Fontanassa opening in Savona

The running track is Mondo


On Friday, May 4th, the municipal sports center “Fontanassa” was inaugurated in Savona. The event was enlivened by the participation of Savona’s I.T.I.S. boys that engaged in competitive sports: 100 meters, 1,000 meters, long jump, high jump and 4 x 100 meters relay.

The Sports Councilor, Luke Martino, said: "In recent years the facility has been subjected to several renovations, having proceeded to replace the throwing cage, the javelin throw and long jump platforms. The safety of the cliff located on the north side was also reinforced. The last thing we did was the upgrade of the electrical system.
Given the high influx of users, it was necessary to proceed with the complete renovation of the area dedicated to the athletics track in order to complete the restructuring of the entire Fontanassa Sport Center. "

The changes consist of:

  • A building used for headquarters and services
  • An outdoor athletic track with 6 lanes of each 1.22 meters wide and 400 meters long
  • A semi-circular ‘’lunette’’ for the competition of high jump, pole vault and javelin throw
  • Throwing platform
  • Platform for the long jump and triple jump with 58 m long runway and pit fall
  • A field dedicated to rugby

The sub-base was redone and a new irrigation system was installed under the dedicated rugby field.

Mondo has helped to build the sports center by providing the athletics track, MONDOTRACK SX in 13 mm thickness, a prefabricated sports flooring with special closed cell structure, and uniform thickness at every point, made of synthetic rubber and mineral fillers. The interaction between the hexagons makes the track more responsive and resilient, helping athletes improve their performance.