AS Roma: inagurates the field named for Di Bartolomei

Mondo has provided the synthetic turf for the Trigoria Sport Center


On February 24th, the ceremony naming the new training field of the Trigoria Sport Center after Agostino Di Bartolomei took place. The event was organized by AS Roma and Mondo. The day opened with words by AS Roma, Claudio Franco and Baldini Fenucci. They were joined by Maurizio Stroppiana, president of Mondo. In front of television and journalists, AS Roma leaders recalled how Mondo and partners of the team have been in the capital since 2006 and how the field provided by Mondo has given excellent results. The ceremony was also attended by the wife and son of Agostino Di Bartolomei, who died May 30, 1994. Both appeared moved and Luca Di Bartolomei said he was happy with the choice to honor his father by naming the new field after him.
It was a very touching moment when the plaque was presented by Francesco Totti, Daniele De Rossi and a good portion of the "old" Roma championship team of 1983 which Di Bartolomei was captain. To symbolize the past, present and the future: 51 boys from the academy entered the field, each a symbolic captain with Agostino’s name written on the back. The boys entered the field with balloons with the logo of the Mondo and AS Roma.After the field was blessed a practice match was played. Be emphasized as well as journalists and television stations were present delegations from the fan club of Rome, including the town dedicated to Agostino Di Bartolomei.

The field
Mondo has signed three synthetic turf fields approved by LND Professional near the Trigoria AS Roma Center. Training field “A”, named after Agostino Di Bartolomei, was achieved by installing the Mondoturf FTS3 system which is characterized by a new and advanced monofilament fiber called 3NX.  It is combined with ecofill infill which possesses quantifiable safety to performance safety. The new range of fiber used on the Agostino Di Bartolomei field was designed by the Institute for Biomechanics of Valencia in collaboration with the Mondo research and development Centre situated in Gallo d'Alba (CN), where other famous sports floors and athletic tracks were created (including the track for the 2012 London Olympics). "We are very proud that the training field “A” is named after Agostino Di Bartolomei - said Maurizio Stroppiana, president of Mondo had the opportunity to show their expertise by installing a system designed for professional field, it was a shared effort with AS Roma to make this a truly excellence artificial turf field in Italy. "