Set of net curtains for handball goals


Set of two nets curtains to be installed hung inside the handball goal. Its function is to absorb the ball rebound in high competition, in order to avoid the ball to come out again after the goal is scored.

The curtain is constructed of high tenacity polypropylene knotless netting (Raschel system). The net thread thickness is 3 mm with a width of 100 mm in square configuration. In the upper part of the curtain there is a tension 6 mm string made of high tenacity polyamide. All the curtain perimeter is made also of hich tenacity polypropylene string of 4 mm with Overlock sewing.

The total curtain dimension is 2.000 mm x 3.000 mm


Set of net curtains for handball goals PB214 (Set of two curtains polypropylene 3 mm, white colour)

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