LIBRA SCHOOL multisport scoreboard


Multisport electronic scoreboard unit with one single metal structure module, measuring 1.120 mm x 880 mm x 150 mm.

LIBRA SCHOOL provides clear and complete information about all the relevant game parameters:

  • Home and guest team scores. Both of these scores have three digits, and can indicate a maximum point score of 199 per team.
  • Game time (in minutes/seconds). When the game is in the last minute and basketball is the selected sport, the scoreboard indicates the seconds/tenths-hundredths. The game time can be selected to count upwards or downwards depending on the chosen sport.
  • Team fouls.
  • Game period.
  • Luminous, arrow-shaped indicators, one for each team, which show which team has committed the foul or which team has ball possession
  • Time out, by means of two red dots for each team.
  • Clock and thermometer function when the scoreboard is not being used.

The luminous digits are 15 cm high and are made of very high luminosity LED diodes with a 170º viewing angle.

It has an acoustic signal with an electromagnetic horn that automatically activated when the game ends. It can also be manually activated to indicate start/end of time out, player changeover, etc.

LIBRA SCHOOL works with RADIOFREQUENCY as a standard communication system.

Both LIBRA SCHOOL and its console (BASIC model) are powered by a 220 volts/50 Hz electrical connection.