecstatic in the Olympic Stadium cheering to the win of the British Mo Farah, who had won in the 10,000 m just a week ago, that was repeated in the 5000m with a magnificent final race: the last 1,000 meters were the fastest in Olympic history of the specialty at 2:25:20. Mo Farah has crossed the line ahead of the Ethiopian Dejen Gebremeskel and the Kenyan Thomas Longosiwa Pkemei. In the other events of the evening, the American 4x400m team dominated and won the gold medal running in 3:16.87, fourth fastest time ever. DeeDee Trotter, Francena McCorory, Sanya Richards and Allyson Felix-Ross preceded the Russian and the Jamaican relay teams.


11 Aug 2012
History repeats itself
The men's basketball tournament final will be USA against Spain. Today the title in the women's tournament will be awarded.

The final of the men's basketball tournament in London 2012 will be the USA-Spain, a repetition of Beijing 2008. Spain, the reigning European champion and second in the world rankings, has suffered a lot to overcome Russia in the semifinals. Below 11 points at half-time, Pau Gasol (16 points and 12 rebounds) and his companions contributed to a great second half, leveling the score in the third quarter and carrying forward the last quarter of the game, winning 67-59. Spain will face the big favorites, United States, now in their fifteenth finals in the history of the Games and seeking their fourteenth Olympic title. The American team did not encounter any difficulties with Argentina in the semifinals, winning 109-83. The eagerly awaited final for the gold medal will be held Sunday, August 12 at 3 pm; the final for the bronze medal is scheduled at 11 am on the same day. Today, it was the end of the women's tournament, with an unprecedented final between USA and France. If it is not surprising to see Americans play their eighth Olympic final, having won six titles to date, the French have surpassed themselves with a perfect tournament to date. The final for the Olympic title is played at 9 pm, while the one for the bronze medal, between Australia and Russia, will be held at 5 pm. Both games will be held at the North Greenwich Arena.

11 Aug 2012
The queens of speed!
New world record for the U.S. team in the 4x100m relay.

Many were expecting the 4x100m women relay finals to be very fast, considering the performance shown by the American and Jamaican sprinters in the 100m and 200m finals, but the U.S. relay team has exceeded all expectations, breaking the 27-years old world record with a time of 40.82. Tianna Madison, White Knight, Carmelita Jeter and Allyson Felix were just flying on the Mondotrack surface! The silver medal, with the national record, went to Jamaica, and the bronze to Ukraine. There was a surprise however in the 4x400 men relay finals, with the Bahamas who beat the United States by running in 2:56.72, winning their first gold medal in this discipline. The bronze medal went to Trinidad & Tobago. Four other finals were played at Olympic Stadium on Friday night. In the women's 5000m, yet another battle between Ethiopian and Kenyan athletes, the gold went to Meseret Defar, the silver to Vivian Cheruiyot Jepkemoi and the bronze to Tirunesh Dibaba to. In the women's 1,500 m, historic double for Turkey, with Asli Cakir Alptekin who won the gold medal and Gamze Bulut the silver. Third place went to Maryam Yusuf Jamal, Bahrain's middle-distance runner. In the pole vault, the gold medal was won by the French Renaud Lavillenie, who jumped 5.97 meters, and just behind him there was the Germans Bjorn Otto and Raphael Holzdeppe. Finally, the final of the women's hammer throw saw Russia's Tatyana Lysenko set a new Olympic record by throwing at 78.18m, the silver went to the Polish Anita Wlodarczyk and the bronze to German Betty Heidler.

10 Aug 2012
Outstanding Rudisha!
The Kenyan middle distance runner exceeds himself achieving the new world record in the 800 m

A prominent position amongst the big names in the London 2012 must go to David Rudisha, who not only dominated the final of the 800 m, but also improved on his world record, running at 1:40.91. At just 23, the Kenyan athlete, in addition to the Olympic title that he has just won, also holds the Daegu 2011 World title. Young winners of silver and bronze medals: the eighteen year old Botswana athlete Nijel Amos and the seventeen year old Kenyan Timothy Kitum. In addition to the 200 m and 800 m, last night the Olympic Stadium also hosted three other finals. In the triple jump gold and silver went to the expected favorites, the American Christian Taylor, who won by jumping 17.81 m, and Will Claye; the bronze went to the Helsinki 2012 European champion Fabrizio Donato of Italy. In the javelin, the Czech world record holder Barbora Spotakova, won the gold by throwing 69.55 meters, repeating her Beijing 2008 success. Second and third place went to two German athletes: Christina Obergfoll and Linda Stahl. Finally, the two days of competition in the decathlon came to a close with the 1500 m, and the success of the world record holder Ashton Eaton. The American athlete, with 8,869 points, beat his teammate Trey Hardee and the Cuban Leonel Suarez.

10 Aug 2012
A clear round
Two unbeaten teams will play the final of the women's basketball tournament

The final of the women's basketball tournament will be between the USA and France. The American players defeated Australia by 86-73 in the first of two semi-finals, winning their fortieth consecutive victory at the Olympics. After a suffering first half, the USA dominated the second half, turning the result and earning their fifth consecutive Olympic final, the seventh since women's basketball was introduced into the Olympic program in 1976. Competing against the United States for the gold medal will be France, who played a great semi-final against Russia, winning 81-64. The final is scheduled for Saturday, August 11 at 21.00 (GMT) at the North Greenwich Arena. Today is the turn of the men's semifinals. The match between Spain and Russia will start at 17.00. The Russians triumphed over the Spanish in the qualification round, but the Spanish, reigning European champions and silver medal holders in Beijing 2008, are still the predicted favorites. The other semifinal at 21.00, sees the USA against Argentina for the second time in this tournament, the only team that has managed to break their dominance since the Americans began fielding a national team made up of NBA players in 1992. This took place in 2004, when Argentina won the gold after beating the United States in the semifinals. Eight years later, the South Americans are hoping that history will repeat itself.

09 Aug 2012
An all stars and stripes evening
The American athletics team won seven medals yesterday

Yesterday was an evening full of big satisfactions for the American athletics team. Together with the gold and bronze medals in the women's 200m, they also won the gold and silver medals in the 110m hurdles and one bronze and one gold in the women's long jump. The 110m hurdles final was dominated by Aries Merritt, the only finalist to run under 13”. Although he did not manage to break the world record, the American athlete, at his first Olympiad, did set a personal best of 12.92. The silver medal went to his team mate Jason Richardson, while the bronze was won by Hansle Parchment, setting the Jamaican national record. Bitter disappointment for Dayron Robles, who suffered an injury half-way through the competition and could not complete the race. The great stars and stripes evening continued in the women's long jump, with Brittney Reese, the favorite at the outset, winning the gold on her first attempt with a 7.12m jump. Russian Elena Sokolova won the silver and American Janay Deloach the bronze. The surprise of the evening came in the women's 400m hurdles final, with Russian Natalya Antyukh snatching the gold by reaching the finishing line ahead of the big favorite, American Lashinda Demus. The bronze went to Czech Republic's Zuzana Hejnova.

09 Aug 2012
The magnificent four
USA, Argentina, Spain and Russia are the semifinalists of the men's basketball tournament

Following the quarter finals held yesterday, the North Greenwich Arena court declared the names of the four men's basketball tournament semifinalists. In the first match of the day, Russia went ahead in the first quarter of play and then owned the game against Lithuania, winning 83-74. Excellent performance by the Russian Andrei Kirilenko, who scored 19 points and grabbed 13 rebounds. The second quarter final was Spain vs France, which turned out to be a hard-fought battle. The result hung in the balance right from the start when France, who only scored 6 points in the last quarter of play, was dominated by Spain, who secured a victory 66-59. On the other side of the table, the South American derby was won by Argentina, who beat Brazil 82-77. The game was very balanced and the Argentineans managed to defend the ten point margin gained in the third quarter of play right until the end. In the semifinals, Argentina will take on the United States, who beat Australia 119-86 in the last quarter final of the day, with Kobe Bryant in tip-top condition. Both semifinals will be held on Friday, August 10: Russia-Spain at 5 pm and Argentina-USA at 9 pm. Today is the day of the women's tournament semifinals. At 5 pm, Australia will attempt to pull off a feat against the United States, gold medal in the last four editions of the Games. In the other semifinal, at 9 pm, France will take on Russia, which they had already faced and beaten in the qualification round. Both teams scraped through the quarter finals and the game should be very well balanced.

09 Aug 2012
It's gold at last!
After two consecutive silver medals, Allyson Felix wins the challenge against the fastest women in the world

The women's 200m final was expected to be a challenge between American and Jamaican sprinters and indeed it was. In the end it was won by Allyson Felix, who had already shown herself to be in tip-top shape during the qualifications. Silver medal at Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008, both times behind Jamaican Veronica Campbell-Brown (who finished in fourth place yesterday), the American athlete dominated the race and was the only finalist to run under 22”, finishing with a time of 21.88. The silver medal went to the winner of the 100m sprint, Jamaican Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, who set her personal best; bronze medal for American Carmelita Jeter who, in the ninth lane, was the star of a great sprint final. The men's 200m semifinals were also held yesterday, the outcome of which was very much in line with the predictions made at the start. This evening, many are expecting to see a new world record by one of the finalists, especially Usain Bolt or Yohan Blake, the big favorites for the gold medal. French Christophe Lemaitre, Dutch Churandy Martina, American Wallace Spearmon and the third competing Jamaican, Warren Weir are all likely candidates for a medal as well.

08 Aug 2012
First games at the North Greenwich Arena
The names of the four men's basketball tournament semifinalists will be known today

There are great expectations for the quarter finals of the men's basketball tournament, which mark the handover between the Basketball Arena and the North Greenwich Arena. It will all kick off at 2 pm (London time) with Russia-Lithuania to continue in the afternoon with France-Spain (4.15 pm). In the evening, the all-South American challenge will be on with Brazil vs Argentina; while the great basketball day will be wrapped up at 10.15 pm with the USA against Australia. Meanwhile, the women's tournament quarter finals were played yesterday, with the last London 2012 games held in the Basketball Arena. At the top of the table, Australia prevailed over China thanks to a last quarter played at the highest level. In the end, the Australians won 75-60 and will now progress to the semifinal to take on the USA, against which they played the final of the last three Olympic editions. The American players didn't encounter any problems in the challenge against Canada, beaten 91-48. At the bottom of the table, the games were very well balanced: Russia beat Turkey right at the end, 66-63, with both teams being pretty much even throughout the whole match; in the last quarter final, France was the underdog for much of the game against the Czech Republic, but then managed to turn it around and win 71-68. The semifinals, Australia-USA and Russia-France, will be held on August 9 at the North Greenwich Arena.

08 Aug 2012
A dream final
It's game on in the challenge among the best 200m sprinters in the world

The queens of speed will take to the track once again, in a 200m final which is shaping up to be a thrilling one. The challenge will be yet again between Jamaica and the United States, with five of the eight finalists coming from these two countries: Jamaicans Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, winner of the 100m competition, and Veronica Campbell-Brown, gold in the 200m at Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 as well as at the World Championships of Daegu 2011, will take on their biggest rivals, the Americans Sanya Richard-Ross, gold in the 400m, Allyson Felix, silver in the 200m at Athens 2004 and Beijng 2008, and Carmelita Jeter, silver in the 100m. The final is scheduled at 9 pm (London time). Right before that, at 8.45 pm, the final of the 400m hurdles will be held, with American Lashinda Demus, gold at Daegu 2011, looking to be the big favorite. At 9.15 pm, the Olympic title of the 110m hurdles will be awarded, another competition that promises to put on a great show. Cuban Dayron Robles, world record holder, will try to defend the gold won at Beijing 2008 against an extremely fierce opposition: the Americans Aries Merritt, gold at the Indoor World Championships of Istanbul 2012, and Jason Richardson, gold at Daegu 2011; Russian Sergey Shubenkov, winner of the European Championships of Helsinki 2012; Barbados' Ryan Brathwaite, gold at the World Championships of Berlin 2009; British Andrew Turner, bronze at Daegu 2011. Before the sprint finals, the final of the women's long jump will start at 8.05 pm, with all odds of being in favor of American Brittney Reese, gold medal in the last two editions of the World Championships, who looks to be likely to secure her first Olympic gold medal.

08 Aug 2012
A new Olympic record
The fastest ever 100m hurdles in Olympic history was run on the Olympic Stadium track

The evenings of great track and field competitions are still underway at the all sold-out Olympic Stadium arena. Yesterday, the most exciting competition was the 100m hurdles final, with the fastest time ever recorded in this discipline in the history of the Games. Australia's Sally Pearson, silver medal at Beijing 2008 and gold medal at the World Championships of Daegu 2011, won by breaking a new Olympic record, 12.35. The silver went to American Dawn Harper, gold at Beijing 2008, who set a personal best, just like her team mate Kellie Wells, who finished in third place. Emotions were running high in the 1500m as well, with Algerian Taoufik Makhloufi securing the gold by taking advantage of the fall of Kenyan athletes and finishing ahead of American Leonel Manzano and Moroccan Abdalaati Iguider. Other two finals were held yesterday inside the Olympic Stadium: in the discus throw, German Robert Harting, gold at the World Championships of Daegu 2011 and at the European Championships of Helsinki 2012, topped off an extraordinary year by winning the gold medal with a 68.27m throw; in the high jump, Russian Ivan Ukhov, gold at the World Championships of Doha 2010, did not have to face any opponents and won with a 2.38m jump.

07 Aug 2012
The quarter finals get underway
The basketball tournaments kick into high gear at the Basketball Arena

The men's basketball has lined up its eight candidates for the Olympic title after the last day of the round of heats, which gave us a surprise in Group B, with Australia's victory against Russia 82-80, thanks to three points scored right at the last second. Despite the defeat, the Russians have retained their group leadership ahead of Brazil, who won the challenge against Spain 88-82. Small satisfaction for Great Britain, who avoided being at the bottom of the pile by winning 90-58 against China, defeated for the fifth time in a row. In Group A, all went according to plan: the USA ended the round unbeaten, securing a victory against Argentina 126-97, while France finished in second place, beating  Nigeria 79-73. Fourth place for Lithuania, who beat Tunisia 76-63. The quarter finals are shaping up to be very interesting given the current standings: at the top of the table, the challenge will be a South American one with Brazil vs Argentina alongside the challenge USA vs Australia; while at the bottom of the table it will be an all-European challenge: France-Spain and Russia-Lithuania. All men's tournament quarter final games are scheduled on August 8. Meanwhile, the women's tournament quarter finals will be held today. The competition will start at 2 pm (London time) with the USA looking to be the favorite in the game against Canada; the other quarter final will see Australia take on China at 4.15 pm. The last two quarter finals are scheduled in the evening: Russia-Turkey (8 pm) and France-Czech Republic (10.15 pm), with the odds being in favor of the Russians and the French.

07 Aug 2012
British pride
The Organizing Committee is enthusiastic after the first half of the Games

The London 2012 Organizing Committee has taken stock of the situation at the half-way mark of the Olympic Games. The people's enthusiasm and great participation has not waned after the first few days, as shown by the five million spectators who watched the competitions from the stands of the sporting facilities and the over one million visitors hosted by the Olympic Park since the start of the Games. “We have done our best to create the best possible environment for athletes to compete in. It has all been done with the primary objective of giving athletes a chance to express themselves in the best possible way at such a crucial moment of their life”, said Seb Coe, Chairman of the Organizing Committee. Commenting on the “Super Saturday”, which saw as many as 25 gold medals being awarded to Great Britain, Seb Coe defined it as “the greatest day of sport I have ever witnessed”. A success on the web as well, with the London 2012 web site becoming the most visited sports web site in the world, with 25 million visits on Saturday alone. “I’m very proud of the show the U.K. is putting on, of the tremendous performance of our athletes; very proud of my team, which has given its heart and soul to these Games over the last seven years. I am also very proud of our brilliant volunteers who seem to be having an extraordinary impact on everyone they meet”, said Paul Deighton, CEO of the Organizing Committee.

07 Aug 2012
No result can be taken for granted
The favorites Isinbayeva and Adams did not win the gold medal

Yesterday evening, the London Olympic Stadium witnessed a series of surprising results in the track and field competitions, starting from the bronze won by Elena Isinbayeva. The Russian athlete, Olympic champion at Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008, started out as the big favorite in the pole vault final, but had to make do with the lowest spot on the podium in a competition that was also affected by the wind and rain and saw the triumph of the American Jennifer Suhr, with a 4.75m jump, ahead of Cuban Yarisley Silva. Another surprise came from the 400m hurdles final, with the 34-year-old Dominican Felix Sanchez who, eight years after the gold at Athens 2004, with yesterday's success became the oldest ever winner of an Olympic Games sprint event. Behind him were American Michael Tinsley and Puerto Rican Javier Culson, the favorite before the competition. Yet another surprise was the gold medal won by the Byelorussian Nadzeya Ostapchuk in the shot put, with a 21.36m throw. The favorite, New Zealand's Valerie Adams, Olympic Champion at Beijing 2008 and World Champion at Berlin 2009 and Daegu 2011, had to settle for a silver medal, while the bronze went to Russian Evgeniia Kolodko. Conversely, all went according to plan in the 3000m steeplechase, with the defending World Champion, Russian Yuliya Zaripova, securing a gold medal with a time of 9:06.72. The silver was won by Tunisian Habiba Ghribi and the bronze by Ethiopian Sofia Assefa. In the 400m, the World Champion at Daegu 2011, Kirani James, also lived up to expectations winning his first Olympic gold at just 19 years of age. He finished the race in 43.94 ahead of Dominican Luguelin Santos and Trinidad and Tobago's athlete Lalonde Gordon.

06 Aug 2012
Super Weekend
The first three days of athletics offered a great show

The first three days of the track and field competitions gave us some great sporting moments at the London's Olympic Stadium, starting from the first medals awarded on Friday. In the shot put, Polish Tomasz Majewski retained his title as gold medalist after Beijing 2008, with a throw of 21.89m. In the women's 10,000m, Ethiopian Tirunesh Dibaba also confirmed her Olympic title, thanks to an extraordinary final that secured her the victory with a time of 30:20.75. Saturday was a day of glory for Great Britain, with the 80,000 spectators of the Olympic Stadium joining in the celebrations for the performance of Jessica Ennis, winner of the heptathlon, Greg Rutherford, gold medalist in the long jump with 8.31m, and Mo Farah, who won the 10,000m running the last lap in 53”. Still on Saturday evening, Croatian Sandra Perkovic won the gold with a 69.11m discus throw, Croatian record. Emotions were running high on Sunday as well, starting from the success of American Sanya Richard-Ross in the 400m, ahead of British Christine Ohuruogu and team mate Dee Dee Trotter. Kazakhstan's Olga Rypakova won in the triple jump with 14.98m. Hungarian Krisztian Pars won the gold with a 80.59m hammer throw. Kenya's Ezekiel Kemboi won a hard-fought battle in the 3000m steeplechase, with a time of 8:18.56.

