Kit for the indoor shot put landing area of 14 x 9 m with suspended net


Kit consisting of

  • suspended structure that supports the safety net (AL915)
  • safety net (AL040)
  • 84 memory foam mats (AL901)
  • Portable platform for shot put (AL051)


Suspended structure that supports the safety net in the indoor shot put landing area (AL915)
The structure, which can be lifted to ceiling level, consists of two 14.080 metre long side walls and a rear 9.16 metre long wall, 3.50 metres high, which complies with IAAF requirements.
It consists of two U-shaped aluminium structures, joined and stiffened by means of metal separators, made with extruded square section aluminium profiles each side measuring 80 mm, lacquered in white. The joints between the components are reinforced by means of cold galvanized metal parts, located inside the profiles. The joints are tightened with class 6.8 screws.
The upper U-shaped structure is equipped with anchoring components with a steel cable that allow the structure to be lifted to the ceiling by means of motorized systems (not included).
The total weight of the supporting structure and net does not exceed 450 kg. It is supplied with a series of 19 counterweights to anchor it in position and prevent the shot put balls going beyond the perimeter of the landing area; said counterweights will not remain suspended when lifting the net. The weight of each counterweight, including the fastening and anchoring parts, is about 42 kg.
The total weight of the counterweights will be about 798 kg.

Safety net in the indoor shot put landing area (AL149)
The net is made of high-resistance polypropylene; it is free of knots, of Raschel type double knitted fabric, with the edge made of 6 mm diameter cable, also in high-resistance polypropylene. Fabric with 40 x 40 mm weft and 4 mm thick thread.
Dimensions 37.3 m x 3.7 m.

Mat in memory foam for the indoor shot put landing area (AL901)
The mat is made of a special foam that ensures slow recovery of the shape after landing of the shot put ball so that judges can measure where the ball landed correctly. This double layer foam, covered with a 1.5 mm thick PVC coating, is able to withstand the impact of a 7.26 kg shot put ball, thrown at a maximum distance of 30 metres, and it is therefore suitable for use in top-level competition. Each mat measures 1480 x 980 x 130 mm. 84 mats are required to cover a throwing area of 14 m x 9 m.

Portable platform for indoor shot put (AL051)

Manufactured in high-resistance multilayer plywood on a metal structure that stiffens and strengthens the component.It consists of two parts equipped with handles to facilitate transport and storage. It is reinforced in the central part of the throwing ring. It includes the metal ring for throwing the shot put and the wooden stopboard.
The metal ring, designed, built and homologated according to the Standards of the International Federation (IAAF:E-99-0183 Certificate), with a 2,135 mm diameter, is made in 15 x 20 mm rectangular section steel plate, varnished in white, with polyester powders polymerized in an oven at 200°C, after degreasing in a pressured phosphatic bath.
The stopboard, designed, built and homologated in compliance with the Standards of the International Federation (IAAF: E-99-0184 Certificate), is made of plywood with mechanic anchoring, varnished in white.


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