The symbol of the Paralympic Games

A source of inspiration for athletes and populations worldwide


In the days preceding the start of the Paralympic Games, five giant reproductions of the Paralympic Movement took pride of place in some cities of the United Kingdom. The first reproduction (13 meters long and 8 meters high) was installed in Cardiff, outside the town hall; the second (14 meters long and 9 meters high) was inaugurated in Edinburgh with a spectacular operation by some Royal Air Force members; the last three giant sets of the Paralympic symbol were placed in three historical landmarks in London: Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge and Kew Gardens. The Paralympic logo, created by the agency Scholz & Friends and in force since 2003, represents three Agitos (from the Latin meaning "I move") with the three colors that are most widely represented in national flags around the world: blue, red and green. The three Agitos encircle a central point, which represents the focal role of the International Paralympic Committee in bringing athletes together from all corners of the world to compete. "The Paralympic Agitos is an inspiring symbol, uniting athletes and people around the world. To athletes they represent the culmination of thousands of hours of training and reaching the highest level in sport", said Seb Coe, Chairman of the London 2012 Organizing Committee.