06 Aug 2012
Last verdicts
The men's basketball tournament rounds will be wrapped up today

The last games of the preliminary rounds of the men's basketball tournament will be held today. In Group A, the USA, who dominated the round of heats, will wrap up the day taking on at the Basketball Arena, at 10.15 pm, Argentina, currently lying in second place. A South American defeat would enable France, in the event of a victory over Nigeria, to rise to second place in the current standings. For the fourth place, the last good spot to qualify for the quarter finals, all odds are in favor of Lithuania, who will be taking on Tunisia, currently at the bottom of the pile. In Group B, Russia, still unbeaten, at 9 am will be playing Australia, already through to the quarter finals, to confirm their leadership position in the round. The most eagerly awaited match of the day is undoubtedly Spain vs Brazil, who will be playing one another to secure the second spot in the standings, currently occupied by the South American team. On the other hand, the game between Great Britain and China will be almost just for show, as both teams are still in search of their first victory. In the women's tournament, the preliminary round games have come to an end and these are the quarter final pairings: right at the top of the table, Australia will take on China, and the winner of this match will be battling it out in the semifinal against either the USA or Canada, depending on the outcome of their quarter final challenge; at the bottom of the table, the winner of the game between Turkey and Russia will take on the winner of France vs Czech Republic. All matches will take place on Tuesday, August 7.

06 Aug 2012
A bolt of lightning strikes London
Wonderful performances during 100m Men competition

The most eagerly awaited competition of the Olympic Games lived up to expectations, with as many as three athletes under 9”80. The gold medal victory was sealed breaking a new Olympic record with 9”63. The silver went to Yohan Blake, world champion at Daegu 2011, who ended the race in 9”75, while the bronze was secured by Justin Gatlin, Olympic champion at Athens 2004, with 9”79. It could have been the first final with all runners under 10”, but the injury of Jamaican Asafa Powell, a few meters away from the finish, prevented this from happening. In the women's 100m, yet another success for Jamaica with Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce who managed to secure her second Olympic gold in a row after Beijing 2008. The Jamaican athlete won with a time of 10”75, ahead of American Carmelita Jeter and team mate Veronica Campbell-Brown.

03 Aug 2012
A record-breaking USA!
The American team march on relentlessly

The third round of the men's basketball tournament proved yet again that the USA is a force to be reckoned with, this time against Nigeria. The final score of 156-73 sets a series of records in Olympic basketball history: the most points scored in a game, the most points in a halftime total (78), the highest victory margin (83 points); Carmelo Anthony, with 37 points, broke the record for the most points scored by an American player in an Olympic game. Still in Group A, other NBA champions were the stars of the show: Tony Parker led France to a major victory against Lithuania, 82-74, while Manu Ginobili, with 24 points, made Argentina rise to victory against Tunisia, 92-69. In Group B, the battle between Spain and Russia rages on, although they both risked losing their winning streak. Spain saw Great Britain make an excellent recovery in the last quarter of the game but managed to win by just one point (79-78); same victory margin for Russia, who struggled against Brazil and won 75-74, thanks to an excellent performance by Andrei Kirilenko, scorer of 19 points. The Spanish and the Russians will be going head to head on Saturday to secure a first spot in the tournament round. In Group B, Australia confirmed its fourth place in the current standings by beating China, 81-61.

03 Aug 2012
The battle for fourth place is on
The last two rounds of the women's tournament could have some surprises in store

The ultimate round of the women's basketball qualifications for the quarter finals will take place today. The day at the Basketball Arena kicks off at 9 am (London time) with the challenge between the two teams who haven't had a single victory under their belt yet in Group A, Croatia and Angola. If the European team manages to nail a victory, they could still have a chance of getting through the quarter finals in the last game against Turkey. However, at this stage of the tournament the future of many teams also depends on the results of the other teams in the round. The most interesting match of Group A will be played at 4:45 pm: China, still unbeaten, will take on Turkey, currently in third place. The USA team is likely to continue its winning streak against the Czech Republic (10:15 pm), who remains optimistic about being able to qualify for the quarter finals after securing a victory against Croatia. In Group B, France and Russia will continue to fight their way to the top of the round until their head to head match in the last game. The French are favorites against Great Britain (8 pm), while the Russians will take on the strong Australians (11:15 am), who are aiming to improve their place in the current standings. In the third match of the round, last chance for Brazil to reach the fourth place and get into the next round, in the game against Canada (2:30 pm), who are currently in the last good position to be able to make it into the quarter finals.

03 Aug 2012
Athletics gets underway!
First Olympic day and first medals at the Olympic Stadium

It has been one week since the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony and now everything is ready for the track and field competitions. Two finals are scheduled today: the men's shot put, at 8.30 pm (London time) and the women's 10,000m, at 9.25 pm. In the first competition, the favorites at the outset are the Americans Reese Hoffa and Christian Cantwell; in the second, Ethiopian Tirunesh Dibaba, world record holder and gold medalist at Beijing 2008, will need to watch out especially from her two team mates Werknesh Kidane and Beleynesh Oljira. The other competitions scheduled are the qualifications and the first rounds of these disciplines: women's triple jump, women's 100m, women's 400m hurdles, men's hammer throw, women's 400m, men's 3000m steeplechase, women's discus throw, men's long jump, men's 1500m. With the start of the competition inside the Olympic Stadium, the Mondotracks also make their debut: aside from the Olympic one, Mondo installed two for warm-up as well: a 400m one adjacent to the facility and an 80m one located under the stadium's main stand.

02 Aug 2012
A sterling start
The numbers for the first few days of the Games confirm the success of the event

After the first five days of London 2012, Seb Coe, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, has taken stock of the situation and come up with the figures. In five days, almost 3 million people attended the Games in a cheerful and safe environment where all spectators have been able to waive the flags of their own country without any problems. The Opening Ceremony of July 27 was watched by 27 million viewers on the BBC and each evening session broadcast in the following days recorded an audience of 8 million people. The London 2012 website records around 11 million visitors on a daily basis and 10 million people have downloaded the Olympics applications designed for smartphones and tablets. “Isle of Wonder”, the sound track of the Opening Ceremony, is at the top of the charts of the most downloaded albums on the web. Meanwhile, the excitement is rising for the upcoming track and field competitions, scheduled for Friday, August 3. It is shaping up to be an extraordinary weekend with a “Super Saturday” where as many as 21 gold medals will be awarded. 'I'd like to say thank you again to (the public) for providing such a special atmosphere for the athletes,' said Seb Coe.

02 Aug 2012
Today's events
We will finally find out who the quarter finals qualifiers are in the men's tournament

The basketball games rage on relentlessly at the Basketball Arena. Today is the turn of the men's tournament, which will resume at 9 am (London time) with the most eagerly awaited challenge of Group A: France, who had secured a victory with an excellent performance against Argentina, will take on Lithuania, who had fallen to the South Americans in the first game to then bounce back with a victory against Nigeria in the second match. The other two challenges of the round seem to have an easily predictable outcome: at 2.30 pm, Argentina will take on Tunisia, currently at the bottom of the pile, while the USA will once again be the last team to take to the basketball court at 10.15 pm, facing Nigeria who, having scored three points in two games are still in with a chance to go through to the quarter finals. In Group B, the most spectacular challenge should be between Brazil and Russia (4.45 pm), both with a full score after winning the first two games of the round. The match between Australia and China, both in search of their first victory, could be very well balanced. Spain, on the other hand, should sail through easily in the game against Great Britain (8 pm) who are unlikely to secure a first victory against the solid Spanish team.

02 Aug 2012
First verdicts
In the women's tournament, some teams have already qualified for the quarter finals after three games

At the end of the third round of games, the shortlist of the teams through to the quarter finals is now taking shape in the women's basketball tournament.  In Group B, France have secured themselves a spot in the quarter finals by beating Canada 64-60. Having won the first three games, the French players have shown themselves to be among the teams with the best shape of the tournament. Australia, silver medal in the last three editions of the Olympic Games, have managed to bounce back from their defeat against France beating Brazil 67-61, the third defeat in a row for the Brazilians. No victory either for Great Britain after three games, as they had to give in to Russia's power, who secured the third victory in a row with a score of 67-61. In Group A, major victory for the Czech Republic against Croatia, 89-70. A success that may prove decisive in the battle to secure a place for the quarter finals. China won their third consecutive game beating Angola 76-52, confirming their leadership in this phase of the tournament with a full score. Following suit are the USA who, as predicted, nailed a clear victory against Turkey, 89-58.

01 Aug 2012
Orbit experience
A bird's eye view of the Olympic Games

Among the many experiences that can be enjoyed in London during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, one of the most breath-taking is the visit to the Orbit platform, the artwork designed by Anish Kapoor, chosen as a permanent monument inside the Olympic Park even after the end of the Games. Visitors make their way into an elevator with viewing portholes, passing through the entire structure before reaching the platform 85 meters high. Once on the platform, visitors can enjoy stunning views of the park, the Olympic Stadium and London's cityscape. To conclude the experience, visitors are encouraged to stroll down the spiral staircase that twists through the Orbit, enjoying even more amazing sights. The Orbit's red spiral structure, 115 meters high, intends to represent both London and the United Kingdom. Its construction began in November 2010 and was completed in April 2012. After the Games, Orbit will be temporarily closed until the end of 2013, when it will open again for viewing and go back to being a highly sought-after destination for London's visitors.

01 Aug 2012
No room for error
The battle to secure a place in the quarter finals heats up

The third round of the women's basketball tournament will be played today. For the teams that didn't shine in the first two games, this will be the perfect opportunity to get back in the game and secure one of the first four spots in the round to qualify for the quarter finals. In Group A, the most important challenge for the rankings is between Croatia and the Czech Republic (8 pm). Both teams lost the first two games and are in desperate need of a victory to have some hope of going through. China is the favorite in the game against Angola (11.15 am), and a victory would place it right at the top of the group with a full score. If things go according to plan, China should be in the company of the USA, which will play the last game scheduled today at the Basketball Arena, taking on the third unbeaten team in the round, Turkey, at 10.15 pm. In Group B, France, group leader with a full score alongside Russia, could be on yet another winning streak against Canada (9 am). Russia is another favorite in the afternoon match (4.45 pm) against Great Britain, which desperately needs a victory to avoid missing out on the first four spots. The most eagerly awaited game of the round will be at 2.30 pm: Australia against Brazil, with the former having to prove their ability to put behind their defeat against France.

01 Aug 2012
All according to plan
Apart from the USA, all teams are on an even keel in the men's basketball

The second round of the men's basketball tournament was held yesterday. The most interesting game of the day was between Argentina and France which ended in favor of the European team, 71-64. Manu Ginobili wasn't enough for the South Americans to sweep to victory, despite scoring 26 points. Among the French, an outstanding performance by another NBA player, Tony Parker, with 17 points and 5 assists. France, beaten by the USA in the first game, have now managed to catch up with Argentina, which had dominated Lithuania at the outset. The Lithuanians have bounced back from their bad start beating Nigeria 72-53. The USA have secured a victory against Tunisia 110-63 and are the only team left unbeaten in their group. In Group B, no problem whatsoever for Russia, led to victory by an excellent Kirilenko against China, 73-54. Spain, after struggling in the first quarter against Australia, nailed a victory 82-70, also thanks to the 20 points scored by Pau Gasol. No joy for Great Britain, which held its own in the first two quarters against Brazil, but was then defeated by a narrow margin, 67-62.

31 Jul 2012
The cauldron is in its resting place
The Olympic Stadium is ready to host the competitions

In the run-up to the track and field competitions, the London Olympic Stadium is back to its original state, with the red Mondotrack once again at the heart of the all the action ready to start with the arrival of the athletes. One of the most delicate operations during the 80 hours of work required to dismantle the huge stage created for the Opening Ceremony was moving the Olympic cauldron to the south end of the stadium. During the transition, the flame was placed in a special miners' lantern overnight. The cauldron was then relit with the Olympic Torch by one of the London 1948 torch-bearers, Austin Playfoot. The structure, designed by Thomas Heatherwick, is 8.5m high and is made up of 204 steel pipes and as many individually designed copper petals inscribed with the names of the London 2012 competing nations. At the end of the Games, each team will have its petal and the cauldron will cease to exist.

31 Jul 2012
A day of rematches
In the men's basketball, the battle continues between the first day's winners and losers

The men's basketball tournament will resume today, with the challenge between the first day's winning and losing teams scheduled to hot things up again in the arena. The first competition hosted by the Basketball Arena will be in Group B between China and Russia at 9 am (London time). Another very challenging match for the Chinese team after their defeat against Spain. The Spaniards look to be the favorites in the game against Australia at 11.15 am. The last game of the group will see Brazil, which fought hard to secure a victory against the Australians in the first game, take on Great Britain (4.45 pm). In this case as well, all odds seem to be in favor of the South Americans, however the support of the home crowd could be an extra weapon in the arsenal of the host team. In Group A, at 2.30 pm, Lithuania, after falling to Argentina, will take on Nigeria, which instead secured a victory against Tunisia, albeit by 4 points only. At 8 pm, France, which was able to contrast the American power house, will be slugging it out against Argentina, which put on an excellent performance against the Lithuanians. The day at the Basketball Arena will be topped off by team USA, which could still put on a spectacular show in the apparently predictable game against Tunisia (10.15 pm).

31 Jul 2012
First surprises at the Basketball Arena
France secures a historical victory against Australia

The second day of London 2012 women's basketball tournament was characterized by a surprising turn of events: France beat Australia, which had only lost against the USA in all games played from 1996 until yesterday. The French managed to pull off this feat after an extra time, securing a 74-70 victory and securing full points in Group B after two games. The other surprise of the tournament is in Group A, where, together with the USA and Turkey,  we find also China in first position, after its clear 83-50 victory against Croatia. In the same group, the USA had an easy victory in the match against Angola, 90-38, while Turkey, at the end of a balanced game, managed to beat the Czech Republic 61-57, with the latter surprisingly still at zero points after two games. Apart from France, Group B is topped by Russia as well, which won against Brazil after securing a victory against Canada. Team GB are still waiting for their first Olympic victory as they were defeated by the Canadian team 73-65. The home team are last to bottom in their group at the moment, with only one point difference with bottom-of-the-pile Brazil.

30 Jul 2012
First weekend at the Basketball Arena
The USA basketball teams give a display of their strength

The first basketball weekend of the Olympic Games has seen the USA teams get off to a great start, legitimizing their role as the big favorites for the gold medal. In the men's event, the USA secured an easy 98-71 victory against France with an excellent performance by Kevin Durant, best scorer with 22 points. Spain, considered by many as the number one opponents of the American team, won 97-81 against China, with a great performance by two NBA players: Pau Gasol and Ibaka. Another great start for Argentina which, led by Manu Ginobili, knocked off Lithuania 102-79. On the other hand, the audience's support wasn't enough for the host team Great Britain against Russia, won by the latter, 95-75. In the other matches, a hard-fought victory for Brazil against Australia (75-71) and success for Nigeria in the African derby against Tunisia (60-56). In the women's event, the USA team snatched their 34th victory in a row since 1992 beating Croatia 81-56. The Czech Republic's defeat against China, 66-57, was the only surprise of the weekend. Russia won a very balanced match against Canada (58-53). Great Britain lost, despite putting up a good fight against Australia (74-58). In the other matches, Turkey beat Angola, and France triumphed over Brazil.

30 Jul 2012
The women's teams are back on
Confirmations and first victories sought at the Basketball Arena

The twelve teams starring in the women's basketball Olympic tournament will be battling it out once again at the Basketball Arena today. In Group A, the USA will be playing an easily predictable game against Angola (at 10.15 pm London time), which lost against Turkey in the first match. The Turkish team will be slugging it out against the Czech Republic (at 11.15 am), which suffered a surprise defeat against China in the first game. The Chinese team will try to secure another victory against Croatia in the first match of the day, at 9 am. In Group B, France, having defeated Brazil in the opening game, will try to put up a fight against the group's favorite team, Australia (2.30 pm). Russia, which defeated the home team on Saturday, will now battle it out against Brazil (4.45 pm), while Great Britain will seek their first victory against Canada (8 pm).

30 Jul 2012
The facts and figures of the Opening Ceremony
From the 7,500 volunteers to 007, it was a great show

The London 2012 Opening Ceremony lived up to everybody's expectations. Director Danny Boyle put together a perfect show the massive scale of which is also demonstrated by its numbers. On the 15,000 sqm area of the Olympic Stadium, 7,500 volunteers took it in turns between one scene and another, accompanied by 40 sheep, 12 horses, 3 cows and 12,956 props, and used 57,000 costumes. The volunteers took part in 284 rehearsals to prepare for the event in the weeks prior to the Olympic Games. A 1 million Watt system was required to light the show, with 317 km of cable to connect the pixel screens. A total of 7 billion pieces of confetti was released taking all choreographies into account. The Opening Ceremony was watched live by 60,000 spectators at the Olympic Stadium and by over a billion people on TV screens worldwide, including 27 million British viewers (there had been 6 million viewers for the Beijing 2008 ceremony). Another number to add to the list is 007: the most popular secret agent was one of the big stars of the show, with the ironic and spectacular video filmed together with Queen Elizabeth II.

