Here Mondo has supplied the same official synthetic turf of the World Padel Tour: the Supercourt system. Since 2014, the number of paddle tennis courts in Denmark has increased tenfold: from eight fields reported in 2014 to 81 installed in 2020.
A success certainly also due to the fact that padel is an easier sport to play than tennis or badminton: the racket is easy to use and the ball is constantly in play thanks to the glass walls around the court.

Mondo and Padel

MONDO has been the Official Supplier of the World Padel Tour since 2015 and has been producing the latest generation synthetic turf for padel since 2012. MONDO synthetic turf systems for padel courts are designed to bring the sport flooring of professional players to all clubs , ensuring uniformity of play and ball bounce control to players of all levels.


Discover here the MONDO sport flooring systems for padel.