Owner: Municipality of Udine
Management: Udinese Soccer
Opening: 1976
Capacity: 41,652

Sport Architecture

 In Italy, the renovation of the football stadiums continues with the objective of creating structures that you can enjoy not only on the day of game. The Udinese Soccer began, in 2010, a series of renovations to the home stadium of which by 2013, will lead to the complete renovation of the entire system. Mondo is also participating in the renovation, chosen for the quality and aesthetics of its products.


An example to follow

In recent years, in Italy we are witnessing a change in trend in the management of the stages of the football club. The first construction set property in Italy, made by Juventus, gave the stimulus to many other companies that have projects ready to put into practice. Among these companies, the most forward on the road to renewal is the Udinese Soccer which after obtaining from the City the right to build the stadium for the next 99 years, presented a project to improve Friuli Stadium with the work scheduled to begin March 2013. The stated objective of the president Gianpaolo Pozzo is to provide the players and spectators a facility that is both functional and high quality, with all the comforts necessary to convince more people to follow live football and not from their living room.

The project

The new Friuli Stadium has a capacity of 25,000 covered seats, expandable up to 35,000 for major events. The project was presented July 23, 2012, provides for the demolition and reconstruction, this time indoors, curves and distinct, that at the moment are too far from the pitch because of the athletics track. Expected also is the movement of the field below the grandstand. The new facility will have a different architecture from the present one, designed to optimum viewing pleasure of the game for all audiences. Even the field will be renovated, including the installation of a heating system to prevent the field from freezing during the winter months. Much attention will be placed on the safety of spectators, whose safety is ensured by a latest generation video surveillance system. The system of turnstiles at the entrance will be made more efficient in order to avoid unnecessary delays. The new stadium will be renovated respecting the environment with a photovoltaic system on the roof which will produce approximately one million kWh of electricity, enough to light the facility providing electricity savings of 20%. 

The renovation has begun

June 2010 has signed a five-year agreement between Udinese Calcio and the Municipality of Udine, with which the company is committed to achieving some improvement works. During the years 2010/2011 as well Udinese has launched a series of works, beginning with the replacement of the LED screen and speakers, continuing with the cleaning of masonry parts, painting the arch of the tribune and the arrangement of the bathrooms. The last part of this first intervention involved the extension of the areas in the grandstand press and industry guests inside the curve south. In 2012, work progressed with a presentation on the grandstand, where the seats have been replaced, and the elimination of the entrance to the tent itself, replaced with a new hall with a roof. Other interventions concerned the renovation insulation performance of the generator and the creation of a new police station. Within the structure, then, began the construction of a relaxation area for players and has been expanded the restaurant. Part of the renovation has included the offices present in the forum that from 2012 are used exclusively from Udinese Soccer.

The quality is priceless

Mondo also participated in the renovations that took place between 2011 and 2012, in collaboration with B-Trend which is the official supplier of Udinese Soccer. In particular, the company has provided Alba sessions with leather and the seats of the VIP facilities for the press gallery. "In 2012 we intervened on the grandstand, with two types of chairs, model G2007, one with leather," says Paul Bulian, owner of B-Trend. The choice fell on the Mondo sessions, even though they were more expensive than those made by other companies. "There was a lot of competition, but in the end, after trying all of the sessions the president of Udinese Soccer, Gianpaolo Pozzo, chose those of Mondo. Not chosing on price only, but the quality and aesthetics of the product. The seats were installed on August 15th to the satisfaction of society. " Mondo solutions have also been used in other areas of the stadium. "Inside the structure, in gyms, Sportflex 5 mm and Mondoflex flooring was installed, for a total of about 500 square meters", recalls Bulian. 
The Friuli Stadium hosted the final match of the UEFA U21 CHAMPIONSHIP in June 2019.