Volleyball scoreboard


Specific volleyball scoreboard measuring 2.390 x 1.115 x 150 mm. It is made of aluminium and painted in textured black, so that it can be used both indoors and outdoors (for beach volleyball competitions).

Its design has been based on the regulations in force and the indications of volleyball technicians. Advanced microprocessor-based control technology has also been used in the design.

The luminous digits are made of LED diodes with very high luminosity and visible at all angles, which means it can be seen from any part of the court. The displays are on the front and are protected with red-coloured methacrylate sheets.

The scoreboard is controlled with a BASIC console, which will be connected to the scoreboard via radiofrequency. The console has an attractive and ergonomic design which makes it light and highly resistant at the same time.

Both the scoreboard and the console must be plugged into 220 V electrical current.


  • Partial score of the set in progress with 30 cm high red-coloured digits.
  • Final score of each set played with 15 cm high red-coloured digits.
  • Indicator of substitutions made by each team with six orangecoloured dots.
  • Indicator of time-outs made by each team with 2 red-coloured digits.
  • Green-coloured indicator under the name of the team, which indicates which of the two teams is going to serve.
  • To write the names of the teams, this scoreboard has some removable white methacrylate sheets, measuring 630x160 mm. These sheets have back-lighting so the names written on them are visible.