Like real grass!

The new Monofibre 4NX AS 45 system has the appearance and characteristics of a natural turf field.


The field of artificial grass sports center in the town of Salvador Allende Combs la Ville, common in the south-eastern outskirts of Paris, in the department of Seine- et- Marne in the Île -de-France , it's a special field, in as it hosts the first installation of a new system with a new fiber created by Mondo : The system Monofibre 4NX 45 aS. The new filament 4NX revival of the structure semiconcave three asymmetric spines, whose conception continues to receive excellent feedback , perfecting those characteristics that enable substantial improvement in function sport and technical systems in synthetic grass Mondoturf . The mantle , with monofilament backing on 4NX fabrics with double layer of polypropylene and polyurethane coating provides greater tear resistance of the tufts of grass. The new thickness of 400μm increases the elastic memory and the ability to recover. The radial profile improves the wear resistance and the behavior of the wire during the game . The extrusion process of the new filaments integrates a new type of low density polyethylene , along with a new polymerization method and an innovative procedure catalysis designed specifically for 4NX . The molecular alignment and orientation have been refined over time to ensure the excellent mechanical properties of the filament. The new latest generation UV additive protector offers optimal defense against the action of the weather, considerably improving the wear resistance. Two new shades of color, more rea , giving the tufts of grass a natural appearance, the most brilliant, intense and nuanced able to simulate the effect of natural grass , fresh and luxuriant . The new shades scatter light to minimize glare thanks to the synergy between morphology , thickness, and color again . The extreme resilience of the wire and the fiber structure thicker facilitate the operations of clogging of the field and make maintenance more rapid and effective . Laid on an area of ​​1,456 square meters , the new Mondo fiber wowed not only those who have tested, but also those who have installed : " The system installed is nice, you can be proud of, I think it's perfect, the customer is happy, that's all ! "said the company Gazon Express, Sports & Parcs group , which was responsible for the work.