Four sided multisport scoreboard


Four-sided scoreboard unit constructed of a metal structure ready to mounted a scoreboard (model to be choosen) on each side.

The structure is entirely made of a steel frame and is comprised of four scoreboard support structures, corner joints and is diagonal re-enforced.

Each scoreboard has an independent support structure, which, once assembled onsite forms a single structure. The support structure is designed for the scoreboard to have a 15º tilt, which means it can be viewed perfectly from anywhere. The scoreboards are fixed to the structures from the top by 6 Z-shaped Omegas, which supports the weight of the scoreboard, and at the bottom some screws secure the 15º tilt.

The four structures are joined together with some corner pieces manufactured for this purpose, making this a highly compact unit.

Opposing corners are joined diagonally, fortifying the unit, which does not loose its shape.

The scoreboard will be assembled in the place where it is going to be used. The scoreboards will be fixed to the structure by four points, which are perfectly situated on the scoreboard support structure. Each one of the fixation points transmits a load of approximately 500 kilos.

The 4 relative scoreboards are installed on this structure. The following models can be manufactured with a 4-sided structure:

  • TAURO (Ref. ME4TURM)
  • ORION (Ref. ME4OHRM)

If you wish to motorize the structure so that it can be automatically elevated, it will require a special system and a quotation must be requested.


Four sided multisport scoreboard ME4TURM (Tauro model)
Four sided multisport scoreboard ME40HRM (Orion model)
Four sided multisport scoreboard ME4NHRM (Antares puntos model)
Four sided multisport scoreboard ME4PHRM (Pegasus ACB model)
Four sided multisport scoreboard ME4NPHRM (Fenix model)

Color Range

  • NERO


  • FIBA certificate of approval - Scoreboards category


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