All set for Moscow 2013

Only a few hours to the start of the sporting event of the year.


 Only two days to the start of the World Championships in Athletics, being held in Moscow August from 10 to 18. The IAAF Championships will be the largest ever, with as many as 206 countries that are members of the Federation who have confirmed their participation. Even the record of participating athletes has been surpassed in Moscow, there will be 1974 engaged in various disciplines. The fourteenth edition of the World Championships in Athletics will be the sports event with the largest audience globally, in total, with more than five billion people, from over 200 nations around the world will watch the event on TV. Among the most anticipated stars is, of course, Usain Bolt, who on the eve of the event said he aims not only to regain the world title in the 100m, which in 2011 he could not defend and was eliminated in the finals for a false start, but also to receive gold in the 200m and the 4x100m relay. Usain Bolt and other athletes will compete on the new Mondotrack, that after the success of the Olympic Games in London in 2012, he returned to be the surface, softer and faster, and ready to conquer the athletes and spectators at the Luzhniki stadium. It is a blue eight-lane 400m Mondotrack, and is not the only one that the Italian company has provided for the event, outside of the stadium, it has installed two other 400m tracks, also Mondotrack, for training and warming up of the athletes. Lastly, underneath one of the main grandstands, installed is an 80m runway for the Call area, the area where the sprinters perform the last sprints before being called for the race. Mondo has also provided all the equipment, for competition and for training, including hurdles, cages for the disciplines of shot put and gear needed in the high jump and pole vault.