Set of two portable volleyball aluminium posts



Set of two aluminium volleyball posts with a portable base. They are made of ribbed aluminium tubes with a 120 mm diameter. It has a double groove on one side of the post. This groove, that is directed towards the court, contains the elements or plates to attach the net and to tighten it.


The posts have a graded rule to position the net at the required height. Only one of the two posts contains a simple cable tightening system, while the other post is used to attach the net.

The element to attach the net and the tightening system can be moved vertically along the groove to adjust the height of the net for the different categories of games, fixing it at a certain height with polypropylene knobs that are on the post. On one of the fixing element, the attachment hook, is fixed while the other, the tightening one, can be moved along this plate by a screw with an independent handle that is shipped with the posts. This enables to tightened the net.

The posts have triangular bases made of round steel profile. These bases have wheels to facilitate the transport of the posts simply by inclining them. The bases are fixed to the gymnasium floor with blocks and a screw placed in the floor. These will stay covered with a lid once the posts have been taken out. The base contains a metallic part that will be placed inside the post to join it to the base.

All junction elements have been submitted to zinc treatment.

The product is painted with polyester powder paint, which is applied after a degreasing treatment using a pressurised phosphate bath and cured in an oven at 200ºC.

This product has been designed only for leisure or school level. Due to the fact that it is not anchored in the floor (as with high level competition posts) the same height of the net across all its length cannot be guaranteed.