Track Curbing

AV150 - AV150A

Designed and manufactured in accordance with, and certified under, the Regulations of the International Federation (IAAF Certificate: E-99-0186).

The curbing is manufactured from extruded aluminum profiles, with rounded edges;
Both the curbing and the clams that support and anchor the curbing to the ground are subject to a degreasing and priming treatment, and lacquered in white color.

It is built in straight and curved sections, customized to match the track radius.

Permanent: it is fixed permanently to the ground by means of nylon anchor bolts.

Removable: it is laid on the ground and held in position by means of pins introduced in aluminium ground sleeves.


Track Curbing AV150 (Permanent)
Track Curbing AV150A (Removable)

Accessories for Track Curbing Permanent AV150

  • Curb Markers AV160

Accessories for Track Curbing Removable AV150A

  • Curb Markers AV160

Color Range

  • BLUE




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