3X3 PLANET scoreboard


Portable 3x3 electronic scoreboard for indoor or outdoor competition that consists of one module in aluminum structure with a handle on top for easy transport (700 mm x 600 mm). This scoreboard provides clear and complete information about the main parameters of the 3x3 game: score and game time.

The main components (digits and outer structure) are manufactured for outdoor use:

  • Outdoor digits are made of highest luminous yellow SMD leds with a viewing angle of 120º that allow visibility at a great distance. The digits are protected by an anti-glare transparent polycarbonate sheet, which is highly resistant to impacts and has excellent protection against UV rays.
  • All the outer structure fastenings are sealed with a neoprene gasket, which make the whole unit waterproof, and allow it to work under the worst weather conditions.
  • Batteries (no need to be connected to electrical current) with an autonomy of 6 to 8 hours and a battery charger.

The REMOTE CONTROL’s attractive and ergonomic design makes it very light and highly resistant at the same time. All the game parameters can be controlled with it by one single person.

It is manufactured according to ETSI330-220 and ETSI300- 683 regulations.

It needs one single 9 V battery (PP3) with an autonomy of 200000 keystrokes.