Handball / Indoor hockey scoreboard


Specific handball scoreboard consisting of two modules with a metal structure.

The rigid outer metal structure makes it a very solid unit. The metal frame is coated in a black polyester powder that has been cured in a 200°C oven.

The digits are comprised of very bright LED diodes with great angularity, which enables them to be seen from any part of the court. They are protected by an acrylic sheet.

Its specific design enables all the electronic components to be operated from the front of the scoreboard, so it does not need to be removed from its location.

The Electronic uses the latest-generation microprocessors with programmable internal memory, which enables the scoreboard to be adapted to future changes in regulations.

It is controlled by means of a ULISES console, which communicates with the scoreboard by radiofrequency. Both devices (console and scoreboard) use 220V/50Hz electrical current.

This scoreboard is designed for facilities where high level handball competitions are held because it shows the information related to players sent off during the game.


  • Home and guest team scores with 30 cm red-colored digits.
  • Game period (25 cm digit).
  • Time out indications with 5 luminous dots, with possibility of upgrading to 6.
  • Game time (in minutes/seconds) by means of four 30 cm green-colored digits.
  • Acoustic signal by means of horn. This is activated automatically or manually when the game time ends.
  • HANDBALL EXPULSIONS: Send-off for handball and ice hockey. The scoreboard includes 15 cm high digits to show the number of two sent-off player per team and the time remaining until the player can re-join the game.
  • Clock and thermometer function when the scoreboard is not being used for scoring.