Set of two volleyball aluminium post protections


Set of two aluminium post protections for volleyball internal padding made of a polyurethane foam made with a density of D-25. It is manufactured using a polyurethane block casting in the rough "Monoblock" without glue inside, ensuring a lack of internal cracks, making it more compact. The shape is oval, with a thicker padding in conflict areas (cable hooks, network, and crank insertion zone).

It features a complete absence of edges, or "hard" areas. Its outer sheath is made of polyester fabric PVC coated high tenacity on both sides. Double stitched around the set, always on the inside of the sleeve, being free outside "edges" hard. It is built with a piece of fabric for the body "continuous" and two end pieces (top and bottom tapes). Flaps with Velcro safety fastening in the court area leaving the space required for cables, net, etc. The final result is a compact product with no seams, Velcro attachments, zip-fasteners or other elements which would hinder its protective function, on its useful surface.


Set of two volleyball aluminium post protections PY021 (Set of two upright protection for PY001)

Color Range

  • BLUE


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