Spanish triumph

The Iberian team won its sixteenth world title in roller hockey.

Sep 30, 2013

The 41st edition of the World Championship in men's roller hockey took place in Angola. The tournament, which for the first time it was held in Africa, was won again in Spain, which won for the sixteenth time, the fifth consecutive world title. In the final, played at the Arena de Luanda, sports hall with a capacity of 12,720 spectators, the Spaniards defeated Argentina 4-3. Third place went to Portugal, which in the final for the bronze medal he beat Chile 10-3. Viewers of the Arena de Luanda were able to follow in detail the actions of the game, without losing sight of playing time and score, thanks to a four-sided video screens with LED technology and a full-color graphical user interface of nearly 60 square meters, provided and installed by Mondo. In the other two halls that hosted the event, in the town of Namibe and Malanje, Mondo has installed two scoreboards Pegasus Level 1. In addition, distributed among the three locations the world championship were played 8,000 Mondoseat were installed.