Ready, Set, Istanbul!

Start of the 2012 World Indoor Championships in Athletics


Though the London Olympics will permit enthusiasts to get a good fill of sports, the 2012 World Indoor Championships in Athletics being held in Istanbul from March 9 to 11 represents a substantial starter to say the least.  In addition to the track, Mondo has also provided equipment, video screens and adjustable stands, the occasion is in a big way a test in engineering and logistics. This event will warm up the engines prior to 2012 Games where it is important to remember, Mondo is the "Official Supplier for Sports Flooring and Equipment".
In Istanbul Mondo has installed inside the Ataköy Athletics Arena, as well as the adjacent Sinan Erdem Arena, the warm up area, the special portable Mondotrack SX  track which is completely removable. The special locking system of the modules, without screws or bolts, guarantees the perfect stability of the track and the dimensional accuracy of the structure, thus allowing rapid times for assembly and disassembly.