Orbit experience

A bird's eye view of the Olympic Games

Aug 1, 2012

Among the many experiences that can be enjoyed in London during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, one of the most breath-taking is the visit to the Orbit platform, the artwork designed by Anish Kapoor, chosen as a permanent monument inside the Olympic Park even after the end of the Games. Visitors make their way into an elevator with viewing portholes, passing through the entire structure before reaching the platform 85 meters high. Once on the platform, visitors can enjoy stunning views of the park, the Olympic Stadium and London's cityscape. To conclude the experience, visitors are encouraged to stroll down the spiral staircase that twists through the Orbit, enjoying even more amazing sights. The Orbit's red spiral structure, 115 meters high, intends to represent both London and the United Kingdom. Its construction began in November 2010 and was completed in April 2012. After the Games, Orbit will be temporarily closed until the end of 2013, when it will open again for viewing and go back to being a highly sought-after destination for London's visitors.