27 Jul 2012
The Olympic protocol
A recap on the key steps of an Opening Ceremony

The ceremonies have been a part of the Games since ancient Greece times, but only in the last decade, starting from Moscow 1980, has the Opening Ceremony become the great spectacle as we know it today, which entertains millions of people around the world every four years. Even if the more artistic part is in the hands of the host Country, there is a strict protocol that cannot be modified and is applicable to every Olympic edition. The ceremony starts with the hoisting of the flag and the playing of the national anthem of the host Country, followed by the artistic show which features elements that are typical of the local culture and tradition, together with references to the Olympic spirit. The end of the show marks the start of the more traditional part of the ceremony, which includes the parade of the participating nations, which make their entrance in alphabetical order, apart from Greece that always enters the stadium first and the host Country, which is the last to march in. Once all nations have entered the stadium, the Presidents of the Organizing Committee and of the International Olympic Committee hold their speeches, followed by the declaration of official opening of the Games by the host Country's head of state.
After the Olympic flag has been raised and the Olympic anthem played, an athlete and a judge take an oath on respecting and abiding by the rules on behalf of all participants in the Games. Finally, the Olympic torch is brought into the stadium and passed from athlete to athlete until the last torch-bearer, who has the honor of lighting the Olympic cauldron.

27 Jul 2012
The Games are on the way!
All eyes will be on London this evening

The time has come at long last: this evening, at 9 pm London time, the Opening Ceremony will mark the official start of the 2012 London Olympic Games. Naturally, there is a great deal of curiosity on the show that will be put on and the organizers have only revealed a few aspects of the ceremony. First, its duration: it will last three hours and a quarter, with the fastest ever team parade (one and a half hours versus the almost three hours of Beijing 2008). It is known that director Danny Boyle has thrown in music by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Paganini and Mike Oldfield. The evening's presenters will be actors Daniel Craig and Rowan Atkinson. In addition to the information coming from official sources, further details have been leaked by those who attended the general rehearsals. To avoid spoiling the surprise, we will only say that the British national anthem, in honor of Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh, should be performed in sign language by a choir of deaf and hearing children and that some of the ensuing choreographs should draw inspiration from 007, Mary Poppins, Captain Hook and Harry Potter. We'll have to just wait and see. Happy viewing, everyone!

27 Jul 2012
Mondo and the Olympic relay
The perfect opportunity to celebrate a special anniversary

Among the 173 torch-bearers who carried the Olympic Flame through London on Thursday, July 26, there was also Maurizio Stroppiana, CEO of Mondo. The London's Olympic edition is the tenth Olympiad in which the Italian company has participated as Official Supplier. “To be able to carry the Olympic torch on such a special occasion for Mondo as the tenth anniversary of our collaboration with the Olympic Committee was twice as exciting for me - remarked Maurizio Stroppiana -. The Olympic Games represent the height of sporting values and being part of the long relay that will light the cauldron of these XXX Games makes me particularly proud, especially in the knowledge of what this edition means to us”.

26 Jul 2012
Jumping for gold
Who will win the gold medal in the jumping disciplines?

Aside from the speed disciplines, the London's Olympic Stadium will also host other disciplines that have made the history of the Games. Let's take a look at the favorite candidates for the gold medal in these sports. In the men's high jump, the absolute stars of the show should be the American World Champion Jesse Williams and the Russian Ivan Ukhov; the outcome of the women's competition, after Blanka Vlasic and Antonietta Di Martino have dropped out, is looking a lot more uncertain, with the Russian Anna Chicherova, defending World Champion, being a notch above the others. In the men's long jump, all eyes are on the young German Sebastian Bayer, recent gold medalist at the Helsinki European Championships; in the women's event, the favorite is two-time World Champion Brittney Reese. In the triple jump, the odds are stacked in favor of the American Christian Taylor, gold medalist at Daegu 2011, who will be battling it out, among other opponents, with the Italian Fabrizio Donato, gold medalist at the Helsinki European Championships; in the women's event, the most likely candidate to win the gold is the Ukrainian Olha Saladuha. In the men's pole vault, Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie will need to watch out especially for the Germans Bjorn Otto and Malte Mohr; in the women's competition, the favorite can only be the Russian Yelena Isinbayeva, even if the best score of the season was obtained by the Brazilian Fabiana Murer, gold medalist at the 2011 Athletics World Championships.

26 Jul 2012
Tomorrow is the big day!
Thousands of bells will celebrate the start of the Games across Great Britain

To welcome the day of the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, on the morning of Friday, July 27th, Big Ben and thousands of other bells across the United Kingdom will be ringing non-stop for three minutes. This is the performance entitled  Work No. 1197, conceived by the Turner-prize winning artist and musician Martin Creed for the London 2012 Festival. The Big Ben will chime more than forty times between 8:12 am and 8:15 am. A historic event, as it is the first time that the strike of Big Ben has been rung outside its regular schedule since February 15, 1952 for the funeral of King George VI. Whoever is in Great Britain tomorrow will be able to participate in the event by ringing any kind of bell for three minutes. And those without a bell will be able to download from the web site an exclusive Martin Creed ringtone, Work No. 1372, capable of reproducing the sound of twenty-eight different bells.

Ruth Mackenzie, Director of London 2012 Festival, said: “This initiative is London 2012 Festival’s biggest community project, and we are incredibly excited that the commission allows everyone in the UK the chance to be part of history in the making as we aim to set a world record for the largest number of bells to be rung simultaneously.”

26 Jul 2012
Together until 2020
The co-operation between the Olympic and Paralympic committee has been renewed

Sir Philip Craven and Jacques Rogge, Presidents of the International Paralympic Committee and of the International Olympic Committee, have signed an agreement in London to ensure that the Paralympic Games will be held in the same city as the Olympic Games until 2020. This extends an already consolidated co-operation agreement, including the 2018 PyeongChang and the 2020 Games, which will be held in one of the three candidate cities: Istanbul, Madrid and Tokyo. Jacques Rogge said "I'm delighted to extend our close co-operation with the IPC through to 2020. They have a fundamentally important role in the Olympic movement". Sir Philip Craven added: "This is excellent news for the Paralympic movement, especially coming so close to the start of the biggest ever Paralympic Games in London“. "The agreements secure the continued growth of the movement and our members. Since 1988 we have benefited from using the same venues and infrastructure as the Olympic Games and through this agreement it will continue through to at least 2020".

25 Jul 2012
One relay leads to another
After the Olympic one, the Paralympic relay is now coming to a street near you!

In two days' time, with the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony,  the relay that has carried the Olympic Flame from the small town of Olympia, in Greece, all the way to the Olympic Stadium in London, will be drawing to a close. The enthusiasm that has welcomed the passage of the torch through the streets of the British capital will be renewed during the passage of the Paralympic Flame, which will be lit on August 28 at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium and, after a 24-hour relay, will reach London's Olympic Stadium on August 29 to kick-start the Paralympic Games. The flame, which will see the union of four different flames coming from London, Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh, will be carried by 580 torch-bearers, divided into groups of five athletes, travelling 87 miles. Once in London, the relay will pass through some of the city's most popular areas, including: Abbey Road, Greenwich, Regent Street, Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus, Westminster, Downing Street, Trafalgar Square, Lambeth Bridge, Waterloo Bridge, Tower Bridge. Festivals will be held throughout the city to celebrate the passage of the torch.

25 Jul 2012
A “green” Olympiad
The Olympic Park is the perfect example of an eco-sustainable project

One of the primary objectives of the London 2012 Organizing Committee was to achieve an environmentally-friendly Olympic edition. Thinking back to what the industrial and degraded area of Stradford used to look like prior to the British capital being awarded with the organization of the Games, that same area where the Olympic Park now stands, one is suddenly struck by the realization of just how much work must have gone into transforming the entire district into one of the greenest areas of the city. Suffice it to say that around 90% of construction waste from the demolition of the buildings present on the territory prior to the start of the works was used to build the new structures. In addition, many of the Games sporting facilities have been designed to be dismantled at the end of the competitions and reused for other purposes. Mondo has also played its part to contribute to a "green" Olympiad: the majority of the materials supplied by the company will remain property of the Organizing Committee, while around 30% will be returned to Mondo at the end of the Games for future use.

25 Jul 2012
A British style welcome
Team GB athletes arrive at the Olympic Village

On Tuesday, July 24th, the London 2012 team Great Britain athletes have been welcomed to the Olympic Village in a ceremony that opened with a rendition of British band Queen's famous “Bicycle Race”. The show, which went on with dancing and music, was thoroughly enjoyed by all the team members and the many spectators who attended this very colorful exhibition. At the end of the welcome ceremony, hundreds of people watched the Union Jack flag being hoisted to the tunes of “God Save the Queen”. Some of the athletes interviewed after the ceremony seemed very emotional and, if anything, even more motivated to do their very best in the upcoming two weeks of competitions. Meanwhile, the British government has deployed another 1,200 soldiers who were put on standby last week, taking the total number of troops involved to guard the Games to around 18,200.

24 Jul 2012
London 2012 posters
A take on the Olympic spirit by twelve leading artists

To celebrate London 2012, twelve of the UK's leading artists were asked to create posters for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The artists, chosen from a first list of one hundred names, were divided into two groups: Martin Creed, Anthea Hamilton, Howard Hodgkin, Chris Ofili, Bridget Riley, Eachel Whiteread for the Olympic Games; Fiona Banner, Michael Craig Martin, Tracey Emin, Gary Hume, Sarah Morris, Bob and Roberta Smith for the Paralympic Games. Every image is a personal interpretation of the artist, and the diversity of the works shows the extraordinary creativity present in Great Britain today. The first Olympic poster in history was commissioned for the Stockholm Games in 1912, while the Paralympic Games had their own representative image ever since the first edition, in Stoke Mandeville. Over the years, great artists of the caliber of David Hockney, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, have created Olympic posters. The London 2012 posters are on display at London's Tate Britain.

24 Jul 2012
The Main Press Centre
Over four billion people will be following the London 2012 Olympic Games

On Monday, July 23rd, the Chairman of the London 2012 Organizing Committee, Seb Coe, and the Chairman of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge, officially opened the International Broadcast Centre/Main Press Centre. For the first time ever in the history of the Olympic games, media, radio and TV representatives will all be under the same roof, as yet another example of utilizing spaces to it fullest. Located inside the Olympic Park, the complex will cater for over 20,000 broadcasters, photographers and print journalists, who, with their work and thanks to the aid of the latest technology, will be bringing the Games to four billion people worldwide. The completion of the 275m long, 104m wide and 21m tall building occupying a 29,000 sqm area and with a 4,500t steel frame, required 10 weeks of work. It will also house a shopping area with banks, travel agents, news agents and a post office, as well as a catering area that will serve up to 50,000 meals a day. The building was designed to be converted into offices at the end of the Games.

24 Jul 2012
History of the Olympic medals
The British origin of the Olympics and Paralympics

Until September 9th, the British Museum will host a display that tells the story of the production of the medals for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, from the mining of the metal by Rio Tinto to the creation of the designs by David Watkins and Lin Cheung and production by the Royal Mint. Aside from the medals, 19th and 20th century objects are also displayed, highlighting the longstanding links between Britain and the Olympic and Paralympic movements. To bring to life the modern games, Pierre de Coubertin drew inspiration from the Olympian Games, which first took place in the Shropshire town of Much Wenlock in 1850, and which he attended in 1890, six years before Athens 1896. The Paralympic Games derive from Games held in 1948 at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Buckinghamshire, for people injured in the Second World War. The mascots of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are named Wenlock and Mandeville in recognition of these two historic events.

23 Jul 2012
An unforgettable experience
Stefania Stroppiana among London 2012 torch-bearers

Among the 140 torch-bearers who carried the Olympic Flame on Friday, July 20, was also Stefania Stroppiana, Mondo Marketing Manager. “I felt truly honored to carry the Olympic torch. The Olympic Games are not just a sporting event but go way deeper into the realm of peace and union among people. To get such a direct taste of the Olympic spirit was a real privilege which enabled me to share a moment of extraordinary sporting and human passion with the city of London and the rest of the world. It was an unforgettable experience and one that I will cherish forever”. Mondo is the “Official Supplier for Sport Flooring and Equipment” of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

23 Jul 2012
The queens of speed
The duel between the United States and Jamaica resumes in London

The challenge between the United States and Jamaica, which is very likely to be a recurring theme in the men's track and field sprint disciplines, might repeat itself in the women's events as well. In the 100m, all eyes will be on the challenge between the defending Olympic champion and world record holder, the Jamaican Shelly-Ann Fraser and the world champion, the American Carmelita Jeter; another likely candidate for the gold medal could be yet another Jamaican athlete, Veronica Campbell-Brown. The 100m star athletes should battle it out again in the final as the big favorites in the 200m and in the 4x100m relay as well. In the 800m, the athlete to beat is Kenyan Pamela Jelimo, while in the 1500m, the battle for the gold should be between Moroccan and Ethiopian athletes. Conversely, the outcome of the 5000 and 10000m is not as easy to predict, although the Ethiopian Tirunesh Dibaba has enough potential to win both competitions. In the 3000m steeplechase, many are betting on the Kenyan Milcah Chemos Cheywa. In the 100m hurdles, the Australian Sally Pearson was the fastest of them all this year and, apart from winning the gold, she is now aiming to break the world record. In the 400m hurdles, the battle for the gold could well be a matter to be settled within the Russian team, with Irina Davydova and Natalya Antyukh arriving in London 2012 as the favorites.

23 Jul 2012
The torch is in London
The Olympic Flame's first weekend in London has drawn to a close

After its spectacular arrival in the capital on board a helicopter of the Royal Navy's Commando Helicopter Force, the Olympic Torch, which spent Friday night under lock and key inside the Tower of London, started its journey again from Greenwich Park on Saturday, July 21. Among the 143 torch-bearers who handed on the precious baton along a route that stretched a little over 36 miles was also gymnastics legend and winner of nine Olympic medals, Nadia Comaneci, who received the flame from former basketball player John Amaechi on top of the roof of the North Greenwich Arena, facility that will host the gymnastics competitions and the finals of the basketball tournament. On Sunday, July 22, the flame was carried by 163 torch-bearers for a little over 32 miles. The most spectacular moment was when seventeen-year-old Amelia Hempleman-Adams, the youngest person to ski to the South Pole, carried the flame atop one of the viewing capsules of the London Eye, London's giant panoramic wheel. The last torch-bearer of the weekend was former boxer and heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis, who lit a cauldron inside Danson Park, kick-starting the evening's celebrations.

20 Jul 2012
Only seven days to go!
With the arrival of the Olympic Flame in London, the countdown to the start of the Games has commenced

The arrival of the Olympic Flame in London marks the start of the last week before the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. In the next seven days, the torch will continue to wing its way through the streets of the British capital, covering 200 miles and passing through the hands of another 982 torch-bearers. Before coming to London, the torch was carried by over 7,000 torch-bearers and visited more than 1,000 communities scattered across the whole of Great Britain. It has been calculated that some 9,000,000 people applauded the passage of the flame and the same enthusiasm is expected in the streets of London, where a huge crowd will surely welcome it in each of the 33 districts of the city. The Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: "The arrival of the Olympic Flame is a huge moment for the capital and an incredible opportunity for Londoners to experience, right on their doorsteps, the growing excitement as the countdown to the start of the Olympic Games moves ever nearer".



20 Jul 2012
The sprint favorites
Who will be the star athletes on the Mondotrack?

The Olympic Games are only seven days away and many are already starting to predict who the star athletes of this edition will be, especially in the Olympic discipline par excellence: track and field. With regard to the men's 100 and 200m sprint events, there are two top favorites: team mates Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake, followed suit by the Americans Tyson Gay and Justin Gatlin, in the 100m, and Wallace Spearmon in the 200m. Jamaica is also a big favorite in the relay events. For the 400m, everyone's bet is on the American LaShawn Merritt, who will however need to watch his back especially from the defending World Champion, Grenadian Kirani James. In the middle distance race, all eyes are on Kenya as the potential winning nation, with Rudisha in the 800m, and the pair Silas Kiplagat and Asbel Kiprop in the 1500m. In the 5000m and 10000m, there are great expectations from the Ethiopian athletes, with Somali-born British athlete Mo Farah as a likely candidate to win a place on the podium. In the 110m hurdles, all eyes are on the Chinese Liu Xiang and the American Aries Merritt; while in the 400m hurdles, the favorite is Puerto Rican Javier Culson, who will need to watch out especially for the British athlete David Greene.

20 Jul 2012
The Park Live experience
Enjoying the Olympic Games during a picnic

The London 2012 organizers have made it possible, for those who won't be able to get inside the competition sports venues, to enjoy the live performances, competitions and athletes in a truly enchanting setting. A natural amphitheater, Park Live, has been created in the heart of the Olympic Park and equipped with a double-sided giant screen broadcasting live coverage of the athletes' competitions and interviews. This area, which has space available for 10,000 spectators, will be open from the early morning until late evening, thus enabling visitors to visit it before or after the sporting events and perhaps sit down for a picnic. 2012 LOCOG Chairman Seb Coe said, "Our idea for Park Live was to create a green and colorful place for fans to cheer their heroes and soak up the Olympic Park atmosphere. With lush lawns surrounded by wildflower meadows and rustling reeds, a trip to Park Live will be a truly unforgettable experience."

19 Jul 2012
Rock the Games
Lots of sport, but also lots of music at London 2012

The London 2012 Organizing Committee has designed an innovative schedule packed-full of (often live) music events to entertain the audiences who will be following the Games. A music library of 2012 songs with five music themes (energy, primetime, extreme, heritage and world stage) has been compiled especially for the occasion. Each theme was tailored for specific sports: for example heritage for Tennis at Wimbledon or extreme for BMX. In addition, the music program “Rock the Games” features a rich calendar of live performances and five new recorded tracks from internationally renowned artists: Muse, Elton John vs. Pnau, Delphic, Chemical Brothers and Dizzee Rascal. To top off the music events, Scissor Sisters and Rizzle Kicks are just two of the artists that are set to play surprise gigs at some of the Olympic venues.

19 Jul 2012
London 2012 Festival
A schedule of events and performances across the UK until September 9

Artists coming from all over the world will gather in Great Britain to take part in the London 2012 Festival during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The program, with over 12,000 performances including dance, music, theater, fashion, food, art or films, promises to cater for all visitors' tastes. The London 2012 Festival is the grand finale of the Cultural Olympiad, which has been running since 2008 involving over 18 million people in the last four years, and will include shows and performances of all kinds, from large-scale to local events. The Festival will be running through September 9, 2012, the last day of the Paralympic Games. Please visit the Festival's web site at to find out when and where the upcoming events will be held.

