Year Founded: 1987
Beginning of collaboration with Mondo: 2000
Introduction of tricolor court: 2008
Start of Super League: 2014

Sport Architecture

The Italian men's volleyball championship is one of the most watched sporting events and appreciated abroad. This is due to the continuous innovations that are introduced each season and partnerships with leading-edge companies like Mondo.

“Mondo è un partner attivo e dinamico, col quale abbiamo potuto condividere percorsi sinergici di sviluppo tecnico ed estetico del prodotto, nell’ambito di una comune visione in tema di investimenti e ricerca”, Yvonne Schlesinger, Vicedirettore Responsabile Marketing Eventi di Lega Pallavolo Serie A

Password: innovation

The Italian volleyball in recent years has seen growing interest and the number of fans around him, thanks to the good results obtained by the National Italian male (bronze in London 2012) and the stable presence of Italian club at the top of the international activity. To meet the needs of their audience, the Series A Volleyball League for years proposed innovations concerning both the technical level of the game, is the way the games are presented and made available to the viewer. In this sense, for the 2014/15 season, it was decided to change the name of the league, Serie A1 from the Super League more attractive, and to create the web channel Volleyball League Channel, to make it even easier access to the vision of match (broadcast in over 60 countries!). Always with the same innovative intent, some fifteen years, has chosen to rely on the experience of Mondo for the construction of flooring for volleyball courts.
"Mondo has always been an active and dynamic, with whom we could share synergistic paths of technical and aesthetic development of the product as part of a common vision regarding the investment and research," says Yvonne Schlesinger, Deputy Head of Marketing Events Volleyball League Serie A. 

Maximum guaranteed quality

The partnership with Mondo started in 2000 with the objective of the Volleyball League to identify not only the new and qualified "Official Supplier" of the floors from the top flight of the game of volleyball, but also a company with whom it could share a multi-year project and innovation. With the choice of Mondo flooring, the League has met the demands that the game of volleyball, more and more spectacular and technical demands. Compared to the past, in fact, over the years even in volleyball it increased attention and awareness of the club and of the athletes compared to technical materials used in training and in competition. "The multi-year partnership with the Mondo has been able to fully satisfy this basic demand, providing players the highest quality," said Yvonne Schlesinger. The removable Mondoflex Performance flooring, as well as being extremely powerful, is able to support and emphasize the athletic and coach volleyball player, but even more to protect the physical integrity, considering the continuous stress to which athletes are subjected.

A unique and original project

Innovation, design, modernity and dynamism have now characterized the relationship between Mondo and Series Volleyball League. "Being our partner means being part of a movement in synergy innovation, constantly evolving," says Yvonne Schlesinger. From this attitude is the idea to have a playing field that recalls the colors of the Italian flag. "Our every season sees the debut of something new and the idea of a playing field for resumption and praises the colors of our national flag, it was one of these. Immediately supported and shared with Mondo, a fantastic partner who believed in this project unique and original, making it feasible and practical, "says Yvonne Schlesinger.

Tricolor court

The Italian league was the first in the world to use this type of flooring. The field representing the Italian flag made its debut in 2008, at the All Star Volleyball, a spectacular game between two representative trained by the best players of the championship. "The comments from the public present at the games and television viewers were immediately very positive and excited," recalls Schlesinger. Since that time it has become the playing field of all official events organized directly by the Volleyball League: Super Cup, Italian Cup Finals Series A1 and Series A2 and Youth final. The enthusiasm was such as to lead to the decision to make the court tricolor symbol of Italian champions in office. The flooring tricolor has thus become the playing field, for the following season, the team that won the Scudetto. "A symbol that gratifies the club, its fans who attend home games and makes it instantly recognizable also the team champion of Italy during the home games and on television," said Yvonne Schlesinger.

A perfectly done installation

In addition to flooring, Mondo has assisted during the years with the installation and uninstallation of the playing surfaces in the facilities, in most cases, hosting multiple sports disciplines that coexist and alternate, each with a specific arrangement. A game of volleyball, in addition to flooring, has other items which need to be mounted on the floor including the poles, network, etc. The operating speed, in this situation, represents an important aspect of the organization. "The Series Volleyball League has always had full confidence in the excellent skills of setting up and dismantling backed Mondo", concludes Yvonne Schlesinger.