MONDO presence at the most important international competitions was oncemore confirmed during London 2017 IAAF World Championships.

MONDOTRACK WS was the official track of the event, where the best athletes showed their extraordinary abilities, surpassing their limits competition after competition, for an incredible total of 13 world leads.

"For any championships and whichever company, the competition and training equipment needs to be such that it both looks good as well as well manufactured. The organizer needs to have complete faith that any equipment is fit for purpose and will not break down during the competition.

This is a situation I have witnessed at previous championships at the highest level, even at Olympic Games.

Most items of equipment is handled by large by teams of volunteers under the direction of experienced technical officials and this equipment as a result needs to be both robust and easy to use. Preparation in between events is an essential part of this process and can only be done if the equipment as such is easily changed and processes are straightforward – this applies to track hurdles in particular. To this end self- adjusting hurdles speed up the process and eliminates human error.

Technical support on site is vital in the whole process and with developments in both manufacture and design this is becoming even more important, particularly when computers and software is involved as there is rarely time for ‘newcomers’ to become familiar with the software but in particular to be able to resolve issues that may arise. A technician who has experience of the software will no doubt have come across the problems previously and will immediately be able to understand the problem and resolve.

In London in the summer of 2017 we had good MONDO technicians who understood the issues and were able to overcome any problems quickly. In addition the ‘look’ of the equipment was excellent, in particular considering the time timelines for manufacture."

 Keith Davies, Head of Sport, London 2017