19 Jul 2012
Clash of the Titans
The British basketball team takes on the United States

One of the teams likely to get the largest following during the Olympic Games is the USA Men's basketball team for the show they put on at every match. The star-studded team, which can boast champions such as the likes of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have been completing their pre-Olympic preparation with a series of test matches and this evening they will take on the host team, Great Britain, in Manchester. The game against the United States will give Great Britain a chance to test their actual potential before taking on the challenging Olympic round against Russia, Brazil, Australia and China. The USA, the big favorites for winning the gold medal, were entered in the same round as France, Argentina, Tunisia, Lithuania and Nigeria.

18 Jul 2012
Thousands of flowers to celebrate the Games
A floral representation of the Olympic rings at Kew Gardens

Many displays of the five Olympic rings have been unveiled all over Great Britain in the last few weeks, the most spectacular of them all being the Royal Botanic Gardens, inside London's Kew Gardens. The rings, made up of over 20,000 plants, have a circumference of 15.5 meters each and are visible from the Heathrow flight path. The flowers were planted over a period of five days by a team of volunteers. The flowers used are: Viola “Blue For You”, Viola “Clear Yellow”, Viola “Black Delight”, apple mint and Viola “Red Blotch”. In addition, to celebrate the UK's role in the birth of the modern Olympic Movement, a total of around forty Coubertin Oaks were planted at venues across the whole country. These are trees grown from acorns taken from the English Oak planted in 1890 during the visit of the founder of the modern Olympic Movement, Pierre de Coubertin.

18 Jul 2012
A special place for some special items
The Olympic medals are under lock and key next to the Crown Jewels

The gold, silver and bronze medals that will be draped around the neck of winning athletes will be kept inside the Tower of London for the 805 award ceremonies scheduled to take place at over thirty Olympic sports venues across the whole UK. The mining company Rio Tinto provided eight tonnes of gold, silver and bronze extracted from the mine Kennecott Utah Copper of Salt Lake City,  United States, and the mine Oyu Tolgoi, Mongolia, to produce the 4,700 medals. The medals were crafted at the Royal Mint in South Wales. Minister for Sport and the Olympics, Hugh Robertson said: "For the athletes competing to win these medals, they are as precious as the Crown Jewels, so it is fitting that they should be stored for safe keeping in the same iconic location". Circular in shape, to represent the globe, the summer Olympic medals feature the Greek goddess of victory, Nike, on the front, as she steps out of the Parthenon to reach the host city. The front of the Paralympic medals represents "spirit in motion".

18 Jul 2012
One step closer to sustainability
A state-of-the-art walkway lights the way to the Olympic Park

Among the various eco-sustainable projects implemented for London 2012, one of the most interesting ones is the pioneering walkway connecting West Ham Station to the Olympic Park. This will be lit round the clock by the footsteps of spectators passing through. It is made possible thanks to twelve special energy harvesting floor tiles produced by the British company Pavegen, specialized in renewable energy and technology. It has been estimated that the tiles will receive over 12 million impressions, generating 72 million joules of energy, enough to power a small electric car for 397 laps of the Olympic athletics track or charge 10,000 mobile phones for an hour. The power will be used to illuminate the walkway for eight hours at full power during the night, and sixteen daylight hours at half power. The units will also produce an energy surplus of around 35%, which will be stored in the batteries. David Stubbs, Head of Sustainability at the London Organizing Committee said: "We want people coming to the Games to be able to do their bit for the environment and this is a great example where, literally in a few steps, people can actively contribute towards making these Games truly sustainable".

17 Jul 2012
Happy birthday athletics!
The IAAF celebrates its first 100th anniversary

We are only ten days away from the start of the 2012 London Olympic Games and the world's sporting community is celebrating a truly special anniversary: the first 100 years of the International Association of Athletics Federations. The IAAF was indeed founded on July 17, 1912, only two days after the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games, which were hosted by the Swedish capital that year. To celebrate this memorable event with a touch of creativity, the IAAF Centenary Working Group was set up by the President Lamine Diack, giving rise to a few initiatives, including the creation of a location dedicated especially to the 100th anniversary. On the weekend of November 24-25, 2012, Barcelona will be hosting a special edition of the annual International Athletics Foundation Gala, usually held in the Principality of Monaco. The show and dinner party will top off a week packed full of events held in the Catalan city, including the track and field demonstration events and the presentation of the 2012 Athletes of the Year Awards. As yet another way of celebrating the IAAF's 100th anniversary, a Hall of Fame was created alongside the commissioning of a book on the political and administrative history of the Association, as well as the major events and milestones of the international competitions as from 1912. In addition, a commemoration medal and diploma were designed and will be sent to all IAAF member federations, thus giving each individual federation a chance to select and award those who left an indelible mark in the history of sport.

17 Jul 2012
Welcome to London 2012
A special welcome awaits athletes at the Olympic Village entrance

On the occasion of the official opening of the Olympic Village, the first Team Welcome Ceremonies have been held, a show that will be repeated every day until the start of the Olympic Games. The ceremonies were created, produced and choreographed by The National Youth Theatre of Great Britain (NYT), which will also take center stage with live exhibitions of all the shows celebrating the athletes' strength, determination and courage. In order to get all athletes involved in the ceremony, the artists will be singing, dancing and performing around them, creating a thrilling and engaging atmosphere. Aside from the more theatrical part, the Team Welcome Ceremonies also include more institutional moments, such as the national anthem singing and flag hoisting carried out by the Armed Forces. In preparation for the Olympic Games, over 200 national anthems have been arranged by the British composer, conductor and cellist Philip Sheppard, and recorded by the London Philharmonic Orchestra at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios. The process required 36 musicians and 50 recording hours. The anthems, aside from accompanying the over 100 welcome ceremonies, will also be played during the 805 award ceremonies of the Games.
“Teams from all over the world are coming to London and the Athletes' Village will be their home during the Games. Some of them will be visiting London for the first time, for others this will be their first Olympic experience and therefore their first impressions will be very important. I have no doubt that the  NYT will ensure that athletes receive the warmest possible welcome to London and will help set the tone for what might be the most important time in the sporting career of some of those athletes”, remarked Seb Coe, LOCOG President. “The performance of the anthems is one of the most emotional moments of every Olympiad and it was an incredible experience for me as well in Moscow and Los Angeles. I am delighted to have worked with the London Philharmonic Orchestra to achieve this pivotal moment of the ceremonies during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games”.

17 Jul 2012
Official opening of the Olympic Village
Thousands of athletes and officials are expected in the coming days.

With the arrival of the first athletes, the London 2012 Olympic Village has officially opened. An influx of thousands of athletes and executives from the different teams is expected in the next few days: it has been estimated that, during peak times, the village will host up to 16,000 people. The teams will be accommodated in the 2,818 apartments, divided into eleven residential units, each built around a courtyard to provide athletes with private areas to relax in. "We have been working hard to provide the Olympic Village guests with all the comfort they need in order to ensure the best possible preparation for the most important moment in their sporting career”, said Seb Coe, President of the 2012 London Olympic Games Organizing Committee. Although it is the most compact Olympic Village in the Games' recent history, the feeling of open space is ensured by the presence of a park inside as well as its proximity to the Olympic Park. “The athletes coming to the London Games have spent years training for this competition. We now welcome them to a village that is safe, comfortable and well equipped, so that they can focus only on their performance on the big day. And, after the athletes have returned to their home countries, Londoners will take over and enjoy, for generations to come, the extraordinary houses a stone's throw away from the new London park”, remarked Boris Johnson, mayor of London. At the end of the Games, all 'Olympic' accessories will be removed from the apartments and new kitchens will be fitted in to create those new houses that will form the new East Village residential complex. The residents of the new neighborhood will be able to take advantage of the new parks and squares and of the excellent transportation links to the center of London, thanks to Stratford International station, right next to the Olympic Village.

05 Jul 2012
Helsinki 2012
European Athletics Championships: closing balance

The 21st European Athletics Championships took place at the Olympiastadion in Helsinki from June 27 to July 1, 2012. Fifty nations participated to this event, which marked a profound change in the event’s formula: in fact, from this edition, the European Championships will be held every two years instead of four as in the past. This change resulted in the Finnish edition coinciding with the Olympic year, and its proximity to the opening of the Games has resulted in the elimination of the racewalking and the marathon from the Championship program. Many of the favourites managed to win gold in other disciplines, showing excellent form in view of London 2012, amongst which: Christophe Lemaitre for France in the 100 m; Mo Farah for Britain in the 5,000 m; David Storl and Robert Harting for Germany respectively in the shot put and discus; Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad for France in the 3,000 steeplechase and fellow athlete Ranaud Lavillenie in the pole vault; Mariya Ryemyen and Olha Sladukha for the Ukrainian respectively in the 200 m and triple jump; Anita Wlodarczyk for Poland in the hammer. First place in the medals went to Germany with 16 medals (6 golds), ahead of Russia (5 golds) and France (5 golds). These were the third European Athletics Championships for the Finnish capital hosted in the Olympic stadium after the 1971 and 1994 editions; the first to be held on Mondotrack, which was installed in the stadium in 2010.

05 Jul 2012
Increasing Mondo in MotoGP
Signed an agreement with Dorna for office and Garage 00 flooring, and seating for the circuits.

Mondo has signed an agreement with Dorna, the company that organizes and promotes all events in the MotoGP circuit, becoming Circuit Equipment Services Provider of the 2012, 2013 and 2014 seasons. The Gallo d'Alba company will provide flooring for the offices in several Dorna racetracks and for Garage 00, where the technical inspections of vehicles take place. In addition, Mondo will offer seats of its Venelli brand. Already, four MotoGP circuits are with Venelli seats: Assen, Mugello, Sachsenring and Sepang. With this agreement, Mondo is consolidating its presence in MotoGP, where it made its debut in August 2009 when it installed the artificial turf for the escape routes of the Jerez de la Frontera circuit. "Being the Circuit Equipment Services Providers of MotoGP is a good omen - said Maurizio Stroppiana, President and CEO of Mondo - as it means that our floors are becoming increasingly popular in various sectors and not just in athletics, where we have been the main supplier of the last ten Olympics. The popularity of MotoGP is further evidence of the quality of our products and underlines the professionalism of our company. "I'm really happy that a prestigious event as MotoGP has signed an agreement with Mondo, also a leader in its sector - said Pau Serracanta, the Managerial Director, Commercial Area of Dorna Sports -. Mondo is a company that has always been linked to major sporting events, like the Olympics that are evidence of its experience and expertise in managing major events. I believe that the B2B opportunities offered by this agreement will be very fruitful in the future. "

29 Jun 2012
Another record on a Mondo track
New junior record in the triple jump: 13.32

Milan Civic Arena: Saturday, June 23rd a new Mondo track record in the triple jump.

After improving several times the Italian record in the triple jump indoor season, Ottavia Cestonaro obtained excellent results in outdoors and enters the history of the specialty: the magical platform of the Milan Arena (who can forget the duel between Fabrizio Donato and Paul Camossi the Night of 2000) with a triple jump of 13:32 (+1.4) in the second round of a competition she dominated from the beginning.

From the French Riviera this is the second World Best Time U.18 of the year (after the spanish Ana Peleteiro 13:50) and in any case of a result to the thresholds of the top-10 season also at the junior level.

In a painful day for speed, with so much headwind, the Mondo Sportflex SX Performance track has contributed to other good results, especially for jumpers: in addition to the Cestonaro’s record, the Latvian women in the high jump, Dindune Undine, (5th at the 2011 World Students of Lille, wearing the colors of the Enterprise) rose to 1.79. Erika Omoregie Furlani and Eleanor were both awarded with the 1.77 figure.

29 Jun 2012
Mondo will be present at SAIE 2012
Bologna, October 18-21: SAIE Sports & Technologies

Mondo will be an exhibitor at SAIE, a well-known international building exhibition, Mondo will have a booth located in Hall 21 of the new SAIE & Sport Technologies exhibition. The forum’s theme will be dedicated to innovative systems and materials used in sports and recreational facilities. The central area, coordinated by the National Amateur Soccer League, is where we can learn more about qualification procedures, materials and technologies in which Italy is at the forefront.
The square will be dedicated to soccer specifically and in general to the synthetic turf industry, where Mondo has been operating for years with Mondoturf.
For further information and updates about the SAIE 2012 - Sports & Technologies fair

28 Jun 2012
U.S. Paralympics Team Trials
Mondo is the surface for the competition to make the U.S. Paralympic team

Paralympic track and field athletes from the U.S. who hope to compete in the 2012 Paralympic Games in London will first have to make it through the Paralympic Team Trials at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (Indianapolis, Indiana) June 29-July 1. Those who qualify for the U.S. Paralympic team at IUPUI will compete at the Paralympic Games in London, Aug. 29-Sept. 9, on another Mondo surface: Mondotrack.

Located on the Indiana University campus of IUPUI and celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, the Michael A. Carroll Track & Soccer Stadium features a Super X Performance track. The venue’s long jump and triple jump running lanes also are Super X Performance surfaces.

The IUPUI stadium has hosted numerous prestigious track and field events, including the 2006 and 2007 USA Track & Field Championships. It also hosted the 1988 U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials, where Olympian Carl Lewis recorded a record-breaking performance in the men’s long jump and fellow Olympian Florence Griffith Joyner set a record in the women’s 100 meters.

25 Jun 2012
How will the opening ceremony begin?
The Olympic Stadium will be transformed into a typical English countryside.

Just over a month before the London 2012 Games, preparations are underway for the opening ceremony on July 27th. Danny Boyle, artistic director of the event, publicly thanked thousands of volunteers who have been working day and night to ensure a successful event. Boyle has revealed, in a presentation to the British media, the first scene of the ceremony titled "Green and Pleasant". The Olympic Stadium will be transformed into a typical English countryside, with hills, meadows, rivers and typical farm animals.

21 Jun 2012
The Olympic torch journey continues
Mondo and the Stroppiana family will be among the torchbearers.

A little more than a month before the Games, the relay of torchbearers continues with, the Olympic flame through the streets of Great Britain. At the end of its journey, which began on May 10th last month from the city of Olympia in Greece, the torch will pass through the hands of 8,000 people, including those of Stefania Stroppiana (Marketing Manager of Mondo) on July 20th, and Maurizio Stroppiana (President and Chief Executive Officer of Mondo) on July 26th, a day before the opening ceremony. "I'm certainly very excited - said Stefania Stroppiana -. Carrying the Olympic torch is a real honor for me. This is very special since the Olympics are not just a sporting event, but something much more deeply tied to the concept of peace and unity among the nations. I imagine to enjoy directly the Olympic spirit will be a real privilege that will allow me to share, with the city of London and the entire world, an extraordinary moment of passion for sports and humanity. It will be an unforgettable experience that I will always carry with me.

15 Jun 2012
New Italian record on Mondotrack
Friday, June 8th - XIII Memorial Primo Nebiolo

Last Friday, June 8th, at the Primo Nebiolo Stadium (inside the Parco Ruffini, the cradle of Turin athletics), the thirteenth Memorial Primo Nebiolo was held.

Mondo celebrates the significant achievements on the track, which was completely redone in 2009 with Mondotrack SX, the same material as the Beijing Olympic track, fast and modern, as well as IAAF certified.

In particular, the new Italian record of Emanuele Abate in 110 m hurdles and the new record of Pavel Maslak in the 400 meters.  Here are the results:


1 AMIDEI Martina ITA C.U.S. TORINO 11.42 (+0.5)
Meeting Record: 1997 - Marion Jones (USA) 11.08

100 M HURDLES (+0.6)
1 18 JONES Lolo USA 12.97
2 19 KONDAKOVA Yuliya RUS 12.97
Meeting Record: 1999 – Shishigina (KAZ) 12.70

Meeting Record: 2011 - Yusneysi Santiusti (CUB) 1:59.00

1 26 SCHWANITZ Christina GER 4 18.44 X 18.99 X 18.49 18.47 18.99
Record del meeting: 2009 – N. Mikhnevic (BLR) 19.56

1 38 LA MANTIA Simona ITA 7 X 14.29 14.23 X 13.77 X 14.29
Meeting Record: 2006 – Lebedeva (RUS) 15.00

Meeting Record: 2007 – Di Martino (ITA) 2.02 meters
2007 – K. Bergqvist (SWE) 2.02 meters


100 METERS (+0.5)
1 28 CHAMBERS Dwain GBR 10.29
Meeting Record: 2001 – Williams (USA) 10.08

110 M HURDLES (+0.7)
1 57 SHUBENKOV Sergey RUS 13.21
3 51 ABATE Emanuele ITA FF.OO 13.28 (ITALIAN RECORD)
Meeting Record: 2010 - D. Robles (CUB) 13.08

200 METERS (+0.4)
1 30 MANENTI Davide ITA C.S. AIR FORCE 20.76
Meeting Record: 2007 – B. Dzingai (ZIM) 20.29

Meeting Record: 1997 – Kamoga (UGA) 44.77

1 22 HAMADA Mohamed EGY 1:44.98
Meeting Record: 2010 – A. Kaki (SUD) 1:43.48

1 7 MELI Ezekiel KEN VIRTUS LU 13:22.90
Meeting Record: 2010 – D. Salei (KEN) 13:12.64

Meeting Record: Kemp (BAH) 2.31 meters – Voronin (RUS) 2.31 meters

11 Jun 2012
Neocon 2012
Mondo featuring contract flooring at premier US architect show

The Merchandise Mart in Chicago in the United States is the setting for NeoCon 2012. At the show, which runs June 11-13, Mondo (Booth 8-3068) will be showcasing its Mondo Idea, Harmoni, Terranova, Natura, and Bollo Extra lines. Many of these rubber flooring products have received GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification.

NeoCon is North America’s largest design exposition and conference for commercial interiors and the single most important architecture industry event of the year with more than 40,000 architecture and design professionals attending. Thousands of innovative products and resources for corporate, hospitality, healthcare, retail, government, institutional and residential interiors will be on display from more than 700 showrooms and exhibitors.

06 Jun 2012
NCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field Championship
Mondo is the surface for U.S. collegiate championship

The United States’ top collegiate track and field athletes will compete for the title of best in the country at the NCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field Championship at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, June 6-9.  For four out of the past five years, these prestigious championships have taken place on Mondo surfaces. The 2012 championships will be held on a Super X Performance track, named the Jim Duncan Track, at Drake Stadium.  Since the Mondo track was installed at Drake Stadium in 2006 as part of a $15 million renovation, the renowned venue has been selected to host a number of prominent track and field championships, including the 2008 and 2011 NCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field Championships, and the 2010 and 2013 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships. In addition, numerous meet and venue records have been set on the track, including 15 Drake Relays records in 2012 and 16 records at the 2011 Relays.



