Volleyball time out siren


Acoustic and luminous indicator used to request time out in volleyball.

The device is made up of a tabletop box, which measures 320 x 270 x 110 mm.
On the inside it has a 110 db pneumatic horn and on the top two luminous indicators. Two 10 m. cables are connected to the box, at the end of which there are two buttons, which are placed on each one of the benches.

It works as in the following manner: when a coach wants to request a time out he/she “treads on” the pushbutton, and while it is pressed the horn sounds and the luminous indicator on the side lights up.

The indicator stays on for 15 seconds but the horn only rings when the pedal is pressed. The time on the luminous indicator stays on and can be easily programmed from inside the box.

It is supplied by means of electric connections of 220 volts/50 Hz.

The maximum consumption is 150 W.

This product has been designed for indoor top level Volleyball competitions.


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