Italian Cup Volleyball A2 Final Four

At the indoor stadium in Andria the Mondo Tricolor court returns.

Feb 28, 2012

Andria will be played in the fifteenth edition of the Italian Cup Series A2 Men's Volleyball. The Del Monte Italy A2 Cup Final Four will be hosted by the indoor stadium of the city of Puglia, and will involve the Crazy Diamond Segrate, the Volleyball Molfetta, the BCC-NEP Castellana Grotte and Sir Safety Perugia. The semifinals will be played Saturday, March 3, while the final will take place on Sunday, March 4 at 17:30 live on television on Rai Sport. There is much enthusiasm surrounding the event which will involve among others, two teams of Puglia. "Puglia returns in this event thanks to the strength of two teams that have come to the Final Four giving us the opportunity to promote volleyball more in our area," said Joseph Manfredi, President of the Regional Committee Fipav Puglia. It promises to be an arena full of sports fans who will enjoy a performance made ​​even more exciting by the presence of the tricolor Mondoflex performance court, special flooring used in all Mondo's most important events in Italian volleyball. In the city of Puglia, in addition to the presence of the court, you can also count on Mondo's expertise, which will provide its support for the entire duration of the event, dealing with logistics, installation, and the final dismantling of the tricolor court.