25 May 2012
Also Sky has got London track
Milan, Mondotrack is on Sky

The track of Olympic Games London 2012 is landed on Sky.

At the new headquarters of Sky Italia, Rogoredo (Milan), the same track as the London 2012 has been installed, Mondotrack.

Sky will be the exclusive television station for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, with 13 channels only for London.  Sky has asked MONDO to turn the main entrance of the new offices into a track, so the Piedmont company with the collaboration of Novatect has done the job.

The track, with its 2 lanes, expands from the main entrance to the reception.

Starting today until the end of the Paralympic Games, employees, collaborators, journalists, guests and sportsmen will walk on Mondotrack.

25 May 2012
Thursday May 17th, on Cuneo streets

The "Big Store Volley Day" took place in Piazza Galimberti with the pupils of the primary schools of Cuneo and surroundings. The event has involved 2,000 children that, accompanied with around 200 teachers, have played on the 66 courts expressly prepared for the event.

The true protagonists of the day have been the mini-volleyball players, which have had the possibility to practice some of the lessons learned during the free courses offered in the Piemonte Volleyball schools.

MONDO, sponsor of Piemonte Volley for years, has supplied the mini volleyballs for the event.

"The Big Store Volley Day is an event that lies at the heart of our society, explains Marco Pistolesi, General Manager of Piemonte Volley, because it is the conclusion of a great job done by the trainers and instructors in our schools. We extend a special thanks to all our sponsors that always support us and believe in our youth and sport".

23 May 2012
Fontanassa opening in Savona
The running track is Mondo

On Friday, May 4th, the municipal sports center “Fontanassa” was inaugurated in Savona. The event was enlivened by the participation of Savona’s I.T.I.S. boys that engaged in competitive sports: 100 meters, 1,000 meters, long jump, high jump and 4 x 100 meters relay.

The Sports Councilor, Luke Martino, said: "In recent years the facility has been subjected to several renovations, having proceeded to replace the throwing cage, the javelin throw and long jump platforms. The safety of the cliff located on the north side was also reinforced. The last thing we did was the upgrade of the electrical system.
Given the high influx of users, it was necessary to proceed with the complete renovation of the area dedicated to the athletics track in order to complete the restructuring of the entire Fontanassa Sport Center. "

The changes consist of:

  • A building used for headquarters and services
  • An outdoor athletic track with 6 lanes of each 1.22 meters wide and 400 meters long
  • A semi-circular ‘’lunette’’ for the competition of high jump, pole vault and javelin throw
  • Throwing platform
  • Platform for the long jump and triple jump with 58 m long runway and pit fall
  • A field dedicated to rugby

The sub-base was redone and a new irrigation system was installed under the dedicated rugby field.

Mondo has helped to build the sports center by providing the athletics track, MONDOTRACK SX in 13 mm thickness, a prefabricated sports flooring with special closed cell structure, and uniform thickness at every point, made of synthetic rubber and mineral fillers. The interaction between the hexagons makes the track more responsive and resilient, helping athletes improve their performance.

19 May 2012
The Olympic Torch arrives in Great Britain
After Greece, the Olympic flame will illuminate British streets

It will be the three-time Olympic medalist in sailing, Ben Ainslie (Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008), that will be the first one to carry the Olympic torch on British grounds. The athlete will start in the last 70 days of the relay, which started its journey on May 10th from the Greek town of Olympia, and will end on July 27th at the London Olympic Stadium, when the 2012 Olympics will be officially unveiled. At the end of its journey, the Olympic torch will have passed through the hands of more than 8,000 torchbearers, including Maurizio Stroppiana (President and CEO of Mondo Spa) and Stefania Stroppiana (Marketing Manager of Mondo Spa).

15 May 2012
European Champion Olympiacos!
The Greek team won its second European title.

The championship ended with Olympiacos winning the 2012 edition of the Euroleague Basketball Final Four, played in Istanbul. The Greek team, who beat CSKA Moscow, enjoyed an incredible comeback: down 19 points in the third quarter recovered by winning the game with just a one point difference, 62-61. It was one of the most exciting games in Euroleague history. For Olympiacos this is the second title in their history, after the one they won in 1997. The third place went to FC Barcelona, which won the consolation final 74-69 against the Greek of Panathinaikos.


11 May 2012
Euroleague for life program
Mondo participates in the charity initiative of Euroleague Basketball.

On Sunday, May 13th, during the Euroleague Final Four in Istanbul which crowned the Sinam Erdem Arena as Queen of European basketball teams, an important event took place at the orphanage of Istanbul Bahcelievler Social Services Campus. In the presence of local leaders and Euroleague Basketball, was the new basketball center was inaugurated. Mondo has actively participated in this accomplishment by providing and installing, at no cost, baskets suitable for outdoor playground. The event, in cooperation with "Euroleague for Life Program", was also attended by some players of the four finalist Euroleague teams (Ramunas Siskauskas and Milos Teodosicdel CSKA, Marcelinho Huertas and Joe Ingles FC Barcelona, Mike Batiste and Stratos Perperoglou Panathinaikos, Olympiacos Kyle Hines and Georgios Printezis) who spent some time with boys of the orphanage, talking and testing Mondo equipment and shooting a few baskets.

11 May 2012
Who will win the 2012 Euroleague?
In Istanbul Panathinaikos defends the European title

Friday, May 11th, at the Sinam Erdem Arena in Istanbul, will kick off the 2012 edition of the Euroleague Final Four. We'll start with the two semi-finals, which will oppose CSKA Moscow to Panathinaikos and Olympiacos to Barcelona. The finals will be played Sunday, May 13th, with the winners of the semifinals, which will compete for the title of Europe's most prestigious club. Mondo will host the event as supplier of the equipment used during the Final Four.

10 May 2012
The start of the Olympic Torch relay
Following the tour in Greece, the flame will arrive in Great Britain.

On May 10th, with a ceremony held at the Temple of Hera in ancient Olympia, Greece, the Olympic Torch will be lit, the fire resulting from the rays of the sun. Thus will begin a journey that will take the torch throughout Greece, before arriving in Athens at the Panathenaic Stadium, home of the first modern Olympics in 1896. On May 17th, it will be delivered to the London 2012 delegation. The relay of the Olympic flame continues its journey around Great Britain for seventy days, until the opening of the Games, which will take place at the Olympic Stadium in London on July 27th. In its long journey the torch will be carried by 8,000 torchbearers, among which include Maurizio Stroppiana (President and CEO of Mondo Spa) and Stefania Stroppiana (Marketing Manager of Mondo Spa). The first torch bearer will be the Greek Spyros Gianniotis, world champion in the 10 km cross-country in swimming, and he will feel at home in London, having been born in England.

09 May 2012
First success at the Olympic Stadium in London
An Irish student won the first competition on the London 2012 Mondotrack.

Friday, May 4th the first official competition was held on the track at the Olympic Stadium in London: the 400m hurdles at the British Universities and Colleges Sports Championships. In front of 4,000 people the Irish student, Justine Kinney, who is pursuing a master's degree at Loughborough University, won with a time of 59.79. "Since this was the first race on this track, I really wanted to win!’’ said Justine. ‘’The track is amazing; it looks like you could fly over it ". The event was also followed by DailyMail which published an interesting article online.

09 May 2012
The CSCCa Conference
Mondo has been the official supplier of the association since 2006.

From May 9-11th in Orlando, Florida will host the annual conference of the Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCa), an association that brings together coaches from American colleges and universities, using strength & conditioning programs. These methodologies, applying the knowledge gained by scientific research, aim to achieve great improvements in performance and fitness of the athlete. Mondo, with its solutions for weight room surfaces, has been the official supplier of CSCCa since 2006. Mondo surfaces, due to their exceptional strength, durability and shock absorption offer better safety and comfort than ever before.

08 May 2012
European champions Barcelona!
First success in European Futsal for the Catalan team.

The 2011/2012 UEFA Futsal Cup ended with the victory of the home team FC Barcelona. The Spanish team beat 3-1 MFK Dinamo Mosca for the first place in the finals hosted by Pavello Barris, a town North of Lleida not far from Barcelona. The third place went to Italian team Marca Futsal, which has passed in the consolation finals on penalties to the Portuguese Sporting Club, after the matched had ended 3-3.

08 May 2012
London Disability Grand Prix
Last test event prior to the Olympics.

On May 8th, the Olympic Stadium in London will host the London Disability Grand Prix, the last test event in preparation for the Olympics. A challenge for some of the world's best Paralympic athletes. A few weeks before the Games, the Organizing Committee will have the opportunity to once again put to the test the facility's main event, which will start on July 27th.

08 May 2012
SEC Championships
American Southeastern Conference title to be determined on Mondotrack

The 2012 Southeastern Conference Championships will take place May 10-13 at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at its Bernie Moore Track Stadium. The historic, 5,680-seat facility—recognized as one of the finest track venues in the United States—features a Mondotrack surface, the official track of the 2012 London Olympics. The state-of-the-art track was installed in 2010 and replaced a 10-year-old polyurethane surface and 30-plus-year-old subsurface. Among the most important requirements for the replacement track were that it could stand up to Baton Rouge’s underground water tables and could withstand challenging soil conditions below the track brought on by the stadium’s location near the Mississippi River.

In addition, school officials felt it would be a huge advantage for their elite and Olympic-caliber athletes to train on the same surface that will be used at the next Olympic Games. “The track surface makes a tremendous difference for elite athletes training in the sprint events and developing rhythms for hurdles, so I was convinced Mondotrack was the right product for us,” said Dennis Shaver, head coach of LSU’s track and field team. “When you research recent NCAA, world and Olympic records, you find that the majority were accomplished on Mondo tracks. I believe the record-breaking performances are directly related to the research and development Mondo puts into its products and the emphasis the company places on producing tracks that reduce the force absorbed by athletes’ bodies.”

05 May 2012
British University & Colleges Championships
British student-athletes are testing the Mondo’s Olympic track

The British University & Colleges Outdoor Athletics Championships this year are part of the Olympic track and field testing of the London 2012 Olympic Stadium and will be held in the British capital. The competitions, which will be held from May 4 -7, will give the IOC the opportunity to test the Mondotrack surface and the equipment that in a few weeks will host the athletics competitions of the Olympic Games.

05 May 2012
A taste of Paralympics
In London, Paralympic test events.

From May 5 to 7 the Basketball Arena in London will host the Paralympic boccia tests, sports very similar to that of bowling that is played individually or in teams. This event will provide an opportunity for the London 2012 organizers to test the new sports complex built for the Olympics. The sports hall has a capacity of 12,000 spectators during the Games and will host an event every day. The playing surface is the Mondo Fast Break System 2. The official competitions of ball, during the Paralympics, will be hosted by the excel Centre.

03 May 2012
Big East Conference Championships and MEAC Championships
Two more American Universities to host track & field meets on Mondo tracks.

Athletes at two more outdoor track and field meets at NCAA Division I universities in the United States this weekend will take their marks on tracks made by Mondo.

The 2012 Big East Conference Championships will take place May 4-6 at the University of South Florida’s USF Track & Field Stadium in Tampa, Florida. A one-of-a-kind facility, the stadium underwent a $2.79 million renovation that was completed in the fall of 2008. The highlight of the renovation was the addition of a Mondotrack surface, which was the official track of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and will be the track of the 2012 London Olympics. USF was the fourth U.S. university to install a Mondotrack.

Irwin Belk Track at Aggie Stadium on the campus of North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, North Carolina, is the site of the 2012 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) Outdoor Track and Field Championships May 3-5. Aggie Stadium’s Super X Performance track from Mondo was installed in 2004 as part of a $1.5 million stadium renovation. “Mondo is one of the best surfaces in the world,” said Roy Thompson, director of track and field programs at North Carolina A&T. “This track made us one of the top sites in the country. Offering athletes this type of surface to train and compete on has also really helped our recruiting efforts. I can’t say enough about the surface. Mondo has a great product.”


03 May 2012
Southern Conference Indoor Championships
American collegiate athletic conference to hold championships on Mondotrack for next two years

JDL Fast Track, a privately held indoor track and field facility in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has been chosen as site of 2013 and 2014 Southern Conference indoor track and field championships. The meets will take place February 23-24, 2013, and March 1-2, 2014. The Southern Conference is an NCAA Division I conference.

One of the premier indoor track and field facilities in the southeastern United States, JDL Fastrack opened in January 2012. It features a 200-meter oval track with a Mondotrack surface—the same surface that will be used at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Mondo’s sports flooring also is used in non-competition areas of the arena: The warm-up track is the company’s Super X Performance surface, and the non-athletic surfaces are Mondo’s baselast underlayment.

“Mondo had great options for giving us a world-class competition surface, minimizing concrete areas and maximizing where users can wear their spikes to get from one point to another, all while staying within our budget,” said Craig Longhurs, JDL Fast Track founder.

26 Apr 2012
UEFA Futsal Cup 2012
The best of European soccer club 5 compete for the title.

From April 27 to 29 a sport center in Lleida, a town north of Barcelona, will be hosting the final four of the UEFA Futsal Cup 2012. The draw of the semi-finals that took place during the interval of the UEFA Champions League between Barcelona and AC Milan, has declared that the champions of Italy Marca Futsal is will play the finals against the Russians of MFK Dinamo Moscow, while the hosts the Barcelona FC will face the Portuguese Sporting Club the semi-finals will be played Friday, April 27th, the match for third place and one for the title will be played Sunday, April 29th.

25 Apr 2012
Drake Relays
To be contested on Mondo Super X Performance.

One of the nation’s oldest and most respected track and field competitions, the Drake Relays will be held April 26-28 on the Jim Duncan track at Drake Stadium on the campus of Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Participants scheduled to compete include Olympic medalists and returning Drake Relays champions, along with top-caliber elementary, high school, collegiate, elite and masters level performers.

This will be the 103rd annual Drake Relays and the sixth time that Drake Relays participants will compete on Mondo’s Super X Performance track, which is recognized around the world as one of the fastest, most durable and environmentally safest tracks available. Since the Mondo track was installed at renowned Drake Stadium in 2006 as part of a $15 million renovation, numerous meet and venue records have been set, including 16 Drake Relays records in 2011. In addition, since the renovation, the university has been selected to host a number of prestigious track and field championships, including the 2008, 2011 and 2012 NCAA Division I Outdoor Track and Field Championships, and the 2010 and 2013 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships.

“Drake Stadium (with) the Mondo Super X Performance surface at Jim Duncan Track has become known as a venue for superior performances,” said Carolyn Hill, Drake University’s Assistant Director, Relays and Sports Information, Drake University.


22 Apr 2012
Assago is hosting the V-Day
The Mondo tricolor court is the surface of the Italian Men’s Volleyball Championship.

For the third consecutive year the title for Champion of Italian men’s volleyball will be awarded to the winner of a match played in a single game. On April 22nd, at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago, Diatec Itas Trentino and Lube Banca Marche Macerata will compete in the V-Day Sustenium. The match will be played on the tricolor court supplied by Mondo, which is sponsoring the event. It will begin at 5:30 PM and will be broadcasted by RAI Sport.

19 Apr 2012
Mondo Super X Performance surface of choice for American campuses
The world’s top track for more than 30 years, once again will serve as the surface for two NCAA Division I outdoor track & field invitational meets

Mondo’s Super X Performance track, the world’s top track for more than 30 years, once again will serve as the surface for two NCAA Division I outdoor track & field invitational meets. Both meets are April 20-21.

John McDonnell Field at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, is the site of the John McDonnell Invitational, named for the legendary Razorback coach who retired in 2008. Arkansas’ track and field facility is one of only four in the U.S., and the first one on a college campus, to receive the prestigious International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Class I certification. In a previous statement, Chris Bucknam, Arkansas track and field head coach, said, “Having Mondo as our track provides our university a chance to bid on meets at every level of competition, and our student-athletes love to train on it every day. It is an incredibly fast surface.”

The Vanderbilt Invitational will take place at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee on the Vanderbilt Track Complex. Clark Humphreys, the university’s women’s track and field assistant coach, said, “The Mondo Super X Performance surface is tremendously fast. Training on it is extremely beneficial, because if you want to run fast in competition, you have to train fast in practice. With Mondo, the athletes are able to do that.”

17 Apr 2012
100 days to London 2012
The countdown continues to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

April 18th will celebrate the 100 days before the beginning of the London 2012 Olympics. In Great Britain athletic clubs have organized events across the nation to give everyone the opportunity to discover and experience the Olympic sports for excellence. All are keenly awaiting the Olympic and Paralympic Games, where the best athletes from around the world will compete on the track Mondotrack in the British capital's Olympic Stadium.

16 Apr 2012
Mondo and GlobalSpeed, how to test the speed of the athletes
The Medsport Institute of Bensheim presents a training system based on Mondo resilient rubber flooring.

Mondo has provided the sports flooring for a course of diagnostic modules for training and medical treatment at the Medsport Institute of Bensheim, Germany. The course consists of a system of 150 square meters of high quality resilient rubber flooring, which has been designed to offer great benefits in tests conducted for speed during exercise and training. The project was completed in collaboration with Mondo's new partner, GlobalSpeed, whose innovative technologies on speed were the basis of the result achieved. The modules for diagnostics and training, are SpeedCourt SpeedTrack, which are part of the SpeedLab concept, which are useful for testing and training, in coordination with physiotherapy, the speed of the athletes.

05 Apr 2012
Europa League Final 2014
Uefa decides for Italy

UEFA has announced that the Juventus Stadium will play host to the 2014 Europa League final.

It will be the first time Italy has been asked to host the Europa League final. Mondo is proud of sharing this record hosting spectators on its seatings.

The Juventus Stadium was inaugurated in September and has an official capacity of 41,000 spectators.


