Mondotrack/WS at the World Race Walking Team Championships Rome 2016

The track of the upcoming Rio Olympics kicked off the race held in Rome on over the weekend


This past weekend  the World Race Walking Team Championships in Rome took place, a decisive event for many athletes, prior the start of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio which will begin in three months. At the start of each race, the walkers path in their first meters was not on asphalt, but on a stretch of track produced by Mondo: Mondotrack WS.

This prefabricated track, which in the coming months will be used for athletics events of world importance, is the evolution of Mondotrack, inaugurated at the 2008 Olympics and on which many records were set.

Technically, Mondotrack WS has a surface layer which provides excellent elasticity and a constant dynamic uniform response distributed over the entire surface. The new embossing ensures a large contact area and better water flow; therefore, a greater resistance to slipping and better traction. One of the strengths of the new Mondo track is undoubtedly the grip, which allows the shoes spikes to have an excellent grip and ensure a perfect thrust, without having to penetrate the surface. The spike, compressing the track, they deflect the surface and increase the stored energy: when the foot is released, the track acts as a chord of an arc, projecting the athlete away from the surface and significantly increasing the length of the stride.

Mondo tracks allow greater performance in terms of physical mechanics, ensuring the durability of the systems, and in terms biomechanical and functional, to help athletes improve their performance and to train better and longer.

Mondo is not only for professional and major international events, but also for amateurs, to practitioners of running and non-competitive races; for this reason the company offers in its product range MondoRun, a track developed to ensure stability and comfort for the competitive and amateur training, to allow athletes to train in complete safety.

Mondo: let's you train longer