Handball / Indoor hockey option for multisport scoreboards

ME0030 - ME0040 - ME0090 - ME0100

Additional electronic option placed in the scoreboard. It Is a specific option that meets handball competition requirements, as it shows the data of the players sent off and the remaining time of their removal. .

It’s compatible with the following MONDO models: ARIES, LIBRA, ORION, ANTARES PUNTOS ANTARES DORSAL, FENIX, PEGASUS ACB and PEGASUS LEVEL 1. The digit dimensions and their place on the scoreboard depend on the design of the standard model.

It will show the number of the players that have been sent off, a maximum of 2 players per team, along with the expulsion time they have left. If more than two players have been sent off, the scoreboard stores the information for up to 10 players, even though it does not show their data. In this case, it displays the data of the two players who have the least time left before going back to the game. When the data of a third sent off player is entered into the control panel, it is stored and the time that elapses is taken into account, so that the data of this third expelled player is automatically shown when the first expelled player goes back to the game, and so on.

There are four possibilities depending on the scoreboard model chosen and on the size of the digits (ME0030, ME0040, ME0090, ME0100).


Handball / Indoor hockey option for multisport scoreboards ME0030