30 Mar 2012
Paddle on stage in Barcelona
The Palau Sant Jordi for 10th World Open Pairs Championship

The best paddle players on the planet have gathered in Barcelona to participate in the 10th World Open Pairs Championship. The finals will be held at the Palau Sant Jordi on the Mondo's most advanced artificial turf for the sport.  From last Monday through Sunday, April 1st, 32 male and 24 female couples are competing for world title. For the occasion the high quality artificial turf was installed: it is the Mondoturf NSF 3NX 80  in the color blue, with a height of 10 mm and a density of 77,000 dots per square meter.  In addition to a very spectacular and dense area, the structure of this grass is a semiconcave monofilament with three asymmetric spines offers tremendous athletic performance, improving traction and allowing the players to play a more spectacular game. In short, a surface of high level to accommodate the largest world champions in paddle tennis. Let us prepare for the finals Sunday, April 1st, to find out who are the best pairs, male and female on the planet.

27 Mar 2012
Mondo to display its Ramflex rubber flooring at NIRSA

Mondo will display its Ramflex rubber flooring (booth 707) as a returning exhibitor at the NIRSA Conference and Expo being held March 27-30 in Tampa, Florida at the Tampa Convention Center.. The company has been a sponsor of the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association, the leading resource for professional and student development, education and research in collegiate recreational sports, since 1998. With its highly durable, non-porous wear layer, an impact layer that provides excellent protection against heavy impact, its ability to withstand heavy static loads and its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, Ramflex rubber flooring is ideal for the weight and cardio areas of fitness and recreational facilities.

14 Mar 2012
The Ramflex flooring is on the scene in Los Angeles
Mondo to feature its Ramflex interlocking rubber tiles at IHRSA

Mondo will feature its Ramflex interlocking rubber tiles (booth 725) at the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association’s 31st Annual International Convention & Trade Show. IHRSA is the trade association serving the health and fitness club industry. Ramflex interlocking tiles are specially designed to meet the needs of health, fitness and recreational facilities. With its highly durable, non-porous wear layer, Ramflex has a low lifecycle cost and is easy to maintain with no waxing or sealing required. Plus, it’s slip resistant, stain resistant—not even sweat will penetrate the surface—and skate resistant, so it will not wear like flooring made from recycled tires. Ramflex interlocking tiles are ideal for locker rooms, and cardio, skate and cleat and multipurpose areas. The event is March 14 to March 17 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

13 Mar 2012
Istanbul 2012
The Istanbul World Indoor Athletics Championships have concluded

The World Athletics Championships in Istanbul have just come to an end and we already feel the euphoria in the air  to the dawn of the Olympics. London 2012 is upon us and we look forward to this prestigious event. Many events that shaped this edition of the 2012 World Indoor Athletics Championships in Athletics Interior, among others, is the return of Elena Isinbayeva.
Excellent performance by the United States who took home over 17 medals. Italy’s Antonietta Di Martino won a silver medal.
The success of this three-day event is also attributable, in some ways,to  the professionalism of those who worked behind the scenes to ensure a perfect world championship. Of these, Mondo who has provided the equipment and tracks on which have rested the dreams of athletes and spectators from around the world.

08 Mar 2012
The NCAA relies on Mondo
Mondo the surface of NCAA Division I and Division II indoor track & field championships

Once again, Mondo is  the surface for NCAA championship track and field meets. The NCAA Division I competition will take place at Jacksons Indoor Track at the Idaho Center in Nampa, Idaho. The Division II athletes will square off at Myers Field House at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Both meets are March 9 – 10. Jacksons Indoor Track is a Mondo portable indoor track. Both venues have the company’s Super X Performance surface.  Prior to these two events, 10 NCAA Division I conferences and the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation held their indoor track and field conference championships, and all of the student-athletes competed on tracks made by Mondo.

08 Mar 2012
Ready, Set, Istanbul!
Start of the 2012 World Indoor Championships in Athletics

Though the London Olympics will permit enthusiasts to get a good fill of sports, the 2012 World Indoor Championships in Athletics being held in Istanbul from March 9 to 11 represents a substantial starter to say the least.  In addition to the track, Mondo has also provided equipment, video screens and adjustable stands, the occasion is in a big way a test in engineering and logistics. This event will warm up the engines prior to 2012 Games where it is important to remember, Mondo is the "Official Supplier for Sports Flooring and Equipment".
In Istanbul Mondo has installed inside the Ataköy Athletics Arena, as well as the adjacent Sinan Erdem Arena, the warm up area, the special portable Mondotrack SX  track which is completely removable. The special locking system of the modules, without screws or bolts, guarantees the perfect stability of the track and the dimensional accuracy of the structure, thus allowing rapid times for assembly and disassembly.








06 Mar 2012
Istanbul 2012: a record before it began
With 172 nations participating in the turkish World Indoor Championship it will be the highest attendance.

The World Indoor Championships in Istanbul, scheduled for March 9 to 11, has registered a record even before it began: with 172 nations participating in this year edition it has surpassed the previous record achieved in 2008 in Valencia, with 147 nations. Large participation in terms of attendance, with 349 male athletes , 334 women athletes and 616 officers. The World Indoor Championships were held for the first time in Paris in 1985 with the participation of 65 nations, and the last edition was held in Doha in 2010 and was attended by 148 nations. In Istanbul, the athletes will be competing on a Mondo track, and Mondo will also provide equipment, screens and the stands.

05 Mar 2012
Mondo Idea featured at ASHE PDC Summit
Mondo Rubber Flooring Takes Center Stage at ASHE PDC Summit

Mondo Idea will be taking center stage at Mondo’s booth (booth 610) at the 2012 Planning, Design and Construction Summit, which is put on by the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE). This unique commercial rubber flooring system is ideal for a wide range of healthcare environments, such as emergency, operating and patient rooms; triage; post-anesthesia care and neonatal intensive care units; surgery preparation and recovery environments; laboratories; radiology units; and corridors and common areas. The rubber flooring also has exceptional acoustic properties that effectively reduce the sound of foot traffic, which helps to facilitate patient healing and reduces noise pollution for staff and patients. In addition, it comes in colors and designs patterns embedded into the vulcanized rubber during manufacturing, which is an industry first. The summit is March 4 to March 7 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

28 Feb 2012
Approaching the Indoor World Championships in Istanbul
The greatest indoor track and field event marks a new record in attendance.

Just a few days until the opening of the XIV World Indoor Championships in Athletics, which will be held in Istanbul from March 9 - 11. The participants are 879 athletes from 178 countries, records the event. The Ataköy Athletics Arena,  in the Turkish capital, will host a very interesting  edition of the World Championships, which is a preview of some of the challenges that will be repeated this summer during the 2012 London Games. The World Championships in Istanbul is a prestigious and important commitment for Mondo, which will provide not only the tracks, but also equipment, screens and stands demonstrating once again its organizational strength and quality of its products.

28 Feb 2012
Italian Cup Volleyball A2 Final Four
At the indoor stadium in Andria the Mondo Tricolor court returns.

Andria will be played in the fifteenth edition of the Italian Cup Series A2 Men's Volleyball. The Del Monte Italy A2 Cup Final Four will be hosted by the indoor stadium of the city of Puglia, and will involve the Crazy Diamond Segrate, the Volleyball Molfetta, the BCC-NEP Castellana Grotte and Sir Safety Perugia. The semifinals will be played Saturday, March 3, while the final will take place on Sunday, March 4 at 17:30 live on television on Rai Sport. There is much enthusiasm surrounding the event which will involve among others, two teams of Puglia. "Puglia returns in this event thanks to the strength of two teams that have come to the Final Four giving us the opportunity to promote volleyball more in our area," said Joseph Manfredi, President of the Regional Committee Fipav Puglia. It promises to be an arena full of sports fans who will enjoy a performance made ​​even more exciting by the presence of the tricolor Mondoflex performance court, special flooring used in all Mondo's most important events in Italian volleyball. In the city of Puglia, in addition to the presence of the court, you can also count on Mondo's expertise, which will provide its support for the entire duration of the event, dealing with logistics, installation, and the final dismantling of the tricolor court.

28 Feb 2012
AS Roma: inagurates the field named for Di Bartolomei
Mondo has provided the synthetic turf for the Trigoria Sport Center

On February 24th, the ceremony naming the new training field of the Trigoria Sport Center after Agostino Di Bartolomei took place. The event was organized by AS Roma and Mondo. The day opened with words by AS Roma, Claudio Franco and Baldini Fenucci. They were joined by Maurizio Stroppiana, president of Mondo. In front of television and journalists, AS Roma leaders recalled how Mondo and partners of the team have been in the capital since 2006 and how the field provided by Mondo has given excellent results. The ceremony was also attended by the wife and son of Agostino Di Bartolomei, who died May 30, 1994. Both appeared moved and Luca Di Bartolomei said he was happy with the choice to honor his father by naming the new field after him.
It was a very touching moment when the plaque was presented by Francesco Totti, Daniele De Rossi and a good portion of the "old" Roma championship team of 1983 which Di Bartolomei was captain. To symbolize the past, present and the future: 51 boys from the academy entered the field, each a symbolic captain with Agostino’s name written on the back. The boys entered the field with balloons with the logo of the Mondo and AS Roma.After the field was blessed a practice match was played. Be emphasized as well as journalists and television stations were present delegations from the fan club of Rome, including the town dedicated to Agostino Di Bartolomei.

The field
Mondo has signed three synthetic turf fields approved by LND Professional near the Trigoria AS Roma Center. Training field “A”, named after Agostino Di Bartolomei, was achieved by installing the Mondoturf FTS3 system which is characterized by a new and advanced monofilament fiber called 3NX.  It is combined with ecofill infill which possesses quantifiable safety to performance safety. The new range of fiber used on the Agostino Di Bartolomei field was designed by the Institute for Biomechanics of Valencia in collaboration with the Mondo research and development Centre situated in Gallo d'Alba (CN), where other famous sports floors and athletic tracks were created (including the track for the 2012 London Olympics). "We are very proud that the training field “A” is named after Agostino Di Bartolomei - said Maurizio Stroppiana, president of Mondo had the opportunity to show their expertise by installing a system designed for professional field, it was a shared effort with AS Roma to make this a truly excellence artificial turf field in Italy. "

24 Feb 2012 Picture:
Isinbayeva, a new record pole vault: 5.01 indoor
In Stockholm, the Russian athlete has done it again.

The Russian athlete Yelena Isinbayeva set a new women's indoor world record by jumping 5.01m in pole vaulet during the track meeting in XL- Galan, Stockholm where Mondo installed its Mondotrack SX.
Isinbayeva has exceeded her previous record of 5.00m,which she achieved in February 2009 in Donetsk.
Its also exceeded her record of 5.05m for which she won gold during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


22 Feb 2012
American universities run on Mondo tracks
Mondo tracks dominate weekend of indoor track & field conference championships

Across the country this weekend from February 23-25, 10 NCAA Division I conferences and the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation will hold their indoor track and field conference championships, and all of the student-athletes will be competing on tracks made by Mondo.

The 10 Division I conferences hosting championships, with event dates and competition venues, are:

  • ACC, Feb. 23-25, Boston College
  • Big Ten, Feb. 24-25, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Big 12, Feb. 24-25, Texas A&M University
  • Big South, Feb. 24-25, Virginia Tech University
  • Conference USA, Feb. 25-26, Birmingham (Ala.) Crossplex
  • Mountain West, Feb. 23-25, Albuquerque (N.M.) Convention Center
  • SEC, Feb. 24-26, University of Kentucky
  • Southern, Feb. 23-24, Birmingham (Ala.) Crossplex
  • Summit League, Feb. 24-25, Indiana University–Purdue University
  • WAC, Feb. 23-25, Idaho Center

The Mountain Pacific Sports Federation track and field championships, Feb. 24-25, at the University of Washington in Seattle, will feature universities from the Big West, Pacific-12 and Western Athletic conferences.

Texas A&M and the Birmingham Crossplex feature a state-of-the-art, six-lane, 200-meter Mondo hydraulic banked track system with a Mondotrack running surface. IUPU has a Mondo indoor track with a Mondotrack surface. The other venues have Mondo portable indoor tracks with the company’s Super X Performance surface.

19 Feb 2012 New York City's 168th Street Armory
Big East Indoor Track & Field Championship
The Eastern U.S. universities compete on a Mondo track.

Mondo Super X Performance track, the world’s top track for more than 30 years, will serve as the surface for the 2012 Big East Indoor Track & Field Championships Feb. 18-19 at the New Balance Track & Field Center at New York City’s 168th Street Armory Youth Center. Nine hundred track & field athletes from the United States’ Big East conference will compete in 20 men’s events and 19 women’s events. Teams contending for the conference title include DePaul, Georgetown, Louisville, Marquette, Notre Dame, Syracuse and University of Connecticut.


19 Feb 2012
The 2012 King's Cup
Olympic treatment for the best Spanish basketball.

From February 16th - 19th, the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona will host the eight best teams in Spanish basketball for the 2012 edition of the King's Cup. For this special event, the Catalan city is home for the first time since 1986, of the events.  Athens Mondo backstops were installed, the same that will be used at the Basketball Arena in London for the Olympic Games this summer, They have been used in recently in the Euroleague Final Four as well as in many international championships. These backstops were designed and developed by Mondo with the best technologies available, which includes research in strength and stiffness to ensure the maximum security and stability.

18 Feb 2012
Mondo colors the Palalottomatica
Rome will host on its tricolor court the Italian Cup Final Four competitions.

Saturday, February 18th and Sunday, February 19th the event at Palalottomatica Rome with the Final Four Del Monte Italy A1 Cup 2011/2012. The star, along with the four finalists (Lube Banca Marche Macerata, Casa Modena, Diatec Itas Trentino, Belluno Sisley), on the tricolor Mondo court, now a symbol of all the main events of the Italian volleyball. In addition, the Gallo d'Alba company  will offer its support for the entire duration of the event, dealing with logistics, installation, and finally the perfect positioning of the dismantling of the Mondoflex Performance Tricolor court. In advance of the Olympics Games in London for which Mondo will be committed to ensuring the smooth running of of competitions on all its floors, first the athletics track, with service and support 24 hours, ready to meet any issues that might arise during the event. A composite crew, twice in size of the previous edition, will oversee the performance of the perfect Olympic Games.

17 Feb 2012
AS Roma: the Mondo pitch will be inaugurated
At Trigoria the new pitch “A” named after Di Bartolomei

On Friday, February 24th there will be ceremony to name the new pitch A after Agostino Di Bartolomei, the never to be forgotten champion and captain of Roma who died prematurely on May 30, 1994.

10 Feb 2012 Spain celebrates victory after winning the final of the UEFA Futsal Euro 2012 against Russia
UEFA Futsal: The Gran Finale!
Continues the domination of the Furia Roja.

It has been concluded the championship UEFA Futsal EURO 2012 with the victory of Spain, for the fourth consecutive time has become the European champions. The Iberians have only defeated in overtime the Russian national, which was ahead by one goal with just 34 seconds left to the end of regulation time. The final result was 3-1, the same with to which Italy has beat Croatia at Split Arena, before an excited audience, winning the bronze. The Croatian edition of the European Championship was marked by strong emotions, with so many goals and a large audience. With a touch of pride we recall that Mondo has provided the Fast Break System 2 Laminated flooring as well as ports and networks, for buildings which have all hosted the games, the Arena Zagreb and Split Arena.

01 Feb 2012
UEFA Futsal EURO 2012
Yesterday great start for the Futsal matches in Croatia.

Among 12 teams competing for the cup, Spain, the official defending champion, was the first team with Slovenia, to take the field last night at the Zagreb Arena.

Slovenia did not make it easy but Spain ensured they opened UEFA Futsal EURO 2012 Group B with victory, looking now for a fourth straight title.


Today, Feb 1st, will be the turn of Italy, winner of the edition of 2003, with its team having gone through 2011 unbeaten, against newcomers Turkey in Group C, this group including also Russia.


For the event, Mondo proudly provided its Fast Break System 2 Laminated flooring as well as nets and goals and ports in both halls where the matches take place, i.e. the great Arenas of Split and Zagreb.

To have access to all pictures and videos posted on the official UEFA website, please click here.


To view the full schedule of games you can click here.

31 Jan 2012
Under 17 Soccer
Spain-Italy Mondo Field

There was also Arrigo Sacchi encounter Spain - Italy Under-17 Championship held last week in Llanes in Asturias. The two teams of young players challenged each other on the field with monofibres 3NX installed by Mondod. This is the first in Asturias certified by the Spanish Federation and it is no coincidence that the Italian coach, guest of honor, in defining the benefits of synthetic turf has used an adjective that leaves no room for doubt: "Outstanding!"

27 Jan 2012
Test Events at Istanbul
From January 27-29, 2012 dress rehearsal

The day has arrived. The test events for the  Indoor World Championship 2012 will take place January 27- 29th. These rehearsals serve  to warm up  the engines waiting for the 2012 World Championships in Athletics to be held in Turkey. Once again, the protagonists of the scene are the tracks provided by Mondo, as well as, the necessary equipment, screens and stands.

27 Jan 2012
TexasA&M – Mondo Challenge
Hydraulic banked Mondo track to serve as surface of Big 12 - SEC - Pac 12 showdown at Texas A&M - Mondo Challenge

The Big 12, Pac-12 and SEC will face off in the Texas A&M Mondo Challenge this weekend, with two schools representing each league in the two-day, scored competition.
The A&M Challenge promises to be one of the strongest meets of the 2012 indoor season, with almost all of the teams being Top 25 ranked!

Representing the Big 12 at the meet, which begins Friday, will be Texas A&M and Texas Tech. The SEC counters with Florida and Tennessee. The Pac 12 rounds out the field with squads from Arizona State and Oregon.

At the 2011 competition, 13 meet records were set while the Big 12 (Kansas State, Oklahoma, Texas A&M and Texas Tech) defeated the SEC (Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and South Carolina) in both the men's and women's competitions.

22 Dec 2011
Futsal: Futsal European Championship Finals and the UEFA Futsal Cup

The 2010 UEFA European Futsal Championship finals and the UEFA Futsal Cup 2011 were two important events that put on display not only the quality of teams competing but the surface in which the games were played, a surface designed by Mondo .

02 Dec 2011
Rome-Bari the Mondo field

The date is Saturday, December 3, 2011, at 14:30.
Place? The field of Trigoria.
And the teams in the competition? The Primavera of AS Roma and Bari
The turf on which to run and chase you relentlessly shoes tireless heroes of our youth is one of three synthetic grass, approved DBS Professional, developed by MONDO.
The surface of the field is done with the new 3NX fiber, designed in the research center of Gallo d'Alba, where the famous sports flooring and running tracks were created ... Mondo.

