The Park Live experience

Enjoying the Olympic Games during a picnic


The London 2012 organizers have made it possible, for those who won't be able to get inside the competition sports venues, to enjoy the live performances, competitions and athletes in a truly enchanting setting. A natural amphitheater, Park Live, has been created in the heart of the Olympic Park and equipped with a double-sided giant screen broadcasting live coverage of the athletes' competitions and interviews. This area, which has space available for 10,000 spectators, will be open from the early morning until late evening, thus enabling visitors to visit it before or after the sporting events and perhaps sit down for a picnic. 2012 LOCOG Chairman Seb Coe said, "Our idea for Park Live was to create a green and colorful place for fans to cheer their heroes and soak up the Olympic Park atmosphere. With lush lawns surrounded by wildflower meadows and rustling reeds, a trip to Park Live will be a truly unforgettable experience."