Discus / Hammer Aluminium Concentric Circle WS


Designed and manufactured in accordance with, and certified under, the Regulations of the International (IAAF Certificate: E-12-0686).

The reducer consists of 4 aluminium sectors joined together to reduce the circle diameter from 2.50 m (discus throwing) to 2.135 m (hammer throwing).

The upper part of each sector is made of 2 mm thick aluminium sheet, cut with the most advanced laser techniques to achieve a perfect size within the parameters established by the IAAF.

The four sectors making up the reducer are joined together with bolts, washers and nuts.

After a degreasing treatment, consisting of a pressured phosphate bath, the structure is painted with polyester powder paint and polymerized at 200° C in an oven.






Discus / Hammer Aluminium Concentric Circle WS AL095
14 kg


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