28 Nov 2011
2012 Samsung Diamond League
The meet returns to the same city as last year

The Samsung Diamond League has announced the dates of the events planned for 2012. The third season of this prestigious competition will take place in stages in the same places that have hosted races in 2011: Doha (Qatar, 11/05), Shanghai (19/05), Rome (31/05), Eugene (USA, 2 / 06), Oslo (7 / 06), New York (9 / 06), Paris (6 / 07), London (13 and 14.7), Monte Carlo (20/07), Stockholm (17/08), Lausanne (23/08), Birmingham (26/08), Zurich (30/08), Brussels (7 / 09).

28 Nov 2011
Turkey: Mondo leading in Istanbul!
Record coming ...

It's official: Mondo will be the supplier of the track and field facilities for the XIV World Indoor Championships
The Championships will be held in Istanbul from March 9-10, 2012.It is another opportunity to try all
Alba's organizational strength and formidable performance of its products!

21 Nov 2011
A prize for Ape-Tau
Along with kindergarten of Coppito, the studio Atelier2 was honored.

The Ape Nursery-Tau and its designers studio Atelier2 won the second prize for contemporary architecture of the Ludwig Foundation of the Uberti, who this year had as its theme the architecture created in municipalities seriously affected by the earthquake in Abruzzo. The award ceremony will take place on December 5, at noon, in the museum MAXXI in Rome, where it will have an exhibition of the winning projects. For information and details:


18 Nov 2011
2014 IAAF World Athletics
The four cities that will host the prestigious IAAF Competitions has been decided.

The IAAF Council meeting in Monte Carlo has decided which cities will host the four Competitions of the IAAF World Athletics Series in 2014. Copenhagen will host the World Half Marathon Championships, Marrakech will host the Continental Cup (13 and 14 September 2014), Eugene, Oregon in the United States, will host the Junior World Championships, Sopot, Poland, will host the World Indoor Championships.

16 Nov 2011
London 2017
After the Olympics, the British capital will host the World Championship.

The IAAF Council has announced it will host in London in 2017, the sixteenth edition of the World Championships. The British capital beat off competition from Doha. Recalling that in 2013 Moscow will host this important event and in 2015 Beijing.
"We fought hard to make this stage remain an athletic stadium, and now we can all agree that this will happen; going from 85 to 25,000 seats would have made a stage too small, now we will have 60,000 seats and I'm very happy, " said IAAF President Diack Lamie talking about the future of the Olympic Stadium in London, which will host the Olympics in 2012 and 2017 World Championships.

15 Nov 2011
Prize Ludovico degli Uberti
Mondo is awarded the flooring and walls for a clinic

The multi-purpose clinic "The three angels for life" with the leader Architect Joan Di Virgilio, won second prize in the "Works" Award of Ludovico degli Uberti. This is a building with PVC materials on the walls and red pixels PT Compact Red floor, both produced by Mondo.

14 Nov 2011
The Best of 2011
Usain Bolt and Sally Pearson are the best athletes of the year.

Usain Bolt and Sally Pearson were awarded Athlete of the Year 2011 during the traditional IAAF World Athletics Gala, held in Monte Carlo. For the the third time the Jamaican sprinter wins the prize, while it was the first time for the Australian champion in the 100m hurdles. The other finalists were Yohan Blake and David Rudish for  the men, and Valerie Adams and Vivian Cheruiyot for the  women.

11 Nov 2011
The 2012 IAAF
In Monte Carlo the review the of the upcoming events.

Waiting for the World Athletics Gala 2011, the Council of the IAAF, chaired by the President Lamine Diack, met in Monte Carlo to analyze the progress of the venues that will host the upcoming IAAF World Athletics Series competitions. The first event in chronological order is the World Indoor Championships in Istanbul scheduled from March 9-11, 2012 in the new Atakoy Athletics Arena. May 12-13 in Saransk (Russia) will be held  the 25th of the World Race Walking Cup in Barcelona, July 10 to 15, the Olympic Stadium of Montjuic, will be played in the World Junior Championships. 2012 is also the year when we celebrate the centenary of the IAAF (July 17, 2012). To celebrate the event, the Council decided that Barcelona will host November 24, 2012 a special edition of the annual International Athletics Foundation Gala, as well as, a series of events around the city for the IAAF. The Gala will be an opportunity to present the IAAF Centenary Book, written and edited by historian and statistician Mel Watman together with industry experts such as Roberto Quercetani, David Miller and Alain Billouin. In addition, during the evening will be announced the names of the first athletes who will inducted into the IAAF Hall of Fame. The IAAF Council also discussed the progress of the current work in Moscow for the 14th edition of the World Championships in Athletics, to be held at the Luzhniki Olympic Complex Stadium in the Russian capital  August 10-18, 2013.

10 Nov 2011
New York Marathon
The Big Apple dominate African athletes.

After the Boston Marathon, the Kenyan Geoffrey Mutai has also won the 42nd edition of the New York Marathon with a time of 2:05:06, a new record. Second place in the marathone went to another Kenyan Mutai Emmanule, while the third went to the Ethiopian Tsegaye Kebede. Among women, success for the Ethiopian Nut Firehiwot in 2:23:15, ahead of compatriot at the finish line and Deba Buzunesh Kenyan Mary Keitany. Success for Alex Zanardi hand bikes in the category. The marathon was attended by about 47,000 people from 23 nations.

08 Nov 2011
All Star Volley 2011
Flag in the court of World challenge of the strongest players of Italian Serie A.

Friday, November 11, 2011, the All Star Volleyball match will be staged at Monza Palalper between the Italian national team, coached by Mauro Berruto and a selection of samples of Major League Volleyball. For the national team is an important test to address a few hours before leaving for Japan where he will play the FIVB World Cup, the first chance to qualify for the 2012 London Olympics. This edition of the All Star is dedicated to the memory of Marcello Gabana, President of Water Paradise Monza Brianza, who two years ago, on November 14, 2009, lost his life along with his pilot in plane crash. The All Star Volleyball will be played on the court manufactured by Mondo with a flag made ​​of Mondoflex performance, the same surface that was used for the Italian Super Cup, which was played in Cagliari a few days prior.


04 Nov 2011
The World Super Cup is in Trentino
The Italian champions won the match 3-1 with Cuneo.

First victory in the World Super Cup Itas Diatec Trentino, in a PalaRockefeller exhausted, defeated Cagliari Cuneo Bre Banca Lannutti 3-1 (25-22, 25-20, 18-25, 25-20). The team has taken on the Radon Stoytchev rematch of last season's Super Cup, held in Turin at the end of a match played at the highest levels. Best player of the competion was awarded to Jan Stokr.

Italian Super Cup Winners

1996 Traco Cuneo Alpitour
1997 Casa Modena Unibon
1998 Sisley Treviso
1999 TNT Alpitour Cuneo
2000 Sisley Treviso
2001 Sisley Treviso
2002 Noicom Brebanca Cuneo
2003 Sisley Treviso
2004 Sisley Treviso
2005 Sisley Treviso
2006 Lube Banca Marche Macerata
2007 Sisley Treviso
2008 Lube Banca Marche Macerata
2009 CoprAtlantide Piacenza
2010 Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo
Itas 2011 Trentino Diatec







28 Oct 2011
World Supercup
In Cagliari is awarded the first trophy of the Italian volleyball season.

Mondo will be the official sponsor of the 2011 Super Cup of volleyball, held in Cagliari on November 1st. The Diatec Itas Trentino and Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo will compete on the the famous surface Mondo Performance Tricolore, which was inaugurated in 2008 with the All Star Volleyball played at Monza in the Italian national team selection and a "Rest of the World" with the best player of the Series A1. From the 2009/10 season the Tricolore surface has become a symbol of the team champion of Italy, starting from Piacenza and passing last season from Cuneo to PalaTrento installed this year. This surfaces also accompanies all the events of Volleyball League A.

25 Oct 2011
Mondo signs the "Supervolley" throughout Italy
World Super Cup with tricolor, which also logistically supports the construction of a removable court.

Mondo will attend on November 1, 2011 Super Volleyball, providing and installing PalaRockfeller of Cagliari to the classic tri-color court. In a single match, competitive and extremely fascinating, the two teams that will compete in the 2010/2011 season have won the Scudetto and Italian Cup volleyball A1: the Diatec Itas Trentino and Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo. In green, white and red Italian flag, surrounded by the typical blue color uniforms of the national disciplines, the surface created by the Gallo d'Alba is the ideal stage for the consecration of the challenge "national" that there is. A stage that can also rely on expertise and support of Mondo that will be offered for the duration of the event, such as taking care of logistics, installation, and finally the perfect  dismantling of the court flag.
The field flag is made Mondoflex Performance, a sports flooring consists of a surface layer made ​​of natural and synthetic rubber, finely textured, flexible substrate coupled with closed cell foam, reinforced with armor. The surface ensures top performance and the ultimate in physical protection for the  players.  Dut to its technical features that can facilitate the detachment in elevation and the damping rate of relapse, the "tricolor" Mondo provides added shock absorption because of the special elastic deformation it undergoes upon impact.


21 Oct 2011
Mo Farah athlete of the year
The British runner was awarded the European Athlete of the Year Award presented by Mondo.

The Briton Mo Farah is the winner of the 2011 edition of the European Athlete of the Year Award presented by Mondo. What is about to end is an outstanding year for him. In February he set the record in Birmingham in the European indoor 5,000 m with 13:10.60; in March, he defended his title on the 3000 meters at the Indoor Athletics Championships in Paris; in June has made ​​the European record in the 10,000 m with 24:46.57, ran in July 5000 on the record of the year m 12:53:11, the second fastest time ever and the European national record. The apex of his extraordinary year was the gold medal in the 5000m at the World Championships in Athletics in Daegu, where he managed to bring to Europe the world title in this discipline after waiting almost twenty years.  In second place  in the European Athletes of the Year was  sprinter Frenchman Christophe Lemaitre  and third was another Briton, the 400m hurdles world champion David Greene.

19 Oct 2011
Euroleague: let's begin!
European big teams start to play.


Today, 19th october, starts Euroleague 2011-2012, the teams participants are 24.

14 Oct 2011
26-28 October 2011: Mondo at the FSB Fair, Cologne
Mondo will be present with a 400 sqm booth at the FSB fair in Cologne, the internationally unique business platform for recreation areas, sports and swimming pool facilities

14 Oct 2011
European Athletics Awards Night
For the third consecutive year Mondo is the exclusive partner of European Athletics Awards Night.

Saturday, October 15th turns the spotlight on Arona (Tenerife) for the European Athletics Awards Night, a gala evening in which the European Athletics celebrates itself by rewarding the champions who have distinguished themselves in 2011. For the third consecutive year Mondo will be  "Presenter" of the event, thereby renewing a strong partnership between the two realities which has always been committed to the promotion of the continental athletics throughout the world. Through the organization of major sporting events, the last of which was the World Championships in Athletics held in late August 2011in Daegu, where Mondo  provided both the track and equipment. "The European Athletics Awards Night is a real celebratory evening during which the major European track & field stars gather to celebrate. Linking our name to this event we are particularly honored, "said Maurizio Stroppiana, President of the World. Visit the website of the European Athletics Association where you can find more information on the athlete of the year award!

12 Oct 2011
Who will be the athlete of the year?
Voting has started to crown the king and queen of track for 2011.

The IAAF has announced the names of 20 athletes (10 men, 10 women) candidates for the World Athletes of the Year Award. The selection was made by a group of eight experts from the IAAF athletics. The vote, by members the IAAF Council and IAF, Federations of the IAAF, Committees and Commissions of the IAAF, IAAF Meeting of Directors, IAAF Ambassadors, Representatives of the IAAF athletes, top athletes, members of the international press and staff members IAAF will continue until midnight on Sunday, October 23. Following the collection of votes  three men and three women finalists will be selected. The Council of the International Athletic Foundation will select the athletes and winners will be announced on November 12th during the annual World Athletics Gala. The 10 male candidates are: Yohan Blake (Jamaica), Usain Bolt (Jamaica), Mo Farah (Great Britain), Robert Harting (Germany), Kirani James (Grenada), Patrick Makau (Kenya), Koji Murofushi (Japan), David Rudish (Kenya), Christian Taylor (USA), Jesse Williams (USA).
The 10 women candidates are: Mary Abakumov (Russia), Valerie Adams (New Zealand), Veronica Campbell Brown (Jamaica), Tatyana Chernova (Russia), Vivian Cheruiyot (Kenya), Anna Chicherova (Russia), Lashinda Demus (USA) Carmelita Jeter (USA), Amantle Montsho (Botswana), Sally Pearson (Australia).

11 Oct 2011
A new Olympic Sport?
Performance and chills to the presentation of the new Mini London 2012.

The English champion in the long jump J.J. Jegede is a great show, performing in three Mini jump at the London launch of the 2012 BMW car, which took place at the Potter's Field in London. The three cars lined up measured about 6 feet in length; Jegede jumped without a safety net and little margin for error. If you think that normally the jump of a world-class athlete measuring 7 to 8 meters. To allow the athlete to have the right platform and the elevation of the pit with sand was placed at the same height of the roof of the Mini, and the platform was built with Mondotrack 13 mm, a material specifically designed to achieve high performance, was placed free-standing down the 35m runway, .
Click to view the video

10 Oct 2011
Mariya Savinova, the European athlete of the year
Russian podium for the prize presented by Mondo.

The Russian Mariya Savinova athlete, world champion in the 800 meters, is the winner of the the 2011 European Athlete of the Year an award presented by Mondo. This is the fourth Russian athlete to win it, after Irina Privalova, Yelena Isinbayeva and Svetlana Masterkova. During the past year, Mariya Savinova, 26, has only lost one of ten races in whichshe  has participated in, among the outstanding victories was the finals of the World Championships in Athletics in Daegu with her personal best time (1:55.87)> In addition to winning the SPAR European Team Championships in Stockholm and the final of the Diamond League in Zurich. The top three champions of the prize is all the world  include Russia's  Mariya Abakumov and Anna Chicherova in second and third.

07 Oct 2011
Jodie Williams, a rising star of European athletics
The British athlete has won the prestigious award of European Athletic Rising Star.

The British athlete Jodie Williams is the winner of of the 2011 European Athletics Rising Star Award, presented by Mondo. The junior world champion, won the 100 meters final at the European Junior Athletics Championships in Tallinn, held in July, with a time of 11.18.  Records of the national junior championships and leadership. Just 24 hours after the final 100 meters, was complete and she also won the final of the 200 m, with a seasonal best time, 22.94. The 18 year-old British athlete went on during the 4x100 m helping his team win the bronze medal at the Kadriorg Stadium in the capital of Estonia. In second place in the rankings for the award of the Netherlands was ranked Daphne Schippers, followed by Russian and Swedish Darya Klishina Angelica Bengtsson

05 Oct 2011
David Storl, rising star in European athletics.
The shot put world champion wase named best European Athlete Under 23.

David Storl, the reigning shot put world champion, is the winner of the 2011 European Athletics Rising Star Award, presented by Mondo. The German athlete won the gold medal at the recent World Championships in Athletics in Daegu with the measurement of 21.78 m. In second place was Paweł Wojciechowski, the world champion in the pole vault, one third of the 100 Junior European Champion runner-up in me, Daegu, French Vicaut Jimmy. The European Athletics Rising Star is an award that has existed since 2007 and is awarded to athletes under 23.








04 Oct 2011
London inaugurates the Mondotrack
A major event opens to the public to present the new stadium and the Mondotrack

Recently held in London was one of the highlights of all the pre-Olympic period, the official presentation of the track to be used for all track and field events in the 2012 London Olympics. The best British athletes and children of the local school West Ham Church Primary School in Newham were able to see and test the track produced by Mondo - Mondotrack FTX, laid in August 2011. "This is a milestone for us - Seb Coe commented, Chairman of LOCOG - seeing the Olympic Stadium come to life is very exciting. Then to see the best British athletes out on the track with the children of a school gives a good idea of the role that this facility will have after 2012. "Red, combined with the gray color for the outer areas, with a dimension out of the ordinary, with a total area of 16,000 square meters, the track affects mainly for its technical specifications, 2008 in Beijing contributed to the achievement of less than 38 records among the world's Olympic and continent category, without regard to the various personal records. With a thickness of about 13.5 mm, Mondotrack surfaces is one of the world's fastest and has been certified to ensure the highest level in the classification of surfaces suitable to host the Olympics and Paralympics (Level 1). "It's been 34 years from our first participation, Montreal 1976 - said Maurizio Stroppiana, Managing Director of Mondo SpA - Still the emotion it elicits to see our beautiful track installed in the place where the Olympic Games will take place is always greater than that previously experienced. "








03 Oct 2011
Today the Olympic track will be unveiled to media

03 Oct 2011
In Berlin Kenya dominates
Breaking the world record in the marathon held in the German capital.

The 38th edition of the Berlin Marathon saw the Kenyan Patrick Makau beat the world record,which belonged to Haile Gebreselassie  the Cushite, with a time of 2:03:38. It was a real triumph for Kenya, which finished second with Stephen and Edwin Chemlani Kimaiyo finished third in the men's race, and Florence Kiplagat won the women's trial with a time of 2:19:44.

01 Oct 2011
Arona (Tenerife) on Saturday, October 15th

For the third consecutive year, the EAA has chosen MONDO as the sole partner of the European Athletics Awards, a gala evening in which European athletics celebrates itself by awarding champions who have excelled in 2011.

16 Sep 2011
Parade of stars at the Arena in Milan
The twelfth edition of the Milan Night promises great emotions.

Sunday, September 18th Arena on the track in Milan will challenge athletes from 30 nations, including 15 winners of a medal in the last World Championships in Athletics in Daegu. Among the athletes expected is certainly David Rudish, the world champion of 800 m, which will attempt to beat the world record he achieved ​​in 2010: the goal is to get under 1'41 "01. In the same competition will present the Polish Marcin Lewandoski, fourth in Daegu, and the Italians Mario Scapini and Giordano Benedetti. The spotlight is also on the South African Oscar Pistorius, who has managed this year to participate in the world in the 400 m able-bodied of Daegu There will be a lot of Italy in the Arena, from Antonietta Di Martino, bronze medal in Daegu in the high jump, triple jumper Simona La Mantia and. Among the most anticipated races of the challenge men's 100 meters, with the presence of the four blue baton, came in fifth at the World Championships 4x100: Di Gregorio, Collio, Tumi and Cerutti. In the same race eyes will turn to two other Italians, and Riparelli Galvan, and the French Pognon, who has a personal best of 9 "98. Italy still a lot of women in the 400 m, with the girls 4x400, that the world almost came in the final, and in the 800 meters, where it waits for a big test of Marta Milani. The athletes will race on the  Mondo Sportflex SX 12mm Classic track , who is also sponsoring the event.

