Fixed rim

PK900 - PK912 - PK920

Fixed basketball rim with a 20 mm steel diameter, designed and manufactured in accordance with the European Standard EN-1270. It is welded to a plate, bent at an angle, in order to fix it to the backboard. Two steel bars join the plate to the ring to strengthen the whole assembly. The rim is fixed to the backboard with four screws. To attach the net, the rim has 12 evenly spaced hooks, with no sharp ends that can dangerous for the players.

All junction elements are made of steel that has been subjected to a zinc treatment.

The product is painted with polyester powder paint, which is applied after a degreasing treatment using a pressurised phosphate bath and cured in an oven at 200ºC

Standard colour: orange.

Note: Supplied without net.


Fixed rim PK900 (Fixed ring)
Fixed rim PK912 (Tilting ring)
Fixed rim PK920 (Fixed ring)

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