Water Jump Barrier


Designed and manufactured in accordance with, and certified under, the Regulations of the International Federation (IAAF Certificate E-04-0385).

The hurdle consists of a top beam barrier, 3.66 m long, made of pine wood, with rounded edges, screen-printed in accordance with regulations, reinforced with an inner core made of an 80mm x 80mm square section of an extruded aluminium profile. The aluminium core is equipped, at the bottom, with a groove for mounting three telescopic vertical supports. 

Each support consists of a vertical square steel tube to be encased into the wall of the water pit. Inside this square tube is another square tube with smaller section, which slides telescopically to the legal heights. The telescopic support is locked at the desired height through a pin that passes through the two tubes and is secured by a threaded knob.

The beam barrier is painted with weather-resistant paint.

After a degreasing treatment, consisting of a pressured phosphate bath, the telescopic supports are painted with polyester powder paint and polymerized at 200° C in an oven.


Accessories for Water Jump Barrier AC021

  • Parts: canvas for water jump barrier AC023

Spare Parts for Water Jump Barrier AC021

  • Spare Steeplechase Barrier Beam 3.66 m AC025

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Water Jump Barrier AC021
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