FIFA certifies the quality of five MONDO artificial turf football fields in The Basque Country

Two fields in Santurtzi, another two in Eibar and one in Arrasate/Mondragón now have their own FIFA quality certificates. In addition to the artificial turf, MONDO supplied the venues with sports equipment, including goals and benches.

In October 2018, five football fields in The Basque Country — two in Santurtzi (Biscay), two in the Unbe sports complex in Eibar (Gipuzkoa) and a fifth in Arrasate/Mondragón — were recognized by the FIFA quality program for artificial turf surfaces. All of the football fields are equipped with Mondo's DUAL 18 60 AS artificial turf system, which is known for its exceptional resistance, natural appearance and functionality, and outstanding playing experience.

The FIFA artificial turf quality program was created in 2001 to certify artificial turf fields that meet optimum efficiency and performance standards. Tests, which are performed in an accredited external laboratory, take into consideration the infill spread infill for ball rebound, the field’s ability to absorb impact, ball roll and the marking lines’ UV resistance.

To replace the five fields’ previous fields, MONDO used a sustainable removal technique that allows installers to recover some of the existing infill, which also saves money.


The San Jorge field, where 6,825 square meters of the MONDO artificial turf DUAL were laid, has received the FIFA Quality Pro certificate. This is the FIFA quality program’s highest distinction and its most demanding. The San Pedro field already had been recognized by the FIFA Quality program. A total of 6,944 square meters of DUAL turf were laid on this field, which is located in the Kabiezes sports center. Both fields are equipped with marking lines and appropriate goals for 11- and 7-a-side soccer. MONDO also supplied new perimeter safety fencing for the fields and underground sprinklers.


The two football fields in the Unbe sports complex also feature DUAL turf, and both have earned FIFA Quality recognition. The venue’s previous field, from 2007, was made by MONDO, and the town council chose MONDO for the replacement field. In addition, the fields also have new MONDO goals and benches.


The artificial turf of Mojategi’s municipal football field, which is 100 meters long and 64 meters wide, was replaced this summer, and two 7-a-side fields were marked on the 11-a-side field. After passing all of the necessary tests, the field also received the FIFA Quality certificate. In addition to the DUAL system, MONDO also supplied the venue’s soccer goals.

Other certified Basque Country pitches

These five fields are in addition to other MONDO artificial turf system fields in The Basque Country that currently are recognized by the FIFA quality program: in Biscay, the Legarda di Mungia field, the Malecón Berria field in Muskiz, the Rivas field in Portugalete and the San Miguel field in Abanto-Zierbena; in the province of Álava, the municipal field in Ellakuri (Laudio) and the “Las Cruces” field in Campezo.