Set of two beach volleyball post and accessories


Complete set consisting of beach volleyball posts, shields, anchors, network, scoping lines and rods.

A set of posts with protections:
The game post is made of aluminum and is 89 mm in diameter at the bottom and 70 mm at the top.
It is telescopic for height adjustment of the net.
The posts include protections which can be easily assembled and disassembled by a Velcro strap, and covers the tensioning system and net support that could be dangerous if hit by a player.
The posts have a tensioning system with removable crank net.
The height is adjusted manually by a knob located at the top of the pole. The telescoping aluminum interior has a spring system for easy height adjustment.
At the top of each post housing a grooved wheel through which the net cable circulates.
The bottom of the posts has a rounded end that covers the PVC edges that could be dangerous in handling for assembly and disassembly.

Sand anchorages:
The anchors should be placed and buried in the sand and a wooden three mast square is used for fastening.
These poles are inserted into the lengthwise and crosswise anchor each of the three horizontal rails, forming a cross shape that is very stable once completely buried.

Ribbon field marker:
The marker ribbon attaches to the track via the the sand burying of a wooden board to which the tape marker is attached at each of the six points of angle of the lines of play.
Other accessories include:
A net and rods.


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