Inauguration of the center: 2002
Installation Mondotrack: 2012
Di'installazione period: from September 17 to October 30, 2012

Sport Architecture

Since 2012, the sports center of Zaragoza has an Olympic track, thanks to the installation of the surface Mondotrack. A choice that has confirmed the excellent relationship between the city and Mondo Iberica.


A prestigious choice

The relationship between the Mondo and the Aargon Sports Center started in 2001 when, the athletics track of the emerging sports facility, chose the Mondo Super X Performance surface. Ten years after the inauguration of the center, which took place in 2002 at the University Championship of Spain, the relationship was renewed by the decision to replace the "old" athletics track with a new one:  the surface chosen was Mondotrack, the same used for the London Olympics. In the area where the athletics track had the runways used for javelin Mondo Super X was installed.  "In addition to the benefits that the new track can lead to the performance of the athletes, we chose Mondo because they are specialists in the production of rubber flooring for athletic and because they perform a continuous research on this material, "said José Maria Cantero, Head of service expansion of the sport. A choice also motivated by reasons of reputation and "localism". "We chose Mondo for its prestige, because its products are found in most of the stadiums that host major athletics competitions worldwide (Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships, Asian Championships, etc.). In addition, we consider the company almost "Aragon" since the offices of its Spanish subsidiary, Mondo Iberica, are nearby, in Zaragoza, "adds José Maria Cantero.

A quick installation

With about 1500 people who use the weekly track of the sports center of Zaragoza, it was crucial to complete the installation work in the shortest possible time. This was possible thanks to the relationship of trust has developed between the local authorities and Mondo. "We fully trust the advice given by the Mondo professionals, both in the choice of product, and during the installation of the track," says José Maria Cantero. Construction lasted from 17 September to 30 October 2012, with three Mondo workers employed in the replacement of the surface and two more in the re-painting of the lines.

Quality of product and the service

The new surface was installed over the previous surface. The end result has fully met the expectations: "The track is fast and the surface greatly improves the characteristics of the one installed in the sports facility about 10 years ago," said José Maria Cantero. Thanks to its high quality the new installation was awarded a certificate of approval from the Real Federacion Espanola de Atletismo (RFEA). The advice of Mondo, once the installation is finished, have affected not only the use but also the cleaning and maintenance. "It is not a complicated thing, is enough water and, in the case of difficult stains, brushing before applying pressurized water," says José Maria Cantero. Among the most appreciated features of the track, in addition to being very fast, there are product durability and its respect for the environment.

Everything for athletics

The Aragon Sports Center, which now has a beautiful eight-lane track, with the runways for the long jump and triple, and for the high jump and pole vault, all strictly in red, is one of the most complete sports centers of Spain. Placed on 36 acres of land, it is located within the polygon Actur-Puente Santiago of Zaragoza, one of the areas of greatest expansion of the city in recent years. The complex was designed by the team of architects formed by Julio Clùa, Antoni Sunyer and Maniel Castillo. In addition to the 400 meter track, it offers the necessary layout for them to perform all athletics disciplines: features a steeplechase; two cages for the disciplines of discus (positioned opposite each other), terraces for the hammer throw and discus are independent. There are two footrests for the long jump and triple, positioned in such a way as to allow to skip always, whatever the wind direction. The same applies to the two areas for the high jump, where you can jump in either direction of the wind, without leaving the synthetic floor during the run. There are also two ares for the javelin three platforms for the shot put. Very much appreciated is also the area outside the track, positioned next to one of the two curves of the track, which is used for warm ups. Here are four lanes for sprint and hurdles, a platform for the long jump, the areas fall for the high jump and pole vault, and a platform for the shot put. The property is complete with a call room, a room for strength training, a gym for physical recovery, a multipurpose room, which is also equipped with climbing ropes and is used by the auction jumpers and gymnasts.