2012 FIFA Futsal World Cup

Thailand is home to the seventh edition of the Soccer 5 World Cup.


From November 1st to 18th, the seventh edition of the FIFA Futsal World Cup will take place in Thailand. There are twenty-four participating teams from all over the world, divided into six groups of four teams. The favorites for the ultimate success are the two teams that have won in the past editions: Brazil (4-time champion) and Spain (2-time champion). Mondo will be present at the event, having provided Fast Break 2 System, the same flooring used in London during the Olympics, for the Bangkok Futsal Arena that will host the final competition of the tournament. The excellent relationship between Mondo and the World Cup continues. For years now they have been giving the Italian company the opportunity to supply the surfaces for Futsal Championships. They like Mondo for both the quality of its materials and its ability to handle major international events.