16 Sep 2011
Memorial Van Damme
In Brussels the 2011 Diamond League concludes.

Friday, September 16th the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels hosts the 35th edition of the Memorial Van Damme, the last act of the  2011 Diamond League. The meet, which takes place annually in late summer, always sees the participation of the best athletes in the world and has recorded over the years a world record. Many are veterans from  Daegu World Championships in Athletics were present at the meeting.  In addition to Usain Bolt, David Rudish is expected (gold medal in the 800 m), Ibrahim Jeilan (gold in the 10,000 m), Blanka Vasic, Milcah Chemosh Kevin and his brother Jonathan Borlée, Oscar Pistorius and many others. As with the  Daegu Stadium,  the King Baudouin Stadium is  Daegu equipped with a track produced by Mondo: Mondotrack FTX.

08 Sep 2011
Mondo sponsors Juventus
The best technology at the service of the "old lady".

The 2011/2012 season of Italian football begins with a first for our country: a stadium owned by a football team. The new stadium for Juventus was the testing ground for the agreement signed with Mondo, whicht has become the Official Supplier of the New Stadium Juventus for the next 5 years. In particular, for the construction of the new facility, Mondo is providing 37,907 seats 9 Mondoseat model for the entire complex. The seats were constructed by placing great emphasis on strict international standards on safety, and are equipped with various devices to fight against tampering and vandalism for the safety of the athletes. In addition to the seats, the company has provided the Alba Surface (One and Decors) for the dressing rooms, warehouse, kindergartens, offices, local public safety and first aid, press offices, the media conference and the dining rooms Mondo has also provided the synthetic grass (Deco 11) for Merchandising and it covers the area between the foothills of the east side (NSF Mondoturf 15), for entry to the VIP area and the edge of the playing field (MondoLandscape).








07 Sep 2011
The withdrawal Angelico Biella
The team are training at Piedmont High Susa Valley on Mondo floors.

Angelico Biella Basketball has chosen the 1,500 meters of beautiful Sauze d'Oulx in the Upper Susa Valley, the pre-season retreat. The team as a guest of Grand Hotel La Torre, has provided cutting-edge facilities (weight room, football field, the field of sand for beach volleyball, spa and indoor pool), including those inside the building of Sauze, recently installed by Mondo, include the basketball court @ @ @, with electronic billboards and basketball wall units.

06 Sep 2011
A new record on Mondo track
The new track in Daegu 2011 will not disappoint.

The World Championships in Athletics in Daegu ended with the world record in the 4x100 quartet, achieved by Jamaican: XXX, Nesta Carter, Michael Frater and Yohan Blake. These great sprinters finished the race with a time of 37 "04, beating the old record of 37" 10 set ​​at the Beijing Olympics. Silver medal went to France (38 "20) and bronze went to Saint Kitts and Nevis (38" 49). Good results for the Italian quartet, who finished fifth, which eventually made ​​the semi-finals would be on the podium. The in Daegu World Championships competitions were held on Mondo Sportflex Super X Performance.

05 Sep 2011 Image by Getty Images
Daegu, South Korea: Bolt and companions stop the chronometer to 37.04.

05 Sep 2011
Mondo debut in Serie B
An innovative synthetic turf installed at stadium Romeo Menti Castellammare di Stabiae

The game of August 31, 2011, played at the Stadio Romeo Menti Castellammare di Stabiae, including Juventus and Verona Stabiae, not only marked the return of the bell in the Serie B team after 60 years of absence, but also in the onset of Mondo Series Italian B with its latest generation of synthetic turf Mondoturf NSF single-fiber 11 45 AE Star FTS. With the field of single-fiber Mondoturf NSF Romeo Minds has been FIFA 2 STAR certified in a very short time even though it was installed in 2009 and since then has received only routine maintenance. Castellammare di Stabiae field is the nineteenth Mondo field to have earned this prestigious certification, others are in Europe (Portugal, Greece, Holland, Cyprus, Germany and Finland), in Canada, New Caledonia and Morocco.

24 Aug 2011
Spazio Mondo and Daegu
The article about our new track for the 2011 World Athletics Championships is online

23 Aug 2011
XIII World Championships in Athletics
The biggest sports event on the planet in 2011, begins in 4 days tomorrow.

22 Aug 2011
London 2012: less than one year to go!
It’s less than a year to the Opening ceremony of the next Olympic Games of London 2012.

01 Aug 2011
3, 2, 1, Daegu!

Less than a month from now is the beginning of the XIII World Athletics Championships in Daegu, the most important sporting event of 2011. From Saturday, August 27 to Sunday, September 4 more than 2,000 athletes from 200 teams, will compete for the world championships in front of viewers from around the world.  It will generate moments of great emotion and the highest level of competition.
In addition to the athletes, the main athletes of this prestigious sporting event, will be photographed many times and as well as the new  track Daegu Stadium Mondo Super X Performance.

For information and schedule of events visit the official website or

29 Jul 2011

29 Jul 2011
High-level Meet in Barcelona
Four new records achieved in the Catalan city of the competition

It took place at the Olympic Stadium, in front of 7,200 spectators, the Athletics Meeting in Barcelona, ​​which has recorded four new records of the event and two of the best performances by European athletes. The records of the meet were achieved ​​by the Jamaican Yohan Blake in the U23 100m with a time of 10.6, Bulgaria's Vanya Stambolov in 400m hurdles with a time of 54.38, the Cuban Yariskey Silva in the pole vault with 466, the Russian Yekaterina Gorbunova , which has built both the 1500m record in European competition is the best performance of the year with a time of 4:01:02. The other European best performance of the year was that of the Kenyan Ilham Tanu, who runs for Turkey, in the 1500m with a time of 3:32.94.

27 Jul 2011
CAC Championships Results
Jamaica wins the championship of Central America and the Caribbean

Have been completed in Mayaguez (Puerto Rico) the CAC Championships first place in the medal count was achieved by Jamaica (10 golds, 6 silvers, 10 bronzes), which preceded Mexico (7,6,7) and Trinidad (6.3, 5). In total 17 nations won at least one medal. Challenges in the expectations between relays, Jamaica won the 4x100m 4x400m men and women, the Bahamas won the 4x400m men, while Trinidad was first in the 4x100m women.

26 Jul 2011
Rio Marathon
The year of the World Military Games

The marathon in Rio de Janeiro, an event which was part of the fifth edition of World Military Games scheduled in the Brazilian city, was won by Frenchman Patrick Ngoi, who became the military world champion owith a time of 2:18:17. In the women's marathon success went to North Korean Kim Kum Ok, who in a time of 2:35:22 also won her the military world competition.

25 Jul 2011
Those who laugh and cry
The Championships in Daegu earn a star, but lose another

Oscar Pistorius has won during the 22 nd International Meeting of Lignano Sabbiadoro the time it takes to compete at the World Athletics Championships in Daegu and the 2012 Olympics in London. 45.07 With the South African athlete has achieved his personal best in the 400m. But bad news coming from France: the indoor world champion and world record holder in the triple jump, Teddy Tamgho, will be forced to miss the World Championships because of injury during the Under 23 European Championships in Ostrava.

22 Jul 2011
Hooray Pistorius!
In Lignano Sabbiadoro the South African athlete conquers London.

He did it! The meeting "Sport Solidarity" in Lignano Oscar Pistorius has exceeded the minimum for some much-needed access to the London 2012 Olympic Games. The result is terrific. The athlete finished the 400 meters in 45 "07. In fact beating the Jamaicans Lancedord Spence (46 "23) and Mason (46" 50). The goal required to go to London is 45 "25, but Pistorius did even better. His talent is unquestionable, but we like to think that a little 'of the credit also goes to the reception and Italian Lignano fast track that saw him speeding like a rocket.

21 Jul 2011
European Athletics Junior Championships 2011
Tallinn (EST), 21-24 July

954 athletes from 47 countries confirmed their attendance to the European Junior Championships 2011 in Tallin. The event starts today at the historic Kadrioru stadium on a brand new IAAF class 2 certified Mondo track with Mondotrack product in the thickness of 14 mm, light and dark red colors.

20 Jul 2011
A new country in the Olympics?
A few days after getting its independence Southern Sudan thinks of the 2012 Olympics

The new state of Southern Sudan has been struggling against time to enter the list of countries that will participate in the 2012 London Olympics. The former British colony of Sudan, over the past 50 years has been plagued by famine, coup, terrorism and conflict between the northern (Muslim) and southern (Christian) in the country. After a peace agreement signed in 2005, following a civil war, the southern state gained independence through a referendum that enshrined the separation from the rest of the country. In order to have a National Olympic Committee, needed to participate in the Olympics, serve at least four national federations. Therefore, it is likely that the debut of Southern Sudan in the world of sport will occur with the Commonwealth Games to be held in Glasgow in 2014.

18 Jul 2011
The future of the Olympic Stadium in London
The courts will decide who will detect the system after the 2012 Olympics

The decision of the London football club Tottenham Hotspur to open legal proceedings against the verdict that awarded to another London team, West Ham, the possibility of detecting the British capital's Olympic Stadium Double Step Games of 2012 postponed to August and a ruling from the judges each case on the future of the plant. The uncertain future of the stadium could affect the probability that London is included among the candidate cities the World Championships in Athletics of 2017, as the IAAF will announce the official list on the 1st of September.

08 Jul 2011
Another success for South Korea
Following the World Championships in Athletics Asian country will also host Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympics will be held in Pyeongchang. The Korean city beat the candidacies of French and German Annecy Monaco in the first round with 63 out of 95 votes available. The victory was celebrated by the Olympic figure skating champion Kim Yu-Na and the President of the Korean Olympic Committee, YS Park. This was the third attempt by the South Koreans, who had already participated and lost the 2010 Olympics, to Vancouver, and 2014, went to the Russian city of Sochi. It is the third time the Winter Olympics have been awarded to an Asian city.








07 Jul 2011
100m spectacle in Madrid
Keenly awaiting the competition between Gatlin and Chambers

Saturday, July 9th at the Meeting of Athletic Madrid the spotlight will focus on the Men's 100 m, for the competition between the former Olympic champion Justin Gatlin and the indoor world champion, Britain's Dwain Chambers. The fans at home will then concentrate on the women's 1,500 m, where two athletes will race in Spain: European Champion Nuria Fernandez and Natalia Rodriguez.

06 Jul 2011
The promotion in Brixen
Concluded the First League with the promotion of four teams

The Englishmen's decathlon team, with 22,989 points, won the First League in Brixen to qualify for the Super League. Belgium also promoted (2 ° 22 468). The three personal best results were those of the Swiss Walter Simon (7973) and British Daniel Awde (7889) and Ashley Bryant (7747). Nell'eptathlon promoted Poland (17,309) and Italy (17,050). Poland had the best athlete Tyminska Parolin (6297), followed by Hungarian Gyorgyi Farkas and Belarus Yana Maksimir.

28 Jun 2011
Mondo official supplier of Juventus
The new Jueventus stadium is almost ready. Inside are Mondo seats

Hurrah Juventus, the official journal of the Juventus team, is on the newsstands with an interesting interview with Maurizio Stroppiana president of Mondo Spa and Luigi Benedetto's CEO and managing director of Mondo Spa The Spa Mondofin company of Alba is in fact the official supplier of Juventus, which has developed and installed the seats allocated to the new stadium. An evocative geometric design, obtained using the contrast of black and white, trace the outlines of two samples, Gaetano Scirea and Michel Platini, who stand on the east grandstand, while on the north and south sides of the backs of the seats form the two stars badges. For this stadium, Mondo has not only provided the seats, but also the artificial turf on the sidelines and all resilient flooring, including the flooing of the locker rooms and gyms. Having contributed to this project "is a source of great pride - says Stroppiana to Hurrah  Juventus - because this is the most important project in Italy and among the most important in Europe." "Also - Benedetto adds a personal basis - the sentimental aspect is that, as far as I'm concerned, is very strong. Do you think that as a child, at the time of Sivori, Cuneo went to see the training of Juventus."








27 Jun 2011
Mondo becomes an official partner of the HFV
Agreement for the supply to the Soccer Federation of Hesse Mondoturf

The Soccer Federation of the German region of Hesse (Hessischer Fussball-Verband, HFV) and the Mondo Track & Turf GmbH have signed an agreement for a period of three years. The meeting between President dell'HFV Rolf Hocke, vice-president for business and finance HFV Stefan Reuss, Sales Director of Track & Turf Onno Brenninkmeijer and Sales Manager for Southern Germany and Switzerland to the Mondo Track Turf & Weber GmbH Kai-Gemmel took place at the Sports Hotel Grünberg.

The contract, in addition to appropriate communication and delivery of informational seminars for associations, provides for the construction of infrastructure by the Mondo ultra modern synthetic grass in the place where stands the HFV.

"Mondo is very happy to have been selected as a supplier of synthetic grass by the HFV - Gemmel said Kai Weber--. This includes the task of restructuring the federation's most important plants with artificial turf system Mondoturf 3NX at the School for Sports Grünberg. Mondo is pleased to support the federation and its associate members in an advisory capacity. "

"We are delighted to have found a partner as competent and renowned in the field of synthetic turf - Rolf Hocke said -. All the more so because there will be the creation of a site with ultra modern artificial turf in Grünberg. This is an important step to ensure the quality of our training. "

23 Jun 2011

20 Jun 2011
Metting Areva 2011
Big names will compete on the Mondo track at the Stade de France

It is set to be very interesting challenges to the Meeting Areva 2011, the eighth stage of the Samsung Diamond League, which will take place at the Stade de France in Paris on  July 8th. Usain Bolt in the 200 m along with the European champion Christophe Lemaitre and the young Jamaican Nickel Ashmead. In the 110 hurdles the challenge will be among the American David Oliver and world record holder, Cuban Dayron Robles. The race of 1,500 m will feature the Moroccan Amine Laalou and olympic gold medalist Ashbel Kiprop. There are great expectations for the 100 m women with Veronica Campbell-Brown, Kerron Stewart and Myriam Soumaré. The 800 m women, the challenge of winning two World Championships: Janet Jepkosgei and Caster Semenya. These are some of the most anticipated competitions taking place on the track Mondotrack FTX 13mm, produced by Mondo.  With 15,000 tickets already sold a month before the event, the organizers aim to fill the stadium with 50,000 spectators.








13 Jun 2011

07 Jun 2011
The road passes through Turin to London 2012.
Friday, June 10th is dress rehearsal of Olympic Stadium Primo Nebiolo.

After renewing its partnership with the Piedmont Regional Committee FIDAL, Mondo is once again revealed as a sponsor of the International Athletics Meeting in Turin. Two important agreements that further strengthen the close relationship between the Gallo d'Alba company and Piedmont athletics. The twelfth edition of the "Memorial Primo Nebiolo", in fact, will take place on the mantle prefabricated Mondotrack SX generation, innovative material that last year has attracted praise from many athletes and coaches for his skills and performance, while of considerable comfort. The races will see the participation of prominent athletes, such as Simona La Mantia, European champion in Paris 2011 indoor triple jump, the hammer and Nicholas Vezzoni Dayron Robles, the Cuban Olympic champion in the 110 hurdles (2008) and World champion of the 60 hurdles (2010 ).

07 Jun 2011
FIFA 2 Star Behrn Arena
FIFA certifies the quality of the Orebro field

The football field of Behrn Arena in Orebro, Sweden, created by Mondo Luxembourg, has been certified FIFA 2 STAR. The old synthetic turf has been replaced with a new one: single-fiber Mondoturf NSF 3NX.

07 Jun 2011
Regent Street Festival
More than 600,000 visitors attended the event where basketball was played in the street.

The Regent Street Festival is the biggest event on the street that takes place in central London, after the Notting Hill Carnival. For the second consecutive year, the Sports Zone Basketball has seen the contribution of the surface Mondocourt. The World team is put to work right from the four in the morning on Sunday, June 5th to deliver a few hours after a 6x6 and 10x12 m area that hosted challenges teams of 3 players.  In addition to the performance were public cheeleaders. Fun events like this will accompany the months prior to the beginning of the London 2012 Olympics and once again showcase the presence of Mondo as the official supplier.

07 Jun 2011

07 Jun 2011
2011 Internazionali BNL
Nole Djokovic triumphed in the Centre Court at the Foro Italico in Rome

On May 15th, the tennis Championships and Rome Internazionali BNL concluded and celebrated the new champion: Nole Djokovic. The final challenge saw a Serbian athlete beat Nadal with a score of 64 64 in 2 hours and 12 minutes. Queen Maria Sharapova of tennis instead. The beautiful Siberian triumphed with a mix of power, class and determination that made ​​landfall as a hurricane against Samantha Stosur in the final game.
The podium that is seen crowning the new heroes of the BNL International Championships of tennis is that of the Centre Court at the Foro Italico in Rome. A facility which the world are envy of. During the event, the Centre has made itself heard again, as had happened in the previous edition. This stadium is "the Colosseum of tennis," Djokovic said in a press release, while Nadal has even called "the most beautiful stadium in the world."








07 Jun 2011
In anticipation of the Olympics
With less than a year to 2012 the city of London has had a taste of the excitement to sports-related games

Rehearsal for the Olympics started Monday, May 30th  on the streets of London, thanks to the athletes who have tested the proposed routes for the marathon and walking competitions to be held in London  2012.  Taking advantage of the feast day (Monday was bank holiday in London) many Londoners  had a taste of what will be the excitement that the Olympics will bring to town in August next year. The five scheduled events on the streets of the British capital (male and female marathon, 20 km of driving men and women, 50 km of driving men) will be held in Central London and finish inThe Mall. Recall that the athletics competitions in London in 2012, of which Mondo is the official supplier, will be held August 3rd to 12th, 2012.


31 May 2011

11 May 2011