Set of MONDOGAME baskets


Set of two MONDOGAME basketball units, with ground base and painted steel structure, designed for indoor playing. This equipment is portable so it can also be used outdoors.

The structure consists of a base, front post and rear arm with two straps to adjust the height of the basket. The backboard is made of 13 mm tempered glass (7 mm + 6 mm, bonded together with Butiral). The ring is fixed and includes the net. The backboard’s position can be adjusted with a device placed on the top of the backboard. Included are removable foam protections, fixed with Velcro to the front column and base (front side). The back side of the base has a large drawer type space to put a counterweight (sand, etc.) to prevent the unit from accidentally folding or moving during play. This has to be filled prior to assembly.

The upper part of the base has a trap door where you can find the instruction manual.

To move the basket it is necessary to put the two safety bars: one to guide the basket and the other one to unlock the wheels for transport. These bars can be removed.

The hatch can be closed with a lock for added security.

To move the basket it is not necessary to remove the counterweight.


Color Range

  • BLUE


Product Sheet

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