Set of two minibasketball adaptors

PK950 - PK955

Set of two elements to be added to the basketball units to adapt it for playing basketball as well as minibasket. Designed with the latest CAD technology, it is completely made of steel profile. It contains a main structure, an elevation set and a crank. The adaptor is joined to the basketball unit on one side and to the backboard on the other side.

The main structure, made of rectangular steel tube, has 8 mounting points on the basketball unit. It is the element that contains the two double-ended shafts that guide the backboard in its vertical position to reach the regulation height.

The elevation set is located between the backboard frame and the main structure.

This entire unit consist of trapezoidal spindle and bronze nut that, when the spindle starts to action, it transforms the rotating movement of the crank in a descending/ascending one of the frame that supports the backboard with the guides, assumed that the rest of the movements are prevented.

In conclusion, the main structure of the basketball unit remains fixed and it is the backboard that is changing its height, limiting the backboard movement with some stops that prevent it from moving higher than the required basketball height and moving lower than the required minibasketball height.

All steel junction elements have been submitted to zinc treatment. This product is painted with polyester powder paint, which is applied after a degreasing treatment using a pressurised phosphate bath and cured in an oven at 200ºC.

Standard colour: white.

Note: A set of 2 units is supplied, and includes a crank.


Set of two minibasketball adaptors PK950
Accessory for:
  • Set of Mondocup PK241
Set of two minibasketball adaptors PK955