Set of “calcetto” goals

PB015 - PB016 - PB017 - PB018 - PB019 - PB036 - PB037 - PB038 - PB039 - PB041

Set of two goal posts painted completely in white for italian “calcetto”. They have been designed and manufactured to comply with the EN-749 Norm. Its dimensions make it also valid for handball and indoor futsal.

The goal post is comprised of a frame and two rear bars. The rear bars can be horizontal or vertical depending on customer’s choice.

The two vertical posts and the crossbar form the white frame are manufactured of aluminium either in oval or in square, depending on customer’s choice. The rear frame has a grooved channel used to attach the posts and hooks to support the net.

The vertical posts and the crossbar are joined on the inside by metal brackets made of a square steel section, which provides greater stability and rigidity.

Some models are manufactured in a way that the vertical rear bars can be folded, to become smaller for better storage.

The bottom parts of the posts are covered with polypropylene caps to protect the court floor from possible damage.

The attachment used to hook the net to the frame is made of blue polyamide and due to its design allow an easy and fast net attachment.

According to European regulations EN-749, the goal post must be fixed to the ground by fastening flanges that will secure the horizontal bars to the appropriate plugs located in the floor with the corresponding screws.

Some models are also manufactured in a way that the vertical frame posts can be embedded into the ground using appropriate anchors.

The product is painted with polyester powder paint, which is applied after a degreasing treatment using a pressurized phosphate bath and cured in an oven at 200ºC

All steel elements have been zinced.

Standard colour: white

Note: The goal is supplied completely dismounted. Nets and anchors are not included.


Set of “calcetto” goals PB015
Set of “calcetto” goals PB017
Set of “calcetto” goals PB018
Set of “calcetto” goals PB019
Set of “calcetto” goals PB036
Set of “calcetto” goals PB037
Set of “calcetto” goals PB038
Set of “calcetto” goals PB039
Set of “calcetto” goals PB041