The MONDOVIDEO system is a set of products that make an existing LED videoscreen work as a high level multisport scoreboard, including the control panel. This system is composed of several elements:


MONDOVIDEO is a customized software, created for the size of the video screen and its resolution, to guarantee the highest possible image quality.

It has been designed as a software tool that allows the use of LED video screens or projectors as sports scoreboards. The software program generates an image that represents an electronic scoreboard. The information from that scoreboard is updated in real time with the information received from the MONDO control panel. It is installed on the main videoscreen control computer, or on an auxiliary computer connected to the principal device. It decodes the information transmitted by the control panel, and generates an image that represents an electronic scoreboard with scores, times, and faults, just as they would be displayed on a conventional scoreboard.

The LED screen constantly displays the image generated by the program. The software is personalized to the size and resolution of the video screen or projector used. This guarantees that the size and color of the various digits represented are in accordance with FIBA standards.

The software allows functions, such as entering team and player names, images (logos, …) and text.



The control panels manage the information displayed on the videoscreen and on the shotclock scoreboards. The control panels allow for the simultaneous connection of several videoscreens, shotclock scoreboards, standard electronic scoreboards, and television data signals. The control panels are multisports , i.e. they can be used for various sports.

Central HERCULES control panel:

It enables sport selection (basketball, volleyball, tennis, skate hockey, indoor football, handball, “fronton / jai alai”, ice hockey, and water polo). Depending on the selection made, the scoring system and time are adapted to current rules.

Time control panel:

It manages the parameters of the game time, period number, and horn. This control panel is set up to work with the “Stop Time System”.

FIBA control panel:

There are two control panel: one to manage local team results, and the other for visitors. The control panel enables scores and faults to be entered quickly and efficiently. These control panels are used in high-level competitions, especially for basketball.



It’s a communication and data-processing equipment. It enables the control panels to communicate with the MONDOVIDEO software, and allows these components to be separated by several hundred meters.

MONDOVIDEO SYSTEM is quoted always with software programming tasks done by MONDO technicians and installation costs in the sport facility . It also includes a training program onsite and all the technical information.

If there is an existing videoscreen in the facility, it,s necessary that all the videoscreen technical data is given to MONDO first to ensure compatibility and proper software programming. In such case, it is undertstood that all necesary hardware (PC and monitor) already exists in the facility.

Other important electronic components and accessories can also be quoted such as: shotclocks, additional horns, etc. with this system to meet the specific requirements of higher sport competition.

MONDOVIDEO system is FIBA approved and certified for the highest competition levels. It has already been used in World Championships and other important competitions such as the Final Four Euroleague.