Mondo becomes an official partner of the HFV

Agreement for the supply to the Soccer Federation of Hesse Mondoturf


The Soccer Federation of the German region of Hesse (Hessischer Fussball-Verband, HFV) and the Mondo Track & Turf GmbH have signed an agreement for a period of three years. The meeting between President dell'HFV Rolf Hocke, vice-president for business and finance HFV Stefan Reuss, Sales Director of Track & Turf Onno Brenninkmeijer and Sales Manager for Southern Germany and Switzerland to the Mondo Track Turf & Weber GmbH Kai-Gemmel took place at the Sports Hotel Grünberg.

The contract, in addition to appropriate communication and delivery of informational seminars for associations, provides for the construction of infrastructure by the Mondo ultra modern synthetic grass in the place where stands the HFV.

"Mondo is very happy to have been selected as a supplier of synthetic grass by the HFV - Gemmel said Kai Weber--. This includes the task of restructuring the federation's most important plants with artificial turf system Mondoturf 3NX at the School for Sports Grünberg. Mondo is pleased to support the federation and its associate members in an advisory capacity. "

"We are delighted to have found a partner as competent and renowned in the field of synthetic turf - Rolf Hocke said -. All the more so because there will be the creation of a site with ultra modern artificial turf in Grünberg. This is an important step to ensure the quality of our training. "