The NCAA runs on Mondo tracks

Super X Performance and Mondotrack surfaces are the protagonists of the weekend of athletics.


Friday, March 13th and Saturday, March 14th the NCAA Division I, Division II and Division III national indoor track and field championships will take place on Mondo tracks, already the surface of 19 Championships regional conferences held this year.

Mondo’s tracks are used at so many championships because the company is committed to developing fast tracks that are ideal for both training and high-performance competition and that let athletes do their very best. That’s why world records are routinely set on Mondo tracks—more than 250 overall.”  said Michael Tovar, director, track & field, North America, Central America and Caribbean (NACAC) for Mondo.

The Division I Championships will take place at the Randal Tyson Track Center on the campus of University of Arkansas on a Mondo Super X Performance surface.

The Division II Championships will be held at the Birmingham (Alabama) CrossPlex while the Division III Championships will be contested at JDL Fast Track in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Both of those venues have the Mondotrack surface.

The Mondotrack at the Birmingham CrossPlex has a hydraulic banked track. Two curved sections are banked for high-speed running events, allowing athletes to safely maximize their speed and performance on the curves instead of decelerating, which they must do on flat surfaces. A hydraulic system raises and lowers the curved sections, and when lowered, the track is flush with the surrounding surfaces for other sports or activity use.