FIBA consoles


FIBA Consoles are designed for top basketball competition and managed by four table judges.

They are comprised of two individual score consoles, which are joined to the HERCULES console group, which is standard with highest level MONDO scoreboards.

The FIBA consoles are connected to the main HERCULES console in such a way that the data entered are divided into two parts: the fouls and points of the home team are controlled by one person and the fouls and points of the guest team are controlled by another. This prevents any confusion in the data entry.

This allows for the whole set of easy-to-operate consoles to be operated by four table judges, as it is made up of a one time console, one possession console, one individual score console for the HOME team and one individual score console for the GUEST team.

This product has been designed to work as a console accessory for the main scoreboard in an indoor arena, specifically for top level basketball competition.

It is can only be used together with other MONDO electronic devices, otherwise it would be consider as a wrong use of the equipment.

MONDO can not guarantee the desired compatibility between FIBA CONSOLES and other different devices from other companies.


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