Istanbul 2012

The Istanbul World Indoor Athletics Championships have concluded

Mar 13, 2012

The World Athletics Championships in Istanbul have just come to an end and we already feel the euphoria in the air  to the dawn of the Olympics. London 2012 is upon us and we look forward to this prestigious event. Many events that shaped this edition of the 2012 World Indoor Athletics Championships in Athletics Interior, among others, is the return of Elena Isinbayeva.
Excellent performance by the United States who took home over 17 medals. Italy’s Antonietta Di Martino won a silver medal.
The success of this three-day event is also attributable, in some ways,to  the professionalism of those who worked behind the scenes to ensure a perfect world championship. Of these, Mondo who has provided the equipment and tracks on which have rested the dreams of athletes and spectators from around the world.