Set of ground anchors for MONDOATHENS and EUROLEAGUE basketball units


Set of ground anchors suitable for a set of MONDO basketball units. It is only compatible with MONDOATHENS and EUROLEAGUE models.

The set contains two types of anchors:

  • 4 anchors made of steel, 2 for each basketball unit (placed at the rear of the base), used as a back fixing point.

The rear anchor is comprised of a cylindrical steel sleeve that can be embedded in the court floor, making it necessary to make a hole in the court of 100 mm diameter. It also includes a cover.

The sleeve houses a multi-directional pivot bolt which is joined to a telescopic stud that ends with a ring. This set has been designed so that when it is not being used, the stud is completely hidden in the sleeve and remains totally concealed in the sleeve and the anchor is not visible on the court due to the cover.

When the basketball unit is anchored the metallic ring is pulled (anchor point of the basketball unit) due to the pivot bolt which will adapt itself to the position of the basketball unit.

Both the anchor body and the cover is subjected to a treatment of hot-galvanized coating which provides a carbonate of 2 microns.

  • 4 cylindrical shaped cases where the basketball unit vertical rods are inserted into them. 2 cases are used for each basketball unit as front fixing points.

The cylindrical shaped cases (two for each backstop unit) have to be embedded in the ground so that the vertical rods located in the basketball unit insert into them. Their main function is to avoid the basketball unit from moving laterally when being impacted by players during a game.