World Supercup

In Cagliari is awarded the first trophy of the Italian volleyball season.


Mondo will be the official sponsor of the 2011 Super Cup of volleyball, held in Cagliari on November 1st. The Diatec Itas Trentino and Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo will compete on the the famous surface Mondo Performance Tricolore, which was inaugurated in 2008 with the All Star Volleyball played at Monza in the Italian national team selection and a "Rest of the World" with the best player of the Series A1. From the 2009/10 season the Tricolore surface has become a symbol of the team champion of Italy, starting from Piacenza and passing last season from Cuneo to PalaTrento installed this year. This surfaces also accompanies all the events of Volleyball League A.