Electronic Lap Counter WS


The counter is used for competitions in which it is necessary to indicate the number of laps. It can work either in increasing or decreasing mode. The control is made directly from the board. Two buttons, one red and one green, allow increasing (green button) or decreasing (red button) the number of laps.

It results from the combination of two boards forming a 90° angle to allow visibility to as many spectators as possible. Each board is equipped with a high-visibility two-digit LED display, 30 cm high, which guarantees excellent visibility in all light conditions. The LED digits are frontally protected by a perforated aluminium foil and an opaque anti-reflective polycarbonate sheet, which ensures good visibility even in the event of direct sunlight.

The board is powered by batteries which, when fully charged, has a range of 6-8 hours. The board also works if connected to a 220 V 50 Hz power supply. To recharge the batteries simply connect the board to a 220 V power outlet. An analog indicator shows the battery charge level. The board is made of aluminium and is provided with a removable support also made of aluminium and painted the same color. All joints between the profiles and sheets are sealed with a 3 mm thick neoprene gasket that makes the whole waterproof and fully functional even in adverse weather conditions.

The sizes of the board are: 600x430 mm.
The product is painted with polyester powder paint and polymerized in an oven at 200 °C after degreasing in a pressure phosphating bath.

To facilitate the transport a complete “flight case” with wheels is supplied.



Color Range

  • RED


Electronic Lap Counter WS AEC070LF